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    I'm attaching a couple of images that show how to do it and how not to do it. Do not rely on the pivot that goes into the hole to get the oil to Flow. Ideally want something that's really in much smaller than the hole itself..
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    Show us your blue dial watches.

    My lovely Tudor Pelagos.
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    The reason why The repair is so expensive is several reasons. If you take the watch to a jewelry store and they send it out for repair they mark up the repair cost considerably. Ideally you want to find the repair shop yourself you'll get a better price. But no matter what this watch is going to be expensive to get repaired. If the shop really was a Rolex shop they nearly double the cost of anything that's a vintage watch. Then if it's complicated like a chronograph it will go up again. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/bring-a-loupe-nov-29 Then Nucejoe was kind of kidding about a decade of experience. For instance depending upon where you're located their schools teaching professional watchmakers two years there would put you in a much better position the service a chronograph. But Mark does have chronograph videos I have a link below for one of them not the same caliber as yours unfortunately but don't give you a clue is only six parts should bill a breeze through that no time. Okay here's the problem it's a chronograph with some stuff on the dial side it's a little more complicated. There is a service manual for it but it's really big file size so I'm not going to attach it. In order service this yourself you're going to need to learn how to master servicing a watch without breaking it probably service several of them without breaking them. Then I would find one of these movements on eBay to practice on before working on something that you prize. Because no matter what in watch repair things happen and breaking something that you value is actually a really good lesson in watch repair to teach you why you shouldn't be repairing it in the first place. It just depends on how much pain and suffering you like. So it's not impossible that you can repair it yourself it just isn't something that we would advise you to do at least not right now until you get lots of experience. Then as you didn't say where you're located it makes it hard to make recommendations of where you might look for repair shop. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Valjoux_72 https://youtu.be/EI3T-IR3AgM Valjoux_Valjoux 72.pdf
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    Show us your blue dial watches.

    My first 'real' watch... IWC Aquatimer Chronograph “Cousteau Divers” REF 3783, 2006
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    Movement identification

    Hi The attachment below may be of use to you in the future for ID purposes. Symbols (1) watch trade marks.pdf
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    Swap Rolex Movment 3035 for 3135?

    Not true, there are very many competent, independent watch repairers in the US (and elsewhere). They may be able to repair what you think is not repairable, that includes obtaining part or even making new ones. For the US search AWCI directory, plus the Internet for reputation and customer feedback.
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    Whatever is used for regulation is supposed to be really really close to the hairspring. There shouldn't be a lot of play then you ideally should be in the center.
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    Watch cleaning machine on the cheap

    Just sidetracking a little. Here is a cleaning basket which I made from a tea strainer. I fix it to my drill press and spin it in a jar of cleaning fluid. Works pretty well.
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    Hi Daniel Ichecked the down load It appeared it was duff so I have attached two pictures of the movement again. If you checkout the setting lever spring with yours its the same so dfrom that I would deduce Its a Gruen probably 145 .
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    Hi Luiz HSL is correct the inner ring is missing and the screw locks down on to the crown wheel not the ring. The part is numbered 422 and known as the crown wheel ring.
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    puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn

    Just took a look and PUW movements in general has a crown wheel with a small bearing. And by the looks of your ratchet screw I would say it is missing the small bearing and is upside down. I just pop a picture on a common PUW ratchet wheel here so you can see what it might look like.
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    Quartz movement run slow

    Hi Nucejoe A quartz watch is no different than a mechanical one apart from the fact the Battery provides the voltage/current the block interprets this, The crystal vibrates around 32,768 times a second the block divides this down to normaly one pulse a second which is output to the coil which causes the step motor to pulse once, this turns the gear train and then the hands. Some watches pulse once every 4 secs or 6 secs depending on the make. As the current drawn is in micro amps it doesnt take much to affect the module ie dirt and old oil or even the wrong oil should be 9024 and 9027. The attachment explains both the mechanical and the quartz. regards Witschi Training Course.pdf
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    Anyone know what these are?

    In my experience, kids have more than enough "springs" in them already. Perhaps a kid spring removal tool might be a big seller.
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    Anyone know what these are?

