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  1. Hi as watchtime says that's the function of the forum, Its to provide help and inspire people. Otherwise why are we here. well done in sorting it out
  2. Hi As posted by jdm follow Marks video, shortening a stem is not rocket science but needs great care not to over do it. measure twice cut once that's the rule.
  3. Hi In todays world fitting an arbor to a pallet is rare usually a new pallet/fork is obtained via the make and calibre of the watch (the mark and number under the balance) and this is fitted as a replacement. Using a near enough staff and trying to fit that is only going to lead to problems regarding end shake and a non functioning watch. As mentioned by Watchtime some pictures of the movment front and back and the calibre and make of the watch are essential if you are requiring further assistance.
  4. Hi Definitley need pictures front and back and possible side view, as already stated there are several types of cases and back fittings
  5. Hi I have enclosed some more information on chinese watches for you, May be of some use. 8163_Mechanical_MovementsALL_smaller.pdf 6173_Sea-Gull 2015 pages 1-7.pdf 6178_Sea-Gull 2015 pages 8-14.pdf 8164_Sea-Gull 2015 pages 15-20.pdf
  6. Hi further research turns up rotary using the Hangzhou HZ2189 movement but also they used seagull movements of which there are a lot of both makes on the market. Will continue to look
  7. Hi Once again Andy is on the mark, The chinese produce quite a few skeleton movements, which one this is, we really need the calibre to be able to identify the bit. I doe's look as though it was at some time screwed down, the screw may yet be lodged in the works some where.
  8. Hi I think Andy is on right track regarding tolerences, When assembled and tested the movements would not be cased so a problem of this nature wouldn't show up untill cased, My guess would be an over length stem pressing on the castle wheel and interfering with the movement .
  9. Hi That is one great set. It is a combination of the seitz jeweling tool and the staking too so has multiple uses. professional tool. And a couple of K&D balance staff removers , One sees these on the bay for £50 to 70. Whats to think about. at that price go for it.
  10. welcome to the forun glad to have you aboard
  11. Hi Do you have the make and calibre of the movment that way we will be able to find the tech sheet for you
  12. Hi Gary go to cousins.uk watch parts supplies they have a section of documents in PDF fromat for down loading in the section type in omega 671 and search you will find plenty of info there.
  13. welcome to the forum Michael
  14. Hi David , you lucky boy There are always some jewels to be had in others trash. Will be interested in what you find.
  15. Hi I agree with Yankeedog the elegance has gone from watches these days for the sake of great chunky things, no longer the clean and simple lines of old.
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