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    1940 14K rose gold Elgin driver. Polished up well. I upgraded the movement to a 675 from the 559 that came in it. The stretchy bracelet is a very early Speidel that was in amazing condition and polished well also. Her response: "that's pretty." Ho-Hum. RMD
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    Hi Cecking through my workshop laptop I came across these PDFs and thought they might be useful to the members new and old alike. I have several more and will post later. Cheers Witschi Training Course.pdf TZIllustratedGlossary (1).pdf handbook_of_watch_and_clock_repairsa.pdf Test and measuring technology mechanical watches.pdf
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    Toilet paper

    Have a laugh at this.
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    How do you keep your bench tidy ?

    Hi In order to get a sembelance of order on the bench I build this tool holder, both tool holders rotate to enable easy access to the screw drivers, the flat bladed ones on the left and cross points on the left. My clock let down tools are fitted to the rear, probes etc down the sides. Saves scrabbling in a tin. heavy clock tools are stoed in two IKEA drawer units. Keeps the place tidy, untill I start working.
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    Watch of Today

    My Heritage jump hour arrived yesterday. Looks great and runs like a champ. I opened the case to look for dirt, turns out it was just surface discoloration on the backside of the dial, no worries! This also has an actual glass Crystal, no acrylic for Heritage I guess, lol.
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    Tesco Shopping

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    Toilet paper

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    Watch of Today

    Today, I'm wearing my Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviation Sea Diver. Love this watch!
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    How do I replace the seal

    That is almost impossible. Can be done by removing the thin washer. But it's hard to put it back again. Can maybe be done like this. https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2015/10/12/crown-revival-seiko-6105-and-62mas-crown-gasket-replacement/
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    Baumgartner BFG 866

    Hi, I teach watchmaking to complete beginners at Epping Forest Horology Centre, close to Epping and this is one of the lessons on the BFG 866. I wanted to show my class a classic pin pallet (Roskopf) movement and how to service it, as many watchmakers won't touch these watches as they hold no monetary value. Turn the setting lever screw 1 to 1 and a half turns to release the winding stem A piece of watch paper or small plastic jiffy bag to protect the dial, whilst removing the hands The driving pinion is part of the friction fitted minute wheel on top of the barrel. This work in a similar way to a friction fitted canon pinion to set the watch hands Remove the keyless work: setting lever, held in place by the setting lever screw, screwed from the other side of the mainplate, then the yoke, which sits on top of the clutch (castle) and also the winding pinion. I have three other lessons on this movement that cover bringing the watch 'into beat' as well as taking apart the friction fitted minute wheel from the barrel, lubricating and staking back on to achieve the correct friction setting and finally how to remove the centre seconds wheel safely and refit using a staking set. Many people leave the friction fitted minute wheel on top of the barrel, not realising the amount of old grease that can't be cleaned out from it, as well as not removing the wheel of the centre seconds arbor and again not cleaning out the pipe which has old grease inside. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial? More to come....
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    Watch of Today

    My offering for today, a Unitas 6310 powered E. Marten, just off the bench. Not a brand I have ever come across other than this one. Style wise I would have put it anywhere from the early '40's to the late '50's but size wise it's quite large for that period at 37mm excluding the crown. The lovely clean and simple lines of the UT6310.
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    A little of this and a little of that and you can convert a common electric into one that is more desirable. Of course it helps I have a large stash of NOS parts.
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    Safe separation of wheels

