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  1. mikepilk

    Incabloc spring replacement

    This is one of the more fiddly tasks. It takes some practice before you can do it with tweezers. When I was struggling to do it, I put some Rodico just above where the spring goes - make a vertical surface. Then stick the spring to it, so it's just above the slot. I use some sharpened pegwood to push the bottom of the spring down in to the slot, whilst moving the top of the spring in to the correct angles using another piece of pegwood or tweezers. With the spring held in the Rodico, it's easier to manipulate without it pinging off. Cap jewel tiddly-winks is another good game !
  2. I hadn't spotted that. It's heavy opposite the impulse jewel, and the slot does look a bit wider on that side. I managed to find sizes of slotting files on the Vallorbe website. The finest listed is "cut 8", = 0.35 mm, much too big for these screws. Some of the screws have already been cut. I might be able to swap some round to get closet to balance.
  3. Having fitted a new balance staff to an Omega 26.5T3, I found that the balance is a lot out of poise. I have a couple of tools which make countersink holes in to screw heads - but they look untidy and don't want to do that. So I've decided to buy a slotting screw head file, but don't know which one. Cousin's have them listed as 'Cut 2' to 'Cut 8' (the finest), https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/slotting-screw-head-1850-vallorbe-swiss Could someone please suggest the most appropriate file ?
  4. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    The 100/594 looks almost the same as Ronda 1856 - length 330 v 332, collet/roller diameters only 0.01 difference. I'll go for which ever I can find. I don't have a lathe, but do have a Jacot tool, so can only do minor adjustments.
  5. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    I've just measured the staff. I Haven't removed it yet, so had to use digital verniers instead of a micrometer. .... and realised that the roller and collet diameters (G and K above) the same for all the staffs ! My measurements are collet 49, roller 41. I found this on an ebay ad : If 2796 and 3880 are only for Incabloc, then it's got to be 1855/6. And from the collet sizes, it looks like Ronda 1856 is the one ?
  6. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    I found that on ebay too - that's why I mentioned the collet size.
  7. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    I was hoping that the staffs changed with year /serial number. Seems not
  8. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    But with both pivots missing, and two of the staffs only 0.05 mm difference in length ! I might be able to do it on the width at the hairspring collet.
  9. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    They also have it listed as the other numbers too.
  10. I've got an Omega 26.5 T3 (non-Incabloc) with both pivots broken on the balance staff. There appears to be several versions available - Incabloc, normal, short, long. I've found Ronda 1855, 2796, 3880 Can anyone help as to which I need, or do I have to push out the old one and try to measure it ?
  11. mikepilk

    Mondia 17J Help

    Can you provide a picture of the movement ?
  12. Looks good Funny that we should both have very similar problems. Maybe that's why there aren't many of these movements around? I think mine's good enough. I'm not going to mess any more unless I have too. I'll see after a couple of days wearing it. I was looking for Revue movements after I was so impressed with the quality of the first one I got, a Cal 59 (pics below). All the parts just fitted together so well - lovely engineering. Maybe the MSR aren't quite as good ?
  13. I managed find a suitable spring to fit in the cut-out without needing any holding - you can see the cut-out in the pic I posted above. Maybe I need a slightly stronger spring as the minute hand doesn't always quite line up with the markers on the dial - sometimes a fraction behind, sometimes a fraction ahead ! It's an odd movement. I've never had such problems with the motion works. It's always been the balance/gear train- which are fine. I'm getting good amplitude and it's keeping very good time.
  14. mikepilk

    Omega 552 amplitude problems

    Huge selection on ebay. Don't believe the magnification claims I recommend getting one with a stand that holds it vertical.