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  1. Replacing hairsprings is really difficult due to finding the correct spring. I have a draw full of hairsprings purchased over the years but rarely find one that is suitable.
  2. Is it possible to move the lower Jewel setting in a touch. I have done this in the past using my Seitz jelling tool. Obviously this has its limitations but it has worked for me. Personally I don’t like the shim trick although I have come across this many times when servicing particularly with Soviet watches.
  3. Personally I don’t like this method where there is no support for the wheel. I am fortunate to own a Platex tool and also own a K&D balance remover tool that fits into the staking tool. Both give firm support. If the balance is stubborn then I remove some of the rivet with my lathe. Distortion of the wheel must be avoided. BB1CCEEB-B424-4569-ADA7-66ED6FA617B4.webp
  4. Welcome Ken, enjoy the forum. Any tips or advice with regard to regulation will be very much appreciated by many here on this friendly forum.
  5. Found this and it appears it is a rare Rolex. https://www.craftandtailored.com/products/1984-rolex-submariner-ref-16800-transitional-model
  6. Welcome Sonic, enjoy the forum.
  7. If you go to the BHI (British Horological Institute) web site they list accredited watch makers by area and country.
  8. It can be repaired providing the movement inside is identified. This is required to see if parts are available.
  9. In this months BHI (May 2021) mag there is an excellent article covering watch mainspring winders. The winders reviewed/ tested were Bergeron, Rolex, Chinese, Marshall,Kendrick & Davis (‘K&D’). The conclusions made replicate what I have said many times. One set does not cover all requirements with regard to barrel and arbour sizes. The Bergeron winders are supplied in either caliber specific (ETA) or by barrel size. The problem with this to cover all options 31 barrel bodies and cranks(arbors) have to be purchased. Not only is this above most horologist budgets the arbours are of
  10. Successful Blueing hands requires that they are spotlessly clean and absolutely free of grease. Looking at your results that is the issue.using brass shavings is good and has given me the best results.
  11. Welcome enjoy the forum.
  12. Welcome Robert enjoy the forum. All questions are welcome on this friendly forum.
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