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    Another 'job lot' here, coming soon. Bought primarily for the Timex M84 Electric... Never seen one with so little written on the stainless back, or with a knurled battery hatch before...? The Avia might be interesting as well........
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    Just picked up this lot. Got it mostly for the jump minute quartz, the phone dial electric and the blue nebula electric. Finally qualify for @AndyHull 's 404 club.
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    Hey everyone

    Welcome Jess and Dad. Don't be too nervous. The only bad question, is one that is never asked.
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    Which model is it? When was it last serviced? Accutrons are backwards of mechanical watches, in that you have the power source turning the escape wheel, which then powers the train up through the hands. In a mechanical watch there is an increase in speed and a reduction of torque from each gearing to the next, so there is almost no power on the escape wheel. In an Accutron the tiny power and movement of each vibration of the tuning fork is increased by 7 or 8 fold at each gear set, so that at the hour and minute hands there is tremendous power. The instantaneous date system on a 218 model will shake your wrist! And it would stop or hinder a regular mechanical watch. The upside is a well adjusted Accutron is very reliable and runs for years and years, the downside is that they will run long after the lubrication had dried and grind the pivots to dust. I suspect the friction between the driving wheel and canon pinion has become weak, and the canon pinion and hour wheel are sticky, so the watch runs but doesn't move the hands. As the seconds pinion is before this intersection it continues to move, and the hand setting works since that is another gearing that drives the canon pinion directly. As it does run, it should just need a service. But the longer it runs in this state the more potential damage that can be done.
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    Watch of Today

    Minus the obvious "SEIKO" text, I would have thought this was a swatch given the styling.
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    Bought this lot because I wanted that Medana watch. Forgot to mention that they made the 404 club with the price tag of £3.67/unit.
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    Dial feet

    I tried those little dial feet you glue, I was very impressed how strong they are when used with 5 minutes epoxy resin
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    Watch of Today

    Today im wearing my new 50's Enicar.
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    Battery organizer

    Hi A lot depends on the amount of batteries you are storing and the turn over, If its quite a lot then the above mentioned cabinet is ideal. There are storage module with four drawers which clip together so as the collection increases so does the cabinet. My own storage is a 28 compartment plastic box, each type in its own slot in numerical order easy to find the correct one.
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    I think that if you just watch the lessons, well you know how calm and demonstrative that Mark can be. I guess to get the most value you would have to be hands on and follow along. But the cost of tools and scrap movements, lubricants and a work area hmm. I suppose if you bought a $5000 motorcycle would a $250 community college course on how to ride the thing be worth it? You bet it would. But if you were determined half a kitchen table and a couple hundred dollars worth of ebay tools would allow you to find out for sure. Can you actually manipulate screws that are like specks of dust to the naked eye? and if you find out you like that sort of thing you could get miles ahead of those folks who are waiting till next summer. Super valuable I think.
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    I also have envy over your very valuable watches.
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    Watch Build

    Ok, and don't want to be a downer, but you've picked two of the most difficult complications to do there. A tourbillon is a cakewalk in comparison. Just for a little perspective, I used to put together repeaters from kits, all parts made, beveled decorated already, the manufacturer expected their watchmakers to do 10/year. That's just assembling and making the strike work correctly, filing a few hundredths off here and there, thinning springs, a bit of flat polishing. Also did a bunch of perpetual calendars... I'm only suggesting a simpler first piece because I've seen many trained watchmakers set out to do that, only to give up in despair a couple of years later. Just making a simple watch not including the escapement or winding parts (surprisingly tricky to get right) is a major accomplishment. I'd hate to see you get discouraged and end up like others I've known.
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    Hair spring problem!

