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    Timex Monroe

    I have been working on some of my older pieces and today chose this 1953 Monroe. 3 step ultra sonic cleaning, lube, grease, polish and even a new old stock crystal. Running like a champ. Also show with an advert from the era and an original copy of the letter Timex sent out to service shops. This letter accompanied the 1961 service manual and registered the shop for future service publications.
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    When I see a clock like this and the word RESTORED is present in its selling advertisement I always like to look. 9 times out 10 I’m disappointed. They are never properly restored. The people who undertake the work charge very high prices and you end up with something like this. Screws unattended. All should have the burr removed from their heads and highly polished Platform screws. If signs of bluing. All should have the burr removed from their heads and highly polished and re-blued. Back plate pins should be the same size, where cut should be nicely rounded off. All pins should be cut and nicely rounded off. They should be steel not brass. They should be straight not bent. Parts missing should be made and replaced. This clock is missing the stop work. Barrel arbors should be tidied up and the flat sides polished. Hand setting part should be tidied up and the flat sides polished. The centre wheel end should be polished. The same goes for the hand collet https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beautiful-antique-French-striking-carriage-clock-c-1860-5-restored-10-18/113478774506?hash=item1a6bdcaeea:g:Ba8AAOSwQ5pcHnCS
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    opinions please

    Minimum beat error should in theory result in better amplitude. It may be that when the beat error is significantly wrong then the timegrapher gets confused. Remember that it's only an estimation based on the sounds heard from the escapement. You alos don't need to go OTT with the beat error. For 18000 trains, keeping it in the low number of mS is good and sub-1mS is excellent. It does not have a significant effect on timekeeping as I guess you may already know.
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    Sizing Watch Mainsprings

    I made a video today on how to size a new mainspring for purchase. Enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Be very careful when it comes to buying from ebay. I see that BHI oil comes from China. Most Chinese watch tools are very poor. Myself I would leave it alone. Lubrication is very important for watches, you must use the correct one’s if not you will end up with a movement giving poor performance. Buy a recommended brand from a watch material supplier.
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    Well gents a couple of weeks ago I jumped on a post about microscopes, at the time I had just ordered from AliExpress one of these, a 600x mag with built in screen etc etc. well it arrived and it’s great, it really is, the screen picture is very clear and the height of the screen and microscope are adjustable to the height where it is easy to manipulate hairsprings with tweezers in the vertical position. For jewel inspection etc you can lower it down to take advantage of that 600x mag and get a proper look at jewels and staffs etc etc. all in I’m very happy with this as it saves me having to have a laptop on the bench with leads etc getting in the way and also finding a program that works with the microscope. This one accepts a memory card and will take stills and 1080p HD video aswell all in one unit so it’s ideal. It’s light and as you can see quite compact, it’s powered by its own internal battery that has a 6 hour life before charging is required , a plug ( albeit a Euro 2 pin one ) and a usb lead is included for charging purposes. my only gripe is that you don’t seem to be able to turn off the led light when it’s switched on, but that is the only one so far. Well with the £40 and 3 week wait for it to arrive from China.
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    Some Of My Watch Lathes

    I think between the 10ee and HLV the 10ee is nicer just barely, but its like arguing about Ferrari and a 911 turbo, they're both friggin awesome. Very often though, the HLV is the nicer one you come across as they tend to newer than the 10ee's and they do have that nifty threading feature. The last 10ee's made a few years ago were reported sold for $100,000! A 10x20" lathe weighing 3000lbs, 10 -4000 rpm and 5hp, its a beast. Both (like most high end tool lathes) are belt driven to minimize vibration that can show up in the finish. Here's my '42 round dial (my second biggest lathe lol) with the gearbox torn apart. just so you guys can see why I'm not getting more watch work done. Also had to make a new drive for it, by adapting a 3P 5hp motor to the backdrive (2 speed gearbox down below), a work in progress
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    Pivot Polisher Setup and Technique Help

    When i googled I found an informative video about them on youtube:
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    If you throw enough money at it, the HMT problem would resolve. I suspect that throwing an infinite amount of money at Brexit still wouldn't provide a solution acceptable to all. The first experiment is unlikely to be conducted, but the second one is a work in progress.
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    alternatives to Incabloc?

    Here is a list of the many types.
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    What type of glass is this?

