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  1. Indeed. It came with some solder paste thrown in. But I have also purchased some paste as recommended by another BM a long time ago - apologies, cant remember who. And so, we shall experiment and see.
  2. Found this on the CousinsUK website - thought it might be useful to some Moebius_Oil_Chart.pdf
  3. New toy just turned up. Watch dial feet soldering machine. Looks really well constructed. Review coming soon IMG_0587.MP4
  4. As has already been mentioned in this thread, I would also encourage you to take a look at the British Horological Institute's correspondence course. It is excellent and the qualification is recognised if you complete and pass the exams. The only downside for you I guess is that (and I could be wrong) the exams need to be completed at the BHI HQ near notts, England. But most of the work is distance learning and you do get access to a tutor I believe. On the plus side, it could be a nice little vacation when you do need to complete the exams
  5. OK - this thread has gone so far off topic now, I am going to have to put a lid on it. For those who would still like to carry on this discussion then kindly start a new thread in the Help and Support section... https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/forum/25-help-support-with-this-website/ Thanks for all the feedback guys - most illuminating
  6. I'm not a fan of kits as most that I have ever seen tend to be limiting or poor quality. The high quality kits tend to be aimed towards strap and battery changing/removing links and general after sales rather than on-the-bench watch repairing. I did create a blog post with some essential "Day 1" tools that are advisable to have on hand when you are creating your tool kit and you may find that useful. https://www.watchrepairlessons.com/2019/09/30/essential-day-1-tools/ Perhaps you could use that as a guide - all of these tools are readily available from many different online sources s
  7. I understand you now I will post about this soon.
  8. I have replicated your error and will fix it - thanks for letting me know. EDIT: That was quick - I messed up, didn't add the new "Advanced Member" group to the Dark Theme access list - my apologies, fixed now.
  9. OK - let's be clear. First, this forum needs to be moderated just the same as any forum on the Internet. That INCLUDES moving threads that were started in the wrong sections. That's why we have different sections - or would you prefer an older style bulletin board system? I don't think we want that so, we have to moderate and keep the board as clean as possible. The search function is another matter - this forum is run on software I pay a subscription for. It's one of the most popular forums softwares available (IPBOARD) but it is closed source. The point I am trying to make is that the s
  10. I see. well if that’s the general thought then I suppose I could knock it on the head then Anyone else have thoughts on this? Let’s talk real - if the forum is no longer useful then I should not be wasting my time and money running it? So let’s talk real - is it useful or not?
  11. Little confused about this to be honest - can you explain further please
  12. In order to maintain a healthy and friendly community there are some restrictions for new members as well as benefits for those who contribute the most to this forum. It has occurred to me - or rather, been pointed out to me that I have never really made the details clear. And for that I apologise and I hope this post will be helpful. All members will find their current forum status in the left pane of any content they post on the forum (non-mobile) or by clicking on their display name to view their profile. MEMBER LEVELS NEW MEMBERS (Zero to 9 Posts) New members can
  13. Brand new members - 10 mins Members - 1 Hour Patrons & Supporters - 1 Day I will make a change, but it will be the last time... New members - still 10 Minutes Members - 3 Hours Patrons & Supporters - 3 Days
  14. As JDM already mentioned - there’s now a three dot ellipses which provides a sub menu. The developers of this forum software changed this in the new update - apparently due to ‘button creep’, an attempt to de-clutter. I like it.
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