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  1. Having said that, many are damaged by people winding the mainspring in by hand. I have seen this time and time again with the Seiko barrels just near the end where the spring doubles up. This spring winds in reverse to the majority of movements. Where is the OP? Has your question been answered? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Not sure i would recommend that method for this kind of barrel. It may cause the lid to bubble. Same with the valjoux 7750. The lids on these kinds of barrels can be prised off, but do not do it with a screwdriver unless you want to damage the barrel teeth. Honestly, I find it just as easy to prise the lid away with my finger nails, although I am sure that would be frowned upon by some - never ever damaged a barrel that way. I believe Seiko' s idea with this barrel is that it was replaced complete when servicing. I could be wrong but I do not believe a mainspring was available for this movement as a separate part - But a barrel complete rather - if my memory serves me correct. Again, I could be wrong. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Oiling question

    A spot of 9010 just under the pinion and also on the wider portion of the pivot. "Should any oil be applied to the friction point between the jewel (on the inner/intermediate bridge) and the fourth wheel pinion, and if so what kind of oil?" Yes... D5 - as always, not too much. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Moderators perform an essential role in any community, but all have checks and balances. I am the main admin and even I have to control myself in order to attempt to maintain a friendly forum. I am sorry you were prompted to create this thread - I think I know the reason. I am extremely busy at the moment creating new content for the course BUT I want it known that I still monitor very closely the security of the software. I cannot, however, have time to monitor each and every thread - that's why we have the "REPORT POST" feature (which people can use in order to notify moderators and myself of potential problems). It is discouraging and makes the community look bad when we see lack of patience and bickering so please do use this feature and hopefully we can keep this community growing. This is not the largest watch forum on the net - but I did start it with a vision for being among the friendliest
  5. Stuck Screw Back

    All off-topic posts removed - this is how it will be from now on. Please please please keep threads on topic out of respect for the OP. Please please please - no bickering, and that goes for everyone. It makes our forum look bad - we are a group of great people, we can keep it that way. If anyone spots this happening again from now on - please report the post - there is a link above every single post, I will be on it like flies on a turd. now - back on topic, pretty please
  6. Specs Way Off After Reassembly

    Ok. This has gone far enough. We are all here to help each other. I fear this thread is not going in the direction the OP intended and as the issue is pretty much resolved I will close the thread. To the OP: if the issue is not resolved and you wish me to reopen the thread then Please PM me and I will do so. Anybody who does not wish to be involved in any threads can easily unsubscribe from notifications at the top of the page. I think we all need a beer and chill Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. Specs Way Off After Reassembly

    I think I agree with @khunter - the terminal curve looks distorted.
  8. Hello Mark , I have been following your great watch repairs videos on  YouTube ! 

  9. It can be run on a MAC using Crossover or WINE. However, you may run into audio latency inconsistency issues making it impossible to calibrate the software accurately.
  10. love your videos. i have learned so much from you over the years. i am interested in your course but i am not as good at my computer as i need to be. its probably my fault but it seems that i have issues getting things to work. tried to access your free 5 lesson and had no luck do you go more in depth with the coarse or would it just be for the beginner. have a back ground as a machine operator years ago. running the old paper tape moogs before computer,six station chucker lathes have lot of knowledge with numerous materials even some exotics they had nasa working on watches now for seven years. all self taught from you and the many books. interested with your course but not computer literate as much as i may need. do you go more in depth in course on final positional timeing or would it be for beginners.any info would be of much help.

  11. A journey in sorrow

    picture edited to make example.
  12. A journey in sorrow

    As far as posting pictures of replica watches are concerned, I have no problem with it BUT I am afraid we may be hitting a potential area where lawyers acting for the brand owners would take issue with their brand name being used in such a way on a public forum so I would prefer not to have potential problems and therefore would not really want pics of counterfeit watches being propagated via this forum. Discussing repairs to Chinese movements is not a problem though.
  13. Building a watch based on a clone Unitas 6498 and parts sourced online.
  14. Detailing the stripdown and re-assembly of a Seiko 4L25 watch movement.
  15. Frank, can we not be argumentative please. You have your opinion and we observed differently, and the watch was physically in our possession, the sound went away when the pallet cock screws were tightened - can we leave it at that and get back to the OP's issue?