    With all due respect to both gentleman above.I just clean in place, these independently driven minute wheels and save yourself a headache. Regards
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    I bought a Seiko LordMatic cal 5606A and noticed the quick change day-date wasn't working. A bit of Googling found out that they rarely do on these movements, due to the plastic wheel on the day-date corrector wheel rocker breaking (see pic). As it's such a common problem, I thought I was lucky to find a NOS one on ebay. Unfortunately the plastic wheel on that was already broken - I've since read that this is common on NOS items, the plastic ages and breaks. The one I have at the moment is spare time, so I found a bit of brass from an old pocket watch, got my finest file (#6), drilled a 1 mm hole, and started filing ... It took a while .... But got something close : I think it's OK as a first effort at making a part. It's not perfect, far from it, but doesn't need to be as it only needs to push the day-date wheels over. What I found was : I couldn't have done it without my stereo microscope Although a #6 file seems very fine, it's way too course to finish the part. I believe you can get #8 and #10 cuts. I sharpened the end of an old screwdriver to use like a chisel. I finished with some 3000 grit paper, but it's not easy to fix a small enough piece to use. I haven't stripped the movement yet, so don't know if the part works - can't see why it shouldn't Mike
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    Look at this beauty!

    I must show you this. Im so happy. Won at an local estate auction last summer. It is from the fiftys or the sixtys i believe, but hardly used. The cabinet i made myself, but i need a decent motor. The chinese sewing motor dont deserve this.
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    How it all started

    The watch that started me down this crazy path of watch repair was a Rado Voyager. I was never a fan of mechanical watches until very recently. Quartz watches were more of my thing. When Seiko AGS and Citizen Eco-drive came out, I though, "Great! Now I'll never need to change another battery!" Haha. How wrong was I. I acquired this Rado Voyager when my Citizen Eco-drive was in the workshop. It ran great. Accurate to about 1 minute a week. But everytime it rains, then crystal would fog up. And it rains a lot in Singapore. I brought it to several watch repairers who said it wouldn't be worth the value of the watch. That irked me. So I got a sapphire crystal and a new gasket online and proceeded to repair it myself. When I pressed the setting lever to release the winding stem, the whole lever disappeared. I turned to Mark's videos on YouTube and was finally able to fix the keyless works. But not after suffering days of anguish. And that got me hooked. There was so much that I didn't know about that thing on my wrist. I have spent more on watch repair tools and materials than the total value of my watches. I have even bought a Seitz jewelling set, a staking set and a watchmaker's lathe. It's an addiction! BEWARE!
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    How it all started

    I know the feeling! It started all for me after attending a yard sale and a woman was selling her father's items. She had a bag full of watches and a couple of watch boxes. At the time I didnt know anything about the value of the watches and neither did she for that matter so offered her $10 for the lot. They were all mechanical; some working and some not. I turned to YouTube and discovered that some of these can actually be worth money and moreover could be fixed. Inhad already owned an Omega Seamaster 300 that got roughly 14 years ago, so loved watches from the get go but now I have taken this to a whole new level! I had bought be a FireKing watch kit that contained a few cheaply made tools, devoured as much watch repair info as possible and here we are! This summer will be a year since this madness took over and in that time I have , acquired a few more watches and toys.
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    Toilet paper

    Its getting that expensive Bergeon may start producing it.
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    This may be of use to those restoring clocks whilst looking for a pair of Lion head drop handles I came across this site based in Devon who do a range of reproduction clock parts they will even cast parts direct from originals to order, hinges, keys, escutcheons, are hard to get the ones sold by main clock and watch suppliers can be of varying quality and usually do not look of period. They also allow the return of parts that turn out not to be suitable within 28 days https://optimumbrasses.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/clock-parts-supplement.pdf
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    AS 1913

    Sounds to me like the pallet fork is not interrupting the escape wheel. This would mean that as you wound the watch everything would spin, and no power would be retained in the main spring, so nothing would happen when you tried to let down the main spring. When you have the crown in the setting position the canon pinion has enough drag to also transmit torque back into the train, so once again everything would spin.
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    Watch of Today

    1974 U.S. Military Benrus branded Eta 2750 A number of decades in a drawer with a bent lug and the wrong crown. Finally found a NOS case on ebay. Invested in a crystal claw, new MS from Cousins and a crown from stock. My first front loader and thank you Mark for the excellent video. I managed to rebuild it and get it back together without losing the lume from the hands so left the patina intact. Gains around 4 seconds a day or less. Finding a period correct one piece black nylon strap was as hard as finding the MS!
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    Bergeon (Covid-19)

    This Bloody awful scourge has us all on the back foot and we all have to take it seriously , The attitude It wont happen to me, has got to go. If a company like BERGEON are taking it seriously so shall we all. Keep safe and well friends.
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    Hi from rookie Truls

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. I always recommend you start with a pocket watch. Just practice taking it apart and putting it together. Most are like a watch movement. Get to know the names of the parts as well. Don't touch the fusee pocket watches as those are completely different. Some thing like this is a good start.
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    How do you keep your bench tidy ?

