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  1. the problem is manufacturing tolerances of balance wheels. Traditionally every single hairspring is vibrated to a specific balance wheel. Exceptions to the rule are hairsprings that are manufactured first to very exacting specifications. Typically these are over coil hairsprings, the over coil has to be formed exacting locations. Then the balance wheel is matched by adjusting the timing screws. Simplistic traditionally is two identical watches swap they hairspring is and it won't keep time because are not manufactured to close enough tolerances for that to occur. At least until relatively
  2. the best way to do this is is just do it. After all it's hairspring hairsprings all look the same just go ahead and do it don't worry about it see what happens. the short answer is it's a total waste of time. For the most part each hairspring has been vibrated to that balance wheel. The exceptions are early watches with screws usually American pocket watches some Swiss watches. For the same watch with the same balance wheel a generic hairspring designed only for that balance wheel and eight no timing screws of various size and shape and weight and you can then match the balance wheel
  3. for the fun of it I suspect you'll find you can. Without the lower shock setting it's not going to run but? When it's in the watch itself the alignment of the pivots with the upper and lower balance holes even without the lower setting is going to look much better than trying to balance it on whatever the heck you have it now. then even though it's not perfect will get an idea of how bad things look.it's just hard to tell with the way you're holding it because you can't maintain a perfect alignment and that alone will make the hairspring look much worse. Then yes it's really really easy
  4. personally I like to know why they were shimming? we get an interesting problem with this watch. Like the quote above comes from the first link. Typically when I see that I think of evolution improvement and usually a whole bunch of different balance staffs. Like going from no shock protection to a variety of systems. I've attached a couple links like the second one so we can look up balance staffs there does appear to be a size difference between the two variations of this movement. There is they also the curious fingerprint system that has a minor problem for this watch. Normall
  5. often times on the discussion group we see pictures like yours pictures of people concerned of how bad things look. But that's of zero importance as it's only important what it looks like in the watch. then background story would be nice? In other words did you notice this problem before you disassemble the watch or did you notice after your reassembled and it just doesn't look quite right?
  6. occasionally the wheels show up on eBay I think the last time I saw one it was little over $100. The little confused by the wording so does the wheel move at all? Or does it run and stop what exactly does it do?
  7. it appears to be that we have a broken link. Try this link instead https://www.watchfix.com/
  8. where did your's come from? I know that the green one from UK is available in the US is a place where you can order them even if they're not in stock and then they get them from UK and they ship to you. But if yours is different I'm curious about that?
  9. I didn't mean to torque the micrometer down with a pair of vise grips that's not what I was saying. You can gently close them what I'm saying is we are holding a mainspring in your hand it's really hard if not impossible to hold it parallel to the jaw's of the caliper. So I find you can the get varying numbers just because it's a wiggling around it's not like a large flat piece of something worth a lot easier to hold. In size you usually find a flat spot on the mainspring. Then yesterday when is playing with my beer calipers of course the other problem is just squeeze them touch them a lo
  10. any idea why that part comes loose? Poor manufacturing perhaps?
  11. if you only needed the crown you don't usually need the movement. But if the crown came out and took the stem with it then you would need to move it to get the stem. Plus if the stem came out it's possible the setting parts of been damaged. Basically need to find a watchmaker maybe try the link below? https://bhi.co.uk/repairer/
  12. the bestfit book works fine for more common watches or basically newer watches and there are some older books for the older ones that might give us a clue. Of course it would be nice to have the diameter so I don't have to look through huge sections of the book. they would be a lot easier if we knew the movements. In the absence of the movements somebody could measure watch and then we can look in places like the bestfit book. Because a lot of times it's a lot easier to modify an existing stem that it is to make an entirely new stem. But we would need measurements to work with
  13. if you're wondering about whether it's worth getting it done the answers no. if you have sentimental feelings for the watch then the answer might be yes. then doing a partial disassembly in the hopes that you can fix it only works if? Like for instance when was the last time the watch was serviced and what's the problem? Like it hasn't been serviced in a long time that's needed that means it has to come apart. This isn't really a watch to be working on unless you're familiar with tuning fork watches although it does have some nice features that makes it easier than some other tuning fo
  14. a unfortunate problem when measuring amplitude is, is it right? You can visually look at it looks pathetic and the machine says it looks wonderful unfortunately visual observation beats out the machine. If the machine is a decent our oscilloscope and it shows you where it's triggering like witschi does with some of their machines you can see what the problem might be. So I've seen it works sometimes witschi will alternate between the high and low number. Looking at the oscilloscope I can see that sometimes the triggers off the locking and sometimes it triggers off something in the middle. But
  15. if you click on the link below you'll find an interesting search on the cousins document website. Number 40 may be of interest perhaps all the rest of them but number 40 for this conversation. there is those minor irritation with the PDF which is you cannot do a search like for instance you want to search for the following word epilame it's in their but a search doesn't seem to find it? Then I snipped out a sample of eta manufacturing information sheet. Rather than choosing one of the newest ones I found one from 2007 and you'll notice the reference to epilame. I highlighted where t
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