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  1. Poundland screwdriver set, one bit modified for the purpose.
  2. Hi *, Sorry if this was asked before, I do not know what to look for. How is this type of screw called when it has two holes in it? And most importantly how do I unscrew it without damaging it? Is there a tool for it? How is it called? The screw in question is marked with red on the pic. Best regards, Lui
  3. This is a tale of the beginner who went for an adventure: Found another EB 8021-68 which was very much needed and at the end I managed to put a serviced EB 8021-68 together, now that sounds good, but I feel like the one who won the battle but bleeding from many wounds. - spent about 3 hours at least with the hairspring twisted and bent by myself as a mistake, followed Marks videos as how to sort it out, at the end it looked like a hairspring again, but only from a distance it was actually a disaster (had to replace) - broke the second hand, took me a while to realize it though, that little tube came off and stayed on the pivot - as i re-visited this movement many times and spent so many hours with it a left fingerprints all over it, as not all the time i had finger cots on - made scratches on the movement and on the dial what I can see even with my eyes - i did not properly dried one of the train wheel which got rusty a bit and had to clean it up - lost that little spring which holds the balance jewel in (had to replace) - and spent about 2-3 hours again trying to put the spring back in place for the quick day change mechanism, went to bed at 1:30 in the morning with a really bad headache knowing that the spring is somewhere in the room at an unknown location, next day cleaned my desk found the spring spent another hour with it when I realized that there is a window on the cover plate (what I have not tried to put back on earlier) which helps to put the spring back super easy!!!!! cry cry cry cry!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Now it is complete without the second hand and I feel that it is dirty, i would not wear it on my wrist. I attach a picture with the window marked with red it might save you that headache i had.
  4. Hi Clockmakers and Watchmakers, Originally I wanted to update one of my post (clock i got today part 4) then I realized that the topic is different so I started a new one. So now I got a number of clocks I am afraid of touch and I am probably in the same situation as many others. This is my hobby and I spend money on this and that and now I have exhausted my budget better to say I don't want to spend much more money without feeling terrible considering that I have a family and things in the house needs spending money on it. Now I could sell things I have, but what to sell? If I sell something what is not serviced yet, I miss the opportunity to learn how it works and how to service it. If it is already serviced successfully (you cannot consider to sell something you ruined) i am so proud and I love how the watch/clock looks like and I don't want to give it away. Even if i decide to sell what the shall the asking price would be? The only thing I rely on is ebay so i could look up if there is a similar item, but some of the things are just not there. I don't understand how clock/watchmakers make the money generally speaking. I was thinking that if i could go back in time I would start to learn the watch/clockmaking business and get a job as a clockmaker. But how to make the money? I spend many many hours on simple things and i understand that as you gain experience you are speeding up just like with anything else in life. But still a massive brass clock must take days to clean / repair / service. Am I right? I guess the business part also has its learning curve and you will learn how not to burn your time after a while? It would be interesting to see your thought on this topic? Not sure if this side of this clockmaking was discussed before. My best regards, lui
  5. Its actually working. Going to check if it is accurate. VID_20191104_192517.mp4
  6. And the company was liquidated in 1966. data.pdf
  7. An advertisement by Chas. Waller and Son from November 1940. churchmagazine_st_nicholas_mrc_compressed.pdf
  8. Where is the serial number? It does not seem to work by the way. I am going to replace the battery and see if the coil is not broken with an ohm meter. I spent more than 4 hours on the road to pick that lathe up, could not wait for daylight to take the pictures. I am excited.
  9. The gong is unfortunately missing. The little hammers try to hit it but they hit the air. Later when I am going to be as smart as Tompion i figure out what to do whit it.
  10. Hi Clockmakers, i got this case for free today. Could you please Id it? What would you put in it? Or shall I put it into the log burner? Best regards, lui
  11. Hi Clockmakers, could you please Id this clock? Or any comment just like my previous topic. Best regards, lui
  12. Hi Clockmakers, could you please Id this clock? Or any comment just like my previous topic. Best regards, lui
  13. Hi Clockmakers, could you please Id this clock? Or any comment just like my previous topic. Best regards, lui
  14. Hi clockmakers, Today I picked up my unimat lath, but on the way I stopped and visited a gentleman who sold me a bunch of clocks. I would appreciate if you would ID them or you would made any comment you desire to make. Best regards, lui
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