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  1. That's a nice story! What did your daughter get?
  2. Just guessing here, but maybe it's from some kind of sealed timing device, for competitions, like pigeon racing or something.
  3. Hello and welcome. I have a similar background and impressions to yourself.
  4. The spring is lubricated from the factory. Place the disc over the barrel (the right way up!) and push the spring down evenly using a flat object.
  5. If you want the job done well,... Looking forward to seeing the results.
  6. Nice performance. You should be pleased with yourself.
  7. Is the post on the setting lever worn? Does the setting lever twist or tilt under load? Remove the setting lever spring and lie it on a flat surface. If it isn't flat, return it and get a replacement.
  8. A 3-jaw chuck is self-centring. All 3 jaws tighten in unison, so you are at the mercy of the build quality or wear in terms of how centred your workpiece will be. On a 4-jaw chuck, the jaws adjust independently. It takes longer to set up, but by using an accurate measuring instrument e.g. a dial gauge, you can centre exactly. You can also hold non-round workpieces, or set up purposely off-centre.
  9. JohnD is right. FANCY143A or RE210170 certainly worth a look.
  10. I would try and remove and salvage as much as possible from the movement side first, then let what cannot be removed sit for a few days in a shallow dish of rust remover, with the fluid level just below the edge of the dial. Then see if you can gently pry the dial away. Who knows, you might be lucky and not have to get medieval on it's ass. If that doesn't work, I'd try to drill the screws out with the aim of leaving the feet intact, maybe again in combination with rust remover. It looks really bad, but maybe one or two bits are good for spares. The dial and hands especially have come off lightly and look good, considering. I think your daughter's friend owes you a beer.
  11. What about warming and forming an oversize blank, then cutting to size?
  12. I'm guessing you loosened everything up when removing the rotating bezel and spring, and manipulating the crown and split stem did the rest. Does the movement come out of the front now?
  13. That sounds really odd! Would you be able to post some pictures showing how the crown holds everything together? I am really struggling to imagine how that works.
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