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  1. Looks really good! Just the collet is not yet quite centered. Frank
  2. I am quite sure, the original hand was blue. However the minute hand is alien, too. Frank
  3. Ok, I read "MM pattern" and "Style: AM" Frank
  4. Yes, they are different shapes. MM is more broad, my AM is like #3. Nice, but wrong. I did not yet hear of magnetic brass. And what is that: Frank
  5. You can use both, too tight and too loose hands. Tighten as advised above. Or open the hole with a small broach. Both are every day tasks when changing second hands, even with the right size. Frank
  6. Having done this work more than once, I suppose this tool is no advantage to the traditional method mentioned by Nickelsilver. By the way, I found fixing the collet to the hairspring is easier than expected. But making the tool gave you a nice delay before having to start the real task Frank
  7. Hi, seems I have a few needles left. Please PM if you want one/some. Frank
  8. Thank you, I will surely try it. Why I prefer the method that I mentioned above (water hardened, tempered to light blue stock): easy cutting on the lathe, has just the right strength and most of all: no danger to get a distorted staff after quenching - a slight bend can make hours of work worthless. Frank
  9. Hello, what kind of oil do you use? And is it usable more than once, must be messy of charcoal after one use? Frank
  10. Hi, you can replace the fork, but it is no must imho. There is a good chance then that you have to adjust the pallets, too. What I wanted to say, you probably have a measuring issue, no mechanical issue - my experience with developing timing machine software. In short: a tic noise consists of 3-4 single noises, the first being the weakest, but used for timing. More on tic noise you will find in the software TM threads on this forum. Frank
  11. Hi, the visible wear is more than normal (should be zero). But much more likely is a very weak release noise on one side, that is missed by your timing machine: it triggers on the next, higher impulse. Frank
  12. david, very obvious. Shipwrecking site is Alang in Gujarat. Most tools (also watchmaking-) come from Gujarat factories. Frank
  13. The above mentioned assortment is probably that from India. The kind of steel is absolutely unknown, the Indian exporter does not give any details. Such an item I would buy from a source only that will give technical data, too. Frank
  14. m. was faster, but attached come the pictures of my catalog. M.T.M. is not exactly the same but a variant of JB's tool. Frank
  15. I think you are right, will look up my catalog later. Frank
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