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  1. Looks like this one: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?12&ranfft&0&2uswk&Girard-Perregaux_42_4
  2. Thanks for all your posts in this project. It's interesting to follow your progress, and your willingness to share is very much appreciated. This is absolutely in the spirit of this forum, and I admire you for it.
  3. Welcome Wayne! Lots of knowledge on this site. Just ask!
  4. Maybe a completely daft idea, but what about re-pinning with the stud turned through 180 degrees so the vee is away from the screw?
  5. Did some searching and found this. Is your hour counter creeping, or running at the right rate?
  6. Thanks both of you. I'm favouring the chemical removal of the original plating theory, because there is no plating left, even in the hard to reach nooks and crannies. No signs of abrasives either. I guess I could polish it up, but I think I will see if I get used to it's individual charm for a while.
  7. Well, he may be a competent at doing the repair and service work, but he needs to improve his communication skills, otherwise you are going to be on a wild goose chase and wasting time and money on parts you don't need. I'm guessing what he means by "half-moon mechanism" is the automatic winder, maybe just the rotor, maybe the reverser wheels, or whatever is in a Tudor like that. But that is just a guess. In any case, you are going to need to know the movement i.d. and get an exact description, (in conventional watchmaking terminology) of which parts are worn. Pictures would be good.
  8. Does anyone have an inkling what the discoloration on this casing is? I don't know what the metal is, but it doesn't appear to be plated. Brass or bronze? The patina is orange and blue in patches, almost like heat-blued steel.
  9. Welcome Robyn. Lots of help to be found here.
  10. So many possibilities! You can have hours of fun searching here: http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php
  11. The riveting looks good. What steel did you use? Did you turn the rivets with a head, or rivet both ends? How did you make the holes and the chamfers? How did you remove the automatic bridle? I like the idea with the superglue. Did you chamfer the end of the hook, so that it doesn't slip off the step in the barrel wall? Lots of questions I know, but the devil is in the details!
  12. Lots and lots of practice. Good luck!
  13. The technique in the video looks correct. I don't think you will find a better one. Maybe you have the wrong spring, or the jewel is sitting too high.
  14. Try setting your timing machine to 18000 bph manually, then see what you get on the screen. If you have slo-mo on your phone, use that to check amplitude and frequency.
  15. As this thread has gone quiet for the time being, I hope Dubey will not mind if I highjack it for a minute. That's the company I was referring to. In my home town they operate from small shops on the high-street or a corner in the entrance area of a supermarket. It's a UK nationwide concern and household name. They offer services like key-cutting, watch-battery changes, shoe polishing, mobile-phone repairs and dry-cleaning. They are a bit like Mister Minit, if that means anything to you. I don't know what the US equivalent is. Anyway, it appears I owe the company and its employees an apo
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