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  1. Hi Jess, welcome to the forum.
  2. Thanks for the tip Andy, will try, fingers crossed.
  3. Hi Jess, welcome to the forum.
  4. Didn't see the pic, page wont open. More important is to blow all paint pieces out of the movement and if movement is still in the case, you best not wear the watch.
  5. Don't most parts interchange in its family. Check ranfft.com to find other calibers of the same family.
  6. First time I see rotor screw C not end flush level with the rotor. Perhaps the screw is somewhat loose here. If you didn't see the screw head on the other side, you may need to remove a tiny cap to get to the center screw. So far as I remember the click ( circled) would let you release the power, or did I use to loosen the click screw a turn or two and raised the click and release the power. There should be a trick there to pull to release barrel power. To reassemble, I would not tighten the two darker color rotor screws all the way down,since gear teeth on ratchet wheel reduction wheel may not be in mesh with those of ratchet wheel, best to gently press down the winder device while turning the ratchet wheel to get the two said gear teeth mesh up. I hope you can understand my English.
  7. Welcome to the forum Sven.
  8. Thanks for explaining Marc. I always wondered howcome some vintage reversers are gummed up with dried oil, " little or no carrier solvent". Thanks and best wishes.
  9. Rogart63 reported lubeta having disappeared from the bottle he had, dispite the lid tightly.preesed on. Was it through EVAPORATION? Dose lubeta v106 .evaporate? I guess v105 dose not.
  10. So am I correct to gather that Tudor lubes by ETA specifications or dose go by Rolex standards? TIA.
  11. I heard it and expect a high grade movement from the luxury brand. Usually decorations indicate some higher grade. Starting a thread on the subject brings bunch of info.
  12. Fixodrop is a recommended grease for reversers. Refer to Moebius oil site. At high reverser speed oil gets thrown out of its bearings. This grease seals the oil in place, thereby keeps the selfwinder device efficient. It is also recommended for pallet jewel- escape teeth interface. Stays put. Many discussions to be found on the subject, through the search function. Regards
  13. I put some penetrating oil on the stud screw and top of the stud as well as the boot, let soak over night, if needed soak longer to remove balance complete. Oil around the jewel housing too. Dismantle the cock, remove the regulator arm and stud career. Remove the jewel housing, shock spring go in lighter fluid. Show a picture of the coil while on balance wheel. Except balance complete, balance jewels, the rest takes a 24 hr bath in Cocacola ( I mean the entire movement). Other screws that have enjoyed the coke bath will unscrew real easy. brush all with tooth brush use powder laundrey detergent. Gears and pinions take a half hr bath in vinager and get rinsed and brushed under tap water, use powder detergent. Important to time the vinegar bath, no longer than thirty mins.
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