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  1. Lighter fluid is good to use, then rinse with IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
  2. So, did the watch repairman say exactly what was wrong with the movement? as it is hard to advise you if we don't know what the problem is. My opinion would be to take it to someone who will tell you what the fault is and how much to repair, otherwise you are making decisions based on lack of information. Knowing this will help you decide if it is certain parts that need replacing or the whole movement.
  3. Putting tape on that metal piece which is sharp makes little to no difference to the pickup of the microphone. I do just that and get a good signal with no problems. I've tested it both ways on my 1900 and a bit of tape works a treat.
  4. http://www.obsoletewatchandclockparts.com/ This guy is called John Senior and I get some parts off him, including mainsprings. He may not have that T end listed, but drop him an email. He's helped me out in the past. That's a lot of money for a spring from Oz, but the lack of them drives the price up
  5. Great story. Hope you find someone who can re-plate this for you.
  6. Turning the collar on the staff will move the jewel and the hairspring stud further or closer to each other, but turning the roller, will move the jewel but the relative distance between the jewel and the stud will remain the same. In effect, the only thing that is turning is the balance staff. That's what I can see is different between the two methods. So really, the only way to bring the watch into beat is by turning the collar on the staff. I could be wrong, I'm going out on a limb...
  7. Wow... great watch! I'm really appreciating Seiko's at the moment. Where did you get that strap? That is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us
  8. I've been scouring the internet for some mainspring winders that were in my price range and came across these little gems. Strangely enough, it was advertised in Polish and again in English which were both on eBay, but not listed as 'mainspring winders', they were listed as 'GB Federwinder' Maybe that's why they were still on sale. It appears too good to be true... Anyway, the English advert was £20 more than the Polish one, even the postage was more, needless to say, I bought the Polish version! for what I think is a draw dropping price of £125 inc P&P for 18 mainspring winders! Right place at the right time, I suppose... I actually managed to get a 9.5mm mainspring into an adjustable winder that technically only went up to 7 mm. Jeez... that was a struggle but it worked a treat. I'm getting a feeling that these winders are going to make my life a whole lot easier!
  9. Hope it all goes alright for you Tim
  10. You never know, once you replace the mainspring and get the hairspring in good shape the problem might be remedied. To try and find the cause of fluctuating timing readings whilst there is one, maybe two existing problems is going to be pretty hard. Maybe deal with those first, otherwise, there is little method to the problem-solving.
  11. Old mainsprings don't always deliver consistent power and can fluctuate. For the sake of a tenner I would tend to change it, especially in a watch of this age, as you don't know how long ago it was changed, if at all. I would also get the hairspring straighter, as this also is going to affect the consistency.
  12. If money isn't an object, buy it, as you will need one. I bought mine for £45 and it works perfectly. All the stakes are in mint condition and don't look used. (I've attached a pic) The eBay set you have your eye on has a wider selection of stakes and bottom tools than mine and they appear to be in good condition. Personally, I think they are asking too much, but it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I was always told, buy the best tools you can afford, because if you buy cheap, then you buy twice. Quality is always remembered long after price is forgotten...
  13. Have you taken out the mainspring and inspected it before oiling and replacing back in the barrel?
  14. Hi, so you're the one I've been bidding against I'm also in London; near Vauxhall.
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