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  1. ro63rto

    Mums watch - "can you take a look"

    Thanks guys [emoji106] Hopefully I'll get a few photos today. Setting up my temporary little area for a few jobs and will try out this new light.
  2. She asked if I could take a look. When I turned up today, she handed me what I thought was a bracelet. A closer look revealed a tiny watch with a dial in a bit of a poor state. Of course she was joking but she just wanted to show me it. She claims its "about 100 years old" Any ideas if it could be really that old. If needs be I could try to open it up for more photos tomorrow once I've set up my new desk lamp.
  3. Just bought myself a useful little light from Lidl of all places. Claims to put out almost 700 lumens and is dimmable with 5 different colour temperatures. Was only £15. At first try, it certainly is bright. I'll be testing it soon when I replace the movement in my Breil One Ducati chronograph.
  4. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    3rd day of the week Mon1 Tue2 Wed3 etc
  5. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Old pic but wearing my 6119-5000 today.
  6. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Day windowOn some watches with this movement the day/date were at the 9 and 3 position. Also happens on the 6119-5000 models.
  7. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Yeah looked even more horrible than the pics. Yes, new set of hands on the way from VTA down under.
  8. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Been wearing this today Bought for the price of a large Pizza Hut pizza. It was in a right state. Looked like this when I got it... No crystal and God knows what it was covered in.
  9. I know nothing about timegraphers but I do know that Califomia doesn't exist [emoji1]
  10. Have you downloaded the Sternkreuz catalogue on Cousins site? Loads of obscure crystals in there.
  11. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    Got the time side to work but the chrono just refuses. Can't figure it out. Maybe circuit block? I'll wear it as is for now on a matching leather strap.
  12. ro63rto

    Chronograph pusher removal?

    Push the pusher in fully and you should see a miniscule c-clip. Under magnification, put a dab of rodico or blue-tac under the clip and push down with a small screwdriver or the proper c-clip tool to remove it. The Rodico/blue-tac should stop you losing the clip.
  13. ro63rto

    ETA 251.262

  14. ro63rto

    Do I need the exact links?

    What's the clasp like? You may be able to use a clasp extender while you search for spare links.
  15. ro63rto

    Rust on tweezers

    INOX is essentially Stainless Steel so shouldn't rust although my SS exhaust has [emoji35] I've read a while back of someone masking off the inside surfaces then applying a layer of car gloss to give a bit of protection.