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  1. It can be run on a MAC using Crossover or WINE. However, you may run into audio latency inconsistency issues making it impossible to calibrate the software accurately.
  2. love your videos. i have learned so much from you over the years. i am interested in your course but i am not as good at my computer as i need to be. its probably my fault but it seems that i have issues getting things to work. tried to access your free 5 lesson and had no luck do you go more in depth with the coarse or would it just be for the beginner. have a back ground as a machine operator years ago. running the old paper tape moogs before computer,six station chucker lathes have lot of knowledge with numerous materials even some exotics they had nasa working on watches now for seven years. all self taught from you and the many books. interested with your course but not computer literate as much as i may need. do you go more in depth in course on final positional timeing or would it be for beginners.any info would be of much help.

  3. A journey in sorrow

    picture edited to make example.
  4. A journey in sorrow

    As far as posting pictures of replica watches are concerned, I have no problem with it BUT I am afraid we may be hitting a potential area where lawyers acting for the brand owners would take issue with their brand name being used in such a way on a public forum so I would prefer not to have potential problems and therefore would not really want pics of counterfeit watches being propagated via this forum. Discussing repairs to Chinese movements is not a problem though.
  5. Building a watch based on a clone Unitas 6498 and parts sourced online.
  6. Detailing the stripdown and re-assembly of a Seiko 4L25 watch movement.
  7. Frank, can we not be argumentative please. You have your opinion and we observed differently, and the watch was physically in our possession, the sound went away when the pallet cock screws were tightened - can we leave it at that and get back to the OP's issue?
  8. Changing HD MacBook Pro

    Lets not turn this into a MAC vs PC thread - it wont go anywhere. If you press command and r on bootup you should get to the recovery console. Then you can restore the backup to a drive connected to USB. Once this is done put the new drive in the MAC. If you don't feel confident then you are best paying a local computer boffin to do it for you, but really, its not that difficult. If you have not got a working backup then download Sierra (or High Sierra) and make a USB boot disk (a 16GB thumb drive will do) then put the new drive in and install osx from the USB boot disk - loads of tutorials on the net for this, you should even find a youtube video showing how. Downside - you will need another computer to make the USB boot disk.
  9. Changing HD MacBook Pro

    I don't own a Mac but the concept must be the same as pc, once installed you must give the HD format in the "Disk Utilities" (I don't remember the name of the app) search on the web, there must be tons of tutorials to follow. On a PC the best software for cloning a disk and making it bootable is I used it a couple of weeks ago when installing a new SSD to my editing laptop and it was flawless.
  10. Changing HD MacBook Pro

    Connect the new drive to USB (you may need an adapter), use a piece of software called Super Duper to clone your existing drive to the new one. Very simple to use but follow the instructions obviously. Check that the mac can boot the USB drive by holding down Option when booting and choose the USB drive to boot from. Once confirmed, take the old drive out and put the new drive in. Done this many times, Super Duper has never let me down.
  11. Vintage tool's or not?

    If you are giving them away for free then thats fine - otherwise, selling is not allowed on the forum, you could use eBay
  12. I feel like a goof, but I got lost trying to introduce myself,without upsetting the community,any advice would help this rookie!!

  13. By the way - this is not old, I remember many years ago when cousins had a sales counter in Romford. I went in with a huge order. Had everything laid out on the counter ready to pay including a calypso water resistance testing machine. About a grands worth of invoice. Remembered I needed a part for a watch I had in my possession but I had neglected to write it down. I just needed to borrow a case knife to take the back off and get the calibers number of the movement - they adamantly refused to let me borrow their case knife which was not new and just right there. On that occasion they lost my business for more than 10 years!
  14. Wow you get 30 days? Cousins wont even give 1 day. They force you to waive your consumer rights when you make an order by stating that it’s a b2b sale rather than b2c. i have vowed never to use them again on many occasions in the past but I still kept going back for one simple reason, their website and ordering process is extremely convenient and their shipping service very dependable. one time, they provided a damaged mainspring - clearly visibly damaged as seen through the packaging, complained, refused to replace, ordered another as were on a tight time frame - the next one cAme through in just as bad condition. Ended up ordering from gleaves and got the job done. Zero customer support from cousins. Still ordered from them again. you lost $5. How about $89 for an eta we ordered which was a non runner. Had to replace one of the 5 coils from one I had in stock to get it working. That was a foil packed movement. Zero help from cousins. 30 days? You are lucky to get that
  15. Vote up function

    To illustrate this, I’m pinning this topic to the help section then I’ll vote my answer as best