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  1. I managed to get the tangle out without taking the hairspring off. I used a clean oiler and ran it outward from the collet. Then some fine tweezers to lift the coils. I have good a couple of kinks to sort out. New balances are available from Cousin's for only £10 but I wanted to learn how to do this. Thanks for to suggestions.
  2. I'd just put the hairspring back on after tightening the collet. I thought I was suddenly getting great amplitude and no beat error before I realised the collet was loose ! I put it on a balance tack to work on, but that didn't seem to help. I recently bought a stereo microscope which makes fiddling with hairsprings so much easier. I always found it very difficult with a 10x loupe as the working distance is so small. I was thinking of pinning it down, then running a fine oil round the coils starting from the collet.
  3. Taking this balance from the cock, I managed to get the hairspring coils tangled. Does anyone have a technique to untangle the coils? Last time this happened, I tried to pull the coils apart with 2 pairs of tweezers - accidentally released the pressure on one pair ..... and I'm still looking for a new hairspring on a (very very hard to find) Universal Geneve Cal 267 This is a cheap Poljot - but I'd still like to figure it out. Thanks Mike
  4. I think you could be right @clockboy With the correct lift angle of 42 deg, I'm seeing about 280 deg amplitude. At 278 deg it's fine, but as soon as it hit's 280 the problem starts. I can't see any coils sticking, but guess that must be the problem ? I'll clean the hairspring and re-check the jewels. (I did a de-mag) The jewels are well stuck in - the Russian have been generous with the glue ! So it must be a sticking hairspring?
  5. Good point @yankeedog. I could only find the lift angle for the 26xx which is 51. A bit of googling has turned up 42 deg for 24xx. That will knock the reading down quite a bit. Also the beat error was 5.4ms, I wonder how much effect that would have?
  6. This is the first movement I've cleaned since getting my stereo microscope. You see so much more dust! So everything was spotless and carefully oiled.
  7. Just looked under the microscope and I can see the impulse jewel get close to the pallet fork. The banking pins don't look distorted. Didn't notice any lose pallet jewels. I'll check.
  8. Just rebuilt my first Russian movement, a Poljot Cal 2409 - not bad quality ! Usually I have the problem of too little amplitude, but this fired up and started rebanking. I fitted a new mainspring of the correct strength (the old one measured the same size as the recommended one from Cousins). I wonder if they were assembled using thicker oils ? (I used my usual 9010, D5, 9415) I was hoping a drop of oil on the upper pallet staff jewel would dampen it enough, but as you can see in the pic, this one just wants to go ! I don't want to put another mainspring in such a cheap movement, so I guess, run the pallet jewels/escape wheel dry, and oil both pallet staff jewels ?
  9. With a good blast of air, I look for at least 30 s with a modern one-piece balance. Older balances with timing screws have greater inertia, and should oscillate longer.
  10. I just rebuilt a 7002A this weekend. I was very careful with cleaning/oiling, fitted a new mainspring and used a few dots of 8213 on the barrel. The gear train, balance are as free as they could be - amplitude about 235 deg DU/DD. Seems about typical for the few Seiko's I have. I know they have low amplitudes, so I'm happy as it is.
  11. +2 what JDM says. Always a chance of damaging the hairspring or collet.
  12. I polished some very deep scratches out of a crystal using a #1000 diamond coated whetstone (use water). It was a hard crystal as wet and dry paper did nothing. I then polished with diamond paste using a small felt disc on a Dremel
  13. I did put in a slightly stronger mainspring, and yes, I did post about breaking grease. In confident its now winding enough before slipping. There are some new barrels on sale but I can't find the part number. If anyone has a parts list? I also fitted a new balance, so it's not the hairspring
  14. I think the problem could be play in the barrel arbor. One barrel had holes which were badly worn. Even with the one that seemed OK, I can tilt the barrel a bit when it's installed. With it on the timegrapher I can get the amplitude going from about 190 to 220 deg by tilting the edge of the barrel with some pegwood. I think that's a clue ! The power does go through the sweep second pinion (seems odd) - which takes it from the bottom third wheel to the top one. So it's worth checking that the sweep second pinion is fitting ok, and oiled.
  15. I can't figure out that double wheel. It looks like both wheels mesh with the sweep second pinion! I managed to get a new balance quite cheaply. The problem was finding the part number. Have a look here, basically the same movement and good amplitude https://mitka.co.uk/2019/05/20/service-citizen-150m-diver-68-5372/#more-12743
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