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Forum Rules

Community Rules

Watch Repair Talk is intended to be a friendly environment for watch repairers and enthusiasts to discuss interesting topics. The discussions are to be pleasant, respectful enjoyable for all involved. Please go through the following guidelines before participating in the community.

Multiple accounts are not permitted.

Please do not setup another account if you have forgotten your password. You may use the password recovery feature or you may contact the forum administrator via PM should you have trouble with the password recovery process.

Advertising, self promotion and posting links.

It is not permitted for you to advertise or promote your product or commercial website without prior permission. You may place a link in your signature to your own personal (non-commercial) website if you wish.

Furthermore, you may post links to third party websites if it is in context with the topic you are posting in and you do not gain commercially from the link. You are not permitted to post links with affiliate codes or referral ID's embedded.

You are not permitted to post links which have been shortened via a link shortening service.

Language and respectfulness.

All vulgar language and/or trolling is not allowed on this forum. You are encouraged to be respectful towards other members at all times. If another member is being abusive then please do not reciprocate, rather, you should report the post and an administrator will deal with it.

Inappropriate language will be removed, continued use of inappropriate language will result in a ban.

Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned.

No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated on this forum.

Posting Rules

Topics should be posted in the relevant forum section.

You must make every effort to ensure you are posting in the correct place considering the topic of conversation you wish to start.

Certain forum sections have sub-sections (known as "Sub-Forums"). Please read the titles of these sub-forums and post in the most relevant sub-forum for your topic.

If you mistakingly post in the wrong forum (or sub-forum) then do not re-post the same topic (cross posting) in the correct forum. You should report the post to an admin and they will move it for you.

Large fonts and excessive formatting is not allowed


Suggestions & Feedback

We are happy to receive your feedback and suggestions with regards to potentially improving this forum, however - we ask that you communicate suggestions or feedback via private message to a forum moderator or administrator. You must not start public forum threads about forum policy. Any thread started may be either locked or deleted without notice.


Multiple Consecutive Replies On The Same Thread

Posting multiple consecutive replies within a thread is not allowed - if you wish to make multiple points then you can use the text formatting options to separate your paragraphs. If you wish to quote from multiple previous replies then the forum allows you to do this without creating multiple replies - simply hi-light any text you wish to quote and a button will appear to create a quote within your reply box.


Thread Bumping

Thread (or Post) bumping is not allowed on this forum.

No discussion of politics - no exceptions.

Discussion of politics on this forum is not allowed and any threads started may well be closed or deleted without warning.

Reporting Problems

You will find a link to "REPORT" a post by clicking the ellipsis (...) which is found within each post container on this website.

If you have a problem with a member or with a post please report that post. This will alert an Administrator or Moderator to that issue.

Being argumentative or abusive in the response to others breaking the rules is not allowed - REPORTING the post is the only allowed action under these circumstances.

Items for Sale or Trade

We have decided that the public face of this forum is not to be used for any form of trading.

This includes but is not limited to...

  • Items for sale
  • Items wanted
  • Trading of items
  • Giving away of items for free in exchange for the postage cost
  • Promotion of your own eBay (or similar) listings
  • Retirement sales

If a member is struggling to find a particular watch part and you know you can help them, then by all means you may send them a private message, but this should not be made public via the forum front-end.

If a member offers something for sale via private message then it is your responsibility to perform your own due diligence before going ahead with a trade. Individual members of this website are not vetted, nor identity checked and so the owners of this forum will not be responsible for any losses you may incur by dealing with bad actors.

This rule is in place to help us concentrate on building this forums reputation as a community website dedicated to the discussion of watch repair and horology related matters.

Signature Rules

Your signature can be up to four lines. It can contain, for example, your name, email, website (non-commercial), a quote or inspirational message.

Large fonts and excessive formatting is not allowed within your signature.


Changes To These Rules

From time to time, these rules may be changed or modified in order to better serve the wider membership. We reserve the right to make these changes at our discretion and without notice, but you will be informed of the changes the next time you visit WRT.

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