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  1. here is the shorten version of the "dunk and swish" - dip movement (assuming you have already removed dial hands etc) in clear amonia and soak for 15 minutes. tap container now and than to help loosen debris and oil grease. *** let ehe mainsrping down first *** - rinse in cold water - dry out movment - a hair dryer is fine for this. - dip movment in lighter fluid for 15 minutes. tap container now and than. - dry out movement - - dot pivots with syntheic watch oil - - oil the end points of the balance - well this is a bit advanced and requires you to remove the balance cap. - wind it up and flick the balance.... off she goes "maybe" What to do if she don't is the long version and lets not go there unless needed. But before you do any of the above!!!!! look inside the movement for any damage such as a bent pallet fork, also once you let down the spring, try to wind it up agin to see if it holds tnsion. if the don't go no further cuz the spring is busted! AND THAT IS A WHOLE NUTA LESSON Oh there is a test, written essay 500 words mimimum J\K Hmm I think I'll call this the not so short but not the long version of the dunk and swish. how about we call it the dunk and swish intermediate?
  2. repair Timex watches? who would be crzy enough to do that? oh yeah...me.
  3. yes, it requires a stem crown just for this model.
  4. that is not a model 29 - rather it is a 24 or 25
  5. cool, now you have past date wheel class 101 - ready for Day Date 202?
  6. the negative lead is connected to contact wire. so if the lead is gone or damage, you will have to replace the part. Of course if it is damaged the coil on the balance may also be shorted. So the repairs gets more involved. You have to be careful with those movements because even though the parts look very much alike and even fit they are quite different. For example an "Electronic" balance assembly has an integrated diode.
  7. Which are you referring to, the electro-mechanical or the early quartz?
  8. do you notice any play in the date wheel when it sit atop the four pillars? Also check that the detent spring fits up tight to the notches on the date wheel. You can test the date advance when the dial is off. make note of how the small brass wheel turns and that little pin pushes the wheel. When you place the dial back on you can try to align the date window. that is about the only adjustment there is.
  9. this band is different as it has integrated pins. easy on and off
  10. don't know the modern Timex very much but, I would first suggest you know that a replacement stem and or crown can be sourced first.
  11. first guess is you have the date wheel upside down. second is that you are not getting the date ring seated with tension from the detent spring. post a picture of the movement without the dial.
  12. welcome, like you it was family owned watches they sparked my interest in this hobby. What got me hooked into Timex was a 1964 Marlin I got to run and sold for $40 that cost me about 25 cents to buy.
  13. and here is the after - NOS case, crown\stem and movement. Crystal buffed out, dial has signs of the damage that occurred but she is running again. Now this is not a sort after vintage Timex but since I had the parts a figured what the heck. The kicker even though I did give the movement a quick test before installing it did fail latter on. I tried several times to clear it out with cleaner spay and followed with lube. But it just would not go. Than yesterday I popped the battery back in and off she went running right on time. Could have been some of the cleaner did not flush out and was shorting somewhere. Well she is running now!
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