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  1. Nucejoe

    bad performance after service

    It looks like a malnija, either a 16 or 18 jewels version. You may want to take into consideration that these are not high dollar peices if it indeed turn out to be faulty staff and someone asks good money for the staff. The up and down move or jump of the balance could also be caused if the roller jewel engages wirh or hits the pallet fork jaw upon entery into the fork jaws or exit. The pivit tip can slide out of the jewel hole if the staff has axial play for any reason and in particulare worndown short staff. Oldhippy's shim senario Damaged hairspring formation Wish you a joyful experience with fixing it.
  2. Hi, trial and error is how I learned repairing. I have little accesss to databasees etc , , a brief lesson on use of them can save me a lot of time, so where do I get the name of the books, the book and lesson on use of them. Regards joe
  3. Hi everyone; Internet being my only source, I first heard the terms cross reference, database ....on this forum. Two weeks of research to start self educating on the subject, I think I best ask for help, in particulare parts for antique european watches such as audemars freres or Le phare hundered year or older seem unavailable with basic net search. I am sure the volume of response and help exceeds my expectation Thank you all for this friendly and educating forum.
  4. Hi everyone. Some vintage oris stop running not long after cleaned, I am sure the problem is common with vintage oris 677 kif and 704 kif.since I got many of them. I think of worn down staffs or weak main spring as the cause. Interestingly dropping one drop of aircraft fuel on top of the upper and lower jewels of balance wheel only and it fly like combat jet. Lots of hope to recieve your opinion. Regards joe
  5. Hi, I got down to asking questions as soon as I joined without introducing myself. Apologies. I am joe from Tehran and looking forward to making many dear friends here. Some say my vintage Oris calender pointer collection got to be the largest in the world. Aprox 600 good one and aprox 300 needing work.So I guess I best just brag about them.pointless trying to show all. A hobbyist and learned repair on my own, though many questions that I will gradually post and I hope I can be of help to someone as well as learning. Regards joe
  6. Hi everryone: I don,t see how a hobbyist vintage watch collector like me servicing my own watches can do without the know how to polish SS cases. Please advise
  7. Nucejoe

    Zodiac 70/72 clutch wheel

    Hi all, thanks for useful advice, worked fine, my zodiac runs beauifully now. Nail clipper added tomy tools.
  8. Hi, restoring my zodiac olympus, I am facing the same problem cad101 described "that culprit the slipping clutch wheel on cannon pinion cad 101 fixeď". I most apreciate if you takes the time to send me instruction on how to fix the slippage.problem. Regards nuce joe