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  1. Welcome to WRT forum.
  2. No need to soak for a long time, you get a clean hairspring in matter of hours ,ten to fifteen hrs. I have used lighter fluid eversince OH told about it and had no issue with the shellac.
  3. As long as about the right size, it should work.
  4. Eliminating process best start at canon pinion, next suspect is the barrel, check if lid is fully pressed in and sits level,it can rub on bridge. Check holes the arbor go in may be worn etc. Another common cause is fault in gear train.
  5. Look up AS and ST and AS ST lists.
  6. This is not an Oris in-house movement.
  7. Endstone Mix up dose not alter the distance between the two, it dose however move the balance staff thence all attached to it.
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