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  1. Good luck. Awaitng the news of success at your first try.
  2. Hi, I shim the cock outbound ( pig,s ear with a piece of aluminum foil) to temoprarily lower the cock jewel so to prevent the wheel from turning. And mix the epoxy( not runny) after all is set up, smother the expoxy( using a safety razor) on a flat surface( piece of cardboard or glass etc) thin like .25 mm or less, all this just to have good control over the amount of epoxy you pick up, avoid picking excess epoxy ( so if your hand moves/ shakes no expoxy would be on the sides of the blade to get on other parts. Apply the glue and leave stud slot face up. You should have some acetone ready, to immediately rinse if any part get messed up with epoxy. Some epoxy may inevitably ran down the slot, which can later be scraped off. You should expect perfect results. No hard task for a horologist. Regards
  3. Nucejoe

    Lesson: Part 2 - Removing Balance

    Make sure the upper pivot is out of the jewel if you grab the cock and BW togther and you are not squashing the HS. The BW is not to be actually grabbed rather the wheel hangis on tweezers.
  4. Nucejoe

    Watch Repair Course

    Congrat JD, Your acheivements and satisfaction is encouraging. Best wishes
  5. Nucejoe

    UPDATE Mind boggling escapement issue

    You always have the option to replace the cock- balance with the good runing one( other one), that is why I always recommend the two or more of the same movement. Lets get back to the one you are working on, that stops, tilted at 45 degrees on 9 O,clock position. If your diagnosis is right, the roller pin gets stuck on safety pin since the two get closer, if tilted on 9 oclock, what saith you should happen if tilted at 45 deg, positioned on 3 Oclock, where expectedly (Roller and safety get farther apart ) . If I am right, 3 or 9 O,clock positions should make little or no difference. Regards
  6. Nucejoe

    UPDATE Mind boggling escapement issue

    Dose it run in static positions, crown up, fcae down at 45 degree angle? Could pivot be slipping out of upper jewel hole.
  7. Nucejoe

    What Tissot watch is this??

    Amazon got a screwdriver shapener for €2.09 , that with an inexpensive set, is your best bet. Some sets are like five or six dollars for five piece screwdrivers of popular size.
  8. Nucejoe

    What Tissot watch is this??

    A true horologist hides a strong magnet around his bench. The part that pinged off and others you don,t yet know have left your bench, find your magnet. So is the prefered option over watch parts salad.
  9. Nucejoe

    fhf 909 running slow

    The link sbiws how to on zodiac which got an offset canon pinion. Tighthening is the same.
  10. Nucejoe

    fhf 909 running slow

    Use a nipper to tighthen. http://lsyf.com/repairing-zodiac-offset-cannon-pinion/
  11. looks like I am going to need lots of good luck to find a chronometer grade movement.
  12. Nucejoe

    fhf 909 running slow

    Sounds like loose canon pinion.
  13. Nucejoe

    UPDATE Mind boggling escapement issue

    Which banking pin did you replace? How did you adjust it for position? At what point dose the BW stop ? Dose it get locked when it stops? Furnish more data please.
  14. You were right, 5626-5090 and the serial is 4N1347.
  15. Nucejoe

    UPDATE Mind boggling escapement issue

    To check for bent staff, I remove the HS, the fork and fork bridge, instal the BW back in, therefore, the BW is free to spin as in truing caliper, then, I spin the wheel by air puffer, thence can observe how balance is the roller table and the wheel. Or how bent is the staff. If the staff turns out to be bent, the wheel is already stripped for whatever operation is to follow.