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  1. Hi here are a few pics of my ultrasonic bought some years ago as aproject, got to get it done. Its a british made National ultrasonic watch cleaner, It all works,motor,heater. The ultrasonic is dead and there is no life in the Valve(tube) 812A Amplifier so the clean up begins an then I shall get a valve for it.. What was the one you got JerseyMo, was it the same an 812A,?...
  2. Hi Watchie you might find this interesting its an old book by FW Brittan on springing and adjusting watches cheers practical springing.pdf
  3. Hi according to convention when the balance is at rest the terminal curve should rest in the center between the boot and the pin. As you said you should be able to run the regulator arm from + to - without .interfering with the spring If the spring rests on one pin or the other it will affect the swing of balance and the rate Itshould beat evenly between the pins..
  4. Hi You might find this tech sheet handy whilst re building just in case. cheers 2310_Enicar 980 1010.pdf
  5. Hi from reasearch into the 251 293 ETA movement according to the listings the 251 series have been replaced by the E6 series the 251 being obsolete so I guess un less you are lucky to find the parts or a NOS 251 series on the web its going to be a replacement module. As regards breaking the coils whilst checking its quite possible the coil wire is mico thin and will not take any abuse what so ever. The only other recourse is to remove each individual coil and recheck outside of the movement that way there is no outside influence.
  6. Hi warming the case is just that not heating as such. The Idea being just to soften the adheisive enough to enable removal, The pusher/button gaskets are usually silicone rubber so should not be affected, But should the adhesive prove difficult then remove the pushers/buttons. cheers
  7. Hi I have attached the 2620/2638 ETA service sheet for comparison. the MST parts index quotes bearing as 1497. brearing and rotor 1143. The ETA parts index quotes ball bearing wheel as 1497 and ball bearing wheel as 1498 so ther seems to be two numbers for the ETA and one for the MST. Therefore one may assume that part 1497 fits both movements.... Not very conclusive 2011_eta 2620 .pdf
  8. Hi Thats better although the one of the movement is a bit out of focus. Judging by the dial there has been water/moisture ingress. Is there a model number on the back. It does look as though the movement is removed through the front. As JohnD mentioned you will need a crystal lifter to remove the crystal and then the movement. I am not familiar with these at all, but to remove the stem look for a release lever, pull the stem out and observe how it is locked in place. Some require you to lift the release lever and others require a pair of tweezers to open the locking spring. I recall that it was shown in an earlier post so have alook via the search in the top right under timex.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum Lucian wish you success.
  10. Hi Gary attached is the sheet. ETA 1080.pdf
  11. Hi Gary All I have forund is the ETA 1080 sheet. hope Its close enough for you Cheers.
  12. Hi Kevin can you post pictures of the watch in question front and back and one of the exposed movement when you get into it. It Helps us Idenify the problem, Cheers
  13. Hi If you are in the UK have a look at the British Horological Institute site for a list of accredited independant repairers that way you are sure you have a bona fida repairer.
  14. Hi If you are looking for movements/watches to practise on then I reccomend the Russian watches Wostock Raketa Plojot etc they can be picked up for a few pounds each, in most cases working. If you make a mistake working on them you have not lost a lot. Worth checking out.
  15. Hi Cecking through my workshop laptop I came across these PDFs and thought they might be useful to the members new and old alike. I have several more and will post later. Cheers Witschi Training Course.pdf TZIllustratedGlossary (1).pdf handbook_of_watch_and_clock_repairsa.pdf Test and measuring technology mechanical watches.pdf
  16. Welcome to the forum Kevin . Well done on the 400 day they can be troublesome to set up and get in beat.
  17. Hi That was my thoughts. I just seemed way off as the normal price of Epilame/Fixodrop is well high and these "reconditiond" products were cheap.
  18. Hi Guys on the same subject I keep seeing on ebay reconditioned Epilame/Fixodrop and also D5. The reconditioned stuff a fraction on the normal price. My question being, What is reconditioned Epilame/Fixodrop and how do they recondition it ??? and is it as good as the normal product. A new can of worms. Over to you Mr Berry.
  19. Hi The other two if you can get the pair for £15 worth it for playing about with. on the seiko's look on the case backfor a series of numbers then look at the dial under the 6 oclock position there should be some numbers eg 7009 084 or the like these should match some of the numbers on the back if not they have been cobbled together for sale the whole handfull £20 to 25 no more.
  20. Hi To remove a glued in glass warm the case and press out the old glass then clean up the rim using a spirit base cleaner to soften the residue. cheers
  21. Hi Watchie here is fried's electric watch repair manual on pdf . I will try to find the other one but dont hold you breath!!!!!!. ElectricWatchRepairManual.pdf
  22. Hi on one of my searches I found a scanned copy and down loaded it. I cannot remember from where. I think it resides on the lap top in the work shop.
  23. Hi Judging by the shape of the tube its had a hard life. you could try pressing out the tube and straightening it or replacing it. When asking a question Its always adviseable ti include pictures of the movement back and front and also the caliber number so that members can Identify the movement and therefore point you in the right direction regarding parts. cheers
  24. Hi and welcome to the forum. Most members use the noted material suppliers, In the UK the likes of Cousins.uk, Gleave&co, AG Thomas, for old bits and parts Obsoletewatchandclockparts.co.uk . Europe Speedtimercollection, The USA Jules Borel, Esslinger, Timesavers, Canada Perrins. The best advise is to have a look on the BHI site in uk for lists of suppliers and likewise in America AWCI both will have lists.
  25. Hi I have had a good search round and the one thing missing is the 3330 sheets. I have some for 3313t the elusive 3330 is a no go I Have attached 3301 and 3603 in the vain hope they might prove useful. Cheers 1454_Omega3303 Part 1.pdf 1455_Omega3303 Part 2.pdf 1987_Omega3603 Pages 1-19.pdf 1988_Omega3603 Pages 20-29.pdf
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