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  1. Definitely agree. Pancit is my favourite Halo halo in the summer
  2. BLEURGH! Don't know how that ever became a "delicacy" in the Philippines!
  3. Balut .... Half formed chick in egg ? [emoji40]
  4. Balut .... Half formed chick in egg ? [emoji40]
  5. One I've been after for a while. Refused to pay the prices being asked. Paid £90 and the seller delivered it straight to George in Berlin. It was sold as faulty chrono but as soon as George got it to his workroom he stripped it down and found it was merely gunked oil. Strangely enough all case seals look to have been recently replaced. Full strip, clean and service will be done soon so it can get back to me in the UK before any Brexit shenanigans can kick in.
  6. Old pic as its pi55ing down and dark.
  7. Late post [emoji4] Seiko Worldtimer https://i.imgur.com/W8KZSpq.jpg
  8. Giugiaro today Indoors due to storm coming
  9. 32°c and climbing [emoji106]
  10. 6309-5000 Can't photograph this as I see it. Dial is more towards grey/brown than the blue it looks like in photos. Also can't seem to pick up the faceted crystal too. https://i.imgur.com/nurIq9k.jpg
  11. [emoji4] Ran out of Cheerios
  12. Near mint 7a28 today
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