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  1. Although only 2 or 3 seconds long, here's a great video demonstrating how to operate a Jacot tool.
  2. It looks like horotec.ch has the new files. Better download as much as possible before it is removed. For example: http://horotec.ch/file/TECH_ETA.7750.pdf http://horotec.ch/file/CT_2836-2_ESI_482114_15.pdf
  3. Oh no, ETA has removed all "Technical Communication". I should have downloaded these documents before they were removed. I'm going to service my first ETA 2836-2 and I really enjoyed reading (but not always agreeing with) ETAs advice. Anyone aware if these documents are available elsewhere? Checked with Cousins, and they have outdated versions. Perhaps just a matter of time before ETA forces Cousins to mark these documents as restricted. This really sucks!
  4. I'm afraid one day I will die and my wife will sell my watches and tools for what I told her I paid for them.
  5. No, I don't think so. Had it been an indirectly driven seconds hand like a Vostok cal. 24XX then possibly but not in this case. I've only serviced a single Seiko (cal. 7S36B) but for most movements the pivot for the center seconds hand should be clearly visible on top of the cannon pinion (the tube for the minute hand). Could it be that you broke off the top of the pivot while removing the original seconds hand? Check the inside of the bore of the original seconds hand to check if you can see a possibly broken off pivot. Also, under strong magnification and good lighting, you might be able to
  6. Finally got word from Horia. It appears they tried to send me an invoice with instructions for of how to make the payment, but for some unknown reason the delivery failed. Anyway, their second attempt worked just fine. So, I've made the payment, in total $121 with shipping and banking fees for an order of two forks worth $44. Yikes! Anyway, a lot less expensive than trying to find another Steiner Jacot tool in the same condition. So, feeling pretty happy! Again, thanks @nickelsilver!
  7. Just noted that the links to my video review of the "Elma Antimag" demagnetizer no longer works so for anyone interested here's an update:
  8. There's always that tool, part, or what not needed and missing for almost every watch I work on and it always means weeks and sometimes months before it's in my hands. Repairing watches certainly tries your patience to the limit. Still not a word from Horia. I just mailed them again, very politely asking about their payment procedure. This time in French, German, and English (in that order). Also asked Cousins if they could provide it but got a quick "no" in reply. So near, and still so far... I guess a hobbyist with a 40 CHF order (two forks) isn't their No.1 priority, if at all
  9. @nickelsilver I just placed an order for two forks at www.horia.ch, but all I got was an "Online Order Receipt" in my e-mail. Do you know if they will mail me an invoice to be paid? I couldn't find any detailed info on their site for the payment procedure.
  10. While placing my order, I just noted Horia has the rooster for their logo. So, I feel pretty confident the fork is going to fit!
  11. It looks to me like Horias's fork is going to fit. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! I think I'll order two while am at it. I Looked around on the tool itself and on the box to see if I could figure out the brand, but the only thing I found was the engraving on the tool in the form of a rooster. The beds on my runners go from 0.04 to 0.36 and has the "special runner for tapered long pivots for 4th wheels" (0.14 to 0.32 in 0.03 and 0.04 increments) as mentioned in @nickelsilver's post above. So, anyone who knows what brand that rooster represents?
  12. Well, this was some potentially very, very good news I have no idea what brand my Jacot tool is. However, the fork in the picture on the page you linked to looks exactly like the one on my tool. Getting my tools out for some measuring, keeping my fingers crossed, hard! (I'll be back...). BTW, @nickelsilver I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge, experience and support! IMO, WRT should award you Most Valuable Professional-WRT:er
  13. Checked the JBC Watch Parts Database but the closest I got was 5856A "QUARTZ ANALOG DSS CAL DAY/DATE". Is this a quartz movement? If so perhaps that part is the "SET LEVER AXLE SPRING"? I'm probably wrong as the 5626A is a close relative, no!? (where did you see that @watchweasol, I checked this page).
  14. I had been doing this for years before realizing the importance this. Good point, and a very important point to start with!
  15. Feeling quite inspired by your reply I decided to practice some more to develop a solid feel for it, but only to break off one of the snake tooth. Don't know how it happened. All of a sudden it just broke off. Tried to use the tool with the single tooth remaining but it seems to throw the wheel off balance making it near impossible to keep the pivot in the bed. Watch repair can so brutal. I tried to "glue" the tooth back using UV-glue, but it just didn't work. Anyway can this be fixed somehow or do I simply get myself another Jacot tool (x times $100)?
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