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  1. the 76 marlin would have a model 24 or 25 movement. Take note of the two arrows.
  2. Ok, if by chance you do get the opportunity to speak to a former worker their is one question that was often discussed on the old Timex Forum. "How exactly did they put together the movements". many had the thought the use of some type of jig to help hold the parts in place while the plates were screwed down. I personally think it was just a talent of the line workers having repeated the process day in and day out.
  3. some others I've worked on this week
  4. is this opinion or fact? Well unless you meant to say the socialist democrats in my opinion that is.
  5. A little of this and a little of that and you can convert a common electric into one that is more desirable. Of course it helps I have a large stash of NOS parts.
  6. I've had a few of them over the years. The inner chapter ring is a distinct feature and was not used often by Timex.
  7. I would let it be because trying to match the color is going to be a challenge. But, if I had to do the touch up I would try to find an extra fine tipped marker. Nice Marlin!
  8. old man jokes? at 62 I'm just getting started!
  9. here is a birth year watch - Timex 100 - exceptional condition -
  10. some of my recent projects
  11. My interest in timepieces started with my grandmother telling me that one day I would get my grandfather's pocket watch. Here is the pocket watch along with my two watches that were my fathers. Waltham - Benrus - Ernest Borel.
  12. it does seem to be a consistent beat. you know the real problem is now I'm going to start buying clocks!
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