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  1. Hi *, I met Bill yesterday, he is a former clockmaker and a very nice gentleman. Unfortunately I could not spend much time with him due to the COVID situation but i am hoping I could go back and have a drink with him once the danger is no longer around us. The GPO clock is I think not the one you would have hoped for, but I am very happy because now I have loads of stuff I can practice on. There is even a cuckoo clock there what I always wanted as we had one when I was a kid. We had a nice picnic at the see, and I even found a ring with my metal detector there.
  2. Found a watch part, i wonder if it is good for the PUW 60.
  3. Pforzheimer Uhren-Rohwerke GmbH So still learning, this was the first time i touched an incabloc setting, i must say it was a delight to deal with it not like those other once in the CAL 400 causing me nightmares (little ring with 3 spikes 120 degree apart from each other). I go for a double treasure hunt now, picking up clocks and doing metal detecting if the weather and other conditions allow me. puw60.mp4 That yellow section under the balance assembly is one of the places where the coating was removed by the ultrasonic clean, luckily its my own watch.
  4. Thank you for everybody for trying to help me! Much appreciated. That's why this forum is so good and ppl like to be here!
  5. I definitely don't have that bearing ring, and yes it is upside down because i put it back for the picture and did not pay attention for the details. I made it difficult to help me.
  6. Crown wheel of course.... screw has no shoulder probably the washer was then lost. I am learning... very slowly... went to bed 4:15 this morning. I was shocked by the result after the cleaning i guess i must pay the price of the knowledge. Very painful so far and not much knowledge gained, well to my former myself i go with lightspeed but it is just not enough and they say there is no 2 x lightspeed.
  7. Unfortunately not, i was thinking of that, but the ratchet wheel has a recess so the screw could center it and the wheel should be able to turn around it. Now that I see the picture it is actually upside down but it is just because i put it back for the picture and did not pay attention.
  8. Hi Watchmakers, I got a puw 60 what I cleaned and would not run because the left handed ratchet wheel screw is pushing down the ratchet wheel and locks it. As it cannot move the movement would not run. This is how I received it, originally i thought that it is just dirty so I cleaned it. (interestingly the ultrasonic bath removed the nickel/chrome -never could make the difference- plating at many places) What am I missing here? A washer? Or something else? Best regards, Lui
  9. Don't mention his name to me! I cant stand him! Yoke Spring
  10. Oh crap, he found me!!! Funny facts: I was told, that he could actually not remove a spring like me before without pinging us away! Not even once! What was he thinking!!?? He just got lucky finding us, like now. I thought that he would never look under his pedestal.
  11. You wont believe me, but that idiot just bypassed me with his silly magnet in his hand twice! Wish me luck! Yoke Spring
  12. Hello Everybody! My name is Yoke Spring, i used to live peacefully in a PUW 60 movement for about 60 years until I met a **BLEEP**. He thought that just watching a few youtube videos makes him an excellent watch repairer and he just can remove me with his tweezers just like here: two of the springs and none of them flew away??? Now I am lost, but I ruined his life too. He is crying somewhere out of sight. Since now i have nothing better to do I am going to visit this forum on a regular basis. If you see him tell him to put his wellies on and go back to the garden instead of messing with watches, potatoes like to be lost. My very best regards, Yoke Spring ps.: Woah, just noticed friends around me, but we wont ever come forward again! Revenge!!!!!!!
  13. My offer of £80 was accepted. Thank you for this. I am excited, will pick them up at the weekend if it is good for the seller.
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