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  1. funding is now open to help develop the solar powered version.
  2. Very Rare "Mystery Dial" battery powered and never needs winding. Only 3 easy payment of $19.99 but wait there is more! figured it was time to decompress
  3. that does very much sound like the click spring is worn down. When new the tip of the click is a v shaped fork. Over time the bottom section wears down so no winding gears just slips. short of a replacement there is no other correction that will hold up.
  4. actually it may not be good for the older models. that is because Timex would not keep the documentation as inception to date. It will however cover a good portion of the 70's and into the 80's. Another problem that comes up is that Timex sold models based on country. So you may find a 1970's Marlin from the UK with a given dial code and it won't match up to the book.
  5. I had a quick look at the Timex related Stem\Crowns and can add some feedback as long time Timex collector and repairer. The parts numbers are those from Timex and used by parts distributors. So they would have no meaning to the typical Timex collector looking for parts. What they mostly reply upon is the dial code which must be cross referenced to the warehouse part numbering. These cross refences were provided in books sent to the distributors. Biggest issue with these is that the books are cumulative and only cover a given range of years and not inception to date. So it comes down
  6. My recent flea market trip yield this great 'Oriental Watch'. I is a housed in a 3 piece case and has a nice jeweled movement inside. After a little bit of work it is running quite well. I cannot find much information on it other than there is an Oriental Watch Ltd. located in Hong Kong. My thinking is this was an in store product sold sometime back in the 1940's. Anyone every see or hear of this maker?
  7. The video is fine but I would not recommend to go with a full tear down right off. There is a wiki page on budget watches that give a very good overview of how to service a US Time \ Timex movement. that is what got me started.
  8. yep, model 24 is a work horse movement. "piece of cake" repair! That is easy for me to say now after near 15 years of working on them
  9. I know a little about vintage Timex repair... here are four I worked on the last few days. The issue you encountered is commonly called 'over wound'. Meaning the mainspring is stuck and no power is being transferred to the train. The likely reason this occurred is not your fault at all. The real reason is the watch was probably sitting unused for years and is in need of a basic service. (Cleaning, Oiling, Adjustment \ Regulating). Given the dial code 2017 2464 your watch is a 64 Marlin with a model 24 movement inside. Search this site and you should come across one of my posting
  10. Here is today's repair - 1970 Timex '21 Jewels' with hand wind with Date. Came from the estate of watch maker in Manhattan. This watch may have been sitting for 30 years or more. With some very basic cleaning techniques, oil and grease, it is back in working order.
  11. A 67 marlin is a great watch to start you off with. I began with a 1964 marlin myself and have since repaired thousands Timex watches. Here are some I just picked up at local flea market. The first thing to do is a quick check for damage such as pulled hair spring, broken mainspring, missing parts. Than you go from there to learning how to take the watch apart and what not to take apart and so on. You can search this site for many of my postings of repairs I've made. I would recommend to first try with the least desired watch just to help ease your way into things.
  12. Of course it is still up to the individual to decide but, I usually reply not to "Lick" the dial. From the many times I've seen this question asked the general replies are there is more radioactivity surrounding you each day than there is on the typical dial. So don't be concerned. Even on of biggest horological foes with whom I had many intellectual dialogues with ( a nice way to say we butted heads) actually agreed with me on this one! So I offer you what I have to others. "You get in a Timex 600 ft diver and I'll gladly hold on to it for you until the half life of the radium has halved
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