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  1. some years back I did have a few projects sent off to Greg Ward located in Lincolnshire. I don't know if that is near to you or not but his work was excellent. And he does repair vintage Timex. website - http://www.woodlandtechnical.co.uk/
  2. most likely the contact wire has some oxidation preventing a complete circuit.
  3. Yes, the bench fits the space and there are still some changes I'd like to make.
  4. yes Goodwill is where I bought my first mega bulk load of vintage watches. Among which was a 1964 Timex Marlin that put me on this path. Only issue I have with it is that people tend to overbid. Here is what you have to look forward too.
  5. so as much as people like to bash EBay there is no other single resource that will help you find parts. Best to buy up watch maker estate lots. But one off deals can be found too. I now buy parts of my watchmaker friend because his supply house doesn't have them. Most recently it was a pusher for a Tag. Before that it was a third wheel for Rolex. As for those Timex parts. yes, I have more than I could ever use. They are years of accumulation and many deals made with other collectors. I did pass on one deal where I was offered the contents of a 16' x 10' storage locker full to the top. All NOS Timex. hmm maybe I should ask if its still available see what this hobby does to you!
  6. there are a few Timex movements I steer clear of and this is one of them....
  7. I recall they came with a leather strap. You know the expression timing is everything? well just a month ago I had a replacement dial for that watch. Gave it away and now I can't even remember to who. Guess my memory is getting just as patina-ed as that dial
  8. It was an interesting style.
  9. yep at some point the effort just isn't worth the return.
  10. as a fall back plan you can let me know the dial code and I can check my stock for the part. It will be nice and shiny new!
  11. the hard learned lessons are the best teachers. but they suck to have to live through! Maybe I'll put that on a t-shirt!
  12. your watch is a UK model and you won't find it referenced in the attached pdf. But, the case was used on many models and the stem in #39 should fit.
  13. well, that is one way to do it. will be interesting to see how it goes.
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