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  1. Hi Just for interest what is the make of the movement and its caliber number, I cannot make it out , Well done for getting this far. Has this adventure fired your enthusiasm ?
  2. Hi I reckon Klassiker is about right, The extra will be worth it as regards quality and the tools will be ones that will be used, That is a "KIT". or there is the other route as mentioned by Joe, purchasing the items as singles and building up your own kit to the price you quoted, either way there will be plenty of advise from member as to what they personally recommend is required or essential to the task. Cheers
  3. Hi I would peruse the Bergeon catalogue, top quality tools but not cheap, Beware of the cheap options as they are usually bundled with tools which are not very good.
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum Ed. Might find the SCWF seiko forum usefill if you have not already found it. Plenty of info to be had on both.
  5. Hi Thank you for the pics Looking at the stem tube this looks like a front loader with a split stem. The stem is in two halves and clip into one an other. As Gpsluvr mentioned look up split stems and you will see what we mean. The idea is that you remove the half with the crown on and the movement should lift out. Removing the stem one needs to be carefull there are various methods to remove the stem but every one of them requires a straight pull. Again look up how to do it.
  6. Hi some all round pictures of the case would help in determining the method cheers
  7. Hi Movement is filthy and look at where the stem is and how the ring has been chopped. Leave well alone
  8. Hi Cleaning these types of watches would be a mine field as they use varnishes on the pcb so materials such as any petroleum based spirits is a no no, Apart from using dry air carefully to remove dust. In the old days carbon tetrachloride was avail able also Arkalone which we used in the factory for cleaning computer circuit boards Both now defunct under the harmfull chemicals legislation. .
  9. Hi SAS said it all follow that advice and you will be ok
  10. Hi I Have attached the C153 tech sheets , they may be of some use If you decide to delve into the works. Cheers. C153A.pdf
  11. Hi Looks very nice ,It will be a collectors item now.
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