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  1. It might. It's really critical that they are epilamed, so try to get some. You can't really over epilame, but on these Rolexes you can definitely under epilame. You have convinced me. I managed to buy just 5ml
  2. I wondered if i clean in naptha then isopropanol it will remove the epilame
  3. @clockboy do you know how long Epilame lasts? And what will dissolve it. Naptha, isopropanol? I'm about to service a friends 2230 movement which has never been serviced And I'm not planning on buying any Epilame just for that! (I wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives to Epilame. Mobile phone screens use an oleophobic coating which can be renewed with a wipe on liquid)
  4. Someone suggested using a tiny amount of 9415 on the edges.
  5. @JohnR725 So are the reverser wheels oiled on there edges or not ? The diagram shows 'do not oil', in which case what's the point of the epilame? I notice that Mark applies a drop of something to the edge of the wheel ( 7min 50s) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8WNrtahT4Q
  6. The stud doesn't look vertical to me in the middle pic. Is it just the weight of the stud making the spring cone downwards ?
  7. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_1130N
  8. On ranfft he makes the comment that there were several different bridge configurations. There's also a variant 1130N which doesn't have the metal plate on the escape wheel jewel. It's hard to see from the pic if it's just a plain jewel.
  9. I managed to get the tangle out without taking the hairspring off. I used a clean oiler and ran it outward from the collet. Then some fine tweezers to lift the coils. I have good a couple of kinks to sort out. New balances are available from Cousin's for only £10 but I wanted to learn how to do this. Thanks for to suggestions.
  10. I'd just put the hairspring back on after tightening the collet. I thought I was suddenly getting great amplitude and no beat error before I realised the collet was loose ! I put it on a balance tack to work on, but that didn't seem to help. I recently bought a stereo microscope which makes fiddling with hairsprings so much easier. I always found it very difficult with a 10x loupe as the working distance is so small. I was thinking of pinning it down, then running a fine oil round the coils starting from the collet.
  11. Taking this balance from the cock, I managed to get the hairspring coils tangled. Does anyone have a technique to untangle the coils? Last time this happened, I tried to pull the coils apart with 2 pairs of tweezers - accidentally released the pressure on one pair ..... and I'm still looking for a new hairspring on a (very very hard to find) Universal Geneve Cal 267 This is a cheap Poljot - but I'd still like to figure it out. Thanks Mike
  12. I think you could be right @clockboy With the correct lift angle of 42 deg, I'm seeing about 280 deg amplitude. At 278 deg it's fine, but as soon as it hit's 280 the problem starts. I can't see any coils sticking, but guess that must be the problem ? I'll clean the hairspring and re-check the jewels. (I did a de-mag) The jewels are well stuck in - the Russian have been generous with the glue ! So it must be a sticking hairspring?
  13. Good point @yankeedog. I could only find the lift angle for the 26xx which is 51. A bit of googling has turned up 42 deg for 24xx. That will knock the reading down quite a bit. Also the beat error was 5.4ms, I wonder how much effect that would have?
  14. This is the first movement I've cleaned since getting my stereo microscope. You see so much more dust! So everything was spotless and carefully oiled.
  15. Just looked under the microscope and I can see the impulse jewel get close to the pallet fork. The banking pins don't look distorted. Didn't notice any lose pallet jewels. I'll check.
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