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  1. See if the reversers in selfwinder module turn as you give it manual wind. Listen for sound from barrel as wind. Mainspring's dimensions are to be measured to find a suitable replacement for the MS. Which I am likely to have .
  2. Hi J, Sorry for my late response. For some reason I had thought I replied, old age. My view is one of a collector. The movement looks in mint condition, seems to me dial has had better complexion in youth. I would not sell. Best wishes.
  3. 310 degree and good time keeping, indicates higher wheel speed, the wheel can pick up even more speed (by strong sudden move of hand) such that impulse pin wouldn,t be at the right position to receive energy from the fork horn, rather passes by the horn ahead of time, so can happen if pin guard is bent. No strong sudden move by the winder. Have you red the thread titled "temperature dependence" ? I hope this helps.
  4. Hi Do you have a spare fork+ pallets to eliminate this one? Are you video equipped to show escape to balance inclusive? Pin guard bent of pushed in?
  5. Hi david, Welcome. On the avg newbies got higher destruction record than just one, but it is OK, you shouldn,t let that bother you. Looking forward to making friends with you so I can learn some horology. Regards
  6. Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. Will Rogers WRT too, is an instrument of communication.
  7. Hi and welcome. New bracelete for ingersoll navigator are avaiable on amazon for ten bucks or so.
  8. Normally anyone who used to work on a certain caliber, should have bunch of scrap balances, from which a good impulse pin can be removed and reused. I don,t see that as anything unusual, The problem is proper removal and installation which requires staking set and some skill, So as long as you got a good HS and the matching wheel , the rest is what used to be routinely done at repairshops. Another wheel is not a good option. Hardly any demand for parts to such old pieces so they are cheap.Once we know the right one, I think I should send two just to be on the safe side. I guess many diferent size staffs of similare shape we made for various calibers. I got a feeling this is one of those instances you see an old piece which gives a feeling of the golden days and you feel good bringing it back to life. I enjoy seeing you see the job through for that feeling and is truely worth it. I had no idea I could get this poetic. regards
  9. According to balancestaffs.com, The closest would be rego 148, correct you are153, 154, 148, 1149 linge 13.5 . I forwarded the pic you posted to this retired repairman just by the looks he says he got the staff but not the impulse pin and added looks like you can use an impulse pin, looks damaged. To get the exact right staff, we now need a friend with micrometer. I,ll dig in my bag of tricks for possible complete balance, don,t even know if spare ones were marketed. Next I,ll check your birthday date. Regards
  10. Cool vintage looks. Refurbish the indicators at 1 & 2, and an original crown, you got a collectible piece.
  11. Dial plate is a find, if 100% original.
  12. Hi J, Try turnin( clockwise) the hr hand passed the 24th hr like to 2 or 3 oclock. Next turn back ( anti Clock) to hr eight, then turn ( clock wise) passed 24th hr. This should jump the day to the next. Day/ date set mech is a culprit on these( date, by repeated pushing on the crown) , keeps breaking the return spring. Best wishes
  13. Hi, Push on the crown to set the day. Clean looks, fixed stud holder , good ole version.
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