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  1. ST96 movements Oris used were signed on one of the bridges, crowns were signed as well as the case backs, however, dials are the rare and valuable hallmarks. Even if all parts were original, a non genuine dial, knocks the value of the piece down to that of used parts. ST96 movements currently made in India are at worst of slightly inferior quality to vintage Asian made one's put in Oris. Only Oris calibers were swiss made.
  2. Bergeon is certainly good but as watchweasol said not cheap. Among products you see on ebay bar above, some will do for a starter/ hobbyist. Screwdriver sharpener for 2.99 Set of screwdrivers for about 10 to 15 bucks Tweezers about 20 bucks Stem holder 6 to 10 bucks You can get advice on each item right here. Moebius 800 oil for about 10 Jax case back opener 10 to 15 bucks And a running watch, Mumbay special with ST96 for about 15 to 20 bucks. Plus all the help, advice and friendship on this forum.
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    Hi Ed, welcome to the forum.
  4. Hello, Welcome to the forum. Excellent resume.
  5. Seller says it,s used but looks NOS to me. PM me. These are plentiful here , I wonder why rare in your part of the globe.
  6. 0I think the movement in your watch is a Chrono grade , I have worked on lower grades of this family, hopefully wide range of interchangible parts, however, you want to rebuilt your balance complete to Chrono standards so to speak. Very true the click for crown wheel dose take over which prevents power discharge, nevertheless ratchet wheel pushes to turn ratchet wheel,s reduction wheel in the module, the small pinion type gear of which is made of base metal and can get damaged easy. The module design provides access to click screw, I loosened the click screw just enough to raise the click enough to disengage (click-crown wheel), the click can be removed altogether as well.
  7. Hi Shaun, welcome to the forum.
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