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  1. One I restored for a lume-rot. I will be reluming it at some point to mount in this restored model as my eyes can't easily make out the hands on the gold dial.
  2. Seiko Asymmetric today Paid more for an extra link as I did the watch IIRC [emoji35] Got a black dial one waiting for me to transplant a new movement too but that one came from Japan so needs two extra links [emoji37]
  3. Thanks. 40mm not inc the crown or crown guards. I also have a black/yellow version but that needs a lot of work. Full strip down as there was acid leak in the past.
  4. Yeah, the original strap was a black leather with blue panels but was wrecked when I got it so it went in the bin.
  5. Sector Depthmeter today
  6. Today is the turn of .... Seiko 7a38-702a At some point I will remove the faded gold plating from the bezel and send it off to be re-plated.
  7. I'm right-handed and wear my watches on the left. Bothers me if I try it on the right wrist as it gets in the way when I write.
  8. The WORST thing you can do is try to adjust the time while your watch is still on your wrist so it doesn't matter what wrist you wear your watch on except when you have one that has a HUUUUUGE crown that gets in the way of your wrist.
  9. Thanks That's actually the position of the normal crown on the 7a28 & 7a38 models
  10. Ciao Purtroppo no, nato a Londra [emoji20]
  11. 7a28-7040 Dec '82 Never getting rid of this one [emoji7]
  12. Benvenuto Angelo [emoji870]️
  13. Seiko 7t42 today https://i.imgur.com/E8V42rm.jpg
  14. Had this Aeromaster on today
  15. Had my Wingman on today
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