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  1. Nice. Thanks for the heads up Just ordered a copy - £15 from Amazon. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Mark

    Watch Building ETA 2892

    Using the 2892 movement, lets put together a nice looking wristwatch using all parts sourced from eBay.
  3. It's a very easy repair for any competent jeweller to be fair. Especially as it has not broken completely so does not need re-aligning. You should do a search on the NAJ website for a local jeweller... http://www.naj.co.uk/en/member-services/member-search.cfm
  4. Nice job. Just needs a 50 inch TV on one wall and a couch Hope you will be warm enough in the winter.
  5. Mark

    Help finding lathe collets

    What is the OD of the main shaft (not the threaded portion) it looks unusually large in comparison to the thread. It may be possible it can support 8mm collets in which case, you can just use a different draw bar. A universal drawbar may be the best bet - I have one from with a standard 8mm thread on one end and a WW on the other. The handle is adjustable along it's length and so will work in many configurations. I believe I purchased it from Sincere Clocks on eBay. Could be worth a look if the dimensions suit?
  6. Agreed, The correct place for members to introduce themselves is here... https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/forum/23-introduce-yourself-here/ Closing this thread to prevent further confusion
  7. All the modifications have now been made. I have made the welcome email more clear and I have made it clear on the Q&A forum that many members will consider it a politeness if people introduce themselves to the community first before diving in. The correct place to do this is here. Thank you for everybody participating in this thread and to @Endeavor for starting the discussion, some great ideas have been put forward and I hope we have set a workable system in place. To that end - I feel this discussion has served it's purpose and will now close it to further replies.
  8. Mark

    OT some larger scale craftmanship

    Great post - amazing talent.
  9. @oldhippy - For some odd reason @ecodec replied to say thank you by submitting a report rather than a reply. In any case - he says thank you