    I think you made a typo, I'm sure you meant to type 'Kif Spring Tools' https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/kif-shockspring-tool
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    Watch cleaning machine on the cheap

    @rodabod It says it has an adjustable stirring speed 100 - 3000rpm. I'm going to give this a go. I'll report back how things went.
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    Weishi washi

    I had an Omega auto (forget the caliber) I bought and wore for a few months before deciding to check under the hood. It was within about 5 seconds/month, amazing timekeeping. Put it on the Witschi before servicing, had about 200 degrees of amplitude and a timing delta in 6 positions of well over 100 seconds. After service it had healthy amplitude, and a delta under 15. Never kept time as well though! Maybe 30 seconds/month (still fantastic, but it was almost "magic" before).
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    Do not open

    Look at it this way: if you aren't supposed to open it and must replace the whole barrel, it's trash anyway. If you open it and it's not salvageable, you've lost nothing and probably learned something in the process. If you open it, and it's not really all that special after all and totally serviceable, you've saved yourself the time and money of a new and probably difficult to find barrel assembly.
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    Maybe below and again, many others. In fact the forum search function works only for a single term on phrase in double quotes. For a better intelligence use Google "site search".
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    ETA 2824-2 Amplitude

    That was the most important part. Left it overnight running and wound up full today. Amplitude is now 306!
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    Can you line them up so you can slide the split stem on from the top when you put the movement back in the case .
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    Watch of Today

    Seiko Engineer today Yes, still haven't painted the bezel numbers https://i.imgur.com/uiTmZuP.jpg
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    Movement identification

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    Movement identification

    It’s a Venus movement. I cant make out the number under the logo on the dial side, but whatever that number is should be the caliber
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    Swap Rolex Movment 3035 for 3135?

    Second and third choices are definately not good ones, there is no gurantee replacements off ebay run any better. You can have a long story to tell and 2500 bucks short in no time. Did Rolex service your watch before? and do we know of a better choice. What is wrong if anything with your watch is unknown. Even if your watch keeps on loosing 20 seconds a day after a service, it's sentimental value is genuinely invaluable. Regards
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    EB 8021 Servicing

    Last part of this walk-through. Pallet, pallet bridge, and screw make 3 parts. This is a replacement pallet, and it has a large end-shake. I did not investigated further at the moment, as I wanted to see if it runs reliably in first place. I touched two of escape teeth with 9010. Cap jewels plate and its screw, 2 more. Balance, cock and screw consist actually of at least 10 parts, even if I haven't take them all apart. Balance jewels, end stones and springs make 6 more parts. For the occasion I bough the KIF Trior tool (largest size) which made installation significantly easier and safer. Lubrication is just 9010 under the end stone. Time to check that is running strong in all positions before moving on. For the record I got about 180° amplitude with the default lift angle. Beat error was 2.5 ms, pattern barely acceptable, and large positional error. Last are the date wheel, hour wheel, inner plate, date jumper, date ring, outer plate and its two screws. The date finger spring can be inserted conveniently and safely from outside. 9 more parts. I used HP-1300 on all arbors and contact parts. There are actually 2 last parts to fit, that's the dial screws (not pictured). It's probably a bit easier to fit them them as the very first thing. I have been counting parts to get to a total is 67 or thereabout, or 90 if we count the jewels separately. Not a small number for an economical, unsophisticated mov't. I hope that this no-pretense document can be useful somehow, thank you for reading so far.
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    eBay is one possibility, or a material house like Cousins If you are in the UK.
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    131_O1086-D5 MSDS englisch.pdf
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    I think we need to go back to the beginning and look at the exact procedure of everything involved with this mainspring plus any additional lubrication you're putting in the mainspring barrel? Something is not right when the laws of the universe seem to be going backwards for us My experience with the other breaking greases were more was worse. This is what makes the Kluber Different it's really really sticky and more is more sticky. Except for this watch where it's not? But that I also question sanding the inside of the barrel your changing the characteristics. Email auto watches the inside of the barrel has cuts to reduce the contact area to make it easier for the mainspring to slip this is why this is such a weird example here lots of surface area should have lots of stickiness and we don't
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    There is something definitely really wrong here. I know from experience when I listen to bad advice for a Seiko and applied the Kluber P125 Around the entire rim. When I was manually winding it up with the screw of the ratchet wheel and I reached the end I almost thought I was going to break the screw head off. Yes it slipped but it was so dramatically not slip paying which is why thought I'd going to break the head off. The you seem to be getting the exact opposite of what should be occurring there is definitely something not right here at all. The dimensions of the new spring versus the old are they the same for the Springs look the same?
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    Try putting way way more Kluber P125 On the barrel wall like perhaps all the way around the wall.
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    Lockdown hobby - life long ambition

