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    OK, here are the bad boys. The curving ones I have go from 00 to 5, the lifting ones from 00 to 4. The example hairspring would be about right for a deck watch- very big, and the largest of both sets worked well. You can see in the 4th pic that the end of the lifting tweezers can be adjusted for the thickness of the spring (red circle) and how far it pushes (screw in blue circle). I just did a simple overcoil, there are many shapes, here the goal was to get the curve to follow one of the spirals more or less imagining in our imaginary watch that would be where the regulator lies.
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    Dial cleaning

    Can you post a picture, always worth 1,000 words? Some of what you call dirt can be oxidation or top laquer corrosion, it has no remedy beside full reprint, otherwise you can minimize it working on other details and call it "vintage patina".
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    9415 is a thixotropic grease. It reduces drastically in viscosity instantly at the shear point when objects it's applied to are in motion, and returns to it's thicker state when at rest. It's good stuff.
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    A finer oil would not stay in place due to the centrifugal and highly inertial motion of the escape wheel. I think 9010 was recommended before the introduction of better products in terms of adhesion, 941 and 9415, which in fact is a grease. If you want to try the latter send me a PM with your address.
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    Cleaning balance complete

    Ronsonol lighter fluid is way better then One Dip. I just got better results. The lighter fluid is so friendly to watch parts. You can leave the parts to be cleaned in it for days, just make sure you have a screw on lid for the jar as it evaporates very quick. After cleaning I would take out the part place it on clean tissue, hold with tweezers and use my blower to remove any residue.
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    Watch oil/grease expiration date

    Well the idea is that professionals buy these and use them everyday. Discussion below
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    Today’s pick

    Well, this months pick.
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    Sekio 6119c

    thank you for the advice, i changed over the date and then noticed that the screws were not the right ones, so replaced them and now all is good and going and keeping good time.
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    Here is Steffen Pahlow's video for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlcb3czu5_s&feature=plcp Here is a link for the Breguet Hairspring Tweezers, Dumont https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/breguet-hairspring-tweezers-dumont
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    So it's time to take the watch into one piece. It seemed to be easy so I have started - hour hand, minute hand, zeroing chrono, minute recorder hand, hour recorder hand and the last sweep second chrono hand. I zeroed the chrono, attached position, pushed it down. I think great - it's done I started the chrono and after few seconds tried to zeroing. Pushed the reset button and .... what the heck? : -s Pusher was hard. I was affraid to broke any lever so decision could be only one - disassemble movement again: - | I took over chrono bridge and cleaned it with all reset chrono levers. Small amount of fresh oil and voila - works. : -! All that was left was to press bezel with crystal, put the new gold plated bracelet and have a enjoy of the watch. I know it's not pristine, have some drawbacks but I feel proud to back this one to life. I enjoyed some much during this project. I hope You too.There is still accurate tuning and amplitude measurement but it must wait until I buy a new microphone for timegrapher. I am sure I will inform You about the result. So stay tuned.
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    Unitas Calibre 6325 Service Walkthrough Pictures - Disassembly (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order) For the disassembly sequence to make sense it is very important that the pictures are sorted by name in ascending order. Generally, the sequence of pictures first shows the part to be removed in its position on the movement and the following picture shows the removed part separately. Unitas Calibre 6325 Service Walkthrough Pictures - Assembly (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order) For the assembly sequence to make sense it is very important that the pictures are sorted by name in ascending order. Generally, the sequence of pictures first shows the part to be assembled along with any screws holding it in place. The following picture shows the section of the movement where that part is to be assembled along with my lubrication suggestion, and the picture after that shows the part when assembled on the movement. The Unitas calibre 6325 is very similar to the Unitas calibre 6498 which is the course movement on watchrepairlessons.com. Unfortunately, due to its increasing popularity, the Unitas calibre 6498 is becoming more and more expensive, although there are inexpensive Chinese clones. So, in my opinion, Unitas calibre 6325 is an excellent and inexpensive option for the course. As a matter of fact, there is a version of the Unitas calibre 6325 having a bridge configuration that looks to be identical to the Unitas calibre 6498. You’ll find plenty of watches housing the Unitas calibre 6325 on eBay. Unitas Calibre 6325 links: bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Unitas 6325 - mtr-Ranfft Unitas 6325 - 17jewels.info „Wehrmachtswerk“; Unitas 6325 - Junghans Vintage
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    Digital Hairspring Timing Tool

    This is what I use for hairspring work (and some of the best German watch manufacturers, too). Price however is just a fraction of the above mentioned, I am sorry... Frank spirdose_flde_c.pdf
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    Barrel broken tooth