    We need the I D of the movement. If you don't know it, take photos of the complete movement back plate, remove hands and dial, a good clear photo of the keyless work will help us.
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    Hi from a Newbie

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hey everyone

    We are well and truly down the rabbit hole lol but I have done my good deed for today. I couldn't find a winding stem he needed online but managed to make a match to one of the hundreds he had in a pot and voila the movement is working. Feel all pleased with myself and I didn't really do much!!
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    Watch hand luminous color repair

    Didn't see the pic, page wont open. More important is to blow all paint pieces out of the movement and if movement is still in the case, you best not wear the watch.
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    Watch of Today

    look at westclox automatics..seiko guts.
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    The minute jumper looks fantastic- I think you're a bit had on yourself there! The Longines chronograph movement is gorgeous. They are rare thing today and I can only hope one crosses my bench eventually. Lemania's 5100 is well loved because of it's bullet-proof nature. I've worked on one and was amazed at how easy it was to assemble and also that it required no tuning to get the chronograph function working properly. It's sad they don't produce them anymore. The C01.211 is just a shadow of the 5100.
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    Welcome to the club... nice haul.
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    Update: Got a donor Junghans pocket watch and also some more tools recommended by Deggsie. Going to be trying to rebuild this pocket watch soon. Also I’ve recently been able to mess around with a cheap Timex I bought. I can see why there’s not much demand to restore these, but it was still fun to see how it all worked. The watch was sticking due to a lot of rust and I followed marks watch repair Breitling video where he used baking soda to scrub the rust off. Did the best I could and now it runs, just need to regulate it now
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    Watch of Today

    remarkable are they not ?
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    Help with Omega 1342 Quartz

    Hi Mick If its not hall marked on every gold link the yellow metal will be plated gold have a look at the wear points to see if there is any base metal showing like copper colour.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Worth to remind that even without bothering to set lift angle, or having a "large" discrepancy of 5°, the amplitude value is not greatly affected and will be accurate enough for making a go/no to call.
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    Barrel to right on arbor?

    Check the barrel on its own. If it's ok, then add the centre wheel. If those spin freely when meshed, then check that they turn smoothly when under torque by applying drag to the centre wheel while turning the barrel. If it becomes "lumpy" then you possibly have a depthing issue due to side-shake.
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    Barrel to right on arbor?

    Do you have endshake? It is unlikely (essentially impossible) for the holes to become tight over time, but it is possible for the cap to sit too low in the center, zapping the endshake and causing drag. If you're motivated to do it, it would be interesting to see what your amplitude is as is, then after correcting the barrel.
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    I put some penetrating oil on the stud screw and top of the stud as well as the boot, let soak over night, if needed soak longer to remove balance complete. Oil around the jewel housing too. Dismantle the cock, remove the regulator arm and stud career. Remove the jewel housing, shock spring go in lighter fluid. Show a picture of the coil while on balance wheel. Except balance complete, balance jewels, the rest takes a 24 hr bath in Cocacola ( I mean the entire movement). Other screws that have enjoyed the coke bath will unscrew real easy. brush all with tooth brush use powder laundrey detergent. Gears and pinions take a half hr bath in vinager and get rinsed and brushed under tap water, use powder detergent. Important to time the vinegar bath, no longer than thirty mins.
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    Timex Champagne 1965 Marlin

    Very nice backset Timex I have a few of those also. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I would say at some time that watch has been dropped onto something hard or its taken one hell of a knock.
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    The instrument is doing his job correctly, telling you this piece at the minimum needs a complete, accurate service.
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    No you have two weak springs instead of one strong one. Like many Russian watch of that period it was a gimmick. I have repaired some that are day/date, on the dial it says something like 30 jewel movement, remove the dial and you have a plate with jewels pressed in and there just for show, they do nothing.
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    No pictures inside thee two electronic watches, but the two Russian numbers look reasonable. The first one is a rather fine Raketa 2628.h. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Raketa_2628_H The other is a Slava 2414 twin barrel. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Slava_2414
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    Jewel Hole Reamed Too Large

