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  1. I recently discovered that Cousins has an assorted pack of shock springs. If you are extremely lucky, you'll find one that fits. The best tool I found for holding Incabloc springs are eyebrow tweezers. Get one that is wider than the width of the spring. Get one end of the spring into the hinge first, then use a small screwdriver to nudge the other end of the spring into the other hole. It's extremely fiddly. I used a 12X loupe instead of my microscope because if the spring flies off, you can't see where it goes through the eyepiece.
  2. I would suggest keeping the 100 movement watch lot for practice. Especially for risky, high level of difficulty stuff like tweaking hairsprings, balance staff replacements, repivoting... etc. They are also good for donor parts like click springs, incablocs, screws, jewels...
  3. No. Not that big black line on the left side. That's a shadow. But on the right side.
  4. Could you zoom in and get a higher magnification photo of the pallet fork? In your second photo of the pallet fork, it appears that the pallet fork has a stress fracture where the arbor goes through the fork arms. Or is it a giant scratch from poor finishing.
  5. I think this is a front loader. There are 2 screw holes near the edge of the movement that suggests that there were movement retaining screws.
  6. But I don't understand why a seller will pull a stunt like this. After this listing, he definitely goes on my naughty list. Everything he sells becomes suspicious.
  7. There are several ways of repairing this. Glue dots- this is the simplest but mot the best method. Thse are tiny sticky blobs of glue that you can place in areas with no moving mechanical parts. But with your day/date complication, this would be hard to find Stick on dial feet- these are tiny thumb tacks that can be glued in the original positions of the dial feet. Personally, I haven't had much success with these. Either the glue isn't strong enough or the extra thickness of the head of the dial feet interferes with the seating of the dial. Dial feet soldering- this is probably
  8. So that's what it is. I thought I was missing something. I thought it was some wizard's wand which you only needed to wave it over the non-working watch and it magically fixes everything. I have noticed some common, everyday tools appearing on ebay with ridiculous prices, sometimes 10X of what Cousins is charging. I just don't get it.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264888914007 Can someone explain this to me?
  10. I'm no expert in this matter but I think with the quantities involved, the risk should be minimal. As long as common sense is used. Don't flick the old lume off and create a radium cloud. I put a drop to glycerine on the hands to entrap all the particles that may fly off. Work on a clean table top with no clutter. Spread old newspaper if you are really worried. The question is how do you dispose of the rubbish after that? Do you call your local radioactive waste contractor? Do you dump it in your general rubbish? Shhhh....
  11. I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. I believe this type of shock system is called Novodiac. I used 2 tweezers, 1 in each hand, and keeping the jaws of 1 of them slightly apart to press down on 2 of the arms simultaneously while the other tweezer presses down the last arm and turning the shock spring into locking position. It took me 45 minutes to accomplish that. I spoke to my mentor the next day and he also mentioned using pegwood with a hollowed tip. He also said that a brass tube, like that from a broken spring bar, also works.
  12. This is another interesting one that I found in the same box of used watches. A Bulova Accuquartz 2241. It appears clean inside but the crown is stuck. I put a new battery in it and struck the case on its side and the watch started humming. I'll probably take my time and restore this one.
  13. Just got 13lbs of non working watches from ebay for USD$208. Over a hundred watches All quartz movements except 2 Timexes. 80% ladies watches. Some fitness trackers, a couple of clock movements, 1 Seiko, 1 Benrus, 2 Bulovas and 3 Fossils. The rest... bleah! So not sure if it's a win or lose deal. Anyway, I'm restoring them for Christmas presents for a couple of orphanages. I found an interesting one which I've never seen before. Not signed at all. No visible dial. LEDs just shine through the gaps in the bracelet links.
  14. Are you sure you're not Harry Potter's long lost brother?
  15. Thank OH. I just can't imagine what brave soul would pull a mainspring out of its barrel by hand. I'll probably change all 3 springs just to be safe.
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