    I think, as mentioned, the OP broke it while trying to open the barrel to "service" the MS - that's never needed on modern Seiko, but something that beginners like to do anyway.
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    I think you'll find the link below interesting. As mentioned above it used to be 9010 was recommended on pallet stones even Seiko up until relatively recently was using it. Then 941 came into existence interestingly enough it's slightly lighter in viscosity than 9010. Then much later on 9415 classified as a grease for higher frequency Escapement's. 9415 has interesting properties it's a grease so it stays in place but on the impact it becomes fluid. Then if you look at current tech sheets they probably grasp that watchmakers are cheap and it's basically either or for 941 or 9415. Then I'm attaching a PDF Starting on page 13 is lubrication of a lever escapement. This is where things get really complicated 9415 has a problem if it is applied too heavy. So they explain how it has to be applied very very thinly. You'll also notice another term Lubrifar which is really just Molybdenum disulfide ETA And probably others have been using it for quite a number of years on the escape wheels. http://www.moebius-lubricants.ch/en/products/oils 8645_WI_40_rules for lubrication.pdf
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    Won't be in the shop till Tuesday probably, but will say I've done a bunch of overcoil springs from scratch and only rarely use these specialized tweezers. There are other ways to raise the coil and I usually form the curve with two #5s. The special tweezers are useful when doing several or more of the same, you can set the coil raising ones up to repeat well, and find the curving ones that suit the form you're doing. I remember visiting Parmigiani back turn of the century and there was a lady doing a really small caliber overcoil, I think she took about 5 minutes to time it with an old school vibrating tool and like 30 seconds to raise and form the coil with the special tweezers. It'd be a half day work with the same equipment for a competent hairspring guy who didn't do them all day like she did.
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    Pocket watch mainspring winders

    I think the OP is just trying to decide if buying a MS winder and what are the common sizes he may encounter working on American pocket watches. Not fixing a watch at hand.
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    Another small step successfully taken
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    Watch of Today

    Many thanks! Absolutely informative and beautifully photographed. I think the 238G is one of the few 23x I haven't got, but I'll know where to go if I ever need to tear one down. Regards.
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    I don't have a link but I have a full set of both styles, I'll post some photos when I'm back in the workshop.
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    Yes, certainly the problem is in that area. I think you're on the right path to fix it yourself, maybe hone your skills a little more before undertaking this repair and service. In the meanwhile you can watch videos by our Host Mark Lovick, and why not, enroll in the High Definition online course.
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    Chinese Timegraphers

    I have a Witschi Chronoscope S1 (1st gen, no touch screen), with automatic mic I bought new about 12 years ago. Before that I used a B200 with Gradoscope for amplitude for years. I needed to print out the tidy little sheets with timing in 6 positions for a big client so there went 7000 of the best bucks I ever spent on tools (and I have literally tons). Would have about 10,000 cycles on it at an average of 3 per day which is pretty conservative, quite likely more like 20k. It's industrial gear for people who make money with it. They rarely come up secondhand because they rarely break and folks just use them and use them. I'd hate to have to go back to something less. But obviously it's way overkill for someone who works on watches for fun. Unless they have the cash and enjoy top level gear (I know a couple of collectors who have Witchis). The new Chinese stuff is great, and it's about time. Before it was available a serious collector or watchmaking enthusiast had to mess with computer programs and all the hassles of interfacing the watch to that, or dig up an old paper tape machine which still command more than a weishi if functional.
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    cheers weasol and andy. Finally 10 weeks and 11 watches later i have finally removed and refitted the balance cock. And it works. Small steps i know. but means a lot to me. thanks everyone who has answered my some times simple questions. cheers gary
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    Watch of Today

    One of my occasional forays into Chinese-made watches, this 34.65mm 1970s BaoXuan with a Zhongshan SN-2 movement which came with various jewel counts, ranging from nine to this “up-graded” one with 17. Bit of fun, being quite sparkly with its red and gold accents, and even in their day I believe these watches weren’t aimed at anything like the top end of the home market. Produced by the Jie Yang Watch Factory and absolutely not the world’s prettiest movement but described as “robust” and “reliable”. Equally unattractive is the cheapo bracelet which accompanied it, soon to be changed for a decent leather job. Regards.
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    I have totaly missed this post but lets give it a go. Your escape wheel looks dirty but it isn't causing the pattern you see on your timegraph, except from the beat error the pattern looks much like a "sticky hairspring" the phenoma can come from oil or magnetization of the hairspring or a bad end curve on the hairspring. A bad pinion on the escape wheel should show a more slalom like pattern with almost equal up and down humps since it is oscillating. Here you can see a similar but in beat pattern and a quick fix since this time it was caused by old oil. Hope this takes you a bit further.
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    Watch of Today

