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  1. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    interesting you say that because it was the one that took the most work to restore. I had to swap out the balance as the final step to the movement. When I had it all ready to get back together I cracked the crystal
  2. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    While I'm in "Electric" mode I restored these two for '62..... now I can't make up my mind which to wear tomorrow.
  3. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    1961 Timex Electric - Made in West Germany
  4. JerseyMo

    Hello from Watford U.K

    very good
  5. JerseyMo

    Watch of Today

    for today a very rare "Babe Ruth" Benrus -
  6. JerseyMo

    Hello from Watford U.K

    cool another Timex collector.... I see the watch in your avatar is a Timex "Sprite" - maybe 1971 - 1973?
  7. JerseyMo

    New to the hobby

    there is a catch 22 with the hobby.... which is the wide range of prices and types to go after. They can distract from the goal. So buy enough to get started and get your hands on a few non runners just to practice on. As you get along, than pickup the tools and other goodies to advance.
  8. JerseyMo

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    well, this post inspired me to take another approach at a full Timex tear down and rebuild. " Oh right they are riveted together" anyway.... I found that leaving in the temporary stem was a big help. Also when I was about to place the back plate back on I turned the movement as you see in the pic. This allowed me to drop in in at a 45 degree angle with ease. WIth just a slight lift of the pallet fork with that tool front right, the plate slipped right on. BTW, the reason I took this one apart was to replace the mainspring. so far she is running happy.
  9. JerseyMo

    Old England Steering Wheel Watch

    the vintage of these watches is late 60's into the 70's
  10. JerseyMo

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    I keep going back to the factory must have had some type of jig setup. My last one I found that if I screw out the brass cap it allows the balance to stay put. Now I just have to figure out the dam pallet fork.
  11. JerseyMo

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    I find the most difficult task is to keep the pallet fork still while trying to place the top plate back into place. Do you have any trick for this?
  12. JerseyMo

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    did you remove the mainspring barrel as well?
  13. JerseyMo

    Old England Steering Wheel Watch

    I do recall seeing one of these steering wheel watches before but did not recall the maker was "Old England". Ebay has many of these listed and some go for a nice return.
  14. picker up a small lot of watches yesterday and this was among them I have it running again but, need to replace the crystal too. The one in photo is just a touch to shallow and the tip of the seconds hand hangs up. Of course a month ago I would have had 100's of spare crystal to select from but decide to clear some draw space and sold them off. That is what happens when you try to down size!
  15. #24 parts on left and #25 on right.