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  2. Nucejoe

    Power réserve - looking for infos

    Some useful sites in case you havn,t visited so far. Julesborel.com Eternaltools.com OldSwissWatches.com Most recommended source is cousinesuk. Yes manufacturers recommend routine M/S replacement. Manual winding gives you an idea how well the spring feels, to say the least eliminates selfwinding mech form diagnostic guestimation. Joe
  3. StuartBaker104

    Clock competition

    Can anyone explain why there are 3 winding barrels to achieve this? Are there 2 separate striking trains?
  4. I don’t blame you. London has become a shithole.
  5. oldhippy

    H.Nathan & Co

    I have looked in Watch and clockmakers vol 1 and 2. Sorry to say he is not listed. Nice to know you have it working.
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  7. WatchMaker

    Breitling Bezel with Rubber...

    This rubber has been vulcanised so should be extremely durable and should need little more than a basic clean with water; perhaps with a small amount of detergent. If the watch has had a hard life and you feel the bezel is looking tired you could restore its shine with a product designed for such rubber such as the 'tyre shine' type products normally used on cars e.g. Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel or ArmorAll Extreme Tyre Shine Gel.
  8. HSL

    Watch of Today

    Today I am in a hurry but here comes a quick shot of my watch of the day..Another Mondia. It has a AS/ST 1950/51 under the hood. Enjoy..
  9. davidrrd

    Power réserve - looking for infos

    Thanks guys for the infos. I am currently servicing a 2834 that I got for around 25 bucks in a flea market. I can source parts so I feel.more confident now.... However that watch is a 2000 dollars one....(more expensive one I have might be 120) ... And being an Élaboré or top movement I didn't want to take the risk. Out of curiosity. During a service they systematically change the mainspring? Gonna see the updates and will let you know. As for now..... I think it maybe a problem with a weak automatic mechanism. I've seen sources for the bearing of the rotor..... May I ask you on how to change it? Thanks again.
  10. tonymokumer

    H.Nathan & Co

    To all who took the time to reply, Thank you. The watch repairer finally made a new hairspring and the watch is working like a charm. It is a beautiful piece. I have attached some photos. I have had no luck in finding the origins of H Nathan & Co, Geneve. Anybody out there have any idea? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  11. If the dials are not aftermarket, they might actually make those watches more collectable rather than less.
  12. kristofwanderer

    Trouble with a Seiko 7t62-0am0 from 2003

    So, I took the watch back by my AD and he said that I'd need to send it back to Seiko because the 2k era quartz movements are notorious for this problem. He did locate some corrosion on one of the battery contacts, but said he couldn't be sure that would cause the problem described. Of course it was working when I left the house, but the temperature difference in the truck caused it to stop. It started ticking again about 4 hours after I put it back in the display case. *sigh* I'm a bit disappointed with that answer. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. Sounds like a hit or miss proposition...while you may not find a case which is designed exactly for your application some generic case might be used.what kind of case do you have in mind?
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  15. When holidaying in London once a year I wear a cheap Casio digital this is to avoid being stabbed, shot, mugged or having acid thrown in my face and being run down in the street by moped gangs.
  16. Break out your calipers TD
  17. I don't think you could wear that in India. It would rot on your wrist. if you don't like it send it to me..I think it would make a nice target at the rifle range..shiny...easy to spot....three bullseyes...I am waiting for two janatas to arrive from a state side seller.. seven bucks each delivered.. going to have to do something about the mahatma Gandhi dials
  18. oldhippy

    Clock competition

    Thanks I have that pdf.
  19. wls1971

    Clock competition

    I read a description of dutch striking which is in its self a interesting way of striking, it strikes the hour on the low pitch bell, at the half hour it strikes the next preceding hour on a high pitch bell so at the 6:30 it would give 7 strikes, this I have read came about because of a peculiar way the dutch say what time it is, where we would say it is half past six, the dutch would have said it is half an hour to seven. This clock I believe would be a more unusual form of quarter hour striking I presume on the even lower pitch bell giving one strike at quarter past and one strike at quarter to. This interesting article gives a description of different striking sequences used in clocks, http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/Murray-striking.pdf And this page gives a very nice description of Dutch striking and details of a rare repeating Tompion longcase clock employing dutch striking: http://www.antique-horology.org/_Editorial/Tompion145/DEFAULT.HTM
  20. I can find the correct part number for the retaining ring for the day wheel on a Seiko 7S26 or 7S36 movement but not the actual size. Does anyone happen to know what it is? Texas Don
  21. Johnnie

    Any suggestions ???

    I am starting to think......... SEIKO'S lol I do hope Mr Seiko made a large interesting watch in 1953 ?
  22. oldhippy

    Clock competition

    I would expect it to be older. The seller mentions ratchet wheels and clicks are rough and appear to be handmade. Also mentioned, he thinks is the word “fecit “which means he or she. I would like to really have a good look at it before I really make up my mind. That is all I can say just by going by those few photos. It is a Dutch bracket clock with Dutch striking.
  23. Here is a more accurate day/date picture ...
  24. OK, so my problem is another story : ) At the moment I finished the work on my 2836, put the watch in the watch mover and let that make the work. Anyway when I have time and open the movement again I´ll place that in the forum and I will work on the winding problem. Thanks so far ; )
  25. oops just realized I by mistake took an ETA2824-2 for the picture above.. well it's almost the same except it misses the gears for the day setting, winding the stem on yours clockwise should set the date and anti clockwise the day..
  26. Here is where the trick with the day/date happens. When you take it to the middle position you can see the small intermediate wheel jump into a other position, now you should be able to set the date since the wheel now is running the gear beside it. In the most outer position you can see the small wheel moved again and now you should be able to set the time. in the two latter positions the winding pinion stands still. You can see the gears in the picture above, I have taken away the bridge plate so one can see.
  27. Nucejoe

    Power réserve - looking for infos

    Hi, Parts for eta2836 are available. So strip down and service is not too risky. Manually wind full, observe if it runs longer. How long it runs tells you how strong the mainspring is also tells you if the winder is weak. Good chance you may need to change rotor bearing or just the balls of the bearing. Otherwise good thoroug cleaning and use of proper oil and grease seems to be all you should be concerned with. Pix at all stages of strip down and parts may come useful in case unexpecfed faults exist. Regards joe.
  28. On the ETA version which I am working on the winding pinion is rotating when you have the stem pushed into the inner position. Then it is winding your mainspring. Hence the name. I would be very surprised if it did not do that on the clone too. The only time the winding would not work is if you haven't enough force on the clutch to grip into the winding pinion. Of course a missing crown wheel, broken click spring, and a broken mainspring would do it too but as I understand it you just removed the key less work to fix the release button issue. The force to grip the pinion wheel comes from the spring in the part you marked 3 in your photo. The spring part has to be adjusted slightly into position after loosening it to get the spring action to the clutch lever. It is what you see in my third picture.
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