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  1. New project, a bow milling machine from Germany. Mr Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster Nr 30400. Incomplete as two gears are missing, but will do my best to restore it as much as I can.
  2. I introduce Screwhead Polisher Nr 1021 from Herr Gustav Adolf Boley.
  3. I have recently posted in "which-watch-have-you-got-coming-in-the-mail-show-us" about the clocks I was expecting. Two of them turned out to be car clocks, when I bought them I believed they were travel clocks without their case. I like both of them however both of them have issues with the keyless work and with the luming. When I pull the crown into hand set position the whole stem comes out in case of the brevet, and when I wind the octava it has a very annoying and disturbing grinding sound. The brevet one also has a hairline crack on the dial between 10 and 5. Otherwise they are ticking nicely. How could we possibly match the color of the dial when we re-lumen the hands considering that the aging has changed the original color? And the octava case back does seem to have a color, was that on purpose? Is that a layer of (colored?) lacquer? What shall I do with it? Remove (polish)/replace? black dial - BREVET 33236 white dial - OCTAVA WATCH Co SWITZERLAND / 15 FIFTEEN JEWELS / 3 ADJUSTMENTS / U.S.A.P. 816321
  4. It is extremely difficult to hold myself to that rule. I don't think that the next 500 years will be enough to learn everything, I might not even live that long...
  5. I want this, i want this, i want this. Every time i make a scratch i die inside. I feel that the watch/clock is dirty and it annoys me a lot. Seriously, it ruins my day and I just cannot let it go. Like an itch which never goes.
  6. Hi Vinn, How can be the hinge fixed? Who can fix it? Can you learn that? Sorry for all of these questions, but I have an unbearable never stopping thirst for knowledge. Best regards, Lui
  7. Hi Graziano, Could you please give us examples for the tools? What are the "assortment of snapback tools"? I am interested in any advise, any link, any youtube video any details which would give me the ability not to damage/scratch the case/caseback. Next thing to the mainspring which causing me nightmares is opening the watch. Best regards, Lui
  8. Pop it on ebay for 10k then! 20% discount!
  9. I was looking for bolts and hex nuts when i got a glimpse of the box holding those barrels and i immediately knew that this is the right thing to do. The barrels and knurling was all for the lookout not for practicality. I must have some rest and do something else before I go back to the lamp. More about it here: bench lamp
  10. My next project is to clean up this incomplete screw head polisher. Actually I have already removed some dust and rust, but that was just some initial cleanup. What I don't know is that whats missing? Am I supposed to have those disks which actually do the polishing job with some paste? And what are those tiny bits in the red square? I watched a few youtube videos but I could not answer these questions.
  11. I have been busy with this bench lamp, I think I spent at least about 30 hours with it and even if it is not perfect I am pleased with the end result. Would I do it again? My immediate answer would sound like: Not a chance! Second thought: Maybe I would be happy to set up the tools and processes for a kind of a mass production. It was worth it economically as I have not spent much money on it, and it was worth it because I enjoyed bulding it and learnt? some new skills like knurling. Question mark is there because I am not sure if I learnt it, the result is again acceptable, but I dont really know how should the end result for knurling look like, when it is kind of perfect. I made, as always many mistakes during the process, blood was also shed when I tried to use my hand as a machine vice, and that spring barell tried to slice me up when I failed to hold it, instead it only could get some of my skins of one finger. Luckily my company sends me to regular first aid trainings so I could quickly apply an oily rug lying in the dust around my bench to the wound and carry on with the drilling. It also gave me the opportunity to suck some blood when I was hungry/thirsty. They say money is time so if you dont want to spend about 30 hours with sawing/planing/drilling/polishing/gluing/sanding/swearing and soldering you just could go to cousins and buy that led lamp which is a lightweight bench lamp with dimmer and you can even position it better over your work piece compared it to mine. I think this lamp will be a usefull addition to my bench from now on anyway. I used pallet and crate wood and you can see nail holes here and there and i left them there on purpose. I am going to add a switch to the base and I am in the process to decide how to lead that cable in a nice looking way still to be able to move the upper arm in and out if needed with the cable in place. Skills what were used: - some woodworking - some soldering - skip diving - time finding Tools what were used: - different kind of woodworking tools (planer and thicknesser/ chisels / sanding paper/ router / table saw / mitre saw) - angle grinder - pillar drill (used it for drilling and polishing) - laser printer - unimat 3 - cordless drill - and other tools like screwdivers / pencil / ruler / caliper / etc.. Materials what were used: - threaded stainless steel rods from the skip - copper bolts and nuts and washers from the skip - 2 core speaker cable (i had from previous project) - spring barells (i had a box of them / bought them from eBay earlier without knowing what to do with them) - a BT hub from the skip for the 12V power supply and the connector - I bought 5 led strips ($10.78) but only used 3 of them as the power supply was rated to 1.5A and one strip is using about 400 mAmps. - used pallet (collected earlier for other projects and firewood) - used building materials crate (collected earlier for other projects and firewood) - wood glue (had it, its like bread and butter you need it every day ;-) - gel medium for the photo transfer (had it from earlier project) - polishing material (had it) - some wood screws (had them) - bought a switch for £3.64 If you ever thought about what skip diving is, I can teach that to you, but be prepared that you have to give up some of your dignity. I am a professional skip diver and I can stay there longer than 10 minutes! Years of practice!
  12. Don's lamp inspired me so I created my own.
  13. Find John Senior at http://www.obsoletewatchandclockparts.com/ and talk to him asking for replacement. He is retired so he probably would not replace it himself, but could sell you the proper right sized "glass". Any watchmaker could replace a glass as far as I know, but you could also ask John to see if he recommends somebody. Probably a service would also be nice, but obviously it would cost some money. John helped me with my www eterna, he lives in York and I sent my watch to him via the post, he does not take jobs from customers anymore, but he could not resist my eterna. Alternatively check out https://www.mwrforum.net/ Good luck!
  14. And these will come with them. These are watches for children. My daughter will get them. £0.57/unit
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