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  1. The best feature of the movement design is the oversized vconic balance. I'll keep testing this one for a few more days to see if it as any issue while wrist angel changes . As for the floor it will get a good varnish top coat as the rest of the floors in the house. No stain just a nice honey tone.
  2. Since I'm also working on one of the bedroom I decide to wear the Marlin while sanding the floors. What better way to test the takes a licking slogan! It did not miss a beat! Since my home as built in 1955 I'd bet many of the workers were wearing Timex watches . maybe even the guy that last sanded the floor back than.
  3. The overall condition of this watch is remarkable considering it was assembled in 1959. The metal shows no sign of corrosion of wear but the time keeping was off. So I gave it some long overdue attention. Here it is all cleaned, polished, oiled and now under test.
  4. watching with interest but my experience tells me the results will not be much and by disturbing the dial the remaining lume dots may likely fall off too.
  5. Here is one fish for you - 30.4 mm 30.6 mm 30.8 mm.... Get a new pair of calipers and start measuring.
  6. Timex made watch parts in many countries so to try and say one is 100% American may not be possible. Best to go as early as possible like a 1957 marlin that will have made in USA on the dial. Of course the case was most likely made in the UK.
  7. I have been a coffee drinker since grade school but, do enjoy an afternoon green tea with honey. Here a picture taken at my work desk some years back. A morning cappuccino, a Timex watch and behind it a remembrance of a visit to Assisi back in 2000 (a Franciscan Cross).
  8. 1963 - 1964 has clean style that reflects a change in what Timex was selling in the 1950s. If you really want an outstanding Timex I suggest you look at a Darwin. But of course it is all a matter of personal taste. What is the asking price of the one on Etsy?
  9. This is just a beautify watch and I have to share a pic. Comes from watchmakers personal collection. I scan see why he held on to it.
  10. an NOS replacement click is the best solution. These are not so easy to come by so the next best is to find a donor. You can find them on many Timex movements from the late 1970's thru 1990's. models would be in the 100 range. 104,105,107, and so on. I know some have tried to bend down the portion of the tip on the old click to get it to catch the ratchet gear. But, this is more of a temp fix and likely not to last very long.
  11. I would not think so. Just enjoy a vintage marlin. I would suggest a 1963 or 64 with an model 24. Chromed case with non-luminous dial. A true classic of Timex style and design.
  12. I like the battery clip too. Timex did make these for many of the early battery ops. I have to dig a few up to show. But in the meantime, I did work on an early big "Q" today myself. The checked my NOS stock and found a replacement bezel and stem\crown. Looks great with the original stretch strap too.
  13. Yes, I relied to quickly and did not see it was the price for all of them. If you can buy just one that that would be best. I'm in US so shipping is prohibitive.
  14. holy molly the asking price for the part is outrageous! Price: GBP 39.99 Approximately US $54.50 not likely to be the balance but if you feel like spending this kind of dough. I'd be happy to sell you one too!
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