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  1. I hate to disagree, but after using TT for several years, not just this forum, I can say that the mobile version of this site - wether loaded in chrome or safari on iPad, iPhone and my wife’s galaxy S8 runs much much better than TT. There are some features that just do not work in TT aside from my gripes with images not being hosted but rather being uploaded to TT servers (not sure if that’s changed) and the horrible advertising I cannot manage the forum through TT - I can manage the whole forum via the mobile version loaded into chrome or safari. I am writing this in chrome on my iPhone, it’s
  2. Are you talking about Tapatalk?? I have disabled this plugin temporarily for several reasons. You can load up WRT in Safari and it actually works much better (my personal preference). Or in iPad version of google chrome you get the mobile version as made by the forum software developer and that also works brilliantly. - it was causing some issues with the website, and in particular the security measures we have in place to help prevent DDos attacks. I did this yesterday to see if the errors will go away (they did) and am testing it further to confirm. - The other issue I have wi
  3. @Marc For sure, we will work something out as I do like the concept - thanks for the support. @Tudor has also made some great suggestions and I am taking all comments on board. Definitely not off topic @nickelsilver, from the start this forum was intended to be a community led peer to peer support group where people who know more can help people who know less. Unfortunately there are a lot of watch repairers out there who think they are above helping learners, novices and hobbyists (I have even received stick from some of them in my YT comments lol) and so the aim is to gather g
  4. @Nucejoe - What in the actual *** are you talking about. Your comments are completely non-sensical. @jdm has been attempting to assure me that you are trying to be humorous. I have to say - the joke if any is completely lost on me especially in the context of your PM to my inbox. Wrong!!! This was not a test run where the trusted members were a test batch. This was intended to be an enhancement to the forum for TRUSTED members to be able to communicate the requirement for certain parts they may be finding it hard to obtain. Absolutely no idea where you got this idea from - w
  5. It seems some people don’t like change - I’ll be reverting all back to the way it was last week. let’s just leave it there.
  6. I have updated the forum today, tested this and all seems fine:
  7. Some of you may have noticed last week, I was struggling with a major update for this forum software. I was getting a lot of errors in the back-end and it was making it very difficult to manage. I rarely do this, but I opened up a support ticket with the developers (Invision) and at first they put the blame on third party plugins, something I knew was complete BS, but I went through the process and eventually we got bumped up to 1st level support after quite a bit of whinging from yours truly. 1st level support immediately saw that it was a bug on their end and we had to wait un
  8. The British Watch and Clockmakers Guild has a list of pro's you may be able to find what you need. https://bwcmg.org/members-websites
  9. Indeed. It came with some solder paste thrown in. But I have also purchased some paste as recommended by another BM a long time ago - apologies, cant remember who. And so, we shall experiment and see.
  10. Found this on the CousinsUK website - thought it might be useful to some Moebius_Oil_Chart.pdf
  11. New toy just turned up. Watch dial feet soldering machine. Looks really well constructed. Review coming soon IMG_0587.MP4
  12. As has already been mentioned in this thread, I would also encourage you to take a look at the British Horological Institute's correspondence course. It is excellent and the qualification is recognised if you complete and pass the exams. The only downside for you I guess is that (and I could be wrong) the exams need to be completed at the BHI HQ near notts, England. But most of the work is distance learning and you do get access to a tutor I believe. On the plus side, it could be a nice little vacation when you do need to complete the exams
  13. I'm not a fan of kits as most that I have ever seen tend to be limiting or poor quality. The high quality kits tend to be aimed towards strap and battery changing/removing links and general after sales rather than on-the-bench watch repairing. I did create a blog post with some essential "Day 1" tools that are advisable to have on hand when you are creating your tool kit and you may find that useful. https://www.watchrepairlessons.com/2019/09/30/essential-day-1-tools/ Perhaps you could use that as a guide - all of these tools are readily available from many different online sources s
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