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    De-tangling the tangled hairspring

    I received a lys Longines 5L for cleaning. Upon opening the case, I saw some surprises under the balance bridge. I have outlined my steps on how I uncoil a tangled hairspring in hopes that others can benefit by this method. George Corder IMG_0505.m4v
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    Oiling advice

    No, the oil will stay on the side of the oiler until you touch the pivot. If the oil is dripping off the oiler, that's way too much. Here's a couple of YouTube videos from OSUIT that I found very helpful.
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    Just want to say thank you

    I’m going through some medical challenges that will leave me an armchair horologist. It’s very calming to log into WRT for the sometimes scholarly, always good humoured banter. People from around the world doing what people do best, making friendships, sharing information. Long may it continue! Neil Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to keep popping up! I saw the video linked above. It’s pretty good with the exception that no sandpaper is typically used. Buffing is instead of sanding and then polishing is the finishing step. I learnt quite a bit from this video from the Lititz Technicum: Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I also like how this one turned out: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are many ways to skin the cat.... but You can get excellent results using a felt wheel, high quality like Bergeron using a heavy cutting compound. Buffing should remove MINIMAL amount of material but the combo of 1. Felt + 2. Heat + 3. The compound will actually move material from taller sites into deeper (nicks) ones. This is where a case can lose its form and symmetry. Buffing alone won’t get you there... this has to be followed by polishing. For a nice polish a non braided cotton wheel with white followed by yellow compound really bring up the shine. I have a couple examples: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    help on strange case / vintage Bulova

    I would say it is split stem. Have you any idea what calibre it is. This site might help in identifying the watch. https://www.watchophilia.com
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    A handle for a Levin

    I have a Levin lathe that was missing a handle - that was today's little project and I thought I'd post some photos. The blank is small, .220" dia and less than an inch long. I turned the press fit section in big lathe then switch to a Pultra and did the balance by hand with a graver. Fun work, sort of like wood turning. The one I made is on the right, obviously not identical, but good enough for an eyeball job
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    I have been focusing on the Timex Campers the last few weeks and came across that looked like it spent time under ground. Here is the high level tasks performed: Soak strap in Oxy-Clean Clean case Clean and buff crystal Service movement replace crown grease stem tube Before and after -
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    Replacement crystal CITIZEN Custom V2

    Finally i found a crystal, and here ar the result. Thanks for your help.
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    Hello from Sydney

    Welcome from Perth Western Australia. If you are thinking about servicing the Longines yourself I would suggest buying some cheap watches off the Internet first to practice on before you touch something more valuable like your Longines. Welcome to the forum.
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    Have a look at this. This will give you an idea what you will need. Don't forget protect your eyes. I recommend you remove the watch movement. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Polish-Stainless-Steel-Watch-Basics-of-Poli/
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    I've tried loads and loads of fluids all the jewelery ones the ones that come with the cleaners and many home made concoctions, but at the end of the day I use L&R cleaning fluid with amonia for cleaning, I use it in a small glass jar sat in water in my cleaner (small amount doesn't smell at all) the cleaner is fantastic, cleans great all and shines plates and wheels niceley, I won't use anything else now. As for rinsing I use alcohol, ie isopropyl, I use two jars for this, one for rinse one and one for rinse two, same method as when cleaning. For drying I borrowed my daughters hello kitty hairdryer, such a low speed and warm it's perfect for drying parts. The cleaning fluid I get from cousins, its about £30 for 3 litres but add on postage and it's nearer £50, but that 3 ltrs has lasted me nearly a year. And to be really stingy I filter it through coffee filters and use that stuff for case and strap cleaning applications.
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    one more question about the bulova

    You are correct it is friction fitted. When removing you MUST remove with an even pull to avoid damage. Re-fitting should be done with a staking tool to ensure a straight push.
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    one more question about the bulova

    I have not worked on that calibre but I would think the wheel should come off using a puller.. I'm surprised the bridge came off with the wheel attached. The wheel removing tool required. I think this is the calibre that was serviced. https://thewatchbloke.co.uk/2015/05/13/bulova-calibre-11/
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    help on strange case / vintage Bulova

    Your advice was of great help. I pulled out the crown and the stem split in two. Now I can look at the whole movement. Thank you for helping me out.
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    Must a split stem . You should be able to see it if you look down the crown tube . There is no other way to get that stem out or even in if there isn't a split stem on that.
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    Making a New Balance Staff

    Finishing the staff and riveting on the balanceUsing the Jacot, trimmed a pivot down and burnished themLower pivot was still to wide so put it back in the lathe to stone it down to size.Aligned the Hairspring and punched it on.It was complete and completed the install. Watch is currently running down with the new balance. Will completely disassemble and clean and oil and reassemble. DONE:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Oiling advice

    I went for these. Heavy base, individual lids and all in one place.
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    anilv, Good idea, it is beginning to sound like a train gear problem. Check the going barrel teeth as well. I wonder if the teeth are free and undamaged in the train area. Your test would be a good one !. I did have an old JLC pocket watch in for repair with teeth damage where someone had tried to make it GO pushing the train round with a screwdriver !! Needless to say I begged to be excused. One does wonder how that tooth got bent? Good wishes Chopin.
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    Difficult for me to be specific but I do not like the bent tooth on the hour hand gear wheel. Tooth damage can be a real problem. Make Sure it is quite Free to mesh. Damaged dial train teeth etc: ? Is the minute wheel in good condition ? Would not be something as simple as a dial washer required to keep the hour hand wheel from rising up too much out of mesh with the minute wheel pinion would it ? Check the canon pinion. I am not a watchmaker, just a jobber but I hope this is of help. Best regards, Mike.
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    Help needed with a watch

    Found this info about the brand . http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/46983-services-watches/
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    Seen that in some old movements . Not sure why either. As a result i have seen lots of stripped threads on the screw and the barrel arbor.
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    Im using this one and it seems to work fine, got it from cousinsuk. If you want a vintage one make sure that bit which catch cannon pinion is intact, sometimes its damaged and doesnt work well (it has to close evenly after lever is pressed). Its one of the safest tools for removing cannon pinions.
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    Russian watch , crown problem

    This is worth a read if you want a better understanding of Amphibias; http://forums.watchuseek.com/f54/vostok-amphibia-analysis-design-methodology-491757.html