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  1. I don't think the problem is with the tool.
  2. A Webster winder works equally well at a fraction of the price of an Ollie.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how big is the largest fusee spring?
  4. But you have to admit that this guy knows his way around a clock. It's definitely not his first rodeo. This is typical of "antique restoration" shops in South East Asia. If you look at his other videos, he repairs stuff other than clocks too. When I first started working, my clinic was situated in an area with many such shops. I spent many hours watching "junk" transformed into "antiques". I'm just wondering which part of the world he's in. His written English in his YouTube channel is too good to be China or Hong Kong. I'm suspecting he's from Singapore or Malaysia.
  5. Did you see how he seated the mainspring in the barrel and how much oil he put? Now I understand why some clocks are so oily inside.
  6. I have another one for you OH.
  7. It is surprisingly clean inside. But out here in the tropics, I'm sure all sorts of critters will take up residence inside the clock case. How often should a cuckoo clock be cleaned? Considering that there are so many openings.
  8. I hung 2 bags of coins as weights to test the clock last night. I used 180g for the time train and 200g for the chime train. The chime and cuckoo sounds just about right but the amplitude of the pendulum is a little low. Should I use 200g weights for both time and chime trains? I had a better look at the insides of the clock today, it says "Cuckoo Clock Manufacturing Co. 440". Does anyone know the correct amount of weight for this movement? TIA
  9. Will the weights on the time and chime sides be equal? I watched several YouTube videos on cuckoo clock repairs and they always remove the whistles to get to the movement. Is that the only way to remove the movement or is it possible to remove the movement by removing the front panel?
  10. I just got a cuckoo clock from ebay. It was sold as non working and missing the weights. I found that the chain on the chime side had slipped off the sprocket. I managed to coax it back on by turning the clock upside down and shaking it gently until it slipped back into place. For a trial run, I tied a small bag of coins to the chain as weights and it started ticking away. Is there any way to determine the correct amount of weight to use to avoid damaging the mechanism?
  11. Have you guys tried bubble tea? It's an iced tea with tapioca pearls and a variety of other toppings. It originated in Taiwan and was a big fad here in Singapore several years ago and it looks like it's here to stay. Depending on the recipe, a 500ml cup could contain 3x the amount of sugar as a can of Coke! But after our health ministry declared war on it, most outlets allow you to customize the level of sugar from 0% to 100%. I wonder if anyone has asked for more than 100%...
  12. Is it just the hour hand that is loose or are both hands loose? Can you still set the time when turning the crown?
  13. You know what I find weird? My mentor can oil pallet stones with just a 3.3x loupe. I can't even see if have sufficient oil or too much oil on my oiler at that magnification. Maybe when a person starts watchmaking at a young age, the eyes are better. And over the years, with practice, muscle memory and whole lot of imagination, they can still "see" at 3.3x magnification.
  14. SG$ 10.02 19%OFF | 10X 15X 20X 25X LED Double Eye Jeweler Repair Watch Magnifier Loupe Glasses Lens https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0CIdeJ Look at this loupe. How is this design ever going to work?
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