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  1. Old pic as its pi55ing down and dark.
  2. Late post [emoji4] Seiko Worldtimer https://i.imgur.com/W8KZSpq.jpg
  3. Giugiaro today Indoors due to storm coming
  4. 32°c and climbing [emoji106]
  5. 6309-5000 Can't photograph this as I see it. Dial is more towards grey/brown than the blue it looks like in photos. Also can't seem to pick up the faceted crystal too. https://i.imgur.com/nurIq9k.jpg
  6. [emoji4] Ran out of Cheerios
  7. Near mint 7a28 today
  8. Haha, only problem is they are impossible to see unless I wear my glasses.
  9. Another 7t34 for the project draw coming from Italy
  10. Worldtimer today Needs a case rebuild. Went out for ice-cream and when I got back there was the telltale circle of fog in the middle of the crystal. https://i.imgur.com/s1wAjoV.jpg
  11. I've found that the C07.121 calibre is based on the ETA 2836-2 (DAY/DATE) movement so you could download the technical manual for that one and follow it. https://shopb2b.eta.ch/2836-2.html#technical-documents
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