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  1. There is information on the site regarding building your own Both my self and member Moose have done so and they work very well without danger to fingers etc. have a search. cheers.
  2. Hello Sonic and welcome to the forum enjoy
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  4. I personally always use RENATA and so far never had a problem. I did read some where that there are fakes out there so always buy from a trusted retailer.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum, In the Uk Cousins UK watch parts, A.G Thomas. Gleave and co H.S.Walsh all material houses In the YSA Jules Borel. Esslingers Time savers to name but a few. BTW It is considered polite to give an introduction when joining the forum. cheers.
  6. Hi Yes the shipping from the states is a bit prohibative but some times its the only way. But worth a look for sure.
  7. Hi Have you sourced only the UK ? there are Jules Borel , Esslingers, Timesavers in the USA and also A.G.Thomas in the UK. But as OH says probably the best chance is Ebay.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum, glad you are here, feel free to join in and enjoy the chat.
  9. Hi is there any mileage in stripping the watch and re fitting the fork/pallet and the balance alone to determine the relationship ?. Moving the collet whilst mounted in the watch is a dangerous thing to try it is best done off the watch and balance removed from the cock, for safety
  10. Welcome to the forum Kenneth, a place of information freely given for you to enjoy.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum Robert. Judging by your armoury of tools this is no whim and you are here for the long stay. any questions will always get an answer, wish you all the best on the voyage into Horology. Dont forget the books and Marks Videos and course's enjoy.
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum. That's a nice pair of carriage clocks Possibly french. Bothe will have platform escapements which could be either Cylinder or lever. As regards fixing them your self without experience is a dangerous thought, at this point they both require professional treatment, An overhaul to get them back into pristine condition.
  13. Looks good cleaned up well done
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum Gary enjoy
  15. Hi you might find these two documents worth a read especially the suppliment. cheers 285_Seiko 5M22, 5M23A (1).pdf 266_Seiko5M22A,5M23Asupplement (1).pdf
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