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  1. Hi As jdm says not easy, probably easier sourcing another bracelet that being the most cost effective,
  2. Hi Looking again at the condition there is a possibility the stem is rusted in , does it turn both way ok if so might need some penetrating substance on the stem to release it, a bit of wite spirit and oil or petrol /oil to soften the corrosion. If the screw has undone all the way might have released the set piece which has jammed the stem. If every thing fails you can always dismantle the plates. First Let down mainspring, remove the balance , then the backplate that will then expose the crown and castle wheels and the stem hopefuly then you will be able to get it out. goog luck
  3. Hi Just in board from the crown there is a small screw, The other larger screw with a blue head, is a plate screw. Undo the small screw about two turns and release the stem. Do not unscrew it all the way or the set piece drops off and to put it back the dial and hands have to come off. But looking at the state of the dial etc it will have to come off any way.
  4. Hi Eric and welcome to the funny farm
  5. Hi Just done a run through of the lift angles:- Watch Guy 2824 = 53 2824-2 = 53 caveman 2824 = 53 lepsi 2824 = 50
  6. Hi Try pegging with peg wood and inspect it after use, If you have a compressed air can just lightly give it a puff, then under a strong loupe for final inspection you should see no specks
  7. Probably slack fit on the pinnion, try putting the tube end in a small pin vise and tighten it up. Do it in minute stages so as not to over do it, keep trying it after each adjustment
  8. Hi Had a look at some other forums regarding these and also in the bestfit catalogue, from information gathered its best to clean in situ using an ultrasonic as per Clockboys post.
  9. Hi I used a stero amp from Maplin (now closed) but there are many pre-build options on the ebay. I reckoned it was cheaper and quicker. I also build the pickup assy from a pizo disc as suggested by watch O Scope. the set up I have works quite well enough. I managed to pick up a horotec unit which has different pick ups for mecanical watches, quartz watches and clocks so it covers all bases. What I wold do is to pick up a Mono Amp from ebay Use twin core sheilded cable from the pizo to the Amp and from Amp to PC.. Did you build it from the W.O.S instruction manual.
  10. Hi Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy the banter. There are several PC,based time graphers but they need a pickup of some kind, Watch-O-Scope, tg, PCTM all on the net, I use Watch-O-Scope lite which is the free version which lacks a few features. Is all a question of choice. Best thing is to download each version and try them out then make an informed choice.
  11. Hi Felix and welcome to the forum. The best place to start is with Mark's video's they will give you an insight as to what is required to work on watches etc, welcome to a great hobby although its addictive.
  12. Hi Although I don't use them you will probably find they contain different oils and also have different stylus for delivery of the oil, rest assured some one on here has and is using them and knows the difference.
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