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  1. watchweasol

    Winding stem removal from crown

    Hi M1ks Iam In the NE Scotland Fraserburgh understand the problem Andy has mentioned it the chemists sell a stick called Nix or Styptic pencils just solid aluninum sulfate I EVEN HAVE ONE. not that the modern razors cut like the 7 o'clock blades of old.
  2. watchweasol

    Winding stem removal from crown

    Hi Must admit not seen any in the UK supermarkets............Your welcome
  3. watchweasol

    grease the gasket?

    Hi the answer is yes greasing the gasket makes a water/moisture tight seal keeping the water/ moisture out. all it needs is a smear on the gasket. there are recommended greases for the job I use silicone grease rubbed on the fingers to warm it up then put it on the gasket had no problems with that over many years.
  4. watchweasol

    Winding stem removal from crown

    Hi Me again you were right aluminium sulphate is used, a hot solution of Alum will dissolve the steel but will not harm the brass. Apparently it is available at the super mkt in the spice rack !!! or so the blurb tells me. I just googled dissolving broken steel screws and there it was.. cheers
  5. watchweasol

    No dial screws on a Seagull 6497? How come?

    Hi CW have a close look at the holes some have nylon/ plastic inserts which grip the feet aka miyota. the grip is sufficient.
  6. watchweasol

    Winding stem removal from crown

    Hi M1ks I have heard if this method but never tried it Acid is dangerous stuff. I will have a look round on the net if I turn up anything I will let you know.
  7. watchweasol

    Does this look correct?

    Hi Davey Use any hand which fits the square or a small and I mean small shifting wrench. alterativly a tiny spanner they are available in good tool shops. last resort its to make a key or measure the square and get hold of a pocket watch key the same size assorted sizes are on the bay. Keep us posted on any progress and if I manage to get another clock of the same ilk I will let you know what I find out. Good luck.
  8. watchweasol

    Winding stem removal from crown

    Hi M1ks If there is any protrusion and depending on how tight the stem is with a sharp tool you may be able to unscrew it and I mean maybe I have managed one or two like that. Best to try that method before resorting to the drill. good luck
  9. watchweasol

    What Tissot watch is this??

    Hi J found these pdf relating to the tissot 781 hope its useful for you 2789_Tissot 781,782,783,784.pdf 2790_Tissot 781.1,782.1,783.1,784.1.pdf
  10. watchweasol

    What Tissot watch is this??

    Hi J tye in tissot 78-1- into google and look at the sit Dr ranfft or call up the site ( dr Ranfft tissot 781-1) and have a look It gives all the spec on there. I will have a look on my data bases for more info
  11. watchweasol

    Pulling the stem Harley Ronda

    Hi Is this the full picture of your movement ? If so its obsolete and no longer on the ronda data base there are still examples to be got on the bay and a few suppliers.
  12. watchweasol

    Addicted to mechanical watches

    Hi Tibi welome to our world glad to have you aboard to join the other watch and clock addicts.
  13. watchweasol

    Does this look correct?

    Hi Davey I had mine set up all ways and as far as I can acertain when the chime is out of sequence and only then will the loose pawl arrest the warning wheel using the innermost peg on the wheel (there are two, one used for warning facing the front plate and the inner one facing the back plate) This is the one that locks the chime train. Un locking takes place when the STAR cam on the center wheel moves to the top lifting the long lever to release the warning on the chine and the warning on the strike, When the STAR cam drops the lever the chime is released the rack drops and strike is in warning waiting for the chime to finish at which time the strike is released. What bugs me is what initiates the loose pawl to lock the train as by moving the hands has no interaction other than moving the STAR cam and un synching the chime. As you noticed the cam is just that with a dwell on it this allows the pawl to drop only to be reset when the chime lock pawl (the one with the extended pin on it ) is lifted by the long lever at the hour by the STAR cam, and what is the function of the sliding rod with the cut out in it which is pushed forward with the count wheel/cam on the front plate. If you set it up as Old hippy says and give it a try. I am favouring its a timing problem in conjunction with the warning /stop wheel and the pawl. If you get a result please post the answer with pics. My cutomer was delighted that I got It working at all and was made aware of the problems it still had and was happy with it even though the auto correct was not working. I will try to get another clock of the same ilk for research purposes.
  14. watchweasol

    Pulling the stem Harley Ronda

    Cannot find any ronda 375 or harley ronda 375 on the databases so it was a typo I have down loaded the 753 pdf cheers 562_Ronda751,751E,753,751.24,762,762H,763,763.24NEW0114_Smaller (2).pdf
  15. watchweasol

    Fake Omega

    Unfortunatly the counterfiet , replica, tribute watches will always be a problem to the realtime retail market primarily because of the prohibitive cost of the real thing which the average man cannot justify unless he is an abject poseur then cost versus street cred is not a problem, some would rather get into debt to maintain a style image. Having been abroad and seen and handled most of the so called high end replicas they are very good although almost all are a little on the light weight side but never the less very good and as mentioned before would sell on their own merit at a reasonable cost. But style is everything these days. On looking at these watches I notice the bracelet is usually a give away with the laminations being visible on the edges the real things are solid and highly finished. Also the weight of the watch, but they are getting better using alloys to match the weight, so the old saying still holds sway that is Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) if it looks too good look again. All said and done the choice is yours. To me a nice watch is just that, some of the Russian watches are good as are the Japanese, Chinese, American etc. The Swiss are the bench mark. Having said all that there are some glued together horrors out there, clocks as well I myself treat locks and watches on their engineering merit even the plastic ones . Consider the workmanship required to produce a die to produce the little gears and the stampings of the plastic plates. clever what.