    That's half the fun of this game. Saving them from ending up as landfill is actually very rewarding. I'm typing this while wearing the Snoopy from the other day, 'cos I took off the one above. It is still going great, but one of the strap pins is the wrong size, and I didn't want the strap to come off while I'm strolling about. I'll fix that later. I've taken a bit of a shine to Snoopy. Great fun, and surprisingly accurate considering its unknown service history. I've got much "posher" and dressier watches (not all of my stuff is from the 404 club), but the tennis playing beagle is turning in to a bit of a favorite.
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    Ok, I need technician help. I assembled the movement and there are two small problems:First: when I stop the chrono the minute chrono counter still works. Where I should find cause of it? I think that the lever I marked on the photo is the minute brake and maybe there is too much cleareance beetwen it and minute wheel? Am I right?Second: When chrono works balance amplitude is ok but if I stop the chrono, balance amplitude is fallen. I thinh there is too much friction somewhere. Maybe I must oil the plate which I marked on the photo above? This plate drag the clutch down and maybe too it's stops the balance ? Update:I was thinking all night long and couldn't sleep well. I analyzed what could cause problems I had described above. Disassembled the chrono bridge one more time and I found that blocking lever for minute recording wheel was slighty bented. With my heart on my mouth I have started to straighten the lever and voila success. I take a look of the second's chrono wheel and clutch. Small amount of oil goes in the place I suppose have to much friction. And as result is good working movement, zeroing and stoping chrono. Now it's time for tests before dial and hands go on their place. One more thing - there is no screw on the pawl winding wheel. I found screw but it's head was too small. I made small washer from the razor blade. Maybe it;s don't look great but it's work well. If you someone have this screw please let me know. VID_20190809_170740_Trim.mp4 Balance amplitude looks very well I hope the end of project is soon...
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    Cleaning balance complete

    I never cleaned the balance in the cleaning machine. Always cleaned it in Ronsonol lighter fluid. One Dip is not needed. The lighter fluid is way better and it won't harm pallets or impulse pins that are held with shellac.
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    My first Contribution - Heuer

    Hello All, this is my first contribution to this thread. I have been doing the lessons for sometime and thought that it is time I meet some of you! 1972 Heuer "Viceroy" Autavia fitted with a NOS Corfam band vintage Heuer buckle.
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    beautiful job congratulations. I usually use glass paint, I suggest. this is my last example: ps: I got a scratched lathe with sandpaper. I filled the 12-way index with phosphor and threw lacquer on it. Before: After: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How to measure balance end shake?

    Thank you for explaining your method seems very logical (if I have understood correctly) and no need for tools. Also, I realised if a tool was required Rolex would've made one and referenced it here as they do elsewhere. So tighten the screw so there is barely any endshake (which might mean the balance not moving) then slacken off and check on the tinegrapher as JDM suggests for optimal position.
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    Howdy from Texas

    Thank you. Im very excited to find a group where I could talk shop. What’s the fun in restoring a movement or replacing a 1mm jewel if I cant talk about it with people who understand the accomplishment of learning a new skill.
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    Helo All

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
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    Hello I am Hollywood Robbie

    Remove (with crystal press) the crystal and measure, generic flat sapphire crystal are easy to find. Same for bezel insert, measure and search internet for a replacement. Working on mov't is another matter, you will need even more specific tools and skills, I highly recommend that do not begin with valuable pieces because the very high chances of damaging something. Now, a 7S26 can be conveniently replaced with an NH36 that hacks and winds, still the caution applies. Watch the below videos by our Host mark Lovick and consider enrolling his excellent course for gradual and complete education. Finally use the search function on the top right, we have very many thread about the 7S26 here.
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    Barrel broken tooth

    Perfect!!! I was searching under NH35A. They indeed have it. £16.90. I will order then. Thanks a lot!
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    Barrel broken tooth

    Not only will it not run well (if indeed it runs at all), it runs the risk of damaging the teeth of whatever it meshes with.
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    Balance Complete for Omega 30t2pc

    I missed your post with the balancestaffs.com 30T2RG = OME26.5 BS4132 (RONDASTAFFS1856) (A=305) This also has an early inca version BS4133 (RONDASTAFFS4187) (A=305) 30T2PC = OME260 BS4149 (RONDASTAFFS3276) (A=329) and now I see what you mean, here they say you could use the slightly longer version too BS4148 (RONDASTAFFS1858) (A=332) which I'm not so sure of, even if the staff lenght isn't that far off it might affect the movement of the balance wheel since the pressure from the inca block springs would be slightly higher all time and one might not have any endshake at all. I would go with the original lenght of these.
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    Question escapement teeth/ pallet fine oil

    it is applicable to the fluid attached to wheel by virtue of its surface tension and viscosity. The sudden stop and restart of the escape wheel makes so that the mass of the lubricant tries to continue its condition of motion, or lack of it. The less adhesion, the more mass, the more instantaneous acceleration of the wheel (characteristic of high-beat mov't) , the more the fluid will tend to leave the pallet face. and spread around. Not good. I would not underestimate the research and science that is behind current watch lubricants. Even if you can get perfectly acceptable results with these of one or two generations ago that doesn't mean that the accessible alternative isn't better.
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    Hello I am Hollywood Robbie

