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  1. try labanda or AJS, both Australian based suppliers.
  2. welcome to forum and well, yeh thats enough of the welcome to you wanna learn watch making in Australia, you can't really. first up, do you want to do vintage pieces or modern pieces ? if its vintage, I can send you a copy of the Chicago Watch Makers college course which was designed for distance learning. Do Mark's course, its one thing reading about it, its another thing seeing it done, especially when your starting out. as to starting out, I started on the dining room table and got one of these from kmart, it raises your work height and all your tools go under it when
  3. thanks! its a clone of the Elgin Madame Jenny.
  4. can you do a close of the blue enamel ladies please ? Thanks!
  5. Hi, its a standard ladies elgin movement, no real service sheet as such, just an interchangable parts list if needed. you can pick them up pretty cheaply off fleabay if you need parts.
  6. Elgin model 111 New Old Stock case with its original grosgrain ribbon and clasp I have a movement with a NOS dial waiting
  7. Welcome, what broken watches have you purchased ? I found it better to start working on running watches, then tackling the broken ones.
  8. if you like the Thin-Thin line, check out the Elgin Horizon line.
  9. welcome Sybren, for your Elgin Thin-Thin, you can refer to this presentation we put together to attempt to identify them https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1d15PHf44V9OaRG_TabSqscd8G3QA7AvQ6sITeQdEm_I/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=9000 Elgin had ceased tracking movement production with serial numbers, so the best you can do would be from November 1959 as the earliest date when the Thin-Thin's were first launched as the Thinline and they were renamed Thin-Thin shortly after that.
  10. Not all batteries are created equally, theses are 1961 W-1 batteries. not bad for 57 year old cell batteries but yes, I never leave a cell in after I let the watch cool off after wearing it.
  11. I brought one of those starter kits when I first started, I think I've replaced every tool since and thats less than 4 years. its a hard choice at the start, spend the money on decent tools or buy cheap while your deciding if this is for you.
  12. Welcome Andy, I don't think I could stick to your £4.04 per watch budget either. look forward to seeing future projects! Michael
  13. That's my plan, not sure having the camera directly overhead will cause issues but will see. Might need to get the camera to an angle
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