    I never had a tidy bench. I had bits and pieces all over the place. The more mess I had the happier I would be. People would often say to me how can you find anything in that mess.
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    hour gear wave washer

    No oil, this is to keep the wheel down, otherwise it will ride up and the hour hand may disengage , assuming wave is the dial washer which is a 'wavy' brass ring Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
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    Watch of Today

    18th birthday present to myself. Speedmaster Automatic 3511.50 First swiss made watch in my collection.
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    "3 Russians and an American enter a bar." Sounds like something is about to go down if that were true! But in this case I acquired 4 new watches including 2 Russian made electronics and 1 Russian made, early mecha-quartz and 1 Timex Electronic. Yes, I know I have an issue with blue watches, That's why I started my post about them here, lol. I'm not sure about the canary yellow Luch, maybe it will grow on me when I get it in hand. I fell in love with this Chayka mecha-quartz. The model 3050, stepper is enormous! Plus, that blue sucks me in every time! I've wanted one of these Luch electronic watches for some time, the seller had two and offered a great price for them. Hoping the yellow isn't as intense in hand. I've heard good things about the 3055 movements, hopefully it's true. Ever since @JohnD Shared his copy of this watch, I knew I had to have one. I'm sorry folks if I'm not acquiring wholly unique pieces, But I collect what I like, as I hope we all do. I'm a bit nervous for the Russians as I'm not certain about the reliability of the various movements. Hopefully the rugged simplicity that are the hallmarks of the Russian engineering ethos will win through.
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    One more day and my holidays start

    I got a Rolex for my wife last week. Best trade I ever made.
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    Where is my pallet fork?

    I think that is an cylinder escapement, it doesn't have any fork....
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    Watch of Today

    Early 1970's Talis electronic (ESA9158 cal.) for me today........
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    Work during the virus

    No sense in taking any risks, I've gone for the full protective gear and some serious social distancing. It not easy servicing a Timex wearing this little lot, but better safe than sorry.
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    One more part to come... http:// ETA 7750: Part 3 - Reassembly: Escapement Lubrication, Chrono Bridge, Automatic Bridge, Motion Work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    technical guides

    Hi all ,here is another source of technical guides http://guides.mccawcompany.com/ hope this helps somebody
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    Work during the virus

