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  1. watchweasol

    My first Anniversary clock!

    Hi Metta P The guys hit the nail on the head these are VERY tempramental and must be spot on to work correctly. I have collected and repaired quite a few of these The book as mentioned by Tmuir is a must (available thro Cousins uk) and can save hours of head scratching the tool though not essential is the best thing for adjusting the top block and therefore the beat. Meadows and Passmore have in their catalogue a guide form for fitting under the suspension to enable you to calculate the overswing which must be equal on both ends of the swing. I love these clocks they are both simple and difficult in equal measure. Having changed the suspension and set up the top block which is wrong and in line with the pattet tail as mentioned position the pallet fork on the suspension spring as per the book nip up the screws dont over tighten as you can damage the spring. There should be a very small amount of movement between the sides of the pallet tail and the sided of the fork not too much or tool little I have twillerger latesd ediition so if you need any info let me know (message) . Have fun they are nice clocks but as Old H says watch the mainspring they are strong. Joe Collins build a spring remover they are quite simple to make and save your fingers. good luck you will enjoy the experience.
  2. watchweasol

    Quartz watch! Keeps losing time!

    Hi looked up the movements cousins obsolete HS Walsh non listed AG Thomas in Bradford have listed ISA 307 s @ £7.75 might be worth a go and movement swap then play with the old one, probably the cheapest option. Thats what I would do as I have played about with quartz watches only to have wasted time and end up changing the movement ....... best of luck
  3. watchweasol

    Quartz watch! Keeps losing time!

    Hi Bostaki, How is the old county, It would be helpfull if you could post a picture of the movement and make and model as some of the older makes had trimmers, the newer versions use electronic inhibition in that the cpu monitors the pulses and either put in extra or takes one out as required to maintain the time if thats gone haywire its a movement change, cousins or HS walsh usually can supply most makes. good luck in your quest Ex Tadcaster now Scotland
  4. Hi Geoff Just had a shufty on the net Dirk Fassbender has a good diagram of one but if you google watch dial foot soldering you will get loads of info of how to build one, they really are quite easy to do. sourcing the bits might need a bit of patience, have fun If you need help just message me Iain
  5. Hi Geoff The resistance solder machine is expensive if bought but relativly simple to construct using a mains transformer stepped down on the out put. have a look for a book by Wesley R Door on retrofitting when the need arises he has a simple diagram of how to build one. I made my own using a 12v car battery charger and a box to hold the dial and the copper dial foot, and it works with no marks on the dial face either. There are two types on uses a box with a post to hold the dial foot wire and a platform to attach the dial. If I can find the research notes i got i will post them I have attached the pages from Door's book regarding the dial foot machine hope all this is some use to you retrofitting - dial foot.pdf
  6. watchweasol

    Smiths dashboard 8 day clock

    Hi Guys Got one like these and it runs It is a rim wind bulkhead clock probably from a car or such one day I will get it sorted and mounted, had it for years, will dig it out and post a piccy or two. Its a nice looking movement.
  7. Hi I had a similar problem on an omega turned out to be a dodgy 4th wheel,,after inspection under the scope there were several teeth damaged Missed just looking at it, it ran like a bag of spanners
  8. watchweasol

    binocular loupes

    Hi Guys have some of these and find if you wear glasses they are not much use as the adjustment on the lens es is minimal, not easy to wear over glasses, I use mostly a visor which flips up and down and is easy to use over glasses. either that or a regular loupe with wire head band. What I do find a pest is the double focus loupe fogging up, might try rubbing the lens with gylcerin and a good polish.
  9. watchweasol

    My new apron, a simple solution.

    Hi Ron It is something I have been meaning to do for a while probably should make the effort I spend some time hunting for lost bits, Those I do find are never in the region where dropped, murphys law here I think. The chance of finding the part is proportional to its importance.
  10. watchweasol

    Still working on Seiko 7T34

    Hi Jackson It is possible you got a duff block it is possible to check the block on its own with the right tools look up Israel Angeles (in the phillipines) a very talented chap who runs a watch repair school and has made some tools for quartz repair ( I use one) very useful
  11. watchweasol

    Still working on Seiko 7T34

    Hi Jackson As a rule they are all separate functions driven from a single source namley the circuit block which sorts out all the various functions. If one coil breaks down one would suppose the remaining functions would operate as usual. The fact that none of the functions work it would suggest that what ever did the coil in had an effect on the block. One could remove the block assy and test it for functionality before going any further. hope that helps a bit.
  12. watchweasol

    Clock mainspring winders

    Hi Chrisdt Yep not pretty but the idea was more functional In that it allows you to free the spring safely and then by reversing the barrel in the clamp tighten up and remove the retainer then let down the spring under control no gloves! I still have all my fingers and the thing works for most clocks. The Ollie Baker looks good and the price matches the looks, the Webster is the same
  13. watchweasol

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Hi Clockboy great thats ok then
  14. watchweasol

    Strange behavior in old movement

    Hi Rduckwor what Joe says makes sense, with the balance and fork removed take a close look at the escape wheel for poise and its shape check all the teeth as the trace is quite regular.
  15. watchweasol

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Hi Clockboy Did you win the Haller then I have a haller 3 train mantel clock thats due for bits lets know how you get on