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  1. Oris Williams F1 lugs removal

    Massimo, can you post a pic side on to show the lug mounting points.
  2. Watch of Today

    6319-5000 on Geckota vintage leather rally (smells [emoji7] )
  3. Title should read MAINS not SINS [emoji35] Apparently any item that was plugged into the mains ie cookers, microwaves etc have lost 6 mins over the last few months. [emoji33]
  4. Watch of Today

    @anilv You can easily make your own caseback opener. I've had great success a few years back. Sandwich wrap over the back, JBWeld metal repair putty pushed and moulded to cover just the caseback and a nut buried into it for using a spanner on to undo caseback once the JBWeld has set for 24hours.
  5. Seikos

    Welcome to the forum [emoji106]
  6. Watch of Today

    7t42-7a2a on a new non Seiko padded black leather strap.
  7. Oops [emoji20] For some reason I read "from the needles of small syringes"
  8. Wouldn't bother Unless you can 100% block the hole, you risk contamination of your oils. There may be residual that stays in the hole.
  9. Removing vintage spring bars

    Judging by the amount of DNA there, it's probably glued itself in place. + 1 on breaking the springbar. Or you could try suspending the watch upright over an ultrasonic to try and dislodge said DNA?
  10. Yeah, now that I've checked on pc screen rather than mobile and not wearing glasss [emoji16]
  11. That doesn't look like the split stem that pulls apart. I seem to remember a video, maybe Marks, that showed one having to be lined up correctly before the movement could be lifted out.
  12. Seiko 7t32-6m20 stops frequently

    STOP Do NOT tackle this yourself! If you've never serviced any watch, this is NOT the one to cut your teeth on. Check out my watch repairer of choice for the 7axx & 7txx range of watches. As you'll see it's a minefield of tiny plastic parts.
  13. Probably cos you have only 2 posts. Try uploading using the imgur site/app.
  14. Looks great [emoji106] I should look into this myself. Got a few bits that need replating like the bezel on one of my 7a38's