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Setting Up A Klik Radio Controlled Watch.

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A few days ago an elderly friend sent me his radio (Klik) watch.

I had never seen one before or indeed any radio watch. I cleaned

the battery contacts and installed a new battery-the watch ticked

but was wildly out of time. After consulting e---y bay on the problem

I still could not set the watch. In the end as it was getting late I got the

idea that my portable radio might help so I turned it on- wrapped the 

watch around the aerial and left it. Sometime later in the evening

there was an audible "ding" and the watch had set itself to the

current time!! I understand that the source signal no longer comes

from Germany but the atomic clock is now in Cumbria.Hope one

of you guys will comment on this little case. 


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Hi Mnuteman, I can only guess that the watch was searching in vain for a signal when it was running way too fast. Placing it over the aerial helped catch the signal and allowed it to set itself.

My kitchen clock works in the same way, when I change the battery, it birls and twirls, stops at twelve, then sets itself to the correct time. Regarding where the signal comes from, I have know idea.

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I have the same KLIK watch that was my late father’s. I took it to get checked.

The watch repairer said he changed the battery but it would appear to go on but then go off. I wonder if this is the same fault as the one in your article. I have been given the watch back. The screen is blank. 

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Try pressing all four buttons at the same time - every segment on the screen should show for a second or two, plus it beep.

That's a "hard reset" which should get it going, if the battery is making proper contact and there is no fault.

I've just tried it with an old Klik of mine, with a new battery.

If that works, it may take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to lock on to the time signal and set itself. Keep it away from computers & wifi devices etc. to minimise interference until it sets.


Edit - mine set itself while I was typing that! Not bad seeing it's not been used for years.


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