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  1. What exactly is happening with the balance wheel? Is it not swinging at all, swinging normally at first but coming to a rapid stop, or swinging erratically?
  2. Welcome! Originally from Chesterfield myself. There's a lot to learn and plenty of helpful people here.
  3. I would try replacing the cracked jewel, before doing any pivot polishing. Did you use smoothing broaches on the barrel, and what was the result? My advice is not to change anything you can't change back, unless you're absolutely sure you need to.
  4. Nice story! Your warning comes too late for me I'm afraid.
  5. Update. It finally stopped ticking at 3am today, so around 10.5 days of power in there. It did start to lose time near the end though. The striking side ran out of power much earlier, after only 8 days or maybe a bit less.
  6. Hello Dennis. Thanks for the introduction and welcome.
  7. Bet you still could have written in Polish though. An interesting story. Thanks for sharing it. Oh by the way, I love the Sandmann watch!
  8. Good to know, thanks. Now I know what I'm doing Sunday evening.
  9. Hello Martin and welcome! I'm sure you can make a valuable contribution. And thank you for writing in (excellent) English, not Polish.
  10. By the way, anyone know what the power reserve is on one of these? I wound it Last Saturday evening, and it's still going strong.
  11. Would you mind posting a photo for comparison?
  12. I used the staking set in the end. A few gentle taps loosened the riveted flange of the collet slightly. Then I used an awl (similar to the tool pictured in Clockboy's post) to turn the hand relative to the collet. Thanks to both of you for your help!
  13. The collet isn't budging. I'm trying oil and heat.
  14. The strike is also a minute early at the half-hour. have had that centre cam off to do the cleaning. It was indeed difficult, but not impossible, if that would be the only place to do the adjustment. Turning the hand on the bush though has the advantage of being quicker (less dismantling and remounting in between hit-and-miss adjustments), so I'll give it a go. I'll have to be careful though, as it's not my clock.
  15. Hell John, you've come to the right place, welcome.
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