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  1. I guess you have attempted to instal the escape wheel when center arbour+ the bridge on it+ balance& cock+ fork cock are installed, before these are installed, you have good access to escape wheel to slide its pivot in, then tighten screws on the large plate/ bridge, next add the said parts on. Obviously modified escape cock ( split ) must have been thought of after tons of complaimts at assembly line.
  2. Welcome to WRT forum. You can find most trademarks online.
  3. Dr ranfft says, Date quicket set by pushing the crown deeper. Day quickset set by pushinb the crown less deep.
  4. You can't miss the Oris branding and caliber on barrel bridge of all in-house vintage movements. Oris later used Asian made movements which were branded for Oris. A picture of the bridge layout helps identify the movement. And Welcome to the forum.
  5. Looking at them prices, I'll stick to my dynometric wrist.
  6. ETA 2836-2 " is " the variant with day- date so no problem there. In my neck of the woods, folks wouldn't pay for extra options such as rotating bezel, I guess you would find those mostly on modern watches or perhaps watchcases that are marketted in Europe/ America, I can't say chinese made ones are inexpensive either. In case you didn't find a case you like, I don't think I run out of my vintage cases anytime soon, to which you are welcome. Regs Joe
  7. Depends on the project you have in mind, ETA 2836-2 is very popular movement, came in different grades and many brands. Dials of different diameter fit on 2836-2, there is also the question of genuine Swiss or Asian made watches, vintage or modern? stainless cases or otherwise? and hands to fit. Its the NOS genuine dials that are hard to come by, used ones are not so rare nor too hard to find. I think I saw some chinese made dials on aliexpress or amazon. My late watch maker left tons of spare parts, scrap watches, his son lets me in his shop, so there is a chance I find
  8. I like to blame this on auto correct, facts are I mistake the two spelling. Regs Joe
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