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  1. just off the bench - a 1967 factory prototype early model 87 LACO -
  2. True that I advise not to disassemble the entire movement and to follow the basic guide from the Timex Service Manuals. There are no step by step instructions and even if there were you still have learn the various techniques of reassembling. no better way to learn than by trying.
  3. Quartz is generally not what I look for but this one sort of caught my eye. -
  4. yes, it works as you can see it was used in this project. The gap on the diver hands are larger than most so the process may take more than one application. You must also take care not to lay on to much at once. This is true no matter which material you use to relume with.
  5. Oh you have fallen into the Timex trap for sure. Timex factory used Elgin M56b. I use some Mobius 9010/2 and grease with Mobius CH-4123.
  6. Just another day of which to wear.... so why not just wear all of them!
  7. should make a nice return on some of those.
  8. I found hands ( hour, minute, no seconds disk). Sorry but, they are not for the tennis model.
  9. I may have the hands, it would have had a red strap. Not a "Marlin" case rather a Mercury or if the smaller size it is a Sprite.
  10. I have seem the issue where the outer edge of the spring slips against the barrel. It could be either the tails or the small dibble that catches the tail is worn. Either way this not an easy fix since it requires a full tear down and rebuild. So what to do about the required parts? Buy a lot of 'fixer uppers' or 'spares repairs' as they say across the pond. What happens as a result of this of course is now you will want to repair them all. BTW: The watch shown is a European model from what is commonly named the "Sports Series". This is distinguished by the use of Meters rather than Fee
  11. that looks like a Sprite model. the N44 is a factory number and has no bearing to this topic. is there a date ring? if so it would likely be a M25 no date ring than m24. still a guess without seeing the dial. aside from this, it sounds like the mainspring is the issue. But, that would have to be confirmed by more investigation. If your intention is to repair the watch you will be in for an interesting journey. Finding NOS replacement parts for vintage Timex is a challenge here in the US and I know it is even a greater challenge elsewhere. Best suggestion would be is to find a donor
  12. well, to me it sounds more like a click issue. are you sure it is a M25? show a picture! this way we don't have to guess...:)
  13. Timex watch shown on Curb Your Enthusiasm - If you are a fan of this HBO series and also a Timex collector such as I am, than you may have noticed this watch model was involved in one of the sub plots in the recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. This is where Larry attempts to help get a watch repaired but in the end it is smashed. **link removed**
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