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  1. Hi, wheels are rivetted onto the pinion. Yes, if it is a new, never before used pinion. Honestly, I am astonished on this question by you. Frank
  2. To calculate, you need teeth numbers of wheels and pinions and known revolution times (e.g. 2nd wheel, 4th wheel). Once I calculated these times for a calibre that I often work on (18000, small second): 1 tooth of the barrel (=2nd wheel pinion tooth) = 5 minutes 1 revolution 3rd wheel = 7.5 minutes I found that most often the tooth is to consider, less often the wheel. Frank
  3. Oh, you are right, thank you! But the principle stays the same, you can find the source this way. 6 minutes can be - the revolution of a wheel, or - the passing time of two meshing teeth Frank
  4. Period of those waves is 6 seconds. Escape wheel needs 6 seconds per revolution... Frank
  5. Don't forget to connect the motor case to the grounding conductor!!! Frank
  6. That result was not so surprising after all the confusing advice given. Nickelsilver gave the exact position for correction and also explained the simple rule that applies here. Unfortunately later comments confused the clear advice. Nevertheless I hope this story ends well - with new balance assembly Frank
  7. Hello, I love this Greiner Spiromatik. Years ago I owned one and planned to update the old electronics and replace the huge display box, but gave it to a collector before. Still have another type of the 50s, it works with a pallet-like part that drives the balance under test. Drawback of these machines is, they are for serial work and must be equipped for the target calibre. Yes, above was my development. You will get a PM. Frank
  8. This is what I use for hairspring work (and some of the best German watch manufacturers, too). Price however is just a fraction of the above mentioned, I am sorry... Frank spirdose_flde_c.pdf
  9. Do as you like, results are the same. Call it Frank´s Rule . Seems likely as mentioned by jdm. Frank
  10. If you intend to work on PWs only, you will surely need no winders for ladies WW. You could get a coarse idea of the needed winder sizes if you take half of the movement diameter minus 20%. Frank
  11. Save your money, the tweezers in the hswalsh link is of little use. OH did a very good job finding this tool, but it is the smallest of the set, too small for gents- or pocketwatches. I suppose it is the remains of a long sold stock. My old Bergeon catalog shows them, but they were no more available when the catalog was issued. Frank
  12. Hi, I cannot imagine how the above hairspring could be formed without curve tweezers. Did all who give good advice ever make a Breguet coil? These tweezers were not available 30 years ago when I started, so I made my own curve tweezers from normal steel ones. A bit of work, but never regretted. Frank
  13. It is the same stuff that was known as "type cleaner" in pre computer times, I suppose. Frank
  14. Nothing magic, a simple on/off switch approved for 230 V. This type of switch is still available. Frank
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