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  1. I had been waiting for ages to get a Universal Geneve, and finally got a nice 40s vintage Cal 267. It just need a little tweek to adjust the hairspring overcoil. I bought some Vetus tweezers with a very fine point - but they were quite hard to compress. I gave the overcoil the required tweek, and released the tweezers too soon ..... completely trashed the hairspring. Still makes me squirm when I think of it. Of course, hairsprings for these are like the proverbial "unicorn poo". The balance was only used on one other calibre. I have a permanent watch on ebay ..... one day.
  2. I bought a Seiko LordMatic cal 5606A and noticed the quick change day-date wasn't working. A bit of Googling found out that they rarely do on these movements, due to the plastic wheel on the day-date corrector wheel rocker breaking (see pic). As it's such a common problem, I thought I was lucky to find a NOS one on ebay. Unfortunately the plastic wheel on that was already broken - I've since read that this is common on NOS items, the plastic ages and breaks. The one I have at the moment is spare time, so I found a bit of brass from an old pocket watch, got my finest file (#6), drilled a 1 mm hole, and started filing ... It took a while .... But got something close : I think it's OK as a first effort at making a part. It's not perfect, far from it, but doesn't need to be as it only needs to push the day-date wheels over. What I found was : I couldn't have done it without my stereo microscope Although a #6 file seems very fine, it's way too course to finish the part. I believe you can get #8 and #10 cuts. I sharpened the end of an old screwdriver to use like a chisel. I finished with some 3000 grit paper, but it's not easy to fix a small enough piece to use. I haven't stripped the movement yet, so don't know if the part works - can't see why it shouldn't Mike
  3. I have a Citizen Crystal Seven which had very deep scratches in the (very thick) glass. Wet and dry wasn't having much effect, so I used a 1000 grit diamond whetstone (plenty of water). It worked really well, then I moved on to diamond paste.
  4. I have a new balance staff to fit an Omega 26.5. It fits OK apart from the roller being too tight. Is there any way I can reduce the roller seat diameter, as I'd rather do this than broach the roller? I don't have a lathe, but do have a Jacot tool - but can't see a safe way to do it. Any ideas ?
  5. It might. It's really critical that they are epilamed, so try to get some. You can't really over epilame, but on these Rolexes you can definitely under epilame. You have convinced me. I managed to buy just 5ml
  6. I wondered if i clean in naptha then isopropanol it will remove the epilame
  7. @clockboy do you know how long Epilame lasts? And what will dissolve it. Naptha, isopropanol? I'm about to service a friends 2230 movement which has never been serviced And I'm not planning on buying any Epilame just for that! (I wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives to Epilame. Mobile phone screens use an oleophobic coating which can be renewed with a wipe on liquid)
  8. Someone suggested using a tiny amount of 9415 on the edges.
  9. @JohnR725 So are the reverser wheels oiled on there edges or not ? The diagram shows 'do not oil', in which case what's the point of the epilame? I notice that Mark applies a drop of something to the edge of the wheel ( 7min 50s) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8WNrtahT4Q
  10. The stud doesn't look vertical to me in the middle pic. Is it just the weight of the stud making the spring cone downwards ?
  11. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_1130N
  12. On ranfft he makes the comment that there were several different bridge configurations. There's also a variant 1130N which doesn't have the metal plate on the escape wheel jewel. It's hard to see from the pic if it's just a plain jewel.
  13. I managed to get the tangle out without taking the hairspring off. I used a clean oiler and ran it outward from the collet. Then some fine tweezers to lift the coils. I have good a couple of kinks to sort out. New balances are available from Cousin's for only £10 but I wanted to learn how to do this. Thanks for to suggestions.
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