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  1. Hoping for a sunny day
  2. From a gumtree seller late yesterday afternoon. Seiko 7t34-7a10 Needs crystal and maybe its gasket too? Alarm set button siezed Chrono start button not working Ultrasonic dip Case rebuild
  3. The D logo looks like an old font used by sports company Donnay [emoji1] "Depraz" name looks to have been registered in 23/05/1986
  4. So yours is a 7049 then?
  5. Yup. Dec '82 so quite an early one. Unfortunately got just the head. It's on a SS bracelet I got off eBay for £10. It went off with a few others to George Clarkson in Berlin to perform his magic.
  6. Don't think the MS is damaged, just my visor [emoji4] Don't think I lost anything. I'll try and find someone willing to work on a pin lever. Really want this on my wrist.
  7. Balls!! While attempting to remove the barrel lid, the mainspring shot out and smacked me on the visor [emoji35] I give up with this. Gonna look for someone to rebuild it for me.
  8. Since the weatherman got it wrong, going to wear this one today. Recent pic
  9. Marks video on sorting out a rusty movement might help
  10. Ok Best thing you can do is Google Seiko 03. Casing guide Should be the first result. Download the PDF and look up your watch in the front index. It will appear as 5606-703 It will tell you on the indicated pages what you need to know.
  11. I've got a similar lensed visor but it came with more lenses. It has two slots to mount them simultaneously but I think that's a gimmick more than a useful feature.I like the magnifying station, very useful. What power is the magnification?
  12. Gonna have to be way more specific than that. There are multiple ways but first give us the 5605-xxxx code on the rear of said watch.
  13. 50 watches and counting (80% Seiko) and I haven't even ventured into Yahoo Japan except via a friend for an OEM faceted crystal for my LordMatic.
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