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  1. I've only ever heard that phrase in John Dickson Carr books ?
  2. I picked up a set of Watch Craft winders that have a lot of rust on them. What would be a good way to remove the rust without also removing any of the hook on the winder?
  3. Here is another one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Estate-Lot-Antique-Mens-And-Ladies-Wrist-Watch-Movements/353407139956?hash=item5248b50074:g:vnEAAOSwKqJgP9wx
  4. I found it on Ebay. I think I had a search of "watches" and "lot". There seems to be a steady supply of scrap job lots that come up. I didn't look too closely but here is one with 100 watches: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Watch-lot-100-watches-and-large-batch-of-stretch-bands/133687337260?hash=item1f2062e12c:g:ZGEAAOSwjqNgR5PB I don't worry too much as a buyer on Ebay. Buyer's have all the power, at least here in the US, not sure about elsewhere. Ebay will, 99.99% of the time, side with the buyer and refund the buyer no matter the circumstances. I've had friends who have sold high dolla
  5. Ha, thanks ? Yeah, it really jumped out at me too when I first saw it. I'm sure I paid more than it's "worth", but I don't care, I just love the look of it. Yes, the 10AN has rubbed-in jewels with no shock protection. I did watch that video of Mark's and will definitely reference that when I service the Bulova. Just as I started Mark's course I picked up an ebay lot of 120 scrap movements with a number of vintage Bulova's. I've since stripped down and reassembled a couple of them, both of which didn't work and now do, so I think I probably could tackle it as well. I do want to work on
  6. Yeah, that looks like a great idea. I'll give something like that a shot when I service the service the watch.
  7. That's true, I didn't think of that. I'm sure I can MacGyver something like that up ?
  8. I think that would be beyond my capabilities at this point, but something I hadn't thought about so I'll keep that on the back burner in case I ever do get that level.
  9. Thanks all, I have one coming from Borel.
  10. I need to replace a mainspring in a Bulova 10AN movement. Cousins lists the mainspring for this movement with these dimensions : 1.40 x .10 x 300 x 9 Non-Automatic GR3664 I'm trying to source this locally in the US. I do get some hits on ebay for a 10AN mainspring, but the dimensions are slightly off. For example, this listing for the 10AN has dimensions of 1.4 x .15 x 290 and this listing has slightly different dimensions for a 10AN mainspring of 1.4 x .1 x 292. Both of these come in branded packaging with the Bulova 10AN movement listed on them, but they are both different t
  11. I figured I'd post the watch that started me on this journey. It really is quite gorgeous. I saved the photos from the original ebay listing. The listing said, "ART DECO 1930s BULOVA ENGRAVED CASE WATCH NEAR MINT" I've since learned that the watch is not from the 1930's but is a 1928 Surrey. Also, not mentioned in the listing is that it was recased in an Illinois Watch Co. case. I actually like this case much more than the original Surrey case so I can't really complain about that. The only real issue is that the movement just kind floats in the case since the movement isn't actually atta
  12. I forget just how I decided to start learning about watchmaking, but here I am. Other than my Garmin watch that I use to track my backpacking activities, I only own one "real" watch, a 1928 Bulova Surrey that I bought on Ebay 15 years ago. I think it was probably that watch that sparked an interest as it stopped running many years ago and has just sat in drawer ever since. I remember looking at ways to service it over the years and I think I just figured I'd try and see if I couldn't do it myself and here I am ? I've gone through the first two of Mark's courses and have been practicing on
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