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  1. The question of Loupes and binocular visors has been discussed at length before on the forum, so I would suggest you use the search function at the top right of the home screen and have a look at the many varied opinions and make an educated choice on the data gleaned, all the best
  2. Hi Without a staking tool or punches it would be a ticklish job, But having neither of the required tools a steel block and a small punch you may be able to spread enough metal to effect the tightness. But take it in minute stages checking after each adjustment as over doing it will mean having to broach (ream) the hand hole. Take care Cheers
  3. Hi the markings will have some significance but with out access to the manufacturers data or other it will be dificult to interpret.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum Its a watch that has been around for a while will need a service and mainspring sounds like its broken.
  5. hi It is concievable that it is stuck for whatever reason, try a drop of penetrating oil around its circumference and let it soak in before trying again.
  6. Hi Thank you for the pictures, Its not a platform escapement in the traditional sense, I doubt very much if spares are readily available . If the balance staff is broken it is most likely to make one or have one made. or alternativly try and source an donor unit to cannibalise the parts.
  7. Hi find attached the tech sheet for the 11BLC. Probably cousins uk , esslingers ,Jules Borel for starters. 2174_Bulova 11BL etc (2).pdf
  8. Hi Do the hands actually move during this operation whilst it slips or do they remain stationary.
  9. Hi Daniel The following link https://mccawcompany.com/featured-products/bestfit-encyclopedia-books-111-111a-digital-download-pdf-version.html Is where you can get the bestfit books as a digital download at what cost I dont know. They bought the copywrite up when it expired in the first place.
  10. Hi Can you please post some pictures of the workings of the clock and the balance in particular. It is most likely a platform escapement and if so is replaceable as a unit if the spares are available. But we need to see the movement before deciding on a courese of action. Thank you
  11. Hi Daniel Ichecked the down load It appeared it was duff so I have attached two pictures of the movement again. If you checkout the setting lever spring with yours its the same so dfrom that I would deduce Its a Gruen probably 145 .
  12. Hi From besffit research it looks like a Gruen 145 Setting lever spring matches. Aldo attached is a picture from ebay with the self same movement A Gruen . Vintage Gruen Rare High Grade 17 Jewels 5 Adjustments 22.10mm Movement lot.t _ eBay.html
  13. Hi Luiz I have attached tech sheet for the 560 Not your caliber but it shows the part. 3422_PUW 560.pdf
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