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  1. ro63rto

    Do I need the exact links?

    What's the clasp like? You may be able to use a clasp extender while you search for spare links.
  2. ro63rto

    Rust on tweezers

    INOX is essentially Stainless Steel so shouldn't rust although my SS exhaust has [emoji35] I've read a while back of someone masking off the inside surfaces then applying a layer of car gloss to give a bit of protection.
  3. ro63rto

    Seiko 6030-5120 dress watch

    Recraft is a general name used on many models that have been "re-released".
  4. ro63rto


    Un gran benvenuto anche da parte mia [emoji106]
  5. Difficult to buy those bits with the correct curve. Better off buying a nice leather strap or even better have one made to your design. Have a look at my goto strap guy. iYonk Straps. He has an Instagram account showcasing his work.
  6. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    While waiting for a CT scan
  7. ro63rto

    Watch winder!

    WelcomeI have my three arcturas charging all at the same time Admittedly it takes longer than with the Seiko unit but it only cost me £6 [emoji106]
  8. ro63rto

    Watch winder!

    Search for Philips Imageo on this site or Google
  9. ro63rto

    Watch winder!

    Winders don't work well with kinetics
  10. ro63rto

    Watch of Today

    7a38 today
  11. ro63rto

    7s26 oscillator unit

    Try looking at what "TheWatchCollector" has on eBay. You can pick up running movement for very little for donor
  12. ro63rto

    7s26 oscillator unit

    Part numbers listed here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sYt_mI9c4tAPiKN3IM8lQx3NEEOyz2DMjVHx5I1_Mqw/htmlview
  13. ro63rto

    new comer

    Welcome [emoji106]
  14. ro63rto

    New member

    Welcome to the forum [emoji106]
  15. ro63rto

    7s26 oscillator unit

    Plenty usually on ebay