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  1. It's not a story of repairing, and its not a watch but a clock! Tried to escape from me, but I caught it, to make my life more difficult it tried to disappear in pieces. We had heavy wind today and my clock was placed on the window sill, seems it teamed up with the curtain and with a little help it went trough the window. I managed to collect every piece with the help of a ladder and even though the case suffered a bit it is still going. VID_20200925_195604.mp4
  2. A : Dunno B & C : English D : US (i was forced to bring one up to the attic recently)
  3. I have recently ruined the coating of the plates of my PUW60 movement which is not that old that mentioned above. PUW60 Unfortunately I don't have pictures about the plates themselves, but you can see that yellow section under the balance wheel where the coating ended up at the bottom of my cleaning container, i did not understand first what are those shiny bits.
  4. I re-used a soup plastic container - after eating the soup - to hold my cleaning liquid and the parts I wanted to clean and I placed it in the middle of the tank surrounded by water, it was not suspended at all, but standing flat on the bottom of the tank. Would it be the reason why my cheap Chinese ultrasonic cleaner gave up so early and died?
  5. I was thinking about those roller sinkers, they would do a semi circular shaped hole in the material while this pivot hole i have is cone shaped, would that not be an issue to have a semi circular shaped hole instead of a cone? By the way I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riXlvBfYN8Q this way you could create a cone with any angle I think.
  6. Yes the diameter of the threaded section is the most important which is exactly the same. PM sent. Would you know how do we call these? Just to name them publicly?
  7. This is a clock movement from metamec as far as I understand. Pictures and video posted earlier.
  8. Too late, patience is not my virtue, I may have made a mistake here. Found a bit what seemed to be suitable for the job in the box of my cordless rotary tool. So started rotating it, it was very difficult to see any result by rotating it by hand, almost nothing was visible so started to use the rotary tool itself. And now the silvery surface started to become yellowish. Is this thing brass with a hard surface coating? I guess I ruined it now. How is this thing called, and can it be bought as new?
  9. Could you please give me an example, picture or link? I have already tried to check out websites for countersink drill bits but only found some very expensive sets and I am not even sure if they are for the task I have at hand.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I don't have any of those. Where to buy them? What is the shape supposed to be? Cone? What angle?
  11. While i was here and I spent so much time to set up my digital camera with the microscope i used the opportunity to take a picture about both cups, here we go:
  12. I had a few minutes to take out the balance wheel to take a picture of it. What do you think? Not too bad not too good? Shall I use my unimat as a pencil sharpener? I wanted to use my incomplete screwhead polisher ( screwhead polisher ) as suggested by @Tmuir , but I dont have the right sized collet.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am going to share the details of my adventure with a trinocular stereo microscope and a digital camera attached to it. I bought a second hand AmScope SM-1T (1st purchase) and I had no experience with stereo microscopes before. What I am going to write might be evident for some, but probably will help someone out with limited experience with trinocular stereo microscopes, I might be even wrong with some of the things I am writing/thinking, please feel free to correct me as the last thing what I would like to do is to mislead somebody else. You might have a different
  14. The sternkreuz HW made the trick, the second hand is free to rotate now, took me a while - as there are so many other things i have to/want to take care of - , but it was worth it as I again learnt a bit.
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