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  1. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    Nope, I got in a lot of 20 Timex to flip and have been distracted with them.
  2. JerseyMo

    Revisiting an old hobby

    Timex began sold parts assortments directly to repairs center ( blue plastic and foam cases) . The parts were sorted into small compartments in numbered envelopes 1 thru .... A small booklet with be included that would have pages of dial codes and the number of the envelope the part would be in. The watch supply houses were provided with a more detail book. These books even contain cross references to help with finding the part number. Here are two methods to reference and I may have both but would have to check. 4606010778 - 031-360005 466613272 - envelope #48
  3. JerseyMo

    Marine Decimal Chronograph

    interesting that at one point the owner of this watch ( my watchmaker friend) did contact the club. He asked if they would be interesting in purchasing it. They replied with a "no".
  4. Just something of interest - the club is now the Dewsbury Rams... anyone know who Mr. Fisher was? The Y.C.F. Challenge Cup Won by the Dewsbury A & F Club Presented BY THE SUPPORTERS TO W.K. Fisher Forward April 9, 1881
  5. JerseyMo

    old timex

    That is fantastic! So glad to be help get a vintage Timex back in service.
  6. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    the same part was used on a few different movements. So yo can look for NOS movements or in a scarp lot of not runners. Or you can contact me and I'll send you one!
  7. The extra link arrived today and is already installed. Can't wait to show this one around.
  8. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    yep, will have to go a process of illumination approach. One part at a time to see where she stops. Would be interesting if indeed it is the center pinon because I think that is the one part that makes this movement unique from its closest relative. ( the 106)
  9. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    Timex Military for 1968 and with 17 jewels? I did not find these in your photo gallery.
  10. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    I have found this era of off shore manufactured Timex to have the lowest serviceability. This can only be contributed to the lowering of the materials used. If you compare for example the recovery of a mid 1960's model 24 to an early 1980's model 106. The early #24 return back to service more consistency. So when I begin to work on any Timex from the late 1970's and newer I do so knowing the success rate will be less. Now the odd thing is when it comes to these Campers the success rate goes up. Which is the reason I look for them. That aside, I have a hunch what the issue is and will give it a try next.
  11. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    all of the parts were cleaned twice and it does run a bit than stop. my thought is wear to the train. I'll have to inspect each part closer. I would just swap in another movement but, these Campers have a unique movement. For now this one will take a back seat as I prep others for EBay sales.
  12. JerseyMo

    Timex Camper Restoration

    yes, I did figure out how to do this without a winder. Was actually quite easy but the damn thing still won't run!
  13. JerseyMo

    old timex

    this should be the part - you can find me here - https://www.ebay.com/usr/pack43
  14. JerseyMo

    old timex

    It is Mercury model and the dial code is under the reflector ring. That is why you can't see it. I have a good idea of the stem crown need but will see if I can find a similar one to reference the part.