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  2. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
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  4. Hello Maciej, thanks for introducing yourself. With the crown pushed all the way in, when you turn it backwards and forwards, does it make a clicking sound? If it does, then you should be able to manual wind it. However, you say it does not respond. If it makes no sound and you can't feel a ratchet working, then it doesn't manual wind, only automatic. In your photo of the back of the watch, that plate with the stripes on it is the rotor. It is the movement of this eccentric weight which slowly winds the watch when it is on your arm, everytime you move. It takes about a day of wearing to wind the mainspring up fully. Does this weight rotate freely, when you tilt the watch back and forth? If you do this gently, but enough to spin the rotor, for about a minute, does the watch start to run? If it does, strap the watch to your wrist and wear it for the rest of the day, then let us know what happened. You say you have contacted the company for service. Is it a new watch? If it is still under warranty, and not working properly, get it fixed that way. As far as identifying the movement is concerned, HSL and Watchtime are right. If you follow the link Watchtime posted, it's the S-05 movement in your watch.
  5. Eliminating process best start at canon pinion, next suspect is the barrel, check if lid is fully pressed in and sits level,it can rub on bridge. Check holes the arbor go in may be worn etc. Another common cause is fault in gear train.
  6. Other tools to have would be a micrometer or something else to measure the diameter of the old staff versus the new staff. Then truing calipers and poising tool.
  7. Hello Maciej and welcome to the forum. You have an interesting story. Maybe the watchmaking bug will bite you too.
  8. Hallo. I wrote walcome message. I am sorry that I did not do it on first pleace. Here are pictures of my watch: Front - https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/828753ef84be4d39 BACK - https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/399000be14e6a9f6 @Watchtime it does not look like movement i have. As you can see whole mechanism is cover. Today I wind watch manually again. Interesting thing because, It did not respond for manual winding crown, however when I pull it out to set up time watch start running. I set up proper time (went twice around), and I left it without moving. It last 4 hours. Also I noticed after I was winding it again after 4 hours, again when I was trying to use crown for that, watch did not respond, but as soon as I pull out crown for time set up mode and made slight move, watch start running again full speed. I am leaving it for night without move, will see how long it will last. I also contact company for service.
  9. Hallo everyone. My name is Maciej, 31 old. I am from Poland but at the moment I life in United Kingdom. And happened to become citizen of this country as well. It is pleasure to meet all of you. I am not professional watchmaker or even an amator. However I do love watches and it amazed me how people are able to create amazing movements. It is an art. I have taste in good clothing, however I do not follow fashion, I am by my own. And I do finding watches as very, very important part of jewelry. I do have quite some watch collection myself. Some of them are very cheep brands other bit more expensive(at least for my packet). But it does not matter for me if it is cheep or expensive, I do respect every watch I have and I keep it in boxes.
  10. All of this information is very useful to me, thank you! Wow, I had been watching some of Marks videos on YouTube already, didn't know this was his website.
  11. @jdrichard, watched your latest video, it was great. The lathe is awesome. I'm a machinist by trade and machining ANYTHING as small as a balance staff is incredibly nerve wracking! BTW, your work space is clean and tidy, and your hat is bad ass! Good job!
  12. The Gucci movement was ETA 978.002 sorry about the wrong numbers I posted.........posted a picture of the movement....again i am so sorry about this mistake..........Thanks,



  13. In my experience the most likely cause is dirt, and most likely dirt that has migrated from the keyless work. Next most likely is dried oil. Both would respond to a good soak in naptha, but you will need to re-oil afterwards as naptha will tend to remove any lubrication. Running without oiling will cause more problems.
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  15. i am very sorry the caliber is 978.002 for the Gucci watch..... My mistake.........
  16. ETA 798.002 movement is found in a Gucci, quartz watch.................  

    1. honeybee50


      The movement is for a Gucci watch ETA 978.002 sorry for the mistake........

  17. Is this the right tool? https://tinyurl.com/qsbp7ys Thank you
  18. If you are all in the mood for a little bit of Soviet era horology, then I'd like to introduce today's 404 club fixer upper. A Raketa 2609.HA based Sekonda, complete with the obligatory USSR marking on the bottom of the dial. The gold plated case (stamped AU9) and the near indestructible Raketa movement make these little Sekondas rather pleasing and rewarding pieces to resurrect. I think it too enjoyed its well earned service and good scrub down, as it is now sitting at >270 degrees, beat error around 0.1ms and somewhere around +30 sec per day without me adjusting anything. It is still sporting the original high dome crystal, which took a good polish and save for a few tiny blemishes looks almost new One other great thing about these (I have a couple of similar examples) is the dial. It is both easily readable, and classically elegant at the same time. A station clock for the wrist. Maybe the 1970s weren't completely devoid of taste after all.
  19. I cleaned it by soaking in Home Depot naptha and pegging by hand, 2 rinses. Demagnetized the whole thing, as well. I'll dig back in with both suggestions and report back any findings. Enjoying the process.
  20. also; there several books on the internet on that subject. good luck. vin
  21. Always hard so make a guess... Anyway, I think the problem is on the dial side, i.e. the dial train (cannon pinion, minute wheel, hour wheel, intermediate wheel). Could it be that the clutch wheel doesn't disengage properly from the intermediate wheel that drives the minute wheel when you set the time? If so the intermediate wheel may bind up the minute wheel making things slow down and then stop. Well, just guessing. Anyway, I'd check the dial train (motion works) and the keyless works. I think your idea of removing the cannon pinion to see if it solves the problem is a good idea. If it doesn't help you'll know for sure the problem is with the train of wheels or the escapement. Good luck and let us know of any progress or any new observations.
  22. This was really fascinating, but I couldn’t hear sound, do I have a fault at my end? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Hi The difficult bit is removing the staff without bending the balance rim hence the use of the Platax tool and the K&D tools to hold the balance flat. Some watch makers put the broken balance in a lathe and cut the rivit off, which is a skilled job so as not to mess up the balance hub. I have in the past done it using a stake and a set of punches and was succesfull. The K&D tools come up on the bay from time to time as do Platax tools who command a price greater than £250 the K&K s go for arround the £50 mark. I would reccomend that before embarking on this journey that you watch Mark our Hosts videos on UTube and then decide on the course of action to take. Hope all this is useful for you. cheers
  24. hey Thanks again everyone special mention to jberry who got it spot on first go. cheers gary
  25. Hi Charlie It the tube is broken off in the case you will need to drift it out from the inside with a brass punch. Check before hand that it is not a screwed in variety, most were pressed in . As these were fitted to the case in the factory and wether they can be obtained as a spare part I do not know. with the use of a lathe one could be made to fit... There are porpose made tools for removing these tubes, chesk with Esslingers or Jules Borel.
  26. HI tech sheet for raketa attached might be usefull some time Raketa 2628 (1).pdf
  27. Hi and welcome to the forum. When it next stops try to remove the balance assy and take a look at the pallet/fork and check it moves smartly from banking pin to pin, If not you still may have a problem with the mainspring sticking in the barrel, worth checking pivots and jewels for wear and or cracks. When you cleaned it what was it with ?
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