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  2. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Done done done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Worked and accurate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Needed to trim the upper pivot in my Jacot tool. Also cleaned the upper Balance Cock jewel and cap.Teated the pivot size again by placing the jewel on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. ultrasonic cleaner solution

    If you need to save money for the rinse you can follow with the first rinse of 50/50 Turps and Shellite (Lighter fuel - Naphtha ) and a final rinse of just shellite. Just be very careful as Shellite is very volatile so keep an eye of temperature in the solution and don't use a heater. This is only for if your cleaning solution you are using is a waterless cleaning solution
  6. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Here is the amplitude. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Update. Had to re-shellac the roller jewel, then i staked in on my new staff. I then aligned the hairspring with the balance cock and the pallet fork. I put the lot together and it started running right away: with exceptional amplitude. However as i completed tightening the balance cock, the balance stopped. Too long a pivot on the top of the screen staff. Tomorrow i shall Jacot the pivot and start the adjustments Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    I plan to use a drill press after I get the watch at an angle that makes it possible to use a drill...very carefully...
  9. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Just be careful not to damage the post.
  10. Any ideas???

    Error 200 means the file size is too large. Try cropping or reducing file size. Very jealous of that f300. Been looking for an affordable one in good condition for a while. Not sure if that combination really exists though!
  11. Yes. You can, for example, use something like that However, that works better with a 5cm or bigger wheel, when doing aggressive buffing for deep scratches and dings. For anything else it's better to use a smaller tool and wheel, but I would recommend a vice mount anyway. Pressure applied depends on the job, and you learn with practice, but in general must be so the rotation doesn't slow down noticeably.
  12. Any ideas???

    Keep hanging in there mate , just on my way home from Christmas shopping so hopefully will be able to upload later fingers crossed
  13. Any ideas???

    I’ve subscribed to the thread as this is like a little cliffhanger waiting to see what you have! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Any ideas???

    That worked. posted it on Imgur and then insert from other media. And copy the URL . But not chosse files.
  15. Any ideas???

    Same here. Must be a problem on the site? Has been working before. Error 200 meaning something is wrong on the server side.
  16. Seiko

    Manual attached. Stem release point is exactly where one would expect to find it 4F32A_8F32A_33A_35A.pdf
  17. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    OK, will do. I need to buy some smaller drills in Winnipeg next week. They don't have anything smaller than 1/16" in town. But I do have a small reamer. I take it that it's best to grind the old pin down to the post first as well.
  18. Any ideas???

    Cool cheers, only problem now is that I’ve uploaded to there and copied the link for forums, then I go to add from url then paste that into the box then the box containing the link goes red and won’t post it, guessing it’s something simple but I’m unable to see it at the moment
  19. Any ideas???

    Use this website. Free and simple.
  20. Any ideas???

    Morning guys, still unpacking little boxes from my latest purchases, I’ve come across these little items, now I know I’ve got a loveley collection of cylinder plug tools ( on the right ) but are the rest of them possibly hand turned gravers? They all have a pointed finish all of differing sizes, was hoping they might be as that will help me loads with my lathe. WOULD LOVE TO UPLOAD PICTURES BUT NO MATTER WHAT I DO I KEEP GETTING ERROR -200
  21. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Just make a tiny start punch mark. Use a smaller drill then the pin, drill right through, then insert a reamer and ream it out, you might find with a little pressure the pin might start to move round and the reamer might push the rest of the pin out.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Thanks to all for the tips, I did end up removing the barrel and it's bridge as it gave slightly better access to the gears to jiggle them into position I should have realised at the beginning of the assembly phase when I tested the bridge to see how it fitted and found it needed a very slight push to get it seat home fully. Once my oils arrive I'll strip it down again and this time go through the process of lubricating it, I'll also take a good look at the bridge to see if there are any burrs - I've noticed that the hole for the tight locating post has had the word PARTS stamped very close to it, I doubt that this was done in the factory from new, possibly the movement was sold as part of a job lot to the Indian shop making these watches and the PARTS stamping was used as an identifer, there is a possibility that the stamping has distorted the bridge around the hole .
  24. ultrasonic cleaner solution

    L&R #111 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is a cleaner and needs to be followed up with a rinse. L&R #3 Watch Rinsing Solution is a rinse and should follow a cleaning bath. Neither is an all in one cleaner and rinse combined.
  25. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    One of the pins is bent. I doubt it will pull out. I think the only solution is drilling it out after smoothing the end of the pin down to the brass post. It is slightly smaller than 1/16" so perhaps a 3/64" drill or 1/32? Any suggestions? I think the pin is soft enough not be a problem for a drill; however, guiding the drill may not be so easy.
  26. can someone explain to me l&r 3 cleaning solution is this an all-in-one cleaner or do I need a separate rinse solution
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