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  1. Hi Mark the grin still on the face then
  2. Hi Gary first measure the size of the movement 12 to 6 and 3 to 9 once done measure the total height from the base to th top of the cannon pinnion or center sweep arbour then you have to checkout the various cases for an appropriate size remembering that a smaller movement and larger case can be accomodated using movement holder inserts. a quich look at cousins.uk watch parts, pdf documents will give you the tech sheet for the movement and the manufacturers sizes to compare with your own measurements.
  3. Hi Mark necessity is the mother of invention , Well done to you. by the way Smuggery is allowed in such cases. Next time when vexed by a shock spring use a little Rodico (watchmakers blu tac) to hold it it will not fly away.
  4. Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum we are here to help.
  5. Hi Watchie How dissapointing when these things happen, I was always suspicious of the Indian goods after I purchased a quartz watch pulse and battery tester. Although bought from a British site. It failed and when opened up it was a cobbled job and the wiring was dropping to bits, I contacted the Indian site and guess what NO reply. I scrapped it and made a line release unit from the bits. Thanks for the warning.
  6. Hi Have you had a look at cousins.uk watch parts They seem to carry quite a selection of stock. Orient are a sub division of Seiko-citizen-epson. So armed I should have a look at SCWF site. Measure the crystal and I guess a generic will fit ok , It may need a gasket if the origional was damaged, Same applies to the inner bezel. Although from the photos it dont look to bad and may be salvageable.
  7. Hi There is a possibility that a pair of grip ring pliers ( the ones that open the jaws when operated) could be used to prise the blind link apart. The ends of the tool may require modding to do the job. Or make up a tool to pry them open in the same manner.
  8. Hi If the dial is made of brass then the same technique as soldering dial feet on may work using a new tab of thin brass soldered on using this method and reshaped. If you search the web for Dirk Fassbender he buildt a modified version of the one buildt by Wesley R Door (Horological Times) contributer. Have alook at Dial Foot Soldering on the net.. Its like spot welding using solder but its so quickusing an arc to melt the solder the front of the dial is un harmed. Always useful to practise first on some old dials. I have buildt one of these and it works on conventional dials.
  9. Hi Mark welcome to the forum from another tyke, Lived in Tadcaster for 40yrs then moved to Scotland , where are you located.
  10. Hi Jon its very sad when old age catches up with us and we have to give things up that we love doing, Hope I last as long as Bernard. I take it as you have been in touch with the BHI that you are based in the UK. A location/town would be usefull should any of the members wish to contact you. At 76 and counting I am getting there. regards.
  11. Hi Brian and welcome to the forum where advise is given freely. As regards your question some watches don't have gaskets but are fitted using UV cured cement/glue. The Guru on timex on the forum is JerseyMo who is almost exclusive timex man , If he dosen't pick up the thread message him direct. , Esslingers web site in the USA has a tutor page for measuring and fitting watch crystals, I suggest you have a look at that before proceeding. '
  12. Hi Alexei Depends where you are in the world, In the USA Esslingers, J Borel, Canada Perrins. In the UK Cousins.uk. Gleave&co, AG Thomas all will be able to help all have online catalogues plenty to go at.
  13. Hi Yes a twin train clock no matter the state its in will give you the basics of how the clock fits together and what makes it tick. taking it to pieces once or twice cleaning and oiling , removing springs etc for practise is a must. Once you have gained the dexterity and knowledge and feel confident enough tackle the project clock. It is far better to make a mess of a clock costing a pound or two than destroying the family heirloom. Dumping the whole mech in the ultrasonic will lead to trouble as the main springs will be dried out and bind in the barrels also the pivot bearings will not be cleaned sufficiently, and also if the pivots/bearings are worn you have just opened another can of worms. When you dismantle a clock and clean it all the pivots are checked for wear and polished, the bearings are pegged out with pegwood and polished or re-bushed if worn then re assembled. It all sounds dramatic I know but its just common sense.
  14. Hi Joe a copy of the horological times for your interest. There is a section in it that goe's some what to explaining the CGS system. There is also a book, "Watch Adjustment" by Jendritzki explaining the same. Centimeter,Gram,Second. HT_Sep_2017_MembersOnly.pdf
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