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  1. Ready for the next half century! and the first item cleaned was the knob of the on\off switch. IMG_1199.MOV
  2. Thanks, I came across that data sheet as well. The tube replacement will be as far as this repair attempt will go.
  3. I was told the machine was made in 1975 but did not verify that. No matter as I did go ahead and order a replacement tube. Someone else advised to replace any electrolytic caps. But, there are only two disk caps inside. I am assuming 'valve' is the same as 'tube'? License? Sure I got one of those! forgot to mention - you see the maker is located in Kearney NJ. that is just a few miles from where I picked this machine up.
  4. Has anyone here worked on an ultrasonic such as this one? L&R Maxomatic.. I was told it will smoke when powered up. After opening it up I pulled the tube and right away I see it failed because the top cap fell off! Also I noticed debris inside which of course is not a good sign either. So what to do? I found a used tube for BIN at $20.00 and best guess is the machine is maybe worth $40.00 Is it something I should get into just for the fun of it? Heck yeah, what is the worst I can be other than burning down the house
  5. very cool dial, I don't know why Timex did not sell these in the US.:(
  6. I doubt the movement can be taken apart and than reassembled. but, give it a try
  7. no, that is NOS item from a watch lot I got in a few years back. Still have more of them. They were used on those 'one jewel wonders' that were so popular in the 1970's. They are blacked with glued paper just like a stamp. just added some water to activate and laid it on the dial.
  8. - dial was roached on this Waltham so I used this foil lay over to give the watch a new life.
  9. I've heard this effect called 'tropicalized', meaning heat has changed the color. If this is the current term to use of if it is even a word I don't know. but it sounds interesting. Picture yourself on the beach, the waves are rolling, the palms swaying in the breeze, a cold drink in hand... endless parade of bikinis walking by and ..... than suddenly the calm is broken by "HEY ARE YOU STAYING AT THAT WOMAN?".... Have a nice day!
  10. the dial has changed color over time. It was originally a pale cream color.
  11. great dial too. First backset they made with a chromed case.
  12. JohnD - I have this lot of model 69 parts available. You can have them, just pay the shipping cost. LMK.
  13. I know all too well how it goes from one to one thousand....
  14. nicely done. Timex was the first to introduce a battery operated Mickey Mouse watch. Of course it helped that they still had an exclusive contract with Disney at the time. Timex was also the first to introduce a ladies battery operated watch as well.
  15. The Mattel football was in worst condition and although much better now it has two issues. The 'UP' button is intermittent and a few segments are missing in the score display. Can't do much about the display since it is all integrated led but, I can lift the button and clan the contacts. These games can sell for about $20 each now in working condition. Maybe I found a new sideline of work :)!
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