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  1. bjd, Owner posted more pictures as I told him the piece is said to be a replica. https://esam.ir/zoomItemN.aspx?img=8522697_1591026731_910.jpg&slide=1&IDi=17986843
  2. Thank you john, I didn't know, so many different version of el primero are made. WOW.
  3. Thank you @nickelsilver good thing I asked, never had one and am not familiar with el primero class. Thank you @HSL I best look into el primero before I become the proud owner of a fake one.
  4. First time I come across this type of zenith for restoration and need your opinion. How much should I pay for it. I don't have parts for it, neither have trawled ebay for used movements to it, are new parts available ? Your feedback is appreciated. TIA
  5. Dr ranfft says, OME27DLPC was renamed ome 381.Then julesborel.com lists min the wheel for twenty some odd dollars.
  6. I remove the rotor and put some naphta on screwdriver, gently smear each teeth of the escapement wheel with naphta and all jewels to the escape mech, that is jewels to the es apement pivots , fork pivots and balance pivots. Misaligned pallet jewels stops a watch on wrist and it can start to run again. we,ll get to that next.
  7. If not shaken while runing, dose it just keep on running then?
  8. Sorry, yes sentimental, invaluable it is.
  9. Vintage and manual wind, puts it about sseventies. I imagine the bracelet is heavy.
  10. Coarse regulation is done just like normal, as if there were no fine regulator, once you get to within twenty seconds, fine regulator gives you more control underatndably its action is one of micrometer.
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