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    Russian manual wind.

    I picked this little Russian up and was enamored by the dial. When it arrived I discovered it had the stout Vostok 2209 movement. I found it was a very clean movement and only needed to be adjust for timing just a bit. The dial that had my attention looked to be silver plated copper with a rather dirty looking patina. The dial isn't engraved as I had hoped, but was stamped with the pattern formed during that process. I wanted to make that pattern pop so I painted the entire dial flat black and used thinner to remove paint only from the top surfaces. Was a bit tricky to accomplish but I think it came out great. Next I turned my attention to the hands. Somene had put a shiny black varnish on the hands as contrast, no lume was present. So I cleaned that of and since I didn't have any white paint, I used liquid white out. I know this is probably blasphemous, but it's a totally temporary solution until I get some lume I like. Placing the hands back on was a bit tricky as the fit was incredibly tight and tough to accomplish with my huge sausage fingers. I have a black leather strap on order for it. Very pleased with the results. Thank you for reading this.
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    Vintage chronograph - Valjoux??

    Right. Then 10 or 11m but the balance cock looks like a 15. https://www.time2tell.com/category-database/landeron/
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    Update - resolved. After taking OldHippy's advice and removing the balance and pallet fork gave it a few turns - gears spun up but were reluctant to restart without encouragement. On closer inspection, there was a tiny strand of fabric wrapped around the escape wheel centre shaft. You can only imagine me elation when I grabbed the strand with tweezers and the gears spun into life. One happy chap.
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    Watch of Today

    I chose to wear my Alpha Paul Newman homage today. Love the look and I love mechanical chronographs.
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    Shaping a ruby pallet stone

    Generally speaking you can replace a pallet stone with another of the same width, and that has been shaped for the appropriate side of the fork (entry or exit). Let's say for your average vintage watch, a replacement stone from Seitz or other assortment will probably be just fine. You do run into issues with certain escapements for higher end watches from back in the day or modern watches with higher beats and more teeth in the escape wheel; often older high end escapements might have significantly different face angles from "common", and modern escapements have very different angles for sure. Usually it's possible and normal to replace an entire fork for a modern watch. With vintage/antique it can be very advantageous to fine tune the angle on the impulse face. One issue with replacement stones is that they are sometimes just too long overall, and need to be shortened. This is usually done on the end that fits in the fork as it just needs to be approximately squared off; I do it with a fine diamond grinding wheel (7 micron) holding the stone in a tiny vice. I suppose it could be done with a fine diamond file, but these will tend to chip the stone and while not affecting the function it is unsightly.
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    My rolex daytona

    Hi every body, I'm new to this forum and I recently decided to learn more about watchmaking, service and repair. I decided to take up the course as hobby. I recently brought myself a Rolex Daytona which I work hard for and would like to share with everyone.
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    Watch of Today

    I put this one on earlier as I was going out in the rain Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Many people use brass or nickel tweezers for pretty much all work except where finer or more specialized tweezers are necessary. Most professionals I know use brass/nickel for majority of their work. Not only are they less prone to mark parts, they are very easy and quick to dress, and being slightly soft compared to steel, they tend to hold parts better without them flying away.
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    Older ladies watches are not the easiest to work on. I don't like to work on them and when I do its usually a favor for someones heirloom. The pivots are really fine and the mainsprings are really weak (by design) so if the mainspring gets 'set' and doesn't provide much power the watch wont run well. My action plan is usually remove power from the spring and remove/check/clean mainspring and the barrel. Next remove/check/clean the balance jewels (Assuming Incabloc or similar) and just dunk the whole thing in the cleaning solution. Dry off properly and use a puffer to get any bits off. You might need to remove some of the keyless parts to access the jewels for oiling. put it together. If it works then good. If it doesn't then that's it.. too bad. If there is any trace of moisture don't even bother. Even a smidgen of rust on the pivots is enough to make it run poorly. And most ladies watches of the 50-60s had abysmal water protection. Anilv
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    Watch of Today

    Most esteemed friends...I present to you my Mumbai Homage. Old amphibia case with 2209 movement. A glorious fake dial glued in place. However, unlike most fakes you will find the 200 meter rating is legitimate. I am sorry..I just had to.
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    Watch of Today

    Verboten?nichts ist verboten !
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    Watch of Today

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    Hanging in the balance.

