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  1. Wow, thank you very much @HSL! Now I know what to look for.
  2. My mother came as a child of war from Finland to Sweden late 1941. The Soviet Union attacked Finland in November 1939 and occupied a large part of eastern Finland. This was something that the freedom-loving Finnish people could never accept. So, in June 1941 the Finnish armed forces launched an attack on the Soviet Union to reclaim the lost territories. It’s an amazing piece of contemporary history. Like many other Finnish children of the time my mother lost her father and I never got to meet with my grandfather. We have absolutely nothing remaining from my grandfather, not even a picture, and
  3. Yes, it's truly demoralizing, and a true PITA. I'm servicing a friend's Omega SeaMaster dress watch calibre 268 right now, and the fear of loosing a part and/or not being able to replace it in case it needs to be replaced is very intimidating and almost takes the fun out of it. No need to apologize, the situation truly sucks! Even parts for modern Japanese movements still being manufactured, and in the millions, such as Seiko are or are near impossible to source, even a simple barrel complete.
  4. Apologies for being OT, but just a quick question. So a Tudor cal. MT5602, w/o a regulator arm but instead four screws on the balance wheel to do the regulating? Thanks!
  5. Nevertheless, having read @HSL's post I'd try to find a replacement bearing or complete oscillating weight. I had a look at CousinsUK.com with no luck but they may still be able to source it for you on request.
  6. What is "purple", except the colour of course?
  7. I'm not sure that's how @CaptCalvin's post should be understood!? Someone else may have glued it down, I guess!?
  8. Not sure how useful the following video is, but it is an Omega... Good luck!
  9. I'm not sure what one-dip you're referring to, but if it is Bergeon's one-dip it has now been replaced with something they call "B-Dip", and it's advertised as perfectly safe for jewels fixed with shellac.
  10. I really wish that was my experience as well but for some unknown reason it is not. Here's a picture of the label of the IPA that I use: It's only recently that I've been using a watch cleaning machine (traditional ELMA with three glass jars, a heating chamber, and a spinning basket) and it has been working pretty well. For the final rinse I've been using Suprol Pro, but it's terribly expensive and it smells like "death", has a narcotic effect warning, and drives my wife nuts even if she only gets a small whiff of it. Honestly, I understand her! So, I decided to replace the Sup
  11. I don’t think this picture is of much use for my question, but I decided to include it anyway, just in case. I’m servicing the above Omega cal. 268 on behalf of a friend of mine, and up until just recently I was under the impression that the impulse jewel, without exception, of all movements where fixed to the roller with shellac. That is, until I read a post by @nickelsilver somewhere who I believe mentioned that most(?) impulse jewels are friction fitted!? Anyway, I can’t determine if the impulse jewel of this Omega 268 is friction fitted or fixed with shellac. My eyeglass just isn
  12. Judging from the many replies, I'd say you'd have to look at everything! Reminds me of Nuce's suggestion, but do remove the hands and the dial too. If that solves the problem you'll know for sure where to look.
  13. I was, and you're right about that. I got it wrong and thought we were talking about 0.5 mm. Guess I had a senior moment As a general rule I guess it's good idea to avoid removing material whenever possible. Perhaps a smoothing broach could do the job?
  14. Just wondering; provided a suitable size is available, could a jeweling tool reamer be used for this job?
  15. Thanks @OS1111! I really don't think you need to worry about the magnetism. I simply think that the author of the walk-through @Lawson is a bit of a "purist", you know, no magnetism anywhere Anyway, perhaps you'd find my ETA Calibre 955.112 Service Walkthrough useful where I've included lubrication suggestions!?
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