    That looks like a bezel from a 3-part case.
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    First of all I would demagnetise the watch. Remove the balance and clean it in some ronsonol lighter fluid. You might need to just demagnetise the balance again. You can test to see if the hairspring is clean and demagnetized by lightly touching the hairspring with your tweezers or a clean free from oil oiler; just make sure they are demagnetised. The same goes for any tools you use on watch movements.
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    This could be an eccentric 4th wheel, I didn't time it but the cycle seems close to a minute. Perhaps a bent pivot, perhaps damaged pinion leaves on 4th wheel. I don’t know this movement but if it is central seconds with supplemental pinion at center it could be bent and rubbing in center tube, same if ghe 4th wheel itself is central.
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    Archie Perkins' book on lathes and Marvin Whitney's book on marine chronometers give quite detailed descriptions of the use of these tools, the Levin book has some good info too. They are what a regular machinist would call a grinding attachment. They can produce excellent results, but the preparation of the laps and setup of the tooling is very time consuming. If you're looking for an easy way to finish balance pivots you're better off getting your basic turning on point and finishing in a jacot tool. If you want to avoid the jacot then wig wag tools (Perkins and Levin go into detail on them) are a much faster solution.
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    The Expanding the Seiko Collection

    Added a couple new watches to my Seiko collection last night I thought I would share. The first is somewhat underwhelming at first glance, and what does one say about an underwhelming watch? It has good bones, it’s a good foundational piece, etc. etc. Well in my case none of the above. The watch was a match to one I already own a “Seiko 5 Automatic 6119-8400” August 1969, WATER PROOF with three mouth spread between the two watches probably as close as ones going to find without divine intervention. Why do I want two? I don’t, I want three…lol anyone that caught my interdiction will know I am on a mission, put together three matching collection of vintage Seiko’s to pass on to my three sons when I am not around. So as far as this watch goes, I am 33% away from my goal. Found in the UK. Second watch is just fun and considered a TV watch and one that screams 1968-1970 all over again.This is a Seiko 5 6119-5400, Square Automatic day date 21 jewels, original wristband. It has an interesting band that is claimed to be original wristband and found in Egypt. I generally try to keep my collection grounded around the infamous 6139, 6138 series but one has to occasionally push the boundary. All the best, Will
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    Record 107c puzzler of the day

    A likely reason is that the square hole in the ratchet wheel has become rounded and is therefore not engaged properly with the barrel arbor. The stem may well result in the turning of the ratchet wheel as expected but this may not actually be turning the barrel arbor properly. [However because the screw is directly in the arbor then if you use this method then the winding does seem to work]. Also obviously check that the ratchet wheel is properly seated. Initially I would suggest removing the ratchet wheel screw and gently turning the stem and observe what happens to the arbor and ratchet wheel. [The ratchet wheel should not pop off in the absence of the screw if you are gentle but if in doubt you can always hold the wheel in place with (brass) tweezers].
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    Not a new member - hacked account

    She is 21. On Thursday she had 3 teeth out. The vet did some blood tests on because of her age. I'm happy to say they all came back clear. She is fighting fit. I couldn't have a better Christmas present.
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    Invest in Moebius, it will last years depending on how much watches you service...
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    Watchmakers lathe vs mini lathe

    you need 2 maybe 3 types of lathes; jewelers lathe ( used with gravers), "mini lathe (what ever that is good for". and a compound lathe (gear driven cutting). Oh heck, get a mill also. vin
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    This is the AS 951. It looks like it from the top plate. I would also say the style I would say is 1920'S /30'S
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    Members on here have reference books, which show the keyless works of thousands of movements. Experience can also play a big part. Bestfit watch parts ref book is one of the better books for this, there are many different types, some for American, Russian Swiss just to name a few. So we only need the photo.
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    Added this Vostok "Cadet", or also called "Junior" or "Mini". It has a 32mm case (ex.crown) and nobody is quite sure whether it's a man- or a woman's-watch. Some suggest that these were issued in the '80's to the woman serving in the Russian Navy, but then again, they were also available to the civilian market, product number 461285 and powered by a 2409 movement. Often these dials are full of aging cracks, but this one, even-though used, has a mint dial. These Cadets are, for one reason or another, not much beloved in the collectors world and therefor cheap to get. Regardless, they are still a piece of the CCCP history and aren't produced anymore ..... I like this "dolphin" issue
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    SEIKO Presage

    This is the watch I am wearing today. My son bought it for my birthday just the other day. Really like it. I changed out the watch band.
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    Simple stupid easy

    Hello all, it's a seven jewel caravelle.Nothing special but it works.The strap is easy. Piece of 3/4 inch nylon strap ,ends melted on the kitchen stove,fastened with a dritz heavy duty snap.simple ,stupid,easy.
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    Timing and Lift Angle!!

    It's not so. Having set a wrong lift angle does not generate false knocks. Also it has nothing to with balance poising. All it does it to allow correct calculation of amplitude. It does not intervene at all in pattern, timing, or beat error.