    Hi The short answer is NO as the prolonged weight of the wheel will have an adverse effect on the spring, It was not intended to hang for long periods. If the balance is to be left out of the watch with its cock turn the whole thing upside down and rest the balance in the jewel and cover for protection. If removed from the cock place on an old balance complete carrier an again remove out of harms way. A little for thought can save a lot of money not to mention time.
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    The click on a 72 is next to the column wheel, there's a pin sticking up through the bridge that you can hold to let down the power.
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    Good Morning! From Long Island, NY

    This is my first time posting anything and I'm SURE it won't be my last ;). After inheriting a handful of watches from my father, who inherited them from his family, I began to research them on the internet. After a while the itch began. I started trolling ebay and moved to Jauce, changing my preferences by the week. I think I bought 100 watches in a 6 month period, which coincidentally was the amount of time I was in between jobs! I bought a lot of bargains, laughing to myself that no one else had seen these before me, which now leaves me with quite a few that don't run (but I'm Certain I can fix them!!!) and a bunch of rather dicey "originals" Oh well, feel free to mock me when I'm begging for knowledge!
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    Here we go. My first tear down and repair. 1978 Caravelle 2879 movement. I think I found a problem though. Picture 3 the screw won't come out and the gear moves back and forth. I found this little piece under it. I think someone cross-threaded the screw and messed up the threads. The screw is still in it so i don't know if that gear moving is normal or if i need to repair this somehow? Are there any Movements that are close to this one that there might be a tutorial on just in case i have problems with reassembly?
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    ETA Calibre 2472 Service Walkthrough

    Hi Vwatchie I am afraid I have not yet had the opportunity to look yet. We have had some really good news and I am about to be a grandfather for the fourth time so lots of things going on in the home preparing for the new arrival at our abode and my daughters. Soon as I get a day clear I will be investigating and taking pictures. Thank you for your interest and the video showing the speed of date change.
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    Seiko listed a barrell complete available for the 613 (206.613), but it has been unavailable since decades probably. Both 401.615 and 401.616 are listed compatible, and know to work well. https://www.thewatchsite.com/21-japanese-watch-discussion-forum/104345-seiko-6139b-mainspring.html Attached the technical sheet. The issue with getting a new original mainspring is now availability cost. For someone, $50 for something of dubious authenticity is objectable https://www.ebay.com/itm/401615-Main-Spring-For-Seiko-Movt-6105-6117-6118-6119-6138-6139-6309-6306-/303388168815 Another source could be the well know Adrian of VTA Australia https://www.vintagetimeaustralia.com So it's normal that people looks for alternatives. Now, the height of 1.01mm (which seems strange as normally sizes are every .05mm) has been given by the OP from a website. But someone else measured (with calipers - ideally you want a micrometer) at 1.05: https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2019/04/05/seiko-6139-6012/ and that is pretty much a GR2534X Eventually he fitted a shorter MS, but he got a shorter power reserve. It could be that my initial suggestion of a GR24571X works well also, but I never tried either one. Finally, when using a new MS no winder is needed, as its transferred straight from washer to barrel. 6139b.pdf
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    I don't have one with me but the original should be 1.05 high for a 10.5 barrel.
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    Shaping a ruby pallet stone

    In theory you can work ruby with anything harder or as hard (diamond is worked with diamond), but it's so easy and cheap to get diamond lapping compounds and powders that it's really the way to go. I'd suggest a copper lap rotated in the lathe, but almost any material is ok- acrylic, iron, etc. For pallet faces I would use 1micron diamond, it will cut slowly but surely and leave an entirely satisfactory finish.
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    Looking for a Replacement Movement