    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
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    Save your money, the tweezers in the hswalsh link is of little use. OH did a very good job finding this tool, but it is the smallest of the set, too small for gents- or pocketwatches. I suppose it is the remains of a long sold stock. My old Bergeon catalog shows them, but they were no more available when the catalog was issued. Frank
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    That should work fine. If you do 2-3 rinses in distilled water a very quick rinse in isopropyl alcohol will have no effect on the shellac on the fork (like 30-60 seconds). The isopropyl will soak up the water and then dry quickly, with a warm air flow either from the cleaning machine, a separate dryer, or just a hair dryer. The warm air is a must to avoid condensation from the cooling effect of the evaporating alcohol.
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    Watch of Today

    The trashed Gant "West Creek" got the finishing touches applied today. I picked this up on a whim, for 99p no other bidders, simply because the mechanism looked interesting. When it arrived, pretty much everything was wrong with it. The case was scratched to bits, the glass was smashed, the band was trash and the mechanism had obviously taken a knock, since the day indicator was off the scale. All of this has now been attended to. Fresh crystal, fresh leather swapped from a similar strap to preserve the branded clasp. I went for black as it matched the dial better in my opinion. The mechanism was partially stripped to fix what I guess could be termed the keyless work, or whatever the quartz equivalent is. One of the levers had jumped off, putting the whole day/date/time adjust into random mode. Here is a quick size comparison. 1950s ladies Smiths Empire, Gents 1930s Bulova, Gents 1980s Sekio and contemporary Gant "West Creek". It is well built with a stainless case and a VX46 quartz mechanism and it 'aint bad looking, but given its current RRP of £200 I think I'd rather add 50 new members to the 404 club for that money.
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    Working on hairspring takes a lot of time. It is looking much better. Just be careful not to sneeze while working with it.
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    Cleaning balance complete

    It is still fine to use and safe.
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    Minuet Wheel pinion

    Thank you to all those individuals who posted a reply. I believe the issue lies with the hour hand being pressed down to far on the pinion thus raising the hour wheel and thereby shortening the minuet pinion. Secondly, I wasn't able to secure the minute hand possibly because the metal will not form a quality friction fit on the pinion. I've reverted to using the minute hand that came from the movement (for now). Please find pictures attached, and thanks again for all your efforts and pictures. Michael
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    Watch of Today

    Today will be my Omega 2254.50 300 Chronometer, fitted on a Perlon strap for the summer.
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    Main spring slipps

    I took some minutes to look at what spring might fit in your barrel. Looks like the 582 has the same spring as the 584 and then you according to BestFit can use the same spring as the ETA 2820 . As a curiousity the same spring is also used in: ALPINA 584 ETA 2820 ETA 2820R ETA 2822R ETA 2823 ETA 2823R ETA 2828 ETA 2828R ETA 2829 ETA 2829R ETA 2834 ETA 2834R Maybe this information can get you into the right track..
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    Well... It may be true that the variations may be within tolerance for most horological applications, but it depends heavily on what device you're using and how it allocates processing time. There IS an undeniable fluctuation, even if it's by a fraction of a millisecond on a good device. At least at the time I researched this and compared a dedicated timing machine and PC based software to an app on a phone, it gave conflicting results and the general consensus was that the technology was a decent indicator, but not precise enough to beat the other options. I mentioned it mainly as a trivial addition to the knowledge base since it may come in handy sometime. I didn't do it to rain on anyone's picnic.
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    Revisiting an old hobby

    Casio W800-H "Illuminator" rescued from the junk pile. This was so scratched up that I doubted I could get it half way readable. I guess that just goes to show, with enough grit and determination you can actually polish a turd. Enjoy the strap. I couldn't find anything less suitable, so I stuck it on this. I think it actually works, in a strange and faintly disturbing sort of a way.
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    Yes, the new MS is a lot longer and thicker, which means that will be wound more tightly, excessively stressed and consequently it broke. As a rule of thumb the mainspring should take no more than one third of the barrel. You could probably use 3.00 x .195 x 600 x 18 (GR7194) but check for damage done by breakage.
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    I've got this one coming - And this one too! I've wanted an example of each type, chrono and GMT, for quite a while. Cheers!
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