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    • I suspect those numbers indicate the size of the particular movement. Generally the smaller number is the width, in lignes. the larger, the length. That would make it for a fairly small ladies watch.
    • It's a combination tool, used to clamp around roller-table to heat up and flow shellac around the roller jewel. The roller-table clamps on the short side while the long end (wing) is heated over a flame. Cheers.    
    • Hi, I recently purchased a lot on ebay that contained an assortment of watch repair tools. I was specifically after a cannon pinion remover and mainspring winder but the following was included. Does anyone recognize this as a watch repair tool? Regards, Darren
    • One more then I quit.  Promise.  I found quite a few packets from a supplier called Genuine Vantage.  They all have a number just like Marshall and they appear to be part of a material system.  I have the Marshall catalog and the Swartzchilde (sp?) catalog so I can look up their number and figure out what the part is but I don't have a Vantage catalog.  I googles it under various name combinations and can't find a thing.  Anybody know where to get one or an online copy?  Thanks!  Dan.
    • Sorry for being such a pain but after about 10 hours of going through watch parts I have some questions.  Here is a picture of one of the balances I found.  I think its for an FHF model 60.  I'm guessing the "No 200" is renata's stock number but what in the world does 6 3/4-8''' refer to?  The next picture shows 5 more.  I understand the A.S. 1012 is a balance for an A. Schield model 1012 and the ST 69 is for an ST (whoever that is) model 69 but the other three have that fractional nomenclature.  The FHF appears to be for a model 60 but what does the 6/8" refer to?  This time there are only two marks after the fraction rather than three like the others.  The FEF has 5''' (three marks).  Anybody know what this means?  BTW, I found the fastest way to remove a balance staff, roller table, hairspring and jewel is to drop it on the floor and accidentally step on it while you're looking for it.  I recovered a total of 31 balances including the one I ruined.  About 5 were ruined including the A.S. 1012 and FEF shown because the manufacturer padded the holder with foam causing the balances to rust.  The rest were padded with cotton and looked brand new and shiny.  I plan to practice removing staffs from the bad ones.