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  1. JerseyMo

    Timex 1977 Mercury M25 Before & After

    Yes, I have acquired a great number of Timex parts over the years. The most recent was the remaining inventory from a supply house that closed down. Which I thought would give me the title of "holder of most NOS Timex parts on the east coast". The same seller followed up by offering me a second large lot of NOS Timex parts but said I would need to bring a truck for pickup. When I asked just how big of supply he had available he replied it is a storage room 16 x 16 feet and full top to bottom. If I had taken him up I may have been the "holder of more parts than I could ever use". So I declined the offer :)
  2. Here is nice before and after restore that came out quite well. Repairs required, movement service, balance replacement, new crystal, new stem crown, replace missing sweep. And of course just after I added the band and wore it a few minutes the sweep fell off. yes that is why you test!
  3. JerseyMo

    Infomation on watch

    well it looks like a Marlin dial to me but, the sweep is odd. Never seen a Marlin with a red arrow tip. Also the case seems off too. Can you take some more pics and include the back of the watch?
  4. JerseyMo

    Timex hands won’t move?

    check the order of how you inserted the following -
  5. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    replateit.com I have not used this service myself but, have heard only good things about them.
  6. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    for today a recent addition to the collection -
  7. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    no it is Lemania 33.3
  8. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    For today a GP Sea Hawk on leather cuff .....but, have this One Button Omega in the que.
  9. JerseyMo

    Slightly "Vintage" Timex

    well not hundreds but the style was made for a long time. I have one in NOS parts in my to do projects pile. I've not gotten to it since I know it would not flip for much and those crystals are a pain to fit to the case!
  10. I have spoken to some others about the 3D printing as well. First concerns is the end product maybe somewhat rough around the edges. Just so many other things to be concered about. SO don't think I'll get to it.
  11. JerseyMo

    Slightly "Vintage" Timex

    well glad you found out about the number of the back. Timex began to use than in 1983. The model has all the marks of a Marlin but, somewhere around 1985 Timex just listed these as Men's Water Resistant along with a catalog number. Yes, knida boring name.... so called it a Marlin and it sounds much better. It has a #105 movement inside. It looks like you have the original band which is very nice to see. A good start to a Timex collection.
  12. JerseyMo

    Timex find at Antique Fair

    276742573 - this is envelope #38. I should have it. Shipping to UK is $14.00 What hands are you looking for?
  13. JerseyMo

    Times Electric West Germany

    have you noticed the dot on the calendar ring? it indicates AM - PM Very cool feature.
  14. JerseyMo

    screw on back vs snap on back

    Here are examples of lower end watches form the 1950s - 1960s. All with screw down backs and typical 17 jewel movements inside. note the extreme wear to some as they were not made of stainless steel.