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  1. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Hey, less of the "old" buddy. still in my 40's [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
  2. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Been housebound for the last 11 days due to my first Gout attack so no new pics. Wearing my recently part restored 6119-5000 today. Still trying to find the replacement handset I got from Adrian @ VTA
  3. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Dull day to take decent pics so using an old one. 7a38-702a today
  4. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Bright watch for a bright day [emoji16]
  5. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Today it's my USSR era Sekonda. Still not perfected a vintage lume mix so hands are still waiting to be done. Old pic
  6. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Today I had on my Sector Depthmeter. Love the lug profile on this. Old pic.
  7. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    @ricardopalamino - very nice Hamilton [emoji7]
  8. ro63rto

    Anker robot automatic; movement id

    Robot-Anker Manufacturer was Erich Lacher https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laco_Uhrenmanufaktur
  9. Lots of us have used this method at one time or other
  10. ro63rto

    Mums watch - "can you take a look"

    Ok so according to mikrolisk the brand neos is owned by Italian company Lorenz SpA
  11. ro63rto

    Mums watch - "can you take a look"

    Ok Small update Abandoned trying to use my new light as i had to use a macro lens on my mobile to get a good enough pic so it blocked out the light [emoji35] Anyway, the case is 18k gold [emoji322] The dial isn't as bad as it looked, it's the plastic crystal that's badly scratched. Can't see any makers marks on the teeny tiny movement though. Difficult to get a decent pic using a mobile phone [emoji26] . As I said, still ticking away [emoji106]
  12. Try contacting the guy I use for hard to find crystals. bigvlad86 on eBay.
  13. Crystal part number Looks like it's glued in. If u can't find a replacement, a decent watchmaker should be able to make and fit one.
  14. It's up to video #9 now. Getting even more interesting! [emoji106]
  15. ro63rto

    New here. First post

    Welcome [emoji106]