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    • I've been working on an 8-day clock. The dial is decently large, but the actual movement is similar to an oversized pocket watch. The only markings I've been able to find are "Sandoz" on the dial, and on the barrel bridge: An "M" with emphasized serifs "15 Fifteen Jewels", "3 Three Adjustments", and "Made in Switzerland" The serial number 403250 While working on it, the click spring went *ping* into oblivion, and despite my best efforts and strongest magnets, I haven't been able to find it again. At this point, I'm looking to replace it. However, just going off the above markings, I haven't been able to find any information about the movement classification or caliber in order to find a proper replacement. Since it's a click spring, I'm not too concerned about getting an exact replacement just so long as it applies pressure to the click. The original was just a simple spring consisting of a single U-bend and fit into a channel 8.4mm long, 2.9mm wide, and 0.54mm deep. How would I go about finding more information on this movement in order to get a proper spring? Or just search for springs that have the right shape and dimensions?
    • Yes it can;  perhaps impulse jewel can't enter the fork horn, if the shock has  knocked a pallet jewel out of alighnment or bent a pivot. Remove the two black screws then the automatic device, loosen the cock screw by couple turns, raise the bridge just enough to pass the impulse jewel over the fork so to get impulse jewel inside the horn, tighten cock screw. It will run, however , might get stuck again if pallet jewels have got misaligned or a pivot has got bent.
    • A little uninspiring.  It does run though...kinda.
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