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  1. yes but I did repair it at my watch bench!
  2. Poor fellow had only half of his beak. I fashioned a new one out of a chop stick for him. MOV00966.AVI
  3. 1978 Timex 'Viscount'
  4. yep, as with all straps and bands there can be some seriously funky stuff growing in there!
  5. no not the original strap but it is NOS from the early 1970's and was made by Brite. Brite was band and strap supplier for Timex.
  6. the one in the middle had a worn click spring, other than that they were the typical clean up and movement service.
  7. Three projects completed this week. All are from the Marlin series, 1968, 1971 and 1980.
  8. and here was today's project -
  9. Yep! no technology just your hands and brain working together.
  10. Yes, I do think of watches as not only telling of time but as piece of time as well. Where have they been? Who wore them? Maybe witness to some memorable moment in history? Perhaps this one even past my way at some point in time?
  11. Just off the bench is this 1968 Marlin -
  12. sometimes I wear the other "X"
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