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  1. Hi, I got zippo lighter fluid and am testing , short term soaks seem alright, soaked over night or longer seem to have paled the co!or as though have chemically reacted with chrome plating, Dose Ronson act the same, something to be concerned about?
  2. Nucejoe

    Remove watch dial

    Ok, the pix just opened, the h/s is level so not much work to get the coil in nice concentric shape. Should demagnetise and clean possible contamination. Regards joe.
  3. Nucejoe

    Remove watch dial

    Hi, I think you mean jewel cabs, the flat side of the cab normally interfaced with staff pivot is to have perfect shiny flat surface. Pivots if chipped can dril a hole in the center of the cabs. Such cabs do not neccessarily have to be replaced, you can install it up side down ie: interface cab's dome side with the pivot. You need to check if the pivots are chipped and have drilled the hole on cabs, high magnification may be required to see chipped/ damaged pivots. To clean the flat side of cab, simply put the cab on a page of note book paper( rough surface paper) pour several drops of lighter fluid on the paper, drag the cab over the paper smeared with lighter fluid, several times. You wouldn,t beleive your eyes how the cab surface shines. Rinse the cab, ready to be installed. As for the lost jewel, only one of the correct hole size works. H/S manipualtion is perhaps teachable by vidio. Internet has been slow and spotty over the paat week. Regards joe
  4. Nucejoe

    Ice Watch

    Hi , If you like to try getting the same movement run,You may try my weird methods. If you can reach any gear in the movement with a toothpick. Try shaking clock/ counterclock. You need a solvent of some sort, lighter fluid , automobile fuel....... Insert the battery in place, drop the movement in solvent for few seconds, remove and try to shake the wheel radially. Pushing the seconds hand forward helps too, the movement comes to life. You may let it run submerged in solvent for like twenty seconds at a time, remove let solvent evaporate.repeat. Next would be to remove the hands and dial plate to gain access to both sides for lubrication with any light oil, sewing machine, hair clipper oil..... send us pictures of the movement to mark for you the hole to be lubricated. Regards joe.
  5. Nucejoe

    Balance Staff Pivot Length

    Dear mistergrumpy. Show close up pix of the movement on this thread. if not identified, Poast " identify this movement" in appropriate forum. Avoid long threads, hard to joiin in or survive the endless discussioons. Balancestaff.com and Dr ranfft and other database provide some details. Regards joe.
  6. Nucejoe

    Re-jewel or resize pivots?

    Hi there, I vote for brand new original staff. Regards joe.
  7. Nucejoe

    My pocket watches

    Cleaning, overhaul, lathes, other machines?
  8. Nucejoe

    My pocket watches

    Would a pocket malnija cater your taste? Comes with all spare parts you will need. Regards joe
  9. Nucejoe

    ETA 2832 4th wheel seating

    Hi Adam, I am happy to have been of any help. Your clear to understand description( evevn to a non native English spaeker I am) plus pictures, makes working with you fruitful, aren,t we all learning? Awaiting a pic of the watch on your wrist working perfectly.So This guy can play his tune. Regards joe
  10. Nucejoe

    Omega 30T2PC

    Hi there. How about staffs end shake when amplitute is !ow? If no end shake observed. 1. Loosen the cock screw to where you say the wheel picks amplitute. 2. Grab the balance wheel with tweezers, no force, just slight up and down the wheel rim which causes staff pivots to move correspondingly, what your after is to get the pivot to drop into jewel hole if it isn,t already, put some feel to it try for both pivots. You should feel the pivot dropping into hole.perhaps you hear the tic sound of pivot entery. Thighten the screw. It no good. Loosen the cock balance screw to raise the cock to creat a gap about 0.25 mm ( no need to indent the plate where the cock sits) .make a shim, cut one out of thin aluminum foil about one mm width , placing the shim inside the gap ,on either side of cock pins raises or lower the cock jewel as you thighten the cock screw. With In and out postioning of the shim you get exact raise of the bridge cock.. If no good, loosen the screw on escapement cab and observe. If no good, we look to diagnose the fault. Close up pix may help. Regards joe
  11. Nucejoe

    ETA 2832 4th wheel seating

    Or have I got all the points in your question?
  12. Nucejoe

    ETA 2832 4th wheel seating

    Hi Adam, Pushed back in place, grab the tube with tweezers slightly shake the tube sideways to get a feel of how firmly it holds in place, should not move back out of the mainplate easy. You wouldn,t want the tube s!ide back out again by a shock... etc.... when the watch is serviced and on wrist. Clockboy's question how has it moved? Was the watch runing before service. Awares us of this most important point. Regards joe.
  13. Nucejoe

    ETA 2832 4th wheel seating

    C tube should be fully inserted and level flat with the plate from inside.
  14. Nucejoe

    ETA 2832 4th wheel seating

    Close up of the center tube . Looks to me the center tube is not fully inserted in place. Go back to pic one, check if the C tube is fully inserted in. Push on it with the falt part of ,end part of your tweezers , to the C tube in place, no excessive force required. Regards joe.