    The Spanish flu killed 50 Million People in 1918. That fact just floored me. I have been lucky to be able to continue to work as our company, aerospace defense, is considered to be an essential business. That said, we have deployed everyone to their homes to work; except manufacturing. Working from home with FaceTime, Google Duo and RDP or VPN is not really an issue. It’s the idea generation that is caused by random interaction with people. Also, I am a social animal, so not seeing people is hard for me; but I do have a very understanding wife. I have an HDML splitter for my iPhone and can push my FaceTime video to a 72” screen and have virtual coffee with my best friend and family members...kind of cool. I also purchased a desk tripod and a iPhone holder, knowing that we will be at this for months. Cleaned the crap out of my office and now can do work and watch repair in the same space. I also put a non-watch repair video of me playing Europa by Santana on YouTube. So everything is relative. working from home and self-isolating is not as bad as: 1) 55 days in a submarine without surfacing (a friend) 2) fighting in a tank in Afghanistan (son) 3) in the North Pole research facility 4) stranded on Gillians Island (humor) 5) lost at sea (many stories) 6) prison camp (WW1, WW2, Vietnam, etc. 7) sick from C19 ( this should be #1 ) All just my opinion. I did go shopping the other day and wanted to be safe...more humor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Cracked jewel - if it reaches the inner edge will score the pivot and introduce friction. This is a modern movement built to tight tolerances and from the sounds of things, minimal sideshakes - get the same jewel as a replacement. Finally, listen to Nickelsilver. The most likely cause for issues is at the lower torque end of the movement, ie. the faster end, ie. towards the escapement. Mainspring barrels do not have to have so little friction that they can spin under their own momentum. They have greater side-thrust and hence have thicker, stronger pivots with more friction. But that matters less as there is more torque and less velocity..... One thing which I didn't see mentioned - did you check that your hairspring is not just "flat in the round" but also flat in general? When it breathes, you should not see any rippling up and downwards, and obviously no coils should ever touch. Sorry if that's obvious, but it's a very common issue on watches which have been mishandled. A hint can sometimes be that the balance oscillates faster than expected, especially in particular positions. The balance clearly swings freely which you demonstrated. You can experiment with adding friction at the different wheels - stick a fine oiler in the escape wheel oil sink and push against the pivot. You may be able to stop the movement entirely. Try the barrel.... see much difference? Probably not. When you observe the action of the escapement, check that with a few winds of the crown that the pallets are consistently getting the same amount of draw when they lock. If they don't draw inwards properly then it's most likely lack of torque getting through the train (friction?) or the sides of the pallet stones or escape teeth are not clean enough. You will sometimes need to inspect the stones and peg them or dip into pith wood to clean the sides.
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    watch circuit board

    I've attached a picture of of the variable power supply that I use of my own design. The meter on top is a Seiko meter of course not made by Seiko and citizen also use the same identical meter. Really nice it has a 12 µA full scale can easily read a quarter of a microamp. There is a minor modification though to get stable readings when looking at current going into quartz watch you need a capacitor so I modified an additive toggle switch on the front of the meter to turn that on and off. Then I found a couple of other links for you first one is the bowl of a meter and a variable voltage power supply. The second one is Building a Variable Voltage Power Supply - Martin Catt. http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/accps.htm http://www.pocketwatchrepair.com/catt/pwr-supply.php
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    Toilet paper

    Toilet paper,what toilet paper ??????????
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    That didn't go according to plan

    Fortune has shined on me, the errant second hand has re appeared & I have completed the job.
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    Hello everyone ,please take care and look after yourselves and families as the world wide lockdowns continue I hear the rattling noises of screwdrivers and parts as we all pull out the watches we were going to do one day.Remember none of us are invincible https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
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    Manual winding problems

    I definitely agree, everyone deserves respect. My post was just an attempt, perhaps a clumsy attempt, to be a bit funny. It’s interesting to see how the human mind see’s no or little complexity in the fields it has no knowledge. Perhaps a good thing or we would be too intimidated to start any new endeavors .
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    Toilet paper

    I remember that stuff from primary school days. Here is another funny one. Don't ask how I find these.
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    Watch of Today

    Brand new in box, never worn, and with original guarantee and user manual, all for the heady sum of 0.99p plus postage, no other bidders. Admittedly it had been sitting around so long, unworn and unloved that the battery was flat, but never the less, I think this one more than qualifies for the 404 club.
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    Watch of Today

    There are not many Emarten watches on the web either, but this one is pretty interesting.
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    Need to know if it's genuine or not

    Beside the good answer above, I note that you've joined this forum -which is dedicated to repair discussion- only to ask this. A better place would have been a collector's forum like Watchuseek or Omega. Or perhaps you have done that already too.
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    Rookie mistake

    Hi Its entirely possible, Some movements require the stem in the set position when removing the the stem, If not the crown and castle wheels displace and until they are realigned you have no chance, Remove the dial and hands and inspect the keyless work for shifted parts.
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    Rotary Flyer 21 jewel 1960's writswatch

