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  1. mikepilk

    Omega 26.5T3 alternative hairsprings ?

    I guessed that there might be Tissot using the same balance, but it doesn't show any in Bestfit (or for Lemania)
  2. mikepilk

    Omega 26.5T3 alternative hairsprings ?

    Thanks, that's useful info. It is a non-inca balance - I just changed the staff. It would be useful if there was a list of the diameter of the balances - then I could look for a similar balance+overcoil hairspring (running at 18000). Maybe, as you say, have to tweek the overcoil, and even change the staff (if the hole is the same size).
  3. mikepilk

    Omega 26.5T3 alternative hairsprings ?

    There is a Renata complete balance replacement - 268. But they seem about as common as the original parts ! I''m only vaguely aware of how to vibrate a new spring - but how does it work if you have an overcoil ?
  4. mikepilk

    Omega 26.5T3 alternative hairsprings ?

    Thanks for the advice. I tried all the usual sources without success, that's one I haven't found before. I'll see what I can do with the spring, even if it's only for the practice. I don't want to end up selling the watch for parts, but it might be a long wait until I find a suitable spring.
  5. I had an accident whilst trying to take some 'coning' out of the hairspring on an Omega 26.5T3 - I had it on a balance tack, which I knocked over (it happens ) - completely mangling the spring. It was so distorted (including the Brequet Overcoil) that I had to straighten the outer coils just to figure out where to start. I'm starting to get it in to some sort of shape. I'm pretty confident of getting the coils in to a workable state, but I'm not sure I'm up to the overcoil. I've tried before and failed. My chance of finding a replacement hairspring is virtually nil. Is there any chance of finding a hairspring from another type of movement which would be close enough to use - or is it not even worth considering ? Did Omega manufacture the balance/hairspring themselves, or where they generic parts ? I just bought a copy of the BestFIt catalogue and the 'Complete Balance' number (477) is only used on the Omega cal 100, and the 26.5T1/3 which are derivatives of it. So it looks like I'll have to improve my skill with the tweezers ? I have the 'Chicago School of Watchmaking Lessons' which had detailed instructions on how to make an overcoil, but it does mention using 'overcoil tweezers'.
  6. I don't expect high amplitudes from Seiko - but with new balance and mainspring, I was hoping for more. I have a couple more Seiko's and they only manage 220-240 amplitude, looks like this one is the same !
  7. I've just cleaned a couple myself - I use an old contact lens storage case to keep the jewels separate. A drop of lighter fluid, and float in hot water in the ultrasonic. Then rinse in isopropanol
  8. I've been struggling to get this Seiko 7002A to show an amplitude of greater than about 230 deg on my Weishi 1000 Timegrapher (52 deg lift angle). But to my eye it looks more, maybe 270-290 deg. I've been trying to capture it using pics/video/strobe but with no success. When stationary, the arm on the balance sits at about the position of the '0' in the lower left. Is it reversing direction somewhere near the stud ? With no adjustable gain on this model, could it be using the wrong signal ? Any ideas ? WIN_20181214_17_18_19_Pro.mp4 WIN_20181214_17_16_04_Pro.mp4
  9. Hi Charlie Do you mean that the cap jewel didn't come off - are they Incabloc ? Unless really stuck with old oil, they usually come off in the ultrasonic. If not, try prodding them with some pegwood (under fluid so they don't ping off), or press the cap jewel in to some Rodico. Mike
  10. mikepilk

    omega 26.5 t3 main spring issues

    I'm working on one of these at the moment - just fitted a new balance staff today. I always take a pic of the mainspring to see which way it winds- this is the correct way : I have other pictures I took during disassembly should you need any help. It's a straightforward movement - there's nothing unusual about the keyless or motion works.
  11. mikepilk

    Incabloc spring replacement

    This is one of the more fiddly tasks. It takes some practice before you can do it with tweezers. When I was struggling to do it, I put some Rodico just above where the spring goes - make a vertical surface. Then stick the spring to it, so it's just above the slot. I use some sharpened pegwood to push the bottom of the spring down in to the slot, whilst moving the top of the spring in to the correct angles using another piece of pegwood or tweezers. With the spring held in the Rodico, it's easier to manipulate without it pinging off. Cap jewel tiddly-winks is another good game !
  12. I hadn't spotted that. It's heavy opposite the impulse jewel, and the slot does look a bit wider on that side. I managed to find sizes of slotting files on the Vallorbe website. The finest listed is "cut 8", = 0.35 mm, much too big for these screws. Some of the screws have already been cut. I might be able to swap some round to get closet to balance.
  13. Having fitted a new balance staff to an Omega 26.5T3, I found that the balance is a lot out of poise. I have a couple of tools which make countersink holes in to screw heads - but they look untidy and don't want to do that. So I've decided to buy a slotting screw head file, but don't know which one. Cousin's have them listed as 'Cut 2' to 'Cut 8' (the finest), https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/slotting-screw-head-1850-vallorbe-swiss Could someone please suggest the most appropriate file ?
  14. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    The 100/594 looks almost the same as Ronda 1856 - length 330 v 332, collet/roller diameters only 0.01 difference. I'll go for which ever I can find. I don't have a lathe, but do have a Jacot tool, so can only do minor adjustments.
  15. mikepilk

    Which balance staff for Omega 26.5T3 ?

    I've just measured the staff. I Haven't removed it yet, so had to use digital verniers instead of a micrometer. .... and realised that the roller and collet diameters (G and K above) the same for all the staffs ! My measurements are collet 49, roller 41. I found this on an ebay ad : If 2796 and 3880 are only for Incabloc, then it's got to be 1855/6. And from the collet sizes, it looks like Ronda 1856 is the one ?