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  1. Help please

    We really need the Sony tech sheet but the battery chemistries the same it stands to reason it's probably the same for functionality. Probably the reason the Sony battery isn't available it's an OEM part I probably only sell to manufacturers of watches.
  2. Help please

    We don't have a technical data sheet for the Sony battery but on the back we do see it's a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The LIR1620 Is also a lithium ion rechargeable battery with a data sheet mentioned above found at the link below. Non-rechargeable lithium batteries are magnesium dioxide-based. So both are lithium batteries different battery chemistry means different voltages and different characteristics. Non-rechargeable batteries typically do not like to go into the circuits were there being charged bad things usually happen.
  3. Fitting new balance staff

    Then of course there's the other problem what makes you think the original staff was the correct staff? This is where usually I measure the old staff the new staff and I look at the reference books I have the make sure that all of them agree. Because unfortunately over time inappropriate things have been inserted into the watch and even if you get the right staff things may not fit. The other thing happens for American pocket watches are there also conceivably more than one staff a lot of time so be size variations and the definitely be pivots size variations.
  4. Fitting new balance staff

    What watch did this balance come out of and what staff number did you use?
  5. Help please

    You'll notice on the battery lots of writing to avoid confusions. So the numbers 1620 is a size 16 mm in diameter 2.0 mm thick for lithium battery this is very common. But notice the additional writing on the battery in an attempt to get you to put the right one in. The word rechargeable and lithium-ion. Mixing primary batteries with rechargeable batteries isn't really the best thing to do.
  6. Fitting new balance staff

    Often a forgotten step did you measure the new staff versus the old staff? It's commonly assumed when buying a replacement staff that it will be of the correct size and often times it's not.
  7. This tool SUCs!

    So as you found removing crystals the tool works really nice. Then providing you keep the crystal in the tool putting it back in the case no problem but what if you have a new crystal how do you grab it to put it back in? The other useful purpose of this tool is for inserting crystals. Notice in the attached image that under each number is a protruding circle getting longer as the numbers increase. So when you put the tool on top of the base the numbers will allow you to determine how far the jaws are from the base itself. So crystal is placed on the base the gray plunger is used to keep it in place. The jaws the tool are closed protruding pins let you set the spacing of how much crystal sticks out beyond the jaws.
  8. I was curious about the specifications so I called a friend Phil. Phil is an interesting person he claims not to be a machinist but machines beautiful things. His fun is to make machinery to make things like clocks or currently make a watch. So when I asked specifications he commented that there is way more to the numbers than just those numbers basically lots of factors that come into play. But we were limited on a phone conversation as he's getting ready to give a talk on his machinery at our local nawcc regional. Then there is the other thing you do need to know how to use your equipment. Not just how to use the equipment but today we can do things differently we can be creative it's the creativity and understanding the equipment that allows you to do things. Having all the super nice precision equipment without the knowledge of what you're trying to do isn't going to let you do it. Then there are other people out there making watches it be nice to find all the links sometimes it's hard to find them they're not always the most visible. Someone gave me this link the other day he is making a watch and is a link to his website at the top where he does talk about is equipment very very briefly unfortunately.
  9. Gear Train Binding

    I don't suppose you have a spare SWEEP SECOND WHEEL as we need to free that. So how to free things? So it be better if you put the assembly back on the main plate. It gives you the main plate to hold onto your less likely to break or bend anything. So simplistic basically grabbed the tube pull it straight off. The problem is how to grab the tube. One way is with your hand Removers and it look like in the photo I had that you can see the end of the tube of the secondhand. This means you can bring your hand removing tool down there and hopefully just pull the tube Off.
  10. Gear Train Binding

    So I actually know what it is sometimes I do questions rather than answers for learning purposes. Look at your secondhand is it missing of the tube that goes on the fourth wheel? A unfortunate problem that occurs to all of us is removing the hand the tube stays behind the hand comes off.
  11. Gear Train Binding

    So I'm probably not answering your question because I'm confused with what I'm seeing. What is the item in the picture that I circled?
  12. Hairspring vibrator use

    Horological tool catalogs are interesting source of information. I have some additional images showing your tool. So one version with the instructions basically does it exactly the way you say except it has a notch for the glass. So you can easily put the watch below glass on top exactly as you describe and they give you instructions which seem so friendly and nice. Then there's another version where the dial side is up and I seen this before and I'm going by hazy memory. Basically you can either count the oscillations of your balance wheel and reference it to the watch. Then there's the other method where you left the balance wheel up just a little more than you would have in the first method and each time the balance swings it will actually lift up and come down and make a ticking sound. So you can count the ticking sent or I've seen this in reference to timing machines you can input this the timing machine by attaching a pickup and reading it off the timing machine. Then interesting timing for this discussion. The images I have come out of a really nice book that I thought was out of print and the first link gives you an example of what it goes for. So the timing is interesting in that Saturday I was at a meeting where somebody was showing the book purchased for $100 plus shipping. So two separate sources same price first is a relative as they have the same last name the author died about 10 years ago. The second is a really interesting website and she makes it much easier order. I suspect though if you're out of the country shipping will be a little more and this is a really heavy Book. Then the reason why at least we thought the meeting the book is so cheap is that they were probably in a warehouse someplace as it was a private printing.
  13. Hairspring vibrator use

    To understand what is missing image is attached. Then I like the paragraph it seems so simple unlike the reality of actually doing it.
  14. If the above methods preferred don't work the link below will be helpful. Just be careful that the main plate doesn't have any posts or anything else made out of steel or they will disappear also
  15. Is My Pallet Fork Misaligned?

    So bent lever that would be a new one sort of. If you work on hundred-year-old watches like I do that is a possibility but on a modern watch that hasn't been played with the last hundred years it's not impossible but it's extremely unlikely. So my wild guess would be it's something else perhaps. So I don't suppose you're pallet fork is either bent up or down is it? So one thing that isl really easy to do is break off pivots on the pallet fork. From your pictures it looks like the upper pivot is still in place perhaps. If one of the pivots is missing the fork would be either bent up or down possibly if the pivot is bent then the pallet fork may appear to be up or down. Otherwise the guard pin looks good except Looking straight down it looks almost like the guard pin is rubbing on the main plate but it may be a optical illusion?