    How big was the original rubbed in jewel? The material there is minimal, generally you'd ream well oversize to get outside the "rub in" area so there's some substance for the friction fit, unless you have a jewel that's just a hair over original. The reamers can go oversized, we're talking 0.01mm friction fit, best to have plug gages to check (I know nobody has them) or go almost all the way and test.
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    Timex Champagne 1965 Marlin

    Varnishes will yellow with time. Moreso depending on environmental issues. It is legitimately possible yours is a victim of all of those.
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    1978 Timex Falcon Eye

    HI that is entirely possible, with trim pots exposed to the air they dome times need a wipe and re setting i was a popular job on tape readers and card reader.
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    Seiko C153-5007 (Digital)

    It was the battery connector. It's up and running.
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    Seiko V137

    Hi Not found anything specific on the 137 but have attached the V138 and V139 tech sheets hope you find the of some use Seiko_0138A.pdf Seiko_0139A.pdf
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    They are generic quartz watches, essentially worthless. Sorry to put it bluntly.
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    Most of the patterns I have experimented with so far have been circular, but not all dials are round, so what can you do if you wand to fit a round peg into a square hole? This is where "Path Effects", and in particular, "Lattice Deformations" come in to play. The Lattice Deformation allows you to constrain a pattern within another shape. There are other ways to do this, but this is probably the easiest. If we take a 12 sided "curved polygon" similar to the ones in the previous examples, and add a couple of path effects to it, we can create some interesting designs. The first effect adds the "knot" to our simple shape, and careful tweaking of the line properties (the fill and stoke widths, colours, textures and graidients) give a softness to the edges. If we then add the "Lattice Deformation 2" path effect, we can constrain our design to more rectangular shape. Note the use of the tick-boxes to keep the effect symmetrical about both the horizontal and vertical axis. We simply pull the "handles" around till we get the effect that we want. Rectangular1.svg
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    Battery organizer

    That's organised compared to my battery storage. Lol
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    1978 Timex Falcon Eye

    great dial too. First backset they made with a chromed case.
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    Show us your blue dial watches.

    Handsome Rolex! As a rule, I'm not a fan of your standard Rolexes. But I've seen 3 in the last week that caught my eye, yours is one of them.
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    How to open this old Benrus...

    Here are a couple of pics of the movement... -Paul
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    Watch of Today

    Another jeweled westclox. Snap back cheapo case .Jeambrun 26d movement. Any easy to work on caliber that regulates nicely.
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    Pressure tester

    Hi all , Just thought I would share with you guys and gals a video of a Seiko Pressure tester purchased some time ago .Its part of the traveling tool kit that I take to service friends and relatives watches on the go . Anyway it's a Seiko S-451 pressure tester and it is probably from the 80s or early 90s and very useful for vintage water resistant watches and quarts . I had to upload it to youtube so I could paste on the forum .I restored the Tissot Seastar that you will see as it was a complete no runner with numerous problems .Anyway check it out and enjoy a cigar and a vino rosso https://youtu.be/n8dbQLwsHbg
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    Pallet jewel fixation

    You can still access it through the history books... https://web.archive.org/web/20130806005336/http://raulhorology.com/2012/08/eta-6498-escapement-fitting-the-pallet-staff-and-jewels-setting-depth-of-lock-and-run-to-banking/
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    Seiko mainspring barrel not opening....

    I'm looking forward to this very much! Cheers, Bob
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    Seiko mainspring barrel not opening....

    You do need to open them They have a slightly different cap than a standard barrel. Much the same as a valjoux 7750 barrel. The cap has a rim which extends right down to the barrel teeth tricky to open without damaging the barrel teeth. I find an extremely sharp razor blade is perfect for opening the cap. On these seikos the mainspring has to come out as they are usually in an awful mess. Also - note the orientation the mainspring is wound in. It will be the reverse of most Swiss watch barrels.
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    hairspring vibrating tool

    why vibrate a spring?
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