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Lubrication Tools and Products

Discussing lubricants tools used for lubricating watch movements.

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    • Thanks @JohnR725. I'm still absorbing information, but my thought was to use the 700 test set just for the ammeter, with the variable power supply providing the voltage. I've been reading the procedure here, which seems to imply that's what they're doing. Emphasis mine:     I'm left with two questions: 1. Should we just be able to tell that by eye, or is there a measurement to be taken? 2. Am I understanding correctly that the uA reading is just to verify the electronics are working properly, and not used during the phasing procedure?
    • and whether giving another discussion group out there some place of the reference to price would come up. In particular pocket watch the used to field a decent price would be anywhere from 50 and 100 was getting a little too much. There's or even somebody they recommended I believe he was 125 for a full servicing of a pocket watch. Which brings up the problem is this a good price? Then there's my favorite you go look at like discussion group of high-end typically Rolex watches. They're very happy to be running their dads Rolex watch inherited still rutting 30+ years later and very happy they haven't paid the greedy watchmaker. The typical price of a Rolex servicing well it used to be the typical of prices going up a little but it was around $600 which from my point of view is a bargain because half that was the case refinishing. I could now it's more like $700 but some Rolex collectors look at that like they get the oil changed in the car and they pay money for that so if they look at like five years at $600 that's about hundred and 28 year and they're obviously driving exotic cars that have expensive legal changes. That's the way some of the Rolex collectors look at it others think watchmakers are greedy something that should die painful death someday then I can't even say you get what you pay for because as a lot of people in the group of combat as hobbyists they can or they claim to restore your watch back to new 100%. How much would they charge well almost nothing if nothing. There are actually people on the line as a hobbyist taking and watches just to cover the expense of their hobby. Some of them are very goodand unfortunately some of them are very bad but that also extends to professional watchmaker some are good and some are bad. You can't necessarily tell by price whether you're getting good or bad a watch is a sealed object you can't see what was done or was not done C can look at it this way ask all the people in this discussion how long would it take to service that movement and fix the dial feet could they do it in five minutes and our two hours how much time would it take? Based on whatever job you previously had or currently have for hourly wages could you do it for how much. Then thinking of pricing? so the movement appears to be a 6R15 I thought we could see what Seiko in the US would charge the service the movement. so this is the US price $260 to service the movement of course finding a replacement dial because I doubt they would do any of the fixing of that we would do on this group that of course would be extra. then in case you think Seiko is ripping you off I think but don't quote me on this the starting price for an automatic watch where we work would be more than that don't think I'll give your price comes I can't actually remember what we charge for automatic watches. But this is a retail mall location where the expenses are going to be higher. If you want your best pricing find the watchmaker is not a retail location find somebody preferably operating out of the back bedroom with her house that should be the cheapest unless they grasped that they have skills that are worth money than your screwed. But oftentimes the independent watchmaker will be the cheapest.. Anytime you getting work done and jewelry stores typically they double whatever their cost is and that they send it out to the wholesale watchmaker. If you find the wholesale watchmaker they send out to oftentimes they will not be as high as what the jewelry store charges. Usually a lot of times will double costs or in one shop a long time ago I worked had they increase the price by four times. then don't worry because the ripoff price of four times markup eventually the guilty party got screamed that that was the watchmaker for being greedy. Who cares about the markup of the jewelry store.  https://www.seikoserviceusa.com/pages/serviceprice/    
    • Haha no John not a bad influence, its a pleasure to learn from you. Take it as a compliment my mate.
    • Eyup watch  peeps, who actually uses this, what are your thoughts and tips for it.
    • yes I notice I've been a bad influence on the group. Not just you.
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