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  1. What about the Bergeon 7812 Watchmakers Quick Service Kit? It would be 35 pounds over your budget (e.g. Cousins), but there won't be any waste in there.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum! Obviously jewellery and watches are related trades, but your business is jewellery only, isn't it? So your interest in watches is more as a hobby, I guess.
  3. Hello Ed, welcome. I'm sure you will get all the help you need.
  4. OK, understood now. My mistake in fact. You never said you'd had it serviced, just repaired. 40 quid for a service would be very reasonable indeed. For just replacing the stem and crown, depending on what the parts cost, a bit steep. Still, it would be worthwhile getting him to quote for a complete service including repair of the day change and a new crystal. That the watch is running is a good sign that all is basically well, but it will still benefit from a clean and fresh lubricant. Report back when you have the estimate. There are enough people on here can tell you if it's reasonable or not, and there are still enough good watchmakers around in the UK if you need an alternative.
  5. Whoever serviced it should have checked the day-change function, so I would take it back just for that. While they're at it, ask them to put in a new crystal.
  6. Read some of the threads where "dial cleaning" has been discussed before.
  7. Report it to eBay and let them deal with it. Who knows, maybe he's telling the truth. If so he will take it down and not relist it. If not I can't imagine he'll be allowed to sell it on eBay a second time.
  8. I've got one - a purifier, not a dehumidifier - but I have to admit I have hardly used it. I don't have a dedicated room, so it's hard to keep really clean. We and the dog are in and out all the time, bringing in new dust, clothing fibres and hairs. I would need to run it all day to keep the air clean all the time, and as I am usually only at the bench weekends that would be extravagant. I don't want the machine running near me when I'm working because of the draught, so a sensible option would be to run it for an hour before I start work. I will try to get into the routine of doing this, as my main problem is contamination.
  9. Without trying it myself, I would guess that it is normal. You are not imparting much momentum to the train by activating the escape wheel. Have you tried giving the barrel or the 2nd. wheel a nudge with an oiler or toothpick? That should get the whole train spinning, and you will see better if there is too much friction. Did you get the coils of your hairspring to sit concentric in the end?
  10. The pivot doesn't look broken. Maybe worn. The arbor (axle on the other side of the wheel) looks a bit rough. Dirty or corroded? That would create drag.
  11. Hello Shane, welcome to the forum! There are many souls here who enjoy saving old watches from a lonely death in the back of a drawer, either for the love of the mechanics, or for sentimental reasons just like yours. No need to worry about protocol, people here are very patient and happy to help. You've already passed the first test by introducing yourself first. Now please describe how you got that lovely Timex up and running again!
  12. Hi Armand, no experience with this calibre, but I had a similar signal recently and I am fairly sure it was dirt in a pallet fork jewel.
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