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  1. Interesting debate my take is the there is no real need for a toothed belt with a watchmakers lathe because of the small cuts made. My worry would be if there was a mishap/jam the smooth belt would slip but a toothed belt would till try to carry on turning the lathe.
  2. I see many in the US use ofrei. http://www.ofrei.com/page_112.html
  3. Welcome to the forum and enjoy. PS lovely vintage watch indeed.
  4. In my experience the lubricant used for the keyless side is not critical. I have used both grease and oil based lubricants without any issues. Lubricants for the going side however has to be given more consideration. I like the HP mobius oils because they seem to stay where put and being coloured you can visually see how much has been applied. This is a contentious issue for many horologists with many views this is just what I do.
  5. That is the style I use the only issue is the roller does wear away after lot of use. If you want to get more accurate with the angles etc then use a Crocker style see pic.I use this as well but it a bit awkward when sharpening my carbide gavers with a lap.
  6. Yes I agree a strange design indeed. But that’s what it is and it works, why it was decided to make a gear out of resin is also strange. The never ending learning curve.
  7. That is an interesting problem. It is obviously friction fitted to the arbor but not being made of metal makes its removal difficult. Wondering if when the barrel lid is removed it also lifts the wheel. If it was my watch I would have a play if it as a customers I might well just leave it alone.If the wheel becomes damaged it could be a big problem returning a broken watch is not recommended.
  8. I have found the same issue. Maybe the only way forward is to service the movement or take measurements and see if you can find a match using the Cousins catalogue. Here is its tech sheet. https://www.thewatchsite.com/d1/files/Seiko Technical Manuals/43A_4303A.pdf
  9. Welcome Sean, enjoy the forum.
  10. I found this in my stash is it what you need. I have checked the height and it is indeed 5.33
  11. I have used this company a few times but they are a bit slow. They do however give the measurements of the staffs which is very useful when there are lots of variables https://www.balancestaffs.com/elgin.php
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