    If you post a picture of the movement and the problem part(s) we may be able to talk you through where everything goes.
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    Watch of Today

    On the "testing strap" today, the fruits of last night's labours. A late fifties or very early sixties Timex Model 22 Marlin. This one predates the use of reference numbers on the dial (introduced in 1963 I think), but does have "Scotland" stamped on the mechanism, and a Dundee accent to its tick. It seems to be running well, but will require a slight correction to shift the -120 sec/day or so back to something more respectable. I'm not looking forward to that, as its mechanical brain needs to be extracted from the front of the case without marring the dial or the crystal. I can see why they dropped this approach in favour of a two part case, and why the changed the design away from the M22, as it is pretty temperamental to work with.
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    Be reassured all of these are the same and it won't make a difference. Rather if you want an easy task and uniform film get a sponged applicator. Also note that especially on the case back gasket is the O-ring that makes it waterproof, not the grease, which is there mainly to keep it in place and peace of mind. It is not even used by the factory.
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    This is what as known a 5 bar p/w movement about 1880. With the barrel cap removed the arbor should unscrew from its center part. Some can be very tight so be careful when under taking this, some refuse to move and you might have to clean it in your machine partly dismantled.
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    WWW Eterna sucked me in.

    I have been busy with this bench lamp, I think I spent at least about 30 hours with it and even if it is not perfect I am pleased with the end result. Would I do it again? My immediate answer would sound like: Not a chance! Second thought: Maybe I would be happy to set up the tools and processes for a kind of a mass production. It was worth it economically as I have not spent much money on it, and it was worth it because I enjoyed bulding it and learnt? some new skills like knurling. Question mark is there because I am not sure if I learnt it, the result is again acceptable, but I dont really know how should the end result for knurling look like, when it is kind of perfect. I made, as always many mistakes during the process, blood was also shed when I tried to use my hand as a machine vice, and that spring barell tried to slice me up when I failed to hold it, instead it only could get some of my skins of one finger. Luckily my company sends me to regular first aid trainings so I could quickly apply an oily rug lying in the dust around my bench to the wound and carry on with the drilling. It also gave me the opportunity to suck some blood when I was hungry/thirsty. They say money is time so if you dont want to spend about 30 hours with sawing/planing/drilling/polishing/gluing/sanding/swearing and soldering you just could go to cousins and buy that led lamp which is a lightweight bench lamp with dimmer and you can even position it better over your work piece compared it to mine. I think this lamp will be a usefull addition to my bench from now on anyway. I used pallet and crate wood and you can see nail holes here and there and i left them there on purpose. I am going to add a switch to the base and I am in the process to decide how to lead that cable in a nice looking way still to be able to move the upper arm in and out if needed with the cable in place. Skills what were used: - some woodworking - some soldering - skip diving - time finding Tools what were used: - different kind of woodworking tools (planer and thicknesser/ chisels / sanding paper/ router / table saw / mitre saw) - angle grinder - pillar drill (used it for drilling and polishing) - laser printer - unimat 3 - cordless drill - and other tools like screwdivers / pencil / ruler / caliper / etc.. Materials what were used: - threaded stainless steel rods from the skip - copper bolts and nuts and washers from the skip - 2 core speaker cable (i had from previous project) - spring barells (i had a box of them / bought them from eBay earlier without knowing what to do with them) - a BT hub from the skip for the 12V power supply and the connector - I bought 5 led strips ($10.78) but only used 3 of them as the power supply was rated to 1.5A and one strip is using about 400 mAmps. - used pallet (collected earlier for other projects and firewood) - used building materials crate (collected earlier for other projects and firewood) - wood glue (had it, its like bread and butter you need it every day ;-) - gel medium for the photo transfer (had it from earlier project) - polishing material (had it) - some wood screws (had them) - bought a switch for £3.64 If you ever thought about what skip diving is, I can teach that to you, but be prepared that you have to give up some of your dignity. I am a professional skip diver and I can stay there longer than 10 minutes! Years of practice!
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