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  1. I have bunch of similare looking bridge and no idea of thier identification, watchmaker estate. I will look if I know what size to find. No problem shipping small items like a jewel. Regards
  2. This subject has previously been covered, Endsrones limit the staffs axial play thence all else including very important impulse jewel stays within bound, further pivot rests on endstone instead of pivot shoulder. You can remove endstones to clean, peg and oil. Put some penetrating oil on the two little screws, let sink in over night, unscrew the next day. Regards joe
  3. Thank you @rogart63 , for sending me the escapewheel. I will pass on three winding stems and three staffs to forum members in appreciation of your generosity.
  4. Fault at set mech, you wouldn,t see unless mech is revealed, remove dial plate and all that covers the mech and test its Functioning. Little left to a full clean. Helps to Post pix, calib? Regards joe
  5. Agree with all above. If you decide to remove the endstone assembly, soak in naphta for a day or use penetrating oil on the screws, leave oil to soak-in over night. Sharpen a screwdriver to perfect fit, place the cock on a hard flat surface, press rather hard on the screwdriver, if it dosn,t unscrew easy, soak more. These little screws get stripped easy.
  6. Ya, Looks like the crown wheel ring. No panic, just don,t loose any parts, give it a good clean, will work with you for reassembly. Easy easy.
  7. Just tighten the spring for better grip on arbor. Can be wound in manually, rinse and grease afterwards, start from outer coils to wind in.Greasing wont be as thorough but hardly the end of the world. Wear protective gogles. I assume it is manual wind.
  8. I guess the pic is just for desplay, are first and second gears in right jewels( place)? Regulator arm is unconventionally close to the stud.
  9. The good news is, I have got couple of SS cases for a perfect fit with ETA 2824 and most eta automatics. The bad news: I need and expect an escapement wheel for bulova 11blacd in return .. Regards
  10. Hi Sean, Welcome to WRT forum.
  11. Hi Barry, Welco!e to WRT forum.
  12. Refer to ranfft to see parameters, F, T and H , for each movement, which should fit those of the case correspondingly. Considering the dial thickness of course.
  13. Please add " in both clock and counterclock direction" as you spin the hands. hands may rub in counterclock direction.
  14. I presume hour indicators are golden, nevertheless; To begin with give DIAL diameter, I have a bunch of screwback SS cases.
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