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  1. Welcome Sanjeev. You have come to the right place. Sounds like an interesting collection you have there.
  2. Oops! Sorry! I think I should give up posting before breakfast.
  3. The 10 1/2 or 10.5''' is the movement diameter in lignes.
  4. I searched the Cousins site for Omega 410 and only one balance assy. came up. OME4101327. If your 411 has Incabloc shock protection, this would be the one to get.
  5. Hello Khan, depends what you mean by service. A general disassembly, clean and lubrication of the movement might bring the amplitude up and slow it down, but you still will not be able to regulate it. Judging by the circular scoring on the balance cock, and the fact that it does not move easily, the regulator seems to be clamped down hard. Maybe there is a spacer missing or something like that. I guess your next step is to separate the balance from the cock, and strip down the regulator / jewel assembly for cleaning, inspection and measurement. You'll also be able to get a better look a
  6. The advice people give about "always buying the best you can afford" is in my opinion a bit glib. Sure, if you can afford the absolute top of the range you will usually be rewarded with top performance. If you are a wealthy individual, you probably don't mind paying top prices. It gives peace of mind if nothing else. Could you get the same (or very similar) performance for less money? Usually, in my experience, yes you could. Can you get fit for purpose tools for less? Almost certainly. That said, I haven't used Bergeon or Horotec screwdrivers. Maybe I'm missing out on something. I haven'
  7. So, first of all, apologies for not reading your post properly. You already mentioned the loupes and a few other tools. Keeping track of screws: also covered in many other threads. Experts just know what goes where. The rest of us put components in their functional groups, together with the relevant screws, in separate storage compartments and photograph them for later reference. You cannot take too many photos as a beginner. Cross-threading is not really a danger, but mixing up left- and right-hand threads is. The screws with three slots are always left-hand. Sometimes the crown-wheel sc
  8. There is a lot of good information already on this forum if you use the search function. I think Mark in person has posted in the subject. I guess you have already done some research to compile the list you have so far. To address your specific query, you are missing some kind of magnification from your list (unless you are young and have good eyesight). You are buying top-end equipment from the start, which is a good strategy If you have the funds, but then I don't follow your logic on saving money on cleaning and lubrication. It is essential to keep your watch running well, and basic cl
  9. I've given up on the idea of a comprehensive, affordable set of mainspring winders. A new spring is cheap and goes in so easily! By no means am I an expert with hairsprings, but repairing them is a question of the right tools and lots of practice. If you are tangling them, then you are handling the balance wrong. Watch how Mark and other professionals so it, and practise using the same techniques. Hot Tip! If a fly lands on your finger when you are working, remove the tip of your tweezers from the hairspring before swatting it with your free hand.
  10. There are already some good threads on this subject, including CUSTOM DECAL DIAL TUTORIAL. You can search in the box in the top right corner.
  11. The whole blade-shaped spring moves, especially the bottom end, which is shaped to catch in the teeth of that wheel. It looks like the spring bends at the thinned section, and a screw from the side at the very top end holds it in place. Seiko use a similar but simplified system.
  12. Please practise on something else of little to no value first. You are almost certain to do serious damage. The IWC is best left to a professional with the right tools.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more about your collection and your service & repair plans.
  14. The flat side goes to the pivot. I've never seen one with a concave side.
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