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  2. Vintage Rolex watch.

    Would you have a picture of the dial side of this watch? Then hairsprings usually are not a separate component. It's usually a balance complete. Then the link below lists case numbers that might help to identify the movement.

    Advice should go to the seller, which is not a member here. However from their profile (check yourself) and reputation seems to me that they know well what they're doing

    Not good to Ebay the Vacheron clock. Too many pitfalls. A Specialist auction house will get top money for such a clock. Take old hippy`s advice, it is the best you will get. Regards, mike.
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  6. Can someone help me please with the type number of this Rolex movement. It belongs to a friend and has been "got at" many years ago. The balance and escapement seem OK and I have fixed the "Click" and need a new hairspring with collett and bead. Then I could hopefully service and finish the job. Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks and best regards, Mike.
  7. Hello and advice?

    Willspring,, OK Mike, I will be pleased to help if I can. The experts on this forum will help if you have any specific questions. Regards, Mike.

    Maybe the seller likes Ebay fees and rules better than the ones of an auction house. Ebay, like it or not, is universal.
  9. Capsule crystal

    About the same as North Korea Maybe they doesn't ship other then inside US. But sure one can do like that. But maybe they need the original crystal or the watch to make a new one. Found a luctite plastic cylinder glass. Will check that out. If t water proof isn't super important we can remove the top and keep the part that goes around the movement.

    This type of clock made by the famous makers Vacheron & Coinstantin should be in the hands of a reputable auction house that deals in horology, not on ebay, who know nothing and leave everything up to the seller. Ebay are not going to attract the right crowd for such a piece.
  11. Capsule crystal

    Why wouldn't they ship to Sweden ? Not like they'd be posting to North Korea or something... Anyway I can't help but I do know that glasses that aren't round can be hard to find especially something like this. You could try and have it made and sent to one of our members in the US. Surely someone would gladly help. Then they'll just ship it to you. Good luck!
  12. Capsule crystal

    Looking for a very special crystal. It's a capsule crystal like the one cousisnuk sell . But slightly smaller. Looking like this . We found a company in USA that could make for a reasonable amount. But they wouldn't ship to Sweden. Anyone know if there is a company somewhere else that could manufacture such a crystal . I have done some normal crystals for "tank" watches . But nothing like this.
  13. Hello and advice?

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Do appreciate it. Very interesting read as well. I think with the BHI training it all sounds great until it’s starts causally mentioning lathes and what have you. I would of course love to learn to machine parts etc but it’s concerns of space and cost really on that one. I kind of have a feeling that you go merrily into a course like this and then find you need a huge slush fund and a separate workshop. the tools list you mention is invaluable I think and will make a careful note of all you mention. As I will the chap on you tube. the ideal really is to have a local chap to observe and absorb from but they’re few and far between around here it seems (Sussex coast) certainly haven’t put me off, and again, really appreciate the trouble in replying. cheers mike. will.
  14. Hello and advice?

    Hi Willspring, I feel sure that the courses you mention will be very thorough with excellent tutors. I have never done any course on watch repair (ex electronic engineer retired) however I did receive several years part time in depth theoretical and practical training from a master watchmaker dear friend many years ago. He was Geneva trained and alas, has now departed. I am what one would call a Jobber or watch fixer academically unqualified. You will need a few decent quality tools the basics are screwdrivers, three pairs of tweezers, one pair brass and a plastic non conductive pair to replace watch batteries, 2 eyeglasses one 4X and one 10X, Case opening tools, de Carles Practical Watch Repairing book is a good choice and a Timegrapher. I have the 1900. Then a lot of practice. Before you buy anything check the course requirements. Mark Lovick is very skilled and does repair courses as well on U Tube. Check him out. This is just an unqualified opinion so I hope I have not led you astray. There is a world of difference between a Jobber Fixer like me and a watchmaker and there are many very skilled people on this forum. Best regards and good wishes, Mike.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm looking for Valjoux 72 hairspring (or a complete blance ) anyone interesting to sell, please give me PM, thanks
  16. Hello and advice?

    Hello! wanted to ask a bit of advice that I’m sure you get a lot. I’m very close to signing up and buying the BHI’s DLC. I’ve been doing a lot of poking about online and seem to be seeing a lot of mixed responses about it. I’m not particularly looking for a career change (I’m an illustrator by the way) but am looking for a way to learn as much as I realistically can, theoretical and practical, without requiring full time study. My main concerns with the course is the seemingly vast amount of frequently very expensive equipment needed. I did anticipate that to a degree but there is also the matter of space and storage to consider. So, to make a long story longer, does anyone have any fairly up to date experience of the course? Are the tutors good? What do you actually physically get for your significant outlay? And really, is it actually any good? i appreciate all this is a bit vague and I’m asking a lot, but for me it’s significant decision requiring significant money and commitment,so I’m trying to get as much info ahead of time as possible. anyway,sorry for rambling a bit and if anyone can help, then many thanks!

    I dont know seems very risky to me advertising anything of great value on ebay the possibility of being scammed are too great for my liking both as a buyer and seller. But what are the options auction houses have become very greedy indeed over the last 10 years 10 % commission used to be the norm now you are lucky to find one that charges less than 25%.

    People sell all sorts on eBay. There’s a ship for sale for 160000 gbp plus 30000 gbp postage! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Thanks, Jonathan! I always appreciate a good DIY project, and yours was a very clever one that was just what I needed at the time! Kevin

    I ask myself this. Why would anyone want to put such an outstanding clock of great quality such as this on ebay. Study the photo of the train and you can see all the wheels have been hand pierced. I’m assuming all photos were taken before a complete overhaul took place as the plates are very stained. It’s a little overpriced.
  21. Running slow....

    200s slow per day is not massively slow. That's only three minutes, and probably within the range of the regulator if the hairsping has relatively few coils (since indexing makes a relatively bigger change to the hairspring length). Bear in mind that often watches run slower once cleaned if they have previously been regulated when not running perfectly. For example, if the hairsping was slightly sticky when regulated previously, it would be regulated slow to compensate for the hairsping vibrating too fast due to stickiness.
  22. Running slow....

    The watch should run roughly to time without any oil. 40 minutes slow per day is a serious error, and assuming the balance is swinging with reasonable amplitude, I'd expect it to most likely be an issue with the resonance of the balance (hairspring, indexing, balance weight) or slipping in the motion works (cannon pinion). If you are sure that the timegrapher is set to the correct beat rate, then it would seem to point at the balance.
  23. Is My Pallet Fork Misaligned?

    Did you try what I suggested by inspecting the pallet fork shake while the balance is held 90 degrees away from rest? I casn explain in more detail if required. I'd also check the basic things like the the impulse jewel (is it loose, broken?) and generally check the safety dart on the pallets doesn't look bent.
  24. Lew & Me

    Inside except for two of them. They have access to an outside run with plenty of space and fresh air. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. watch stops with residual power

    Its out of beat. It will run for longer when in beat.
  26. Brocok movement escapement

    Gents apologies for not replying sooner, once again work was calling and ive been away, I will keep you all informed as to how the work progresses, im actually looking forward to this one as it's a keeper. Hopefully this next week might see me get some more work done, that is after have finished the 9 other watches on the bench that I have waiting to be started and finished for a friend.
  27. watch stops with residual power

    Have you checked the pallet fork area ? With the mainspring charged if you try to move the pallet fork around does it re-start ? Or maybe rotating the balance a little bit...
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