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  1. I bought a set of watchmaker oil cups, but my favorite (because it has a small hole holding the amount of oil i want it to hold) Made in Japan had no cover, so I decided to make one for it. Of course it is pallet wood. This is probably my third thing I ever made on a lathe. Now I have officially joined my dad and granddad who both were excellent wood turners. (i should have learnt from them)
  2. A while back a bought a lot of watches including an ingersoll 17 jewels with a ronda 1217-21 movement. Originally i did not want to touch it because I thought it is beyond to be repairable. Some acidic fluid went in and damaged parts and the dial. The damage was quite severe on certain parts, but the pivots and most of the wheel teeth and other important parts including the complete balance were ok. Only one of the balance end stone spring were damaged very badly, this acidic stuff has eaten away one part of it. Anyway this watch was full with opportunity for cleaning exercise and just for the
  3. If you can, obtain a copy of this book, it is absolutely fantastic. I hoped that i could have a chance to meet Mr Priestley once, but it seems I have to wait with that: wiki If you cant get the book this is also very good: Dennison History Keep an eye on these Timexes from now on!
  4. Hello Clock and Watchmakers, I am going to quote from a book: "Aaron Lufkin Dennison An Industrial Pioneer and his Legacy" by Philip T. Priestley: (okay too lazy to type) Question: Has anyone seen a Timex in a Dennisons case? I want one.
  5. That was the first step I did. But it did not mention how to measure / select a new jewel and where to buy it. I would have hoped that a watch part supplier would be able to provide that but based on my research and the topics here on this forum I am supposed to go for a rub in jewel not a friction fitted jewel and it seems the watch part suppliers do not have that. Furthermore none of my tools seem to be small enough for the jewel I have in this watch. My best chance as far as I can see it now is to follow the videos of @szbaloghto make my own jewel: make your own jewel and there is part2 as
  6. The G. Boley tool is also too big for this jewel. I have put the balance cock back in its place with the broken jewel for now, so at least the movement would be complete.
  7. Ohh dear... my smallest bit is just too big for the jewel.... The watchmaker's life is not just joy and laughter...
  8. I must admit that I was too worried to start with the jewel replacement and bought a spare movement from eBay, arrived an hour ago, but unfortunately it has no balance jewel built in so now I have to go for the jewel replacement. OD = outside diameter i figured. Lets go step by step then. How do I know which side of the jewel do I have to push to get it out? And once it is out i assume i need to buy a "Flat Cylindrical Jewel". Like these: flat-cylindrical-jewels-seitz I have to push this side: not this one: Right?
  9. Hi Nucejoe, I am not sure what does that mean. Knowing that the watch is 10.5''' should help me? And I never measured a jewel, should a normal caliper work? Best regards, lui
  10. Hello happy Watch and Clockmakers, My third question for this AS 175 specimen. I am at the re-assembly stage and I realized that one of my balance jewel is broken. Never replaced one so maybe its the time to try it? I assume I need to follow the advise from Mark: Replace Rub in Jewel I got these tools from Herr Gustav Boley: and I also got an almost complete Star jeweling tool: I never replaced a jewel, but based on the video i will need both tools. My question is: how do I measure the jewel itself? You measure the old one if you can? What
  11. Okay, I answered that question based on the following calculation and it is 260. 1. Mainspring should only occupy ½ of the barrel. 2. Square the radius of the inside of the barrel and multiply by Pi (3.1416). 3. Square the radius of the barrel arbor hub and multiply by Pi (3.1416). 4. Subtract the area of the arbor hub from the area of the barrel. 5.Divide the outcome by 2 because the mainspring only occupies ½ of the barrel. 6. Divide this mainspring space by the thickness of the mainspring.
  12. Thanks a lot! I forgot to mention that the inner diameter of the barrel is 9 mm. Shall I still go for the 260 version?
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