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  1. Today my watchmkaer friend handed me this interesting minature desk clock. The dial and back have Le Pitite Forgeron on them. "The Little Blacksmith" is sitting happliy at the anvil. Yes it is animated too. I see it is Swiss made and my guess is cira 1900 - 1915? I did find many on searching and there are some small differences such as the color of the ring around the bezel, the base is marbel where this is bakalite ( I think that makes this newer ?) So besides that what less can anyone tell me about the clock?
  2. yep, I all set for halloween now -
  3. demin straps? lkie these that are NOS from the 1970's ?
  4. lift the clip all the way out and the stem will be relased.
  5. is you look at the notch just where the stem inserts into the movement you will find a hairpin clip. Use a fine tip tweezers and lift it up. BE VERY CAREFUL becuase they like to go flying when you set them free!
  6. Timex 1970 Electric Diver - Built with a combination old and NOS parts. old - Caseback, movement cover, bracelet, eleapsed time bezel ring NOS - Dial, hands, movement, stem\crown, crystal Althoguh the dial came with correct hands, the lume had cracked over time. So with a mixture of white glow in the dark hobby paint and some clear nail polish I replaced it. It does glow for a few seconds. The rest is the typical parts assembly so not much to talk ablout there. But, what to do with the strap or bracelet? I found this NOS black plastic bracelet in one of my parts bins and added the "Timex" clasp for a final touch. Brite was a supplier to Timex so the look and fit is great. Time keeping has been dead on for 4 days now. Going to be hard to let this one go. But than again I built it to sell so on to the next project.
  7. TImex maintains parts inventory for a few years or less as I recall. So your only chance is ebay.
  8. I did notice that when setting the time it seemed like something was slipping. As it turns out it was this little disk which I just repalced and all good now. Also chaged the dial and cased it up for final testing. How does it look?
  9. Today's bench time journey began with the exploration of a stash of non runners from what I have dubbed "The FS Collection". I found that the coil had come off the balance so I went to my parts bins. Knowing this is a model 85 I was at first a bit unsure because the repalcment part I found looked different. But, "FS" aka Fred Smythe was a quality control engineer at Timex so I just figured this was another one of his expermiental movments. So cut to the chase, I swapped in the NOS part popped in a battery and off it went. Still under bench test for now.
  10. I redraw my previous conlcusion that the movement is a #24. That is becaue the of the bright white that can be seen around the balance wheel area. That can only be the underside of a date ring. of the pic is of a #25. TIme to get back to the bench and stop posting.
  11. no, the question is why a #24? After all a #25 would look the same or would it? That is from the way the phot is taken?
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