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  1. His samples show why an original dial should be kept as far as possible. The dials look new, but in many cases the print is far from original. E.g. compare the subsecond dials before and after! Dial reprinting is always a risk if you rely on the refinisher and do not check his print in advance. It can reduce the value of a watch considerably. Problem is, making a steel die is very expensive, so the refinisher will use what he has in stock. Frank
  2. Good advice! Problem is the higher sticking friction against lower sliding friction. The force needed to break the regulator arm free is higher than the force needed to move on the sliding arm. Pushing, you cannot avoid to push too far. I made a tool (slotted brass rod with a big radio button on the upper end) for better feeling: the mentioned problem gets a bit smaller but is still there. Now I mainly use a screwdriver with brass blade and tap with the back of my tweezers. Thus you always apply a limited amount of energy and overshoot can be avoided. Frank
  3. JDM, No, does no more pay. VWatchie, no personal experience, that type is a newer one. But it has the Indian look. Frank
  4. I used to import them from India for years and know their tools very well. There were tools that I didn't touch and tools that were ok and usable. I could examine them at the exporter's site, the customer here has to try and error. Frank
  5. These (Indian) presses nearly all are poorly bored: axis of upper and lower die are neither same nor parallel. That makes problems like you had. Better go for used pro presses as advised before. Frank
  6. I have a lot of those Indian aluminium loupes (no. 2...3.5) lying around in my workshop, handy like ball pens. Today I compared one with a Bergeon 4422 that I use on my bench. Both are single glass lens. With naked eye I could not find any advantage of the Bergeon. Same sharpness and clearness, same blurring around the edge. Frank
  7. Didn't you see the magical link: "Comments about the data" ? Frank
  8. I suppose the main issue is the app, not so much the mic. I posted about unsatisfacting results with different Iphone apps here in the forum (maybe post was deleted by a kind moderator). I used special piezo mics as well as direct signal input with different volumes- Frank
  9. Looks really good! Just the collet is not yet quite centered. Frank
  10. I am quite sure, the original hand was blue. However the minute hand is alien, too. Frank
  11. Ok, I read "MM pattern" and "Style: AM" Frank
  12. Yes, they are different shapes. MM is more broad, my AM is like #3. Nice, but wrong. I did not yet hear of magnetic brass. And what is that: Frank
  13. You can use both, too tight and too loose hands. Tighten as advised above. Or open the hole with a small broach. Both are every day tasks when changing second hands, even with the right size. Frank
  14. Having done this work more than once, I suppose this tool is no advantage to the traditional method mentioned by Nickelsilver. By the way, I found fixing the collet to the hairspring is easier than expected. But making the tool gave you a nice delay before having to start the real task Frank
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