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  1. JerseyMo

    DeWalt Timex Ironman

    Timex has been using those screws for decades now. So plenty of dead donors out there. I have even bought dollar store watches just for the screws.......
  2. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    Going through the collection and decide to give this one some wrist time. A mix of mechanical and electronics and even has two jewels.
  3. JerseyMo

    1930s or 40s New Haven

    a few movements from Timex pass.....
  4. JerseyMo

    Timex Monroe

    The assortment above shows three watches. Mercury, Monroe and Marquette all of which used the model 21 movement. Picture in this post is the Mercury which also has the feature of a seconds hand.
  5. JerseyMo

    Timex Monroe

    Not original strap.
  6. JerseyMo

    Timex Monroe

    I have been working on some of my older pieces and today chose this 1953 Monroe. 3 step ultra sonic cleaning, lube, grease, polish and even a new old stock crystal. Running like a champ. Also show with an advert from the era and an original copy of the letter Timex sent out to service shops. This letter accompanied the 1961 service manual and registered the shop for future service publications.
  7. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    I had it running well on the bench many times but, it would stop intermittently when on the wrist if turned at an angle. The "Q" series is based on the original #40 electro-mechanical movement Timex developed back in the 1960's. As each new series came and went the movement was burden with more features such as the day date. That is a bear to deal with. There are several detent springs, and coordination of sequence of each wheel alignment. Also the quality was reduced when production moved to off shore. So, this time I just swapped out from a donor from a known working Q and it is ticking away on my wrist.
  8. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    This one has sat in the "one day to be fixed" draw for years. Well the day has come! 1979 Pepsi "Q"
  9. JerseyMo

    1990's Fake Rolex rebuild. ISO movement...

    and just add some numbers to the discussion - The trade in counterfeited goods is worth a whopping $462 billion (£321bn) a year, according to the most recent figures from the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, with a 2017 report predicting it could hit an astonishing $2.3 trillion (£1.7 trillion) by 2022. A massive 63% of pirate goods originate in China and American brands are the most faked. We reveal 30 of the world’s most ripped-off brands. https://www.lovemoney.com/gallerylist/52360/the-worlds-most-counterfeited-brands
  10. JerseyMo

    1990's Fake Rolex rebuild. ISO movement...

    the difference is that fakes use the actual name. that is why it is illegal and that applies to all businesses no matter what they manufacture. Take for example the sports memorabilia industry, it is froth with counterfeits and fake signatures. Who gets hurt by this? Yes the consumers that pay for worthless imitation of goods. So not just one company but potentially millions of innocent buyers. It is all or done, how can anyone pick and choose when faking is okay or not?
  11. JerseyMo

    1990's Fake Rolex rebuild. ISO movement...

    The issue with any fake is that it is piracy and reduces revenue to the rightful owner. Reduced revenue results in loss of jobs and even increases prices. I have had to say good bye to many colleagues due to online piracy and file sharing. As for working on knock offs, you are going to find them to be challenging to work on due to poor engineering and low quality. there are plenty of legit watch lots that can be bought for next to nothing to help build skills.
  12. JerseyMo

    Timex case..

    well done! Sorry but, bezels are very hard to find for vintage Timex.
  13. JerseyMo

    Timex case..

    well it looks like you figured out that is an out the front case. actually that case is used for both manual and automatic movements. Each would have a different case back. Good luck with the repair, if you need the stem crown I may have one.
  14. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    Just off the bench - 1963 Timex Electric - Needed some TLC. Missing battery insulator, crown screw washer, sticky set lever , scratched crystal. Serviced, lubed, buffed and added red nail polish to replaced the cracked and aged lume.
  15. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    interesting you say that because it was the one that took the most work to restore. I had to swap out the balance as the final step to the movement. When I had it all ready to get back together I cracked the crystal