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  1. sounds like you will watchmaker in the making or maybe a mechanical engineer find him something else to play with like maybe a clock or Timex watch even though their people on this group who like Timex watches interesting!
  2. yes but, having those numbers will only help if you have a supply of NOS Timex parts. I should have them and can list them under by eBay seller of pack43. lmk.
  3. Timex got into the "electric wars" by purchasing Laco of West Germany. So the watch is really a Laco design and why it is much more like a traditional footed dial and not the tabs Timex is know for.
  4. there are two dial feet held in place by screws.
  5. The issue is that replacement crystal you purchased is not the correct application. What you have there is a wrap around crystal. They do not sit inside the case but rather on the outside. Did you notice the small notch? That fits over the stem. That crystal is made for a much older US Time watch the 1960 Timex Darwin 100.
  6. grabbed wrong envelope - here is correct one. you will notice that Timex crystal tend to have a beveled edge. This fits into the case and created the water resistance seal. This is the main reason finding replacements for Timex can be tricky.
  7. last one I have - Looks like needs new crown too..
  8. as of today the watch is ticking along nicely and will go back online for sale. In the meantime I spotted another Red Dot non-runner and quickly purchased it as well. ?
  9. A recent online purchase and repair to a 1983 Timex commonly called "Red Dot Diver". Bought in non-working order I found internal damage due to a sheared pillar screw. With the aid of my parts collection all was corrected. Here is the before and after. - New Crystal - replace pillar screw - replace hour wheel - COA ( clean, oil, adjust ) - polish buff Only follow up has been with the seconds hands not seating correctly. This is very common with vintage Timex because there is no center tube. So once lifted off the seconds wheel the hole tends to be distorted. T
  10. those won't work for this model
  11. plenty of donor m23 movements out there to be found. Most will be good to go with a basic dunk and swish as we "Timexicans" would call it. Meaning ammonia bath, water rinse, lighter fluid bath, air dry, lube and grease. No need for fancy timing machines and getting carried away with analyzing the engineering. These are basic and inexpensive mass produced parts. No need to take the balance assembly out. just back off the brass end cap some to allow cleaning fluid to do its thing. Also be sure to let the spring down. If still it does not run, there are millions of others out there to be fou
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