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  1. diveboy

    Intro and questions

    if you like the Thin-Thin line, check out the Elgin Horizon line.
  2. diveboy

    Intro and questions

    welcome Sybren, for your Elgin Thin-Thin, you can refer to this presentation we put together to attempt to identify them https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1d15PHf44V9OaRG_TabSqscd8G3QA7AvQ6sITeQdEm_I/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=9000 Elgin had ceased tracking movement production with serial numbers, so the best you can do would be from November 1959 as the earliest date when the Thin-Thin's were first launched as the Thinline and they were renamed Thin-Thin shortly after that.
  3. diveboy

    Watch Batteries.

    Not all batteries are created equally, theses are 1961 W-1 batteries. not bad for 57 year old cell batteries but yes, I never leave a cell in after I let the watch cool off after wearing it.
  4. I brought one of those starter kits when I first started, I think I've replaced every tool since and thats less than 4 years. its a hard choice at the start, spend the money on decent tools or buy cheap while your deciding if this is for you.
  5. diveboy

    Revisiting an old hobby

    Welcome Andy, I don't think I could stick to your £4.04 per watch budget either. look forward to seeing future projects! Michael
  6. diveboy

    Stand alone microscope review

    That's my plan, not sure having the camera directly overhead will cause issues but will see. Might need to get the camera to an angle
  7. diveboy

    Stand alone microscope review

    I just ordered one of these, will provide some feedback in a week or two after I get a few hours with it. I think the camera alone saving to SD card is worth it.
  8. Dan is great, another person I would recommend with vintage american watches is Jeff Sexton from Elgintime, they both understand you don't want the returned like new.
  9. I have 1700 crystal 40 NOS cases 100 NOS hand sets 160 NOS bands 1700 NOS dials I had the same view, would be good to have an inventory and it is but when new stuff arrives, I spend a while updating my google spreadsheet. If I use something, I update it, if I trade/sell something, I update it. it does take time to keep it in check but there are some unexpected advantages, I see a watch thats missing parts going cheap ? I just search my inventory for the parts and if I have them, its a cheap pick up (this where having your inventory in the cloud, accessible from any device is key) I also share my inventory with a few trusted people and they return the favor.
  10. diveboy

    Elgin datemaster

    does the inside of the base back have a 4 digit style code ? or can you post a photo of the inside of the case back please?
  11. diveboy


    Welcome Phil, looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
  12. When travelling, modern quartz normally. Just don't want to risk a vintage being damaged or lost.
  13. diveboy

    Trolls, Spammers & One-timers.....

    Mark, I'm happy to help out with moderation, currently a mod at vintagewatchforums.com and I use to run a forum with 24, 000 users and understand the issues with having a large community. I'm in Australia, so can provide mod help during a different time zone. Pm or Facebook chat me (pad printer 3d) if I can be of help. I'm still learning watch repair and by no means am I experienced.
  14. its a mess already, items under $1000 and not shipped by a registered company, attract no gst or duty.
  15. was happily starting to assemble this and then half the screw head came off and now can't budge the screw. tried lots of baths in the ultrasonic to see if it would let its self go and its not. Any thoughts on getting this out ? thanks in advance.