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  2. Watch Maker's Jacot Tool - Setup and Use https://youtu.be/f-8Vd2m-WBs
  3. Cheers for that I will just keep looking for it, My mahine gas an odd ball fitting I dont know if its original or not probable have to post a few pics and get some reaction.
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/eqbhdor949r0ilp/bestfit_part2.pdf/file Book ll I sent two copies of book l apologies.
  5. Sorry but I don't think anybody even slightly criticized your posting. The answer to your query was to confirm: fakes, the rest of the discussion is about counterfeiting, how Ebay handles it and nothing else. Good luck with anything you will end buying - if anything at all.
  6. If you have round section pulleys, you should use round belt material. If you have V section pulleys, you should use a v-belt. It should be remembered though that a v-belt only contacts the pulley on its sides. The inner face of the belt should not be running on the bottom surface of the V on the pulleys.
  7. Gee I wish people understood or bothered looking to see what kind of non working clocks or watches are available in Australia. It is not much. I have seen more watches purchased by members on here since I joined than I have even seen advertised on ebay Australia in that time. Brands that I have never even heard of as well. I posted it as a query. This is the last thing I am posting on this topic.
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  9. If you zoom in to the second picture and look on the right hand edge, you can see ETA at about 1 o'clock and 7750 at about 4 o'clock on the balance wheel.
  10. If you're looking for a bargain how about this handcrafted In their Geneva factory. It's one of the interesting things about the Internet you can creatively write and show pictures of items and some stupid person will give you their money. https://www.swissreplica.cd/movements
  11. Although only 2 or 3 seconds long, here's a great video demonstrating how to operate a Jacot tool.
  12. Wow someone got a bargain..... Not! what surprises me is that people will pay so much for poor quality tat $335.00 AU dollars can buy a good watch why waste it on rubbish. I have reported things in the past Ebay seem a bit arbitrary in the way they apply the rules, I usually don't report items that say replica in the listing because anyone who is willing to waste money and buy something that clearly states its fake gets what they deserve.
  13. It could be that they care less about clocks than watches. If one spends time there to begin with, to throw a couple clicks more is always the right thing in my opinion. The other thing that can be done to give seller a lesson is to buy the item, and then claim as being counterfeit when sold for genuine. In that case the item does not have to be returned if you supply proof via lettterhead from a related company or trading standards. Of course most people don't want to take the associated risk or burden, so the criminal fraud has little chances of being even just stopped.
  14. I don't think ebay care these days jdm. I have reported loads of fake clocks and they don't bother. So I have given up.
  15. Thank you, reassembled that mechanism and it works.
  16. Just report to Ebay and with a bit of luck these will be removed. The real problem anyway is that a lot of people wants and searches for fakes.
  17. Good that you have solved that. If you will need to ask in the future please post always a couple of good pictures.
  18. Always nice to give us pictures. Did you notice if you are assortment of dyes for your case press is proper they come in a variety of shapes and sizes? Some case backs need to be pressed on the edges otherwise if you try to push in the middle they will never go on. Even with a 20 ton press if you're pressing in the middle the outside edges flex out and they will never grab. But the watch might look quite interesting if you flatten it with a 20 ton press. Other watches do require pressing in the middle so you have to press in the right place not necessarily with lots of force to get the
  19. Time is running out looks like you got a really great deal there I would jump on this instantaneously. I don't even know why you brought it to our attention you're missing out on a super deal. Now even more people are going to jump in and grab that good deal you're going to miss out you made a big mistake telling us or? Can you get super good deals on eBay yes can you get rare and unusual watches yes. Can you get a rare and unusual watch in a box of junk for practically nothing on eBay definitely. Look at the advertisement the Rolex is front and center face up. The sellers have a few
  20. A wax or cement collet is used instead of a collet with jaws. You simply use an adhesive to hold the piece you are going to work on, you can use wax or shellac. Some lathes have an assortment of wax chucks. Easy to make your own out of brass.
  21. I would have thought the price is the giveaway. All fake, ebay is a bugger for that.
  22. That is excellent news I hope the video I posted helped you in understanding how the chime and strike work.
  23. I keep cruising through Ebay and these have popped up. The high end watches have to be copies, surely? On the Navitimer - no date window. On the Submariner - lume dots coming out of the hour markers. The Oyster Perpetual - I can't find an example that has Roman numerals, no date window, no second hand and the way the bracelet attaches to the case. Looks like the case has no lugs?
  24. I have one of those too. I think it's for mounting polishing and grinding wheels.
  25. I got the machine without the basket, so I bought one from eBay without knowing if it would fit or not but i got lucky and it was good. I am not sure but L&R baskets might fit as well? Or maybe even this one is an L&R? Seems to be 65 mm.
  26. I have one of these collets with a piece of brass screwed into it. What is it for?
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