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  1. Thank you for the pics. Which model is the staking set? And how do you close the collet once you opened it? I find it difficult to make it tight enough once it is too lose and rotates.
  2. Yes thats a TIMEX in the corner! Hopalong Cassidy! And a Medana too, i love them. With £4.83/item they will not make it to the 404 club.
  3. As far as I understand these are Timex hands. Some of them are used most of them are NOS.
  4. Thanks ordered one, from 2021 AliExpress collects tax, i read about it and yes indeed, it happened. Still cheap though.
  5. The bottom is a ball bearing, 608 double Z as far as I can see it, and unfortunately it needs to be replaced. First of all i have no tool to get it off. Maybe i visit my garage after the lock down, or need to be creative before it ends.
  6. Ahh I see, you have ball bearings. Yes, a completely different motor. I wonder which one is older. Probably they are from the same period as they are both MK VRs, maybe they just used whatever motor they could acquire. Your's actually has a plate what says "National Electric Watch Cleaner". I might try to take the bottom of the motor case off tonight. I am a bit worried that I ruin something, probably I have to use my rubber mallet.
  7. Okay so I have a sintered spherical bronze bearing, and while this instruction does not talk about the same motor it also has the same type of bearing: servicing the bearing Seth, you might need to consider to re-lubricate yours, and I need to figure out how to access the bottom bearing, as so far I could not take the bottom motor case off...
  8. Well done! I have a different motor compared to yours. That is a nice set of baskets, it was said before that they are rare like rocking horse poo. And good price too. The last national basket set i saw too late on eBay was £75. I bought another cleaning machine with basket, but I did not see that it was pick up only - well the time when i checked it was not mentioned. I don't know what happens now as I cannot drive due to the lockdown. Post pics as you progress please.
  9. This is also interesting, I dont like that the machine is using 240V and seems that safety was not the main concern that time, so i think it is a great idea to use 12V:
  10. Is that gap not enough to put your screwdriver in and twist it before you cut anything? I used some penetrating oil i had at hand, but i doubt it helped. You still can try to use something, just give some time for it to have a chance to penetrate/work. I assume your basket shaft is one piece and you cannot take the bottom off. Just like mine? Could you please send me a picture about the place where the motor cable is attached to the motor case? Is yours is as clumsy as mine? Like this: I am going to try to sort it out like this, but i dont know it yet if it will work or no
  11. Hi Seth, nope I have not got that, even though I got the same version MK. VR. Try to remove that screws and extra tube so you could get an access to the motor shaft. Take care, lui
  12. How do you open these? Just like the real one? I got two of them, wanted to give them to my almost 6 years old daughter who likes to play watchmaking game, but could not open them. She sits in my chair, I am the customer and she works on my watches for £1, IF she is open and not tired. What surprised me that i was also charged 50p for my coffee.
  13. I did not even know that it is called dressing (English is not my mother tongue). Interestingly I have not read your advise or any other advise after the video for dressing and I almost did the same thing on my own following common sense. I worked on my brass tweezers internally first - the only difference was that i used grit 800 and i did not fold it only worked on one of them at the time -, then i worked on them along the sides - perpendicular. I am sure it is not perfect as I did it more or less the first time, but i am sure it is a way better then they were before. I also bought a pair of
  14. Thank you for this. I did the turning trick for the first time when I tried. Wonderful! I would love to see a hairspring bending video, when you use that special pair of tweezers. One question: how do you maintain the tip of the tweezers if they are worn or bent? My brass tweezers are constantly in a bad shape because I try to do tasks with them I am not supposed to do. Difficult for me to remember to set them aside and to look for something else what is suitable for the job at hand.
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