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  1. That most probably was a stainless steel screw. Modern screws often are SS. Frank
  2. They don't get hot at all with these discs. I have to touch up tips nearly daily and no time for ruminant sharpening... Frank
  3. Screwdriver sharpener tool, type "Quick Action": Blade angle and thickness are continuously adjustable… Frank
  4. Hello jdm, your tool is the "Leinen" type. I use the same tool with a bigger assortment of punches and stumps. I made a photo to get an impression which types of stumps are there. Frank
  5. These are made in the Jura, too. However on the French side, few kilometers apart from Le Locle (Bergeon). I use them for years, quality is ok. Frank
  6. Possible, but not easy. According my experience you will need about the same time for drilling or making a new staff on the lathe. Frank
  7. Exactly. If the collet is centered, the spring will touch the regulator pin. Probably this hairspring was changed in the past. Frank
  8. Note: This is no cylinder escapement - its a pin pallet escapement - as Roskopfs had. Frank
  9. A good mic surely helps. But if the software has poor signal filtering and cannot remove ambient noise (my suspicion with smartphone apps), results will stay poor. Apps Test Noise Filter Frank
  10. To clarify, I use Lucian's tool very often and like it. However the Swiss made variant! It is stamped BRADUX sometimes. Should be available used for low cost. In pre-internet times I imported lots of Indian horological tools, but only selected items that were usable - never this roller remover. Different from Indian and today's Internet dealers, I was able to discern between useful and rubbish items - being an active watchmaker. Frank
  11. Note: Indian tools usually are made to look like the real tools. Frank
  12. Here is a picture of the mentioned collets (and a fitting brass plug). Frank
  13. Hi, it will take clamping collets for pivot drills. Frank
  14. I´d say: save your money, keep the Weishi. 1. It will show the correct rate of Coax watches, too (if beat rate is right). 2. It will show a wrong amplitude value (some percents too high with right L.A.) You can compensate (2.) with a modified L.A. Sufficient for dynamic poising: you will need - about same amplitude in all vertical positions (flawless escapemen!), - to know which position shows the highest/lowest rate, - to know the theory behind the procedure Frank
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