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  1. watchweasol

    Clock mainspring winders

    Hi Chrisdt Yep not pretty but the idea was more functional In that it allows you to free the spring safely and then by reversing the barrel in the clamp tighten up and remove the retainer then let down the spring under control no gloves! I still have all my fingers and the thing works for most clocks. The Ollie Baker looks good and the price matches the looks, the Webster is the same
  2. watchweasol

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Hi Clockboy great thats ok then
  3. watchweasol

    Strange behavior in old movement

    Hi Rduckwor what Joe says makes sense, with the balance and fork removed take a close look at the escape wheel for poise and its shape check all the teeth as the trace is quite regular.
  4. watchweasol

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Hi Clockboy Did you win the Haller then I have a haller 3 train mantel clock thats due for bits lets know how you get on
  5. watchweasol

    Old Dial on ETA 2824

    Hi Charlie. Why not build a dial foot soldering tool They are quite straight forward to do either using a transformer or just a jig to hold all the bits together and solder on the foot where required. google rettrofitting when required by Wesley R Door he has a simple design in his book or google dial foot soldering machine. There are some ready build Items at a price. I build my own using an old battery charger as the power unit and can be used stand alone with a small gas torch, I will look up my pics if you require any help.
  6. watchweasol

    Omega 1332 help

    Hi Ollie well done have fun
  7. watchweasol

    Hello from Lucan

    Hi Lucan and welcome to the site there is a lot of brain power on here, as Ecodec says watch the videos and get your hands on the books the list is a long one. You will goof a few times but then we all have .
  8. watchweasol

    Omega 1332 help

    Hi Ollie I have attached the tech sheet for the 1332 according to cousins the circuit board is obsolete but the bridle -ve is available £10 95 plus post etc. from what I can make out the brible is attached to the cct board so may be a soldering job required. bridle part No 1332 9616, hope this is of help to you 435_1332_complet_2290.pdf
  9. watchweasol

    Omega 1332 help

    Hi Ollie I should have a look at cousins site for the bits. Corrosion is a real problem often it has spread so have a careful look round before deciding to purchase bits.
  10. Hi Tmuir have a look at timesavers in the US they market the webster spring winder If you are feeling flush there is the olli baker £300 plus, I made my own for hole end and loop end is on the site pictures may spark an Idea.
  11. watchweasol


    Thanks for that colditz its a case on caveat emptor( buyer beware) I use a Horotec unit, Often thought about The Timegrapher. If I go down that route I will look for an English supplier, although its not to say the result would be any better
  12. watchweasol

    Clock mainspring winders

    Too true Old H, I still have all my fingers so quite safe and effective ha ha
  13. watchweasol

    Grandfather clock

    Likewise Tmuir would love one but i would be left making my own dinner, Th only clock I have in the room is a battery 400 day because its silent and two Zaandam for show
  14. Hi Nad There are no plans as such just cobbled together the machine from scrap timber and bits and pieces as I didn't feel like shelling out £350 plus for a shop bought unit, the only major expense were the retaining shells bought from America (timesavers) I have roughed out some drawings for you if you can mail me your address I will post them on to you. have a look on the net for Joe Collins spring winder. It was originly designed for 400 day clocks but by changing the design to suit it will be suitable for all clocks
  15. Hi Andy Likewise I used it for the same purpose. we has a self consensing bath for cleaning circuit pcbs in the factory I like you used it by hand. I myself use a mixture of citit bang , ammonia, and a drop of detergent in the ultrasonic , used in a well ventilated area (not the kitchen) and constantly check the progress of the cleaning. Too long exposure removes the lacquer from the plates . Small jobs can be cleaned with Carburettor cleaner ( good for balances no deposits left).