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    • haha... classic case of 'a solution in search of a problem' . The balls are not moving.. (7.55). If the bearing was working properly they would roll around. The bearing looks like it will be thicker than the plate.. this means it will not be really secure.. Interesting but ultimately pointless. Anilv
    • Seiko date driving wheels with bent fingers: Close up of one of the fingers: Where the hour wheels get damaged when the date driver jams them and the minute wheel continues to turn: Is this happening due to the date ring pushing the finger and bending it?  I suppose I don't know for sure.  But the manual says not the do that, it clearly causes the little plastic finger to get moved when it's done, and then we have these date drivers with damaged fingers.  Maybe it's something else that causes it?  But my suspension is the data setting.
    • A couple of questions one in regards to the AS 1187/94 and the other in regards to mainsprings.  So I was able to source a balance complete for the AS 1187/94 and when I installed the balance complete it would not rotate freely when I tightened down the balance cock. I ran into the same issue with another movement different caliber. This on has Inca bloc setting on both the upper balance and lower mainplate. The other movement that had the same issue has capped jewels. I checked the end shake / play and it seemed sufficient, but that's the opinion of a novice. Is there something I should be looking for that I am currently overlooking? It will rotate freely if the screw is backed off slightly. I am currently running it through a cleaning / rinsing cycle in the cleaning machine.    Second question  I've searched many sites trying to understand how to order mainspring replacements. Every site appears different and some refer to Dennison which I have not found any information about as far as how the numbers cross reference or refer to a specific measurement. What I have also run across is that there does not appear to be exact matches for the spring being replaced. That being said is it better to round up or down for any of the measurement required? I measured length, width and thickness of the old spring. Other then the type of end required I believe this is all of the information that should be required to locate a replacement mainspring.    I guess I have a third question while I'm here.  Why do some place the screws in the watch cleaning machine and others don't; I'm assuming this is preference; but I would think that if the other parts require cleaning so should the screws.    Thanks in advance for your help.    Regards,  Ed...   
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