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  1. closer but still about 2 hours away.... good to know though thanks
  2. well the drive will be too long for me....
  3. okay, I have posted the gears and will add in some others to help you get a parts bin going. Where is the antique market?
  4. the Marlin will have a #25 movement. I can post the winding gears under my seller id on Ebay if yoou are interested.
  5. Not sure JB weld will give you the flexibilty to bent the tab back into place but hey give it a try. Three tabs should work since the dial reflector ring helps when the crystal is snapped in to place. I too use an angle approach to lifting and bending the tabs. So here is the tool I came up with to help with this. No more than an exacto blade and the tip is notched soI can even used this tool to screw down a set lever screw. One techinque I use on all Timex dials is to bend the tab back to 90 degrees from the dial before refitting to the movement. This helps it fall into place better and not disrupt those darn day date detent srping that like to jump out of place. and doe the 262 dial look like this one in blue?
  6. 1970A 200ft Diver just in - missing crown and elapsed time ring. First steps in the restore. Note the Timex caseback tool. The movments began to run on windup but this will still go with a full cleaning and oiling. More to come - IMG_0520.MOV
  7. this is a #105 that I'm working on now. You can see how the wheel is sitting flush to the plate.
  8. ok so the trick to keeping the pallet fork in place is the balance wheel. By that I mean you back off the brass vconic screw adjacent to the regulator. This allows the staff to fall on to the plate when updise down . Than enguge the pallet finger on the jewel. zip zipp and your off. okay it still tricky but this will help you alot.....
  9. I really only focus on 1950 - 1980 era of Timex.... so maybe in 30 years I start working on this modern ones!
  10. Nice restore of the Marlin - I just put this Automatic togetehr form NOS parts.
  11. time to get deeper …… what you have to do now is follow the mechanical trail so to speak. Remove the dial and top bridge that hold the date ring. Than with the stem in place pull it to set position. and begin to turn. I have a hunch what it is but come on do you really want it to be that easy?
  12. ok, so with the crystal off do you still notice the issues you described? If so, you will have to check under the dial. My guess is it relates to the winding gears and how they mesh up to the cannon pinon. welcome to vintage Timex debugging!
  13. the simple test is to remove the crystal ans see if the issue is gone. did you remove the dial from the movment at any point?
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