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  1. @VWatchie That's really great work! Simply presented with plenty of pictures that speak a thousand words. You've got a talent for teaching!
  2. An Eclipse pin vice No. 123 is what I use to grip the arbor, after that whatever the technique you use, you will never lose the arbor again. It makes fitting the arbor into the spring child's-play. Any pin vice the correct size will work, there isn't a need for any specialist tool, trust me, try it and you'll see.
  3. Hi Rick, Welcome Two GP's for pennies... Nice!
  4. No problem Alex. I really enjoyed photographing and writing it. There is a lot more information that isn't in the presentation, as I talk a lot whilst it is being shown, as all the pages would be full of words otherwise and the class would start falling asleep. So I had to keep it simple
  5. Glad it popped back in. The reason why some pop out more than others is because, there are two tabs that the 'T' part of the lyre springs hook behind. You can see in this pic on the right they have been highlighted in pink. This is the balance assembly, but the idea is the same on the mainplate. On some movements that have look-alike 'Incabloc' settings, such as the ETA 6497 clone, by Seagull and others there isn't any tabs to stop the lyre spring coming out. Having said that, I have come across some settings where I have managed to man-handle the lyre spring back in, because of the lack
  6. This PowerPoint presentation covers the basics in removing an Etachron stud, making your own tools to do so, replacing the Etachron stud to be able to remove the hairspring and balance, as well as removing & replacing Incabloc settings in the mainplate & the balance to be able to replace lyre springs. In slides marked 'Video' in the top left corner, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and a play sign will appear in the bottom left of the slide 377149799_Lesson15.Incablocsettingsandspringreplacement.pptx
  7. If it's a proper 'Incabloc' it shouldn't be able to go back in without first pressing it out and that requires a jewelling tool. I know your thinking is, 'well it came out, so should go back in the same way', but it happens and shouldn't be forced back in. I put a PowerPoint presentation together for a class I take regarding Etachron removal and spring replacement, which includes using a jewelling to push out and in the Inca settings. I'll post it in a few minutes which may help. It includes the style of setting that is held by 'U' washers as @Walsey posted
  8. Where are you in the world?... I've got loads of spare hour wheels and dial washers from these clones Message me and I'll send you a couple, no charge
  9. A sub second pinion on a 552? Forgive me, but I thought this was a centre seconds sweep second movemnt?
  10. Thanks.... lol It could very well be a loose screw. Here's a pic of an Oyster Perpetual I worked on recently with a bridge screw jamming up the escape wheel. As @nickelsilversaid, it's almost comical... Almost!
  11. Not yet... just took a pic to show. I highlighted the jammed stop lever with a red circle. The keyless work is pretty jammed up as the stop lever has also got caught in the clutch, I believe.
  12. I've got a 7750 with exactly that problem... the stop lever has got jammed against the balance. You can just see it when you look at the balance from the side
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