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  1. Hi It definitley had a tube fitted attached tech sheet for AS 1940/50 1394_AS 1940,1941,1950,1951 (1).pdf
  2. Hi Bernie If it is indeed a monobloc case the stems are usually split stems and the crown and part of the stem clips out allowing the removal of the movement, and access to the second part of the stem in the watch. Some require some force but be careful and pull straight so as not to damage the stem and not too much force and damage the keyless work. one method is to use top cutters and a piece of tough thin plastic between the cutters and the button to protect if from marking
  3. Make sure you make an investment in the elastoplast, Surgical tape companies and then get to it. I grew up on those things and the size of the cut was always proportional to the importance of the event you were getting ready for. Have plenty of tissue ready or liberal use of the Alum stick.
  4. Hi I have attached the Moebius oil chart for your reference useful for the future Moebius Oil_Chart.pdf
  5. Hi Just google Frankenmuth black forest clocks plenty of info.
  6. Hi There is a site called Frankenmuth Its a German site that deals with Black Forest clocks it contains a lot of useful info and history.
  7. Hi Had a look round and it is indeed 45 lift angle. Google the watch guy and lift angles there is a list for future reference.
  8. Hi The 476 and 480 both have a lift angle of 46 on the lepsi chart, nothing listed for the P478 will have a look around.
  9. Hi Henry I can't see a problem there, look at car manufacture. all the component parts are sourced from makers and assembled in the factory and brand named. That is no different to what you advocate. In the end that's all you are doing. How many watches out there are assembled the same way, Eubauches manufactured movements that are in so many watches under many brand names.
  10. A labour of love, anything in the watch repair or refurbishment takes time and patience well done.
  11. Hi Dave put it in a pin vise and tighten up, not too much and re try untill you get a fit, Easy on the Spinach though. Be gentle
  12. Welcome WB peering into the back of a running watch is hypnotic and addictive so beware you mat be tempted to find out MORE!!!
  13. Welcome Techrigger we all started somewhere and all made some cock ups along the way but we all learned and are here as a group to help, no matter how trivial it may seem some one on here will have an answer.
  14. I made a set of these using large eye darning needles fitted into some dowel rod, the eye end is then stoned untill a fork is achieved then clean up the end before using they are usefull for manipulating the hair spring. like everything use carefully.
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