    Welcome Andy , enjoy the forum.
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    Extracting a Broken Stem from a Crown

    If the stem doesn't want to unscrew out of the crown peacefully, this is a perp before re-attempt. Following application of penetrating oil, you then attempt to unscrew the stem.
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    puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn

    Unfortunately I am out of this part for the PUW 60, but there are a couple of PUW movements using the same. Kronradring 422 (60) , PUW 60, PUW 61, PUW 61S, PUW 63, PUW 65 If you sometime in the feature would need another bearing I have Kronradring 422 (70) for PUW 70, PUW 73, PUW 80, PUW 260, PUW 261, PUW1260, PUW 1261, PUW 560, PUW 561, PUW 562, PUW 563T, PUW 564T, PUW 565T, PUW1560, PUW 1561, PUW 1562, PUW 1563T, PUW 1564T, PUW 561E, PUW 562E. PUW 1561E, PUW 1562E
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    puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn

    Crown wheel of course.... screw has no shoulder probably the washer was then lost. I am learning... very slowly... went to bed 4:15 this morning. I was shocked by the result after the cleaning i guess i must pay the price of the knowledge. Very painful so far and not much knowledge gained, well to my former myself i go with lightspeed but it is just not enough and they say there is no 2 x lightspeed.
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    puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn

    What you have circled in the picture is the crown wheel and screw. The screw should have a shoulder section to keep it distanced, or a (lost) washer was used there. That is why I wash with petroleum only and IPA only, by hand. And mild ammonia only if there are brass / gilted parts. Then every other thread we read about beginners (but not only) getting fixated on on machines and commercial solutions.
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    Time should be passing more slowly if you accelerate, maybe it's just general relativity.
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    I have never worn a watch, but have decided to give it a try. After watching loads of watch collection videos on u-tube. I spent some time looking at watches and ordered a Seiko 5 franken watch which is really nice, I broke the glass by standing on it, but found something the right size and fixed that (the picture is before the fix) , I have decided to start my servicing and repair efforts on Shanghai and Seagull ST 5, I have a dongfeng and seagull on its way, but fell for Favre Lebra. That arrived first so that is what I will look at. I get a Jenny tomorrow, this whole lot has cost me less than one bike. The only new one is a vostok amphibia, the rest I will learn to service. My logic here is that my wife wants us to move so I am selling other interests and watches take up less space than 19 bikes.
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    What kind of crystal?

    I called GS Supply, sounded as credible as I could and got dimensions for a crystal that sounds like it'll fit the bill. Ordered, and hopefully when it gets here I can report success!
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    Hairspring turning tool

    I think only Bergeon has them, and they give no indication what the actual sizes are. In the pic, the foreground is two commercial one (old, I believe Bergeon but unmarked), you can see what the two ends look like. The other two are shop made and double ended just for turning; I needed an extra small one and a larger one with an extra fine "finger". I don't know what they cost but I'd say just buy the 5 that Bergeon sells, if you just get one or two you'll always need one you don't have.
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    Quartz watches - low battery

    No, they don't all do this. I suggest that you measure the battery before blaming it. It could be also a lose cannon pinion.
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    Movement identification

    Venus 130 or a variant. I searched for 130 on Ranfft.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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    Or even if one is not, since they ship worldwide at actual postal cost.
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    When I took it to the repairer, the second hand was running but neither hour or minute hand were moving, which I seem to remember being told was a canon pinion issue - so maybe it's just not been ironed out 100%. I assume he wouldn't try to charge me for another look at it since it's not been functioning correctly since i got it back, but who knows.
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    Making a Watchmaker's Bench

    Just a piece of plywood on top. I can start filling my drawers, which will make the Mrs. very happy.
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    Show us your blue dial watches.

    My restored Seiko Kinetic purchased and worn since 2004 SMY093P1 Rotor removed and running from a non rechargeable battery. Sapphire crystal fitted. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Making a watch run backwards?

    Pitch it to H Moser. Sounds like their sort of caper.
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    Antiquarian horological society

    I have never been a member of this. I think it depends where the person lives, if you live out in the country side and transport is a problem I don't think you will get much out of it. You could go on their web site and see if they have meetings near you. I wasn't that impressed with their magazines, for me too much on the watch side. I was a member of the B H I years ago. If you are more interested in Clocks, get a membership to clock magazine UK, you will get a lot of info out of that. That is just my opinion.
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    What could possibly go wrong. "I was only massaging neatsfoot oil into my pocket watch officer."
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