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  2. Voh Screwdrivers

    Hi I can't see the reply post of you. Is there any setting problem?
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  4. Jewel Cap Springs

    This is a bit late but here is the photo you wanted: Bulova.pages
  5. Myiota second pinion spring adjustment

    There is a slight problem with some of the citizen movements . They seam to be to large distance between the gears for the second hand pinion. Bad explain but hope you get in anyway. That makes the second hand stutter. Nothing you can do. The lever spring you can get to by taking of the rotor bridge.
  6. Lew & Me

    How lovely. I have two cats, which are brother and sister. The male is called Crumble and the female is called Cookie.
  7. Camera what do you use ?

    the endoscope is a didgital microscope the size of a pencil and transmits to your T.V. screen, and, places copy's on the computer. $50. US.
  8. Starter tools?

    "be happy in your work"
  9. Camera what do you use ?

    Why not get one of those digital microscopes ? For 100 pounds you should get a pretty good one...
  10. timing

    Not exactly. All watches including pocket and wrist and desktop can be designed to tick at 3 4 or 5 beats per second. The faster ones can provide better possible accuracy but they have a higher amount of wear and tear, so its a trade off. There are no standards across brands or types per se. you just have to examine the specs for each movement number manufactured to find what rate they designed it for. You can’t change a movement from one rate to the other, either because the gear ratios would all have to be changed as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Camera what do you use ?

    I never even thought of that they look quite impressive on ebay do you use any particular one, I never used one but I have come into contact with one but it was being used by a doctor and inserted where the sun dont shine I have a budget of £300-£400
  12. EB 8800

    Here is a photo of an EB 8810, similar to the 8800 but just a tad larger in diameter.
  13. Camera what do you use ?

    i use an endoscope.
  14. Source For Gravera

    Oh please, not a nightmare
  15. Myiota second pinion spring adjustment

    Myiota 82xx automatic movement, sorry.
  16. EB 8800

    can anybody advise me on the correct positions of the first 2nd 3rd and 4th wheel in this is only for practice,but i need to know! i have cleaned it and took photos of each step but some were a little out of focus.i am ok with the rest of the procedure.appreciate any help.thanks. B.
  17. Camera what do you use ?

    I know exactly how you feel. I actually sold my Canon DSLR because it was just too bothersome to shoot, especially in macro setup. I currently use a fairly old but decent Canon point and shot and I'm happy with it despite not having the most modern specs. What is your budget ? I would gladly recommend Sony WX500 or HX90V. These are very good cameras but a bit pricey perhaps...
  18. I have of late been very busy getting round to all the watches I have put off for a while amongst them a Benrus miro rotor , eta 2671, Favre Leuba twinpower all worthy of recording. I would like to take a more active role in doing movement walkthroughs I currently have a Canon eos 5d with various lenses and a set of macro tubes, whilst this is a excellent camera it is of very bulky dimensions and needs to be used with a tripod to get the best result and requires a lot of setting up for each shot and just gets in the way. What are current members using ? I would like ideally a compact camera point and shoot that has a excellent macro setting anyone recommend a camera
  19. Lew & Me

    How can I get angry at a cute guy like him!
  20. Lew & Me

    I can sympathize with that cat hairs have stopped a few movements I've worked on
  21. Is it possible to adjust that lever spring without disassembly of the gear train? My second hand is jiggle back and forth if the watch is vertical and the hand is descending. I want to adjust the spring for more friction.
  22. Lew & Me

    Here is my cat "Lew" helping me adjust a pocket watch and adding a hair to places one should never be.
  23. Source For Gravera

    I originally purchased graver blanks from eBay but although they worked they dulled very quickly. I then purchased some "Vallorbe " gravers from eternal tools (see link below) but I notice that now they only sell carbide gravers. I have been told carbide gravers are super sharp stay sharp longer etc BUT they are a nightmare to re-sharpen. However I have found two other companies that sell quality gravers : or
  24. baumgartner/brac

  25. Voh Screwdrivers

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. timing

    So if I'm reading this correctly, is 18000 beats per hour is the standard for all American Pocket watches.
  27. Looking fir a good source for A set of gravers for using my new Boley Lathe. Would like to get the diamond shaped head as all the Videos and Books i have purchased use the diamond shaped head. I have some old "chunks of steel" gravers that came with the lathe, but they all seem to be knife shaped?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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