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  1. I just rebuilt a 7002A this weekend. I was very careful with cleaning/oiling, fitted a new mainspring and used a few dots of 8213 on the barrel. The gear train, balance are as free as they could be - amplitude about 235 deg DU/DD. Seems about typical for the few Seiko's I have. I know they have low amplitudes, so I'm happy as it is.
  2. +2 what JDM says. Always a chance of damaging the hairspring or collet.
  3. I polished some very deep scratches out of a crystal using a #1000 diamond coated whetstone (use water). It was a hard crystal as wet and dry paper did nothing. I then polished with diamond paste using a small felt disc on a Dremel
  4. I did put in a slightly stronger mainspring, and yes, I did post about breaking grease. In confident its now winding enough before slipping. There are some new barrels on sale but I can't find the part number. If anyone has a parts list? I also fitted a new balance, so it's not the hairspring
  5. I think the problem could be play in the barrel arbor. One barrel had holes which were badly worn. Even with the one that seemed OK, I can tilt the barrel a bit when it's installed. With it on the timegrapher I can get the amplitude going from about 190 to 220 deg by tilting the edge of the barrel with some pegwood. I think that's a clue ! The power does go through the sweep second pinion (seems odd) - which takes it from the bottom third wheel to the top one. So it's worth checking that the sweep second pinion is fitting ok, and oiled.
  6. I can't figure out that double wheel. It looks like both wheels mesh with the sweep second pinion! I managed to get a new balance quite cheaply. The problem was finding the part number. Have a look here, basically the same movement and good amplitude https://mitka.co.uk/2019/05/20/service-citizen-150m-diver-68-5372/#more-12743
  7. So I'm not the only one! Unfortunately setting 46 degrees makes it worse. I wasn't sure the timegrapher was correct so I put a mark on the balance, and it agreed.
  8. I've been trying on and off for months to get reasonable amplitude from a 33J Citizen Cal 5204. The gear train runs as freely as any watch I've cleaned, and the balance swings freely, no rubbing. I've inspected all jewels/pivots under the microscope, oiled as per Technical Guide. Fitted new mainspring and balance (end-shake OK). There are no cracked or loose jewels. Demagnetised And yet I couldn't get above 180 - 200 deg amplitude, despite stripping, re-cleaning, re-examining all the parts (several times) I never give up (though I might have to on this) . So I looked for another movement to start swapping parts. After weeks of searching I eventually found another cal 5204 movement (not common!) The hole at the bottom of the barrel was worn, but the movement looked very good. So I cleaned/inspected/oiled this one, used the better barrel with the new mainspring from the first movement. The gear train was beautifully free, the balance swung nicely, all was looking great ......... and I get 190 deg amplitude! I just can't see where the problem is. Does anyone have experience of these models, who could suggest some ideas ? This could be the first one to beat me
  9. Modern automatic springs are just a single part, they don't have a separate 'brake'. The part you need is : GR39981X https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/145mm-height?code=GR39981X
  10. I just received some Moebius 8213 Grease from a 'large UK supplier'. On the label it says : 'Exp 12/2017'. I haven't used 8213 before, and I know it's a solid grease, but this seems to have set ! It is more like wax, it won't flow at all.
  11. Thanks @saswatch88. Speedtimerkollektion have a barrel for a cal 5204 but it doesn't look in great shape. There are new barrels on ebay, but I don't know the part number. This is my first Citizen, and I find it annoying that it's so hard to find information and parts. I've got several Seiko's - I like that it's so easy and cheap to find spares
  12. I'm pinning my hopes on it being the mainspring. I've examined every jewel/pivot under the microscope - the gear train runs beautifully, (tried all individually and together) as does the new balance (nothing touching). The pallet/jewels look good. Had it stripped down about 6 times trying to find the cause ! Currently showing just 215 deg. Out of interest I looked up the coefficient of frictions (sliding) for brass and nickel : nickel to mild steel is 0.64, brass to mild steel 0.44 (couldn't find numbers for spring steel) So when the nickel wears through, the friction drops about 30%
  13. As @nickelsilver pointed out, the barrel has worn through the nickel plating to brass. I therefore plan to change the barrel, when I can find a replacement - there are some NOS on ebay but I don't know the part number. Anyone got a reference to Citizen parts lists? I have the technical/service manuals but can't find any parts list. With a replacement barre l+ new spring + 8213, I should hopefully get decent amplitude !
  14. The barrel wall doesn't look too bad, a bit worn and smooth. I'll try to get a replacement barrel and some 8213.
  15. I agree the spring doesn't look right in that pic. There were signs that it had been rubbing on the barrel lid. One reason I changed it was the height was 1.1 mm, whereas the original spec shows 1.2 mm I do use a spring winder, though as these wind the 'wrong way' I have to wind it in to the next smaller winder, then transfer it to the correct size to get it the right way round. I unwind it by releasing the click whilst controlling the crown in my fingers. I agree it's a good idea to remove the lid and watch it wind, though the slot in the arbor isn't deep enough for a screwdriver, so I'll have to try and use a pin vice.
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