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  1. clockboy

    Lubricants to use with Rolex 3135

    Lubetta V105 was developed I believe by ETA. The Rolex reverse wheels are of a different design. Lubetta I think is lubricant. Most odd the Rolex reverse wheels have not lubrication.
  2. I have had the 1900 for many years. If I remember correctly I choose this model because it is capable of measuring a co-axle movement. Also the with 1900 you can adjust the signal level which I use when testing a pin lever movement. I don't think the 1000 has this facility.
  3. clockboy

    New member from Worthing, UK

    Welcome Gabe, Enjoy this friendly forum.
  4. clockboy

    How to remove clock hands?

    The clock in the vid to remove the main hands the centre collet unscrews. I use a small puller, of which I have several. Levers are not a good idea for clocks as some clock hands are very tight and damage can happen to the dial.
  5. clockboy

    Lubricants to use with Rolex 3135

    This is from my post a few years ago (2015). If I remember correctly I used all of my suggested lubricants and the watch worked great. However after approx. six months the auto part stopped working efficiently. I re cleaned treated the wheels with epilame (fixodrop) and lubed with HP 500. Since then it has not been off my wrist part from bath time.
  6. clockboy

    New Collector at Large

    Welcome Justin, Enjoy the forum. I used to brew beer too.A tip I was given by a chemist who worked for Bass is add ONE grain of sugar to you bottles when bottling up and your beer will have a extra sparkle.
  7. clockboy

    Faulty movement or me?

    It's not a fault thats how it is designed. However if you are not happy you can remove the hands re- fit in your preferred position IE re-fit them @ 12:00 when the date is just changing and then the date will be fully changed @ approx 00:45.
  8. Mark see my latest post re- RCDesign who has disagreed with my reply. He is now asking for his membership and pervious posts to be deleted. I have not bothered to reply to his latest complaint. Maybe I am wrong.

    1. RCDesign



       I have not bothered to reply to his latest complaint. Maybe I am wrong.

      ...yes, in so many ways!

      By your action you are saying that copy/fake watches are ok and you are even willing to aid in repainging such a watch. This is beyond me and as far from watches and watchmaking as you can get. If this is going to be accepted on the forum, then yes, -Please remove all traces of my name on it - I want no part!



  9. clockboy

    Automatic Movement Loud Click

    If it is the click try a spot of grease on its tip and see if there is a difference. If you have a smart phone you could do a short vid of the movement.
  10. clockboy

    Automatic Movement Loud Click

    I personally doubt it is the click its more likely the automatic rotor. If it was me I would remove the auto rotor & test. It's just an elimination process.
  11. A bit of research I found this service (see below). However the 601,s I have found have screw on backs NOT snap on backs. It might need a bit of persuasion!!!! http://watchguy.co.uk/service-omega-seamaster-600-135-011-calibre-601/
  12. IMO replace. If you have lots of time on your hands maybe you can hone out the scratches. However for deep scratches not only do you have to remove the scratches you have to still have to keep the optics clear.
  13. clockboy

    Hello folks

    Welcome Mike, Enjoy the forum.
  14. clockboy

    Question about Dumont #8

    I use a small staking block. The key is gently, gently & hold your breath.
  15. clockboy

    A clock challenge !!!

    Thanks OH much appreciated.