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  1. What makes you think that the coil burned out? I think you'll find the most common reason why quartz watches lose their coils is somebody changes the battery. The problem with getting a battery changed is the workers are always super skilled. All it takes is one touch a lot of times with some sort of metal tool and the coil is now open. The wires are really very very thin. Over the years I've seen an unbelievable quantity of coils damaged by external influence of other people. Then there is another possible problem which is the circuitry energizes the coil you have a nice magnetic field a
  2. A unfortunate problem of when a watch company gets absorbed by another company what happens to it. Initially like in this case they let Bulova run Independents but at some point in time it basically is only a name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulova
  3. I'm attaching PDFs of each of the numbers you have. But there is a minor problem with the number in that each number refers to a whole bunch a Oilers of different sizes. Then I'm attaching an image of the 7013 which comes in several sizes. his is listed as their precision oiler because the shape is very defined and will supposedly only pick up a very exacting quantity of oil. While the problems with looking at the various Oilers and I have a link that shows that is there also made by a variety of other companies. Then the shape at the end can be different. Personally I find I like th
  4. One of the unfortunate problems with watch repair is the availability of spare parts. Especially if the spare parts are older spare parts than the chance of getting them drops considerably. Just keep an eye on eBay sooner or later one will show up. Because unfortunately like the link below shows there no longer available. http://www.julesborel.com/s.nl/it.A/id.181120/.f
  5. To get an answer to your question it always helps to post it in the correct location. This is the location where you're supposed to introduce yourself. The reason you post in the proper category is some people typically only look at certain categories like watch repair usually for new messages they appear on the right-hand side somebody will see that and possibly find it interesting and go there. This is why a lot of watch repair questions are other questions go unanswered they're in the wrong section. Did you send it or take it to a authorized Swatch service center? The definitio
  6. Always bad when the company that made the watch can't even fix it. Casually it look like your dial is the solar panel norm with a dial it have feet that could get bent. But maybe somebody was just sloppy putting the solar panel/dialback on C is have to make sure it's aligned correctly. Secondhand placement on a quartz watches obtain. Ideally depends on the watch show at the look in the manual lot at times you want to support the backside because we put a lot of pressure it's bad. Then getting a hand where it's supposed to be can be quite a challenge. If you pull the stem out it's ha
  7. I believe there's an old saying if you want it done the right do-it-yourself. Out of curiosity place reset your watch to where they authorized by citizen to work on their watches? PDF is attached page 11 will get you started. Citizan E76.pdf
  8. Nice of you to include the manual. Did you notice in the manual that it seems be really lacking on oscilloscope use for instance? This is because in watch repair other than the basic tests in the manual like supplying power measuring current consumption. Or if you have a timing machine that can pick up the Quartz frequency that's about it. Basically it's either perceived to work or not work and you just replace the Circuit board as a module.
  9. Always nice when you're referencing something to give the link so others don't have to go looking for it. Then what's nice from the reference is I can see it's really not a Bulova. Because trying to find 11 DP Bulova is a waste of time. On the other hand looking for something a little different like CARAVELLE Gets us the second Link.Supposedly you get the stones individually but I would go for the pallet fork and if you're looking for cross reference it's at the third link. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Bulova_11DP http://cgi
  10. Picture might be nice googling reveals that it's anything but a watch Did find this link though https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/14129-gsw-cal-50/
  11. Before disassembly and trying to fix the watch yourself did you attempt to contact the people who previously did the repair and let them know you are unhappy? Then why did you send it in for repair? Usually not always when removing the stem you would take the back off can the back come off this watch?
  12. A unfortunate problem for paper tape timing machines is the paper. At one time when paper tape machines were more common than some of this other paper like for your machine may have actually been available were now it's only going to be the more common machines. This means possibly going to have to get creative and shrink your paper. In other words I've seen somebody with a saw actually slice a roll of paper with the thinner paper. The first link is your classic paper that does not need a ribbon. You'll notice on the second link the reference to it being blue paper the same description as
  13. If you look at the picture posted above it's a T end mainspring. The problem with any of the unusual shaped mainsprings are that you can't just push it in it has to be in the right place otherwise it will never magically go into the right place all by itself. Ideally for T end it would be nice if you had a mainspring winder. You'd wind it all most all the way into the winder you'd leave a little bit out. Then you slip the little bit out and the winder into the barrel so your barrel for the winder has to be little smaller than usual. Rotated around until the tea party is over the slot or hold t
  14. One of the problems with modern watches they seem to run forever. The modern lubricants tend to dry up or just disappear without really being noticed that there gone. Then the ceiling of the case the gaskets they tend to disappear with time or breakdown or they just allow moisture into the watch. Eventually a watch comes to a stop and getting a watch service that hasn't ever been serviced is usually more expensive than getting it serviced from time to time. Kinda like if you'd never change the oil in your car ever and maybe it leaks out a little bit that's going to be really really expensive r
  15. I'm guessing the problem is you're using Tapatalk Whatever the heck that is and instead of attaching pictures from your folder of your hard drive it's attaching links of where the folders of Image location. Occasionally because I feel like being a nice person and I wanted to see the pictures there down below. You might look into a different app that lets you actually attach pictures rather than links. As far as swapping parts go because the age of the watches their almost custom-made's swapping parts really isn't the best approach. Because of their age lubing would be nice but cleani
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