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  1. I have been asked to repair Casio watches before and you will find Casio movements and replacement parts are difficult to find. It might be possible to find a replacement movement but you will have to take lots of measurements, such as the overall height the position of the calendar ring. I do have quartz tester that has a function that spins the hands & sometimes this frees up the movement. Some quartz movements require a re-set to get them running after a new battery but not sure about Casio.
  2. clockboy

    Here is a horror for you.

    That would be too big a job for me. Should the top segment be a painted area or is the case completely wrong for the movement.
  3. clockboy


    Welcome Mike enjoy the forum.
  4. clockboy

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Thanks that is what I thought. I might have been very lucky in that I have found the exact movement (Haller 8 day) on ebay & I have put in a bid for it. As for cutting pinions there is a guy that advertises in the BHI mag. I also found some standard pinions on the "Timesavers" web site. Hoping I win the clock movement. PS the clock is a vintage wall clock and has had re-bushing done but very poorly and it really needs re-bushing again. It's up to the customer how much they are willing to pay. PPS for future reference I presume the wheels are friction fitted. What fun !!!!
  5. clockboy

    Broken/missing gear tooth

    Stripped a chiming wall clock movement today. Customer said it had just stopped. It was not that dirty cleaned the wheels plates etc and then found this. It's the first wheel that drives the watch movement side I presume this is not repairable. It also needs re-bushing but with this there is now no point.
  6. clockboy

    Ice Watch

    I have done that when the original replacement was not available. However it is not straight forward getting the correct size replacement is the issue. The height and size of the replacement movement ,the hand size and height are the issues.
  7. clockboy

    Ice Watch

    Agree with J normally it is just a case of replacing the movement which is a relatively simple job to do.
  8. clockboy

    Greetings From Lancashire

    Welcome Kierri, enjoy this friendly forum. Lots of members here willing to help.
  9. clockboy

    Chelsea clock

    There is nothing obvious looking at your pics. It's about elimination process IE does it run if you remove the escape.
  10. clockboy

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome Steve, Enjoy
  11. clockboy

    Re-jewel or resize pivots?

    Ron it is what you are are confident with.Changing the jewels is relatively easy and reversible if it does not work. However if it was me I would adjust the staff using a jacot tool or the easiest option is to purchase then correct staff and keep or sell on the wrong staff. What fun.
  12. clockboy

    3 things I've realized

    Good tools, books and videos are all helpful but hands on practical work is where the learning really happens. Bits fly off into space never to be found again, you will break things, you will assemble in the wrong order, you will make lots of mistakes but with practice the mistakes become less frequent and the speed of dis-assembly and re-assembly quickens. For watches you need a timographer or the equivalent.
  13. clockboy

    Forum search function AND Boolean

    I put in search facility 'antique', 'pocket' & rust. All three searches gave a minimum of 6 pages of info. Not sure what your issue is.
  14. clockboy

    Greetings from Gothenburg

    Welcome and enjoy the forum
  15. Perhaps you are being a bit pedantic. The ultrasonic machine I was referring too was the Elma "P' Line (Industrial use) Multi-Frequency & digital. Starting price £775.