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  1. that is an electronic and pretty certain the movement cover is a little different. but I have then in parts.
  2. 1969 Timex Electronic Backset - 10K gold filled case - Model 87 movement.
  3. and here are two of the electrics I have. the other watch you have is a 1957 Marlin -
  4. here you go - http://www.woodlandtechnical.co.uk/
  5. most times it looks even more messy than this -
  6. Timex parts? Who the heck would be crazy enough to buy Timex parts? Oh yeah, ME!
  7. both are Marlins. they need new stem crowns and the crystals buffed. do thye run?
  8. that is a pre 1963 Mercury. I'd say maybe 61 or 62. Was there an ink stamp on the underside of the case back?
  9. I have 50 year old Timex watch that have better water resistance!
  10. sounds like you have a super thin model. Comes with a model 23 movement. Not over wound,, rather just wound up and won't run. A simple dunk and swish service typically gets these models going. That is is you want to DIY.
  11. yep, the parts all look alike but of course are not. None have numbers on them and that just makes it all the more a task. Pick up a can of CRC QD ( quick dry) electric spray or something similar. This helps to clean the battery terminals and the balance contact wire. Follow up with lube to train and cross your fingers. As you already found out a very common issue is the coil on the balance has opened or is shorted.
  12. I was a long time member of the previous Timex forum to which I owe much gradtitude. So I am always happy to help with vintage US Time \ Timex as best I can.
  13. Just an FYI that the Electronic print on the dial identifies that watch as a model 51. What makes it different than a model 41 is the inclusion of a diode in the balance assembly. Lanco? no you mean to say Laco as being the company Timex purchsed for the battery operated watches?
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