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  1. Forgot to tell, you shouldn,t wear the watch or change the day/ date manually before getting the fault fixed, as movement of date may scratch the paint. Regards
  2. The winding means the stem is attached, so we are back to ghartman diagosis, the dial plate is rotating. First we need to check online for movements diagram to see if dial came with feet? Braking the feet with the movement in the housing, is not a job for an ordinary man, so you would as well need a bus for taking to vacation ,the kids you are going to have . Second if you actually managed to break the feet. I agree with ghaftman to use double side tape. And last but not least , this is not a big job, don,t let the repairman rip you off. Good luck Regards
  3. Broken dial feet seems highly unlikely since the day/ date is rightly placed under it's window. Check functions throgh crown, winding( if it dose, though automatic, day/date quck set etc. I think you may have a snapped/ detached stem. Regards
  4. Nucejoe

    Broken LeJour Chronometer

    Hi, I joined in your long thread late and am lost. What parts do you need? Regards.
  5. Right, the proper name is gyroscope. Flying the h/s in the mvement with h/ of known cgs seems time consuming, I wounder if you are talking of an easier method. Regards
  6. Hi, You mean dtermine the cgs without use of ergometer? Flying the H/S in your watch? If you will please clarify/explain. Hi, You don't understand? The cgs? Clarify please. Regards
  7. Hi, You don't understand? The cgs? Clarify please. Regards
  8. Nucejoe

    What are these tools for?

    Hi and welcome. Will you intrduce/ recommend an appraiser as well. Regards
  9. As long as it dose not impedes the free movement of the train. It wouldn,t be a watch/ movement you would want to purchse neither to take pride in, but keeps time on your wrist. The choice you take very much depnds on the value of your watch. ,,
  10. Nucejoe

    Longines 430 Advice Needed

    What is wrong with the spring?
  11. Nucejoe

    Vintage Watch Repair

    No need chcking accuracy as you wind twice aday, adjustment is by machine. Lucky Endeaver is well equipped to print lots of graphs, diagnosis, however, is for the repairman. Regards
  12. Nucejoe

    Vintage Watch Repair

    Obiously variations of base calib 2602 were marketed. In case you see large numbers anywhere on it, don,t let that freak you out, thems just give info of year made, even which plant it was made in and how cold the weather was back then. Regards
  13. Nucejoe

    Vintage Watch Repair

    Once you did get to the I have got two movements looking like this, the calib or the locatin endeavor is talking about says SU then underneath 3NM2602, only the letter N is upside down, I think its the russian equalent of the letter H in English. Regards
  14. Nucejoe

    Vintage Watch Repair

    Here he is indicating he dose not want to go for it. Regards