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  1. Are you sure the stud is seated correctly? It looks like it might be pointing inwards, which would cause the coil to be too close to the stud.
  2. With a screwdriver in the slot, it turned smoothly. I wonder why they didn't use a screw?
  3. Thought so, but better to check than break something ! It seems a bit crude when the rest of the movement is such nice quality - the click is beautiful !
  4. Stripping an Eterna 1479K. Mostly ETA looking parts (not surprisingly), but the auto mechanism is different. There's a part retaining one of the auto gears - I'm not sure how to remove it. It looks like it's pushed on. Marks in the slot look like it's been twisted with a screwdriver. Any ideas ?
  5. Eterna 12804 is the same as 2801 but with a calendar. That's the size of spring I need - but what I want to know, is will it fit the arbor?
  6. Hi @clockboy The GR3149 is for an ETA 2804, which is what I assumed, as that's stamped on the baseplate. But there's a "1" stamped just above it, making it an Eterna 12804, which uses GR2976 GR 3149 is 0.5 mm too large, not 0.05 mm, and it definitely won't fit !
  7. And, another mainspring broken trying to fit it to the arbor. This is getting silly ! I've never had so much trouble trying to fit a non-auto spring Has anyone found a list of the approximate arbor size for mainsprings? The spring listed by Cousins for Eterna 12804 is GR2976 1.20 x 0.12 x 380 x 11 As the previous spring sized as "11" didn't fit, I got a 1.20 x 1.25 x 360 x 10.5 Again, the centre coil was much too big (the arbor is only 2.3mm) so I ordered some round nosed pliers. I could only reduce the inner coil diameter by so much, by inserting one side of the pliers
  8. Having broken several springs trying to close the central coil, I've been looking for some of these pliers, small enough to use on wristwatch springs. These are the smallest on Cousins, but are they small enough ?
  9. Cousins lists GR5285, 0.115 x 1.80 x 340 The WatchGuy extracted all the data from the GR catalogues and put them in one table : https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/mainsprings Very useful. Thanks WatchGuy
  10. I bought one of those Bergeon oilers. Expensive but worth it. Especially for oiling the pallets. I use my stereo microscope on x20
  11. I think the performance is more than adequate for an old watch. If it is at 70% wind, the mainspring may be getting a bit tired - could replace it. I wouldn't bother trying to lower the beat error. That amount will have very little effect on amplitude, and there's always the risk of damaging the hairspring. Looks like some noise on the exit pallet. Maybe worth re-cleaning the pallet jewels
  12. I use RANFFT as a database, but don't assume it is always correct e.g. The spring size for ETA 2804 does not agree with Cousins' listing, or the listing in the GR tables ( https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/category/mainsprings-by-size-watch-pocket ) WatchGuy also has a list of mainsprings here : https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/mainsprings
  13. I think I can answer my own question. I assumed it was a standard ETA 2804 movement - I didn't realise that Eterna used modified versions. I had wondered about the "1" stamped above the 2804, making it a 12804 Eterna movement. The mainspring for this is listed by Cousins as GR2976 - different to the ETA 2804 There's also "064" stamped on the mainplate. Any ideas what that means ?
  14. Good idea. I have tried that before and failed. It's very difficult trying to work on the inner coils. And I'm not sure I have a punch small enough.
  15. It's not the length, it's the diameter of 11.5 mm which doesn't fit the barrel. And the inner coil seems too big for the arbor.
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