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  1. So that is pretty bad. Mainsprings are generally problematic and mainspring winders even more so. Mainsprings are what has given me the most headache during the few years I've been doing this. Are you sure you're not mistaking the dirt for the dry lube which I believe tends to form white specks that look like dust? I could be wrong about that! Beautiful watch! I agree, especially as the dial doesn't have any lume dots.
  2. @Poljot I like you member name. Here's a beautiful Poljot I serviced a year or so ago! No, I didn't measure the ID of the mainspring barrel or the old mainspring. I simply trusted the GR4186 and fortunately it seems to be working well (as stated by the owner). However, as I fell in in love with this type of watch and movement I picked one up on Swedish local eBay (tradera.se) and it's in the pipe for an overhaul. As I have several other projects and ideas going I'm not sure when it is going to be, but I'll try to remember to measure and take some photos then. Anyway, the old MS was S
  3. Welcome Greygon! As @Klassiker says, be a bit careful if you value your marriage
  4. That's very true, but I also noticed that it makes the parts (look?) ultra clean when I use it as a final rinse in my cleaning machine. Much better, more affordable, and less smelly than Elma Suprol Pro. I've been trying all sorts of methods but I do get the best results using my cleaning machine. Jar 1: Elma Red 9:1, 5 minutes Jar 2: De-ionized water, 90 seconds. Jar 3: Isopropanol 60 seconds Plus, I run the motor like crazy (better results!) which makes the Elma Red look like pink milk EDIT: I always clean the pallets manually to avoid having to re-fit the pallet stones,
  5. I'm not sure this post of mine belongs in this thread, but as poising was very much discussed in relation to solving the problem (although now ruled out) I hope it's OK!? Otherwise, please feel free to delete this post and I'll publish it in a thread of its own. I’m trying to get to grips with my understanding of poising before I actually start practicing it, and I would really appreciate your comments on my thoughts which I’ll try to present here. I guess it’s not so much about trying to get answers to basic questions as it is trying to get confirmation or disproof (both equally valuable
  6. @Seth That sounds a lot like what you were looking for, and provided this works well (let us know) I would say that "a hard enamel finish" would be ideal. Perhaps you could use https://translate.google.com/ to get to grips with the instructions?!
  7. You got me completely wrong joe! I'm not judging you. I appreciate you, for many reasons, one of them being your honesty, which is sort of rare.
  8. Disassembly pictures and assembly pictures in my following posts if you don’t wish to read the following. For some unknown reason I never omit to mention to my IT students (.NET) that I have a passion for watches, that this passion is my analogous counterweight to my digital interests, and that there are a lot of similarities. Often, I am pleasantly surprised to learn that in almost every class there seems to be at least one or two students who share my passion for watches. The watch in the following walkthrough, an early 1960s Omega SeaMaster housing a calibre 268, belongs to a f
  9. Also know as a "shepherd’s crook", I believe.
  10. That's going to be interesting. Thanks!
  11. I'm very much into Vostoks and Russian watches in general (most affordable on the planet!) so I'd be interested to know the result. So, once you've tried it, please let us know. Good luck!
  12. @JohnR725 I've been reading your posts about poising in this thread with great interest. I haven't tried poising any balance as of yet but I have some Vostok wrist watch movements that would likely benefit if they were poised. I'm not looking for perfection but for improvement and if I get you right, and if you could please confirm, I believe that what you say, in principle, is that static posing (using a poising tool) is more convenient than dynamic posing although not as precise? I guess because the hairspring is taken out of the equation during static poising? Right now I have a V
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