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  1. Thanks for the assist and compliment. I do rather miss Tapatalk. Much easier to upload images.
  2. Old pic but this one got dusted off today [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/b0V2aWA.jpg[\IMG]
  3. This site has a lot of the old catalogues which might help. https://www.calibre11.com/ultimate-guide-tag-heuer-sel/
  4. Thanks, I still haven't found an OEM bracelet. They're like hens teeth and usually very worn/loose. That is just a £10 no name interim. I tried posting the usual way in Tapatalk by clicking the IMG button and inserting that URL but all it did was post the bare link. Not sure what's going on.
  5. Old pic https://i.imgur.com/aDErTQf.jpg
  6. New one to me. My first Seiko Ana/Digi Should be a fun refurb [emoji4]
  7. I was lucky and bought mine in February. Not used it much yet. Got it marked for free by the police in conjunction with Bike Register for what good it'll do. Cheap & Cheerful Btwin Rockrider ST520
  8. Looks very similar to Peewee Herman's bicycle [emoji106]
  9. This 7t59-6a00 is finally coming home. Sent it direct to George in Berlin. Can't wait to get it onto my wrist. https://i.imgur.com/zXgQxZY.jpg
  10. Part of the Criteria Range. The third crown at the 9 position turns the inner bezel. There are 3 dial colourways. This model has a few more gaskets that the normal 7t34 models. I have this one.
  11. Seiko Engineer today Yes, still haven't painted the bezel numbers https://i.imgur.com/uiTmZuP.jpg
  12. It's a weird two battery movement. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/1112-Gucci-9300
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