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  1. Hi The difficult bit is removing the staff without bending the balance rim hence the use of the Platax tool and the K&D tools to hold the balance flat. Some watch makers put the broken balance in a lathe and cut the rivit off, which is a skilled job so as not to mess up the balance hub. I have in the past done it using a stake and a set of punches and was succesfull. The K&D tools come up on the bay from time to time as do Platax tools who command a price greater than £250 the K&K s go for arround the £50 mark. I would reccomend that before embarking on this journey that you watch Mark our Hosts videos on UTube and then decide on the course of action to take. Hope all this is useful for you. cheers
  2. Hi Charlie It the tube is broken off in the case you will need to drift it out from the inside with a brass punch. Check before hand that it is not a screwed in variety, most were pressed in . As these were fitted to the case in the factory and wether they can be obtained as a spare part I do not know. with the use of a lathe one could be made to fit... There are porpose made tools for removing these tubes, chesk with Esslingers or Jules Borel.
  3. HI tech sheet for raketa attached might be usefull some time Raketa 2628 (1).pdf
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. When it next stops try to remove the balance assy and take a look at the pallet/fork and check it moves smartly from banking pin to pin, If not you still may have a problem with the mainspring sticking in the barrel, worth checking pivots and jewels for wear and or cracks. When you cleaned it what was it with ?
  5. Hi Gary You are getting plenty of info off the members so I won't interfere. Tech sheet attached. cheers mate AS 1940,1941,1950,1951.pdf
  6. Hi Gary have a look under the balance rim below the symbol, Mikepilk is right there looks to be a foru digit number.
  7. Hi Gary If and when you get the Cal number post it up the lift angle is movement specific you could have two Oris watches with different movements both with different lift angles. Try chaning th Lift angle and record the difference
  8. Hi Gary Whats the caliber number of the movement ebauches denoted by the outer design and AS as stated by J Berry. I have a list of symbols someware if you would like a copy They are also listed in the Bestfit books. cheers mate
  9. Hi Whats the balance like when fitted on its own, is the rotation the same or is it a better swing. Balance spring looks a little small ?.
  10. Hi Moose A cracking job well done, Its a bit daunting the first time as there are so many things to go wrong but with care and attention to detail its doable , so well done you, another lesson learned and another skill.
  11. Hi I have Terwilligers 400th edition and a look at it, there are many Kundo 400 days The best thing is if you can post a clear picture of the back plate we can hopefully identify the type from that and then scan the relavent page for you. hope that is helpfull for you cheers
  12. Hi I also have not been able to locate this caliber ETA on any sites I have access to.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum
  14. Hi jdm a brilliant bit of film, In my apprenticeship days we did work at a Forge in Leeds that in places was not unlike this. Dante's Inferno , and the heat and noise was terrible No health and Safety those days. enjoyed watching that.thanks
  15. Hi with the takeover of the ebauches , and various other swiss watch companies By the SWATCH group the information on ETA watches is now getting harder to obtain unless you are a purchaser of their products. The ETA tech data Base is now enclosed within that realm. Trade Only
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