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  1. It is your display panel. are you asking the name for it ?
  2. LCD. which I think stands for; Liguid Crystal Display.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Dose it wind through stem? Dose the stem stay put in set position? Try setting in anticlock direction. Faults in set mech and minute train usually require dial removal .
  4. With the coil non-concentric like this, the oscilator would expectedly be plenty out of beat, so lucky it oscilate to 70 degrees. I take it you mean to take the cock shaped plate out to unbend, no need for furthur strip down. @KarlvonKoln you and I are on the same wavelength.
  5. Stud holder is not integrated on the cock, instead a plate is screwed down on mainplate the upper part of which points toward the staff and is to hold the stud in correct position. It seems not to perfectly pointing towards the balance jewel, that is where I got the idea of bending it back to correct position.
  6. Excuse my manners please , I forgot to say Hi all along. Could the plate been bent? since the locating pin and screw that hold the plate down on mainplate seem intact keeping the foot part firmly in place. Dose it look like you can get things aligned by bending the plate to bring back the stud in correct position? I guess it will be by trial and error, I remove the plate to do all the bendings with the plate far far away from the oscilator.
  7. umm L shaped stud ! so the horizental leg of stud wont sit alighend with the end curve of hairspring. getting close ain't I.
  8. So, does stud holder hold the stud in wrong position? and drives the coil out of center?
  9. If I correctly understand the problem . The question now is, what causes the stud move to the edge of the plate( stud holder)? If regulator slot is tightly closed and grips the HS tight, it can push to move the stud.
  10. Is this a bereguet overcoil or suppose to be? Don't coils need a bend at the end of the terminal curve to center, sometimes a bend at the begining of curve as well. Check the hight above the coil( between the coil and cock) excessive height indicates an overcoil is to be fitted.
  11. Just as a test, I would oil fork pivots+its jewel holes, to see if oscilator gains stability. Does 7006 have banknig pins ot built in banking barriers? Following oscilator's slowing down, if it keeps runing steady in static position, the escale wheel is Ok, sounds like you might have the joyful task of pallet adjust ahead or perhaps at the other end of the fork, guard pin so on. Are you sure all side shake throughout the escape mech specially fork arbour are acceptable. Good luck.
  12. Some say the clearance is not neccessary and the pinion should barely rub on both side, but in this case no clearance might eat amplitude or even stop the movement couple of months down the line.
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