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  1. I made this for anybody getting started, feel free to share. Recommended Lubricants for Getting Started.pdf
  2. You feel I was scolding you? OK - well if I was scolding you then I would have mentioned this was the second time you have been warned for posting links to your commercial venture. The message regarding both warnings - one in 2019 and one yesterday were private to you only - you were actually the one to bring it up publicly in this thread. So if you feel I was scolding you (I wasn't) then you have yourself to blame. The fact is - you knowingly broke the rules - I resolved it privately so as not to embarrass you, you made a meal of it publicly - and now i'm done with the issue.
  3. It was me. You should not be offended - the rules on this forum are clearly stipulated, I make these rules for a reason and if i'm accused of being trigger happy for enforcing them - then so be it
  4. I just started learning to repair watches in the last few months and the videos on your youtube channel are really helpful, thank you very much and wish you good health and success in your work

  5. Apologies for the fact that WRT was down today. With regret there was a problem in the New York data centre which caused the server this website is hosted on to not function. All seems to be well now.
  6. All good thank you. stay safe
  7. Thank you so much for this but may I please ask, is there copyright on this? We don’t want to have problems down the line.
  8. I was letting the gentleman know that I do not and will not sell these dials. The watches will eventually become available on my website as a complete watch.

  9. No selling services on this forum please. The rules are very clear on this! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. Very interesting you should post this. I was thinking the same thing. Off camera I started with my shellac flakes which I prefer but I had the same problem. Soft but not melting - was quite frustrating. Changed over to the stick and it was perfect. I have a huge bag of flakes but I fear they are now useless. Fortunately its not an expensive product. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. As mentioned, brand new GR mainsprings do not usually require lubrication. You have observed my videos on YT where I apply a little grease to automatic watches to the barrel wall. As has been mentioned above, this is braking grease. The mainspring also has an extremely light (and I mean extremely light) application of 8200 along it's length also. I do not film every aspect of what I do as some tasks are a royal pain in the rear to film. This is one of those tasks. Although I do cover this in the video course. The videos on YT are usually a 30 minute give or take condensing of a job that may last hours I cannot film everything. If you look hard enough you may notice many places seemingly not lubricated - this doesnt mean those friction points were not dealt with. My YT videos are there for entertainment purposes and whilst many find them extremely useful as a learning aid, they are not comprehensive breakdowns of a full service, that would make them hours long each., my course on the other hand is a full breakdown of all steps required to effectively service a watch. I hope this clears things up
  12. Moving to the appropriate section, and may I politely ask you not to make every subject you post with the same title I will rename this one "Krippl watch" Thanks for your understanding.
  13. Moving to the appropriate section.
  14. All images for this website are now hosted on my Amazon S3 cloud account. This speeds up the site considerably as Amazon detects where you are geographically located and serves you the media from the nearest data-center to you. There is nothing you need to do your end, it's all automatic. This is doubly convenient as 30GB is a lot of data to move should we want to change hosting providers. I hope this explains things. I will close this thread now as the announcement has served it's purpose
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