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  1. If you're looking for a bargain how about this handcrafted In their Geneva factory. It's one of the interesting things about the Internet you can creatively write and show pictures of items and some stupid person will give you their money. https://www.swissreplica.cd/movements
  2. Always nice to give us pictures. Did you notice if you are assortment of dyes for your case press is proper they come in a variety of shapes and sizes? Some case backs need to be pressed on the edges otherwise if you try to push in the middle they will never go on. Even with a 20 ton press if you're pressing in the middle the outside edges flex out and they will never grab. But the watch might look quite interesting if you flatten it with a 20 ton press. Other watches do require pressing in the middle so you have to press in the right place not necessarily with lots of force to get the
  3. Time is running out looks like you got a really great deal there I would jump on this instantaneously. I don't even know why you brought it to our attention you're missing out on a super deal. Now even more people are going to jump in and grab that good deal you're going to miss out you made a big mistake telling us or? Can you get super good deals on eBay yes can you get rare and unusual watches yes. Can you get a rare and unusual watch in a box of junk for practically nothing on eBay definitely. Look at the advertisement the Rolex is front and center face up. The sellers have a few
  4. It's good that you're panicking Early because the technical communications are still there. Like for instance 30 seconds ago I just downloaded from this link As you are using an example of 7750 PDF.They just don't jump off the website like they used to you have to stare at the website and then go all I know what I'm supposed to do and then you'll get there and you can get your technical communication but don't worry at some point in time they will all be gone. I doubt there's anything they could do to cousins other than just not give them anything new not that they probably give them anything
  5. There is always the tiny possibility that we can get a replacement and deny you your fun of making one. Then it's a shame it wasn't the right kind of stopwatch? Some stopwatch is have spare parts. Their hiding so I went online and snipped out some pictures for you. This particular example actually has a note that the parts are hiding under something. Other times it's not at least I remember it's not always shown that this is where the parts are hiding.
  6. The problem with the pictures are is it a real Breitling or not? It be really nice if someone would find us the real Breitling of this same watch so we could compare. To understand 7750 better I'm attaching of the manufacturing information PDF. This is where you get additional technical specifications not found in the regular service guide. Starting on PDF page 5 we see that there are three different grades. But the reality is there would've been more companies like Breitling could specify changes to be made or they might make their own changes but probably for this caliber where the
  7. My only experience with watchmakers lathe belts before the sewing machine belt was round and smooth. I don't recall ever having a problem with round and smooth because there's always tension on the belt. Yes if you're trying to make a really aggressive cut it will probably slip but watchmakers lathes aren't really meant to be machining heavy cuts. Then there's the shape of the pulley on the lathe they seem to be designed for a round. The link below shows lathe belting material and it's all round. Farther down the page some of its textured. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/lathe-belt
  8. It would be nice if you could've at least left us a picture otherwise we come to the discussion and while you got an answer we are cheated. None of us can now learn from this discussion. The problem with that statement is how do we educate people to know what a Breitling movement looks like versus a eta seven 750 movement? Then there's problems like the link below is a reference to the older versions that there was no changes over the eta movement implying that they probably purchased it from them versus making it all in the house? The unfortunate reality is the Breitl
  9. I appear to have failing eyesight or I lack proper imagination to grasp what you're trying to say? Or maybe a picture wasn't attached.
  10. The first link shows all the watches that use this mainspring and gives us another number. Then the second link shows the mainspring is available. http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=qWJXEn http://www.julesborel.com/s.nl/it.A/id.28660/.f
  11. So that everyone who grasps what were talking about I have a link. It looks like there is no reference to them anywhere but they may still be functional if someone had flash player still installed. Somebody had suggested to me the way to do this is to get a portable version of a browser and then portable flash player so it can run on a USB drive or somewhere it's not installed that might work but I haven't got around to try yet. Then I suspect with the current Swiss attitude towards anyone touching their precious watches that there will never be an update for these. The a
  12. Yes we all have the dream finding gold in the pile of junk. Sometimes it happens but not today. Omega movements are usually very beautifully finished. The early ones have interesting plating which makes for a unique color. To give the example I have a link below. Notice the copper colored plates,The shiny screws and there proud of their watch they put the name on it. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Omega_601
  13. Sometimes if there is a base caliber then your parts will cross reference to several movements but other times maybe there is no base caliber. Remember Seiko is going to make hundreds and thousands of these so gearing up production the and make unique parts for every single one doesn't seem to be an issue. The website below has a subscription service. One time fee for life. So for instance I take your part number I go there and enter the number in I can get the bestfit number. Sometimes for some parts and some material houses if you use the best fit number you get a part where you may not
  14. Just so were all on the same page can you give us a picture or a link to your definition of a micro lathe. Then yes usually a bigger lathe for clockwork not that you couldn't use a watchmaker's lathe for some stuff but usually for clocks stuff you need something bigger.
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