    Not a chance. I searched, and the genuine item is a Diagono Chronograph, rigorously automatic, which start at about EUR 3,000 on the used market. I must apologize to Bulgari for having called them "so-called luxury", as they aren't that, rather a gloriously gaudy brand that I wouldn't wear unless paid for. And this particular variation, of which you can't find trace in Bulgari official catalogues, is seen only in a dubious website form the modest price of USD 181. Curiosity time. In papers is written and pronounced Bulgari, so why it's written Bvulgari? Because in the ancient times there was no such thing as the letter U. It didn't come in the alphabet the Romans had imported from Greece. So in the antique inscriptions there a V where you would expect a U. And the brand just tries to capitalize on that feeling of classical Italic times.
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    a new mainspring is always needed when doing a service/overhaul. new alloy mainsprings come with a dry lube so you may think they are not lubed but they are, . if you reusing a mainspring which i do not recommend then you have to clean off the old oil first if there is any and then use a piece of watch paper coated with oil then put it between tweezers and run the spring through it. I cant recommend an oil because i have never reused a spring but i can say it wont be 8200 since it is a natural oil and can spread and contaminate your barrel and movement. there really is NO reason to oil a mainspring except for maybe rust protection when dealing with very old NOS blue steel springs, or if the manufacturer specifies. I personally never oil automatic springs since most automatics i work on are modern and use white alloy springs, which again already come pre lubed. Some springs have a teflon coating which looks blue that will have to be removed prior to install to prevent emulsion from forming. Has anyone tested the power reserve in auto with dry spring vs one that has a lubed spring? Do that then decide for yourself
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    Shaping a ruby pallet stone

    I'm not sure how the OP thinks he can do this, but if with the stone in the fork, assuming it would be even possible, then the stone will become too short and not have the right lock and draw. Faulty stones should be replaced.
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    Thanks, and I'm very glad to hear that my pictures will be of use to you. I've serviced two other ETA movements since, calibre 2472 and 2772 (which I'll publish a picture service walkthrough of eventually). It's clear that the 2824-2 is an evolution of both as they are very similar. However, the calendar works of the 2472 is the most sophisticated with its true instant date change. The calendar ring doesn't move one bit until it flips over.
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    Hello from Yorkshire, England

    Not far away. I was in Sheffield, not far from Meadowhall, have friends in Doncaster and know Conisbrough.
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    Seiko 6R15 Service Walk-Through

    Very much appreciated, this walk-through. It's amazing how much quicker I can work if I don't have to photograph everything! I have removed the balance cap-jewels and settings for cleaning. I'm confident I can put these back OK. There are two other cap jewels held by Diafix springs on the barrel and train-wheel bridge, for the escape wheel and third wheel. These are smaller, and look like a challenge. Before I do something I'll regret, what are your opinions? a). Leave well alone, no need to tempt fate or b) Absolute must, if you are doing a proper job
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    Consul pendant timepiece!

    With a vernier caliper and convert to french lignes. Ranfft does not care about watch "brands", only mov't makers. To identify a mov't sometime you need a picture dial removed because the Swiss liked to change the bridges layout to obfuscate the true maker. Another way is from the setting lever and then the bestfit catalogues as mentioned by watchweasol in another recent thread.
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    Watch of Today

    Don't you love it?
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    I don't agree with that. The (attached) user manual details all the setting and parameters, and there is one page summarizing technical data. Maybe you're referring to the interpretation of the data, which is not there and I see god reasons for being so, but you can search the forum for the many discussions and downloads on the subject. Now regarding the support for coaxial reading there is a post by an inactive member claiming that it is supported in models with the latest firmware, he even linked an YT video but isn't accessible. Nothing from the Internet really proves that amplitude can be correctly displayed, anyway if I'm wrong my apologies. 8445_W47107.pdf
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    Thank you, I also think clearance might be the problem. No spacer under the dial, I always thought it was like optional, I will check that. Thank you.
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    I’m definitely a hobbyist hack, so keep that in mind, I find myself grabbing my brass tweezers more often than anything else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Seiko parts

