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  2. Making a New Balance Staff

    If in the end, this staff is too long, i can perhaps adjust the lower pivot or simply start over again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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  4. Mainspring winding

    Also do a small drawing of the barrel with the old mainspring so yo remember. Print it and tape it to your bench. After you do a lot of mainsprings it will become second nature. Practice makes perfect, you will be all right ,with a little time
  5. Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I bought a citizen 1803 watch with nice movement . The caravelle is running again with the pallet fork and balance from the 1803 ,
  6. Mainspring winding

    This may help
  7. Minimalist work shop

    Nice dust free environment
  8. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Think cousinsuk have that. If not have.
  9. lovely dial and hands i would leave them original, i wouldn't worry too much just a has been said before don lick i or breath it all in
  10. just a quick note to your last post SSTEEL, i have just serviced a job lot of watches for a family friend,one was her childhood watch, she's 48 and didn't know it was a manual/mechanical watch and i had to tell her how to wind it etc, couldn't believe I had to explain that point.
  11. Putting crystal back on

    It does sound like he is using the claw type tool (crystal lift tool) as chopin has said the crystal press is that a press, i have a screw down one with different dies, i find it more controllable than the hand squeeze type myself, plus i have seen a couple of that type break in the past.
  12. Mainspring winding

    I Only have a cople of he multi barrel winders at the moment but i always have to wind clockwise, as you would when winding the the watch by the crown, when you say you are pushing itout and it springs everywhere are you pushing it directly into the barrel, from what you are writing it sounds like you are allowing it to just come out the barrel and expecting it to say wound, im probably wrong but that is how it reads. as for the spring catching or not, sometimes it doesnt catch and others it does, on my winders i fit the spring onto the winder then feed it into the winder barrel, that way i know it is hooked and ready for winding, when fully wound i turn anti clockwise so as to release the spring from the arbor and to allow it to be pushed into the barrel
  13. Putting crystal back on

    Out of curiosity. Are you talking about the claw tool ? The crystal press is an actual press. If you're indeed talking about the claw tool keep in mind that it usually works on acrylic crystals only. And I believe it doesn't work on the ones with a tension ring. Is the glass teh correct one for the case ? Is it OEM ?
  14. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    My mistake. It is indeed a 2824. So I'm after a 2824 helicoil stem.
  15. Mainspring winding

    Second newbie question for the day. I've taken level 1 and 2 of Mark's course. During the "how to use a mainspring winder" lesson he mentions if it's not catching you may have it backwards or upside down. If I twist the other direction it would catch. Do I turn clockwise or anti-clockwise? I guess I don't know how I would know if I have it upside down? I'm playing around with an old Vantage watch, bought my Watchcraft Bracelet mainspring winder. I think this is going to take a lot of practice, I kept having an issue where a) I didn't know which direction I should be going, but always got it to catch, however it would seem like the spring would float up and down in the winder barrel, so it wasn't in a nice neat spool. When I tried to press it back out it would shoot all over the place. On my fourth attempt it just went in a huge knot and split. So I guess now I have to buy a mainspring. *womp*womp* lol Is there some trick I'm missing in the video to successfully do this? Thank you experienced guys for putting up with and helping out with my newbie questions.
  16. So, I have a Seamaster Cosmic, I had someone else put it together, but I didn't have the right case at the time. I've got the case now. I'm trying to use the crystal press and it's little slider tool to put the crystal back in. Is there some magic secret to doing this? I put the crystal on the little slider thing. Clamp down with the crystal press, tighten it. I can see a lip around the bottom of the crystal, apply it into the case and start releasing pressure. From the videos I watch, the crystal should be in. Nope... not for me. I've tried at least 6 or 7 times, never get it. It feels like it's setting down in the case, but it just pops out every time. I thought maybe I don't have it tight enough, a couple times I almost couldn't loosen the press because it was so tight. Any guesses at what I may be doing wrong, or is there some magic trick?
  17. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    The stem for the 2824 is helicoil square. But i think you bought a 2824-2 stem? So you need a 2824 stem . My mistake there also. It's not a 2824-2 it's only 2824 .
  18. Seiko 6349a weird seconds hand fault

    i know the dial has been refinished the seller listed it as a repainted dial and i could see that anyway but i liked it so i bought it.
  19. Seiko 6349a weird seconds hand fault

    it seems to be as i say anytime between 10and 20 secs you get the little spurt of 2 to 3 secs, i think i will have to take it apart again and check the pinions.
  20. Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I was in the same situation, what I did was to find this 11dp movement listed as not working but balance swings fine. I bought it shipped for $4, the balance worked amazingly well.
  21. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Are you sure it's 2824-2? Im quite sure the stems are different from the 2824-1.
  22. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Thanks, Just looked at the movement, it's ETA 2824. Looks like it's Elabore spec and is off a Technos watch. I think the measurement across the flats is supposed to be 0.50mm.
  23. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Sure it's a 2824-2 . Think 2836 has helicoidal stem? Otherwise i think 2763 has a helicoidal stem. But don't know if it has 0,51. Think i could have one so i could measure.
  24. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Cousins do two a generic and an original.
  25. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    I just took another look at the broken piece. The original stem had a helical square section.
  26. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Is everything else correct in size? If so you could try filing down the square using a diamond file. Fiddly but not impossible if all other measurements are correct.
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