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  1. If memory serves me right , I read here on WRT that Rolex doesn't put out datasheet, if available watchweasol gets us link to datasheets in no time, so I got lazy. Should you decide to repair it, Caliber Number is needed. You have evrything to gain by taking pictures at every step of disassembly. I don't know if there is a walkthrough ( search function) for you to browse through. Never worked on a Rolex personally, no shortage of knowledge and experience here. I guess its a chrono grade, high precision gears and excellent escapement. The more questions you ask ,
  2. Hi, Your post will get more exposure if you create a thread in help&repair section, A picture of IBM double O zero project will help. lol Lets hope no part is damaged. Your watch will be fixed. Welcome to the forum. Regs Joe
  3. Thats the name of the show, Iam told,, literally translated to English, FUNNY WITHOUT WORDS. This type of comedy though a bit rude, overcomes the language barrier to make all laugh, however it might be classified or called.
  4. HI Sanjeev, Welcome to the forum.
  5. I use a safety razor blade, the thin edge slides under the collet with relative ease , open a gap, work your way around the collet to widen the gap, once wide enough you can insert in a scredriver blade, keep on until the spring come off.
  6. You can either remove the hairpsring and refit correctly or turn the roller table to get the same effect which is a bit tricky to do with hairspring on the staff. Does it have beat adjust arm? it allows some error when refitting. Good luck
  7. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKHOP_zBu_k/?igshid=cka4nwuo9ist
  8. I'd be tempted to take the winder module off too, to see the click, rachet and winding wheel. You not only have eliminate the parts you removed but might even see the fault starring at you, also wind through rachet wheel, that eliminates quite a bit for the least. Its a process of elmination, next I guess is checking under dial. Good luck
  9. I wind the majex through the ratchet wheel, if it runs, all you might want to do for now is fixing the stem. Just drop the crown in a solution of alum in tap water, the remainder of stem will deslove in alum and I can't see if there is any thread left on the stem since you can get by with a stem extender if there is. Keep us posted please.
  10. Of all the choices you mention why Seiko? and if Seiko why not chrono grades KS? Worth every penny. Some ole high grade American made pocket watches should still be there to find.
  11. I think if you gives us a list of your watches" calibers" we can put our heads together and see which one is best to start with.
  12. Didn't realize its the same old seiko 66 manual wind, I got one or two but mine came in ladies watch. ya agree it keeps on ticking, very simple to work on.
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