    Hi Mick find attached three of the tech sheets.... cheers 3877_Seiko 6119C.pdf 3106_Seiko 6119A.pdf 599_Seiko7019A.pdf
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    I'm positively sure @jdrichard wouldn't disappoint!
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    Hi Dial feet are usually specific to the movement but having said that there are dials and movements which are interchangable some come with four feet attached to enable you to cut off the ones not needed. When matching dials and movements it is wise to consult the tech sheets of both the movement and the movement of the donor dial to find compatibility. e.g. I have just replaced a miyota 2N50 (obsolete) with a Ronda 1032, the dial from the miyota fits with no modification, so research pays off Alternativly you could use dial dots if there is no calendar work or re-solder the dial feet to suit the movement. There are machines on the market to do that or make your own. I did and it works a treat if there is no alternative.
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    fero watch

    As for the stem and crown, the manufacturer of the movement must be determined as well as it's caliber (or type).if you could remove the back and take a very clear in focus picture we could help you determine this.A cell phone camera would be fine . Lay your phone on an inverted coffee cup, this will steady the camera and eliminate shake. Strap? most likely leather, or a facsimile thereof.
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    Foreign object found and removed.
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    Which part do I order?

    Marc, Cousins confirms that you are correct.
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    Hi Once again Old Hippy is on the ball as my own diagnosis would be exactly as quoted follow that and all will be well, Small movements are delicate and therefore take your time. The smallest I worked on was a ball watch the size of a marble with a broken staff, replaced with a Balance comp, cleaning and reassembling took a while . Take your time and enjoy.
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    Watch of Today

    Yup, and while we're at it, their Planet Ocean homage (orange bezel) too I'm sure replica watches are verboten topics here, but I want a replica planet ocean 600m, which is an updated model to the orange bezel you like @ro63rto. Naturally, if i could afford a $5000 watch I wouldn't even consider a replica, please, no flaming.
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    Watch of Today

    Yup, and while we're at it, their Planet Ocean homage (orange bezel) too
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    Hi the only true way to determine the flatness of the spring is to fit it in the watch correctly then look at it on the horizontal in which case it should be perfectly flat, and when observed from above the coils beating evenly. as the photo shows there is a pronounced sag in the spring caused by the fixing stud dragging the spring down at an angle
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    Watch Case & Movement Engraving/Marking

    Maybe you'll want something like that Especially likable .,. her almost indiscernibile Chinese accent.
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    2240 Chinese (I think) Stem Removal Help

    Stems are never threaded to the case, but the crown is threaded to the case (pendant) tube. You can look on AliExpress for a replacement.
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    Just a nice picture for your iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Thanks for the tip off. I’ve seen them a few times in web searches for parts. However, I wasn’t aware they were an Indian site. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Watch of Today

    Hi this is my first post, so be gentle. This is my work watch. I got it from eBay for about £17. It had trouble displaying the date. I rectified this by putting the correct sized cell in it and haven't looked back. The supplied cell was so big it pushed the date wheel against the internals causing it to catch.It has loads of scratches, the chrome has worn off, the dial is Sun bleached but it is water tight and the lume still shines. I love the look of it, real honest grafting watch. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Watch of Today

    Andy, the best watches are those that comes for free... I have a 70's week, today I air one of my Japanese gems. It's a CITIZEN seven star V2 with an automatic 7700 25 Jewels movement. It has a crown push quick set day date with Japanese/English display. One push for date and a double for day, little like playing a vintage flipper. One just have to love the hour markers popping up 2 mm from the dial.
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    You try can source a Seiko 401615 From Cousins I think this one would work Mainspring, 1.00 x .11 x 420 x 10 Automatic - GR24571X
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    ETA 2472 - casing with inner and outer stem

    With roller coaster, I technically mean reverse proportional way of inserting.
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    Single Line And 5.7Ms Beat Error?

    I beleive u will get many answers from that video Now ! from your timegrapher i see that watch amplitude its low but decent . From the 2nd picture i see that the escapment system has problem and especially the pallet fork , anyway the watch has some serius problems and it will not work properly. You have done service on watch ? demagnetisers the watch before you check it on timegrapher ? u check all the watch systems carefully before the assembling ? and 1 lust question plz . You are a professional watchmaker or a hobbyist ?
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