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  1. I have serviced a few Sekonda's and found them an easy movement to work on with good results. Looking at your pic it looks like the hands need reluming. If you want spares there are plenty of these about on eBay.
  2. Welcome Sean, Enjoy the forum.
  3. The lift angle is not the issue one side of the beat is not correct. It could be a loose impulse jewel, a loose pallet jewel, a dirty pallet jewel or a dirty escape wheel. My first effort to resolve this is to check the pallet jewels for damage and tightness and if OK I would just clean again and lubricate again. Its amazing how the smallest amount of unwanted dirt can effect the performance. On a side note I very rarely bother to adjust the lift angle setting on the timographer unless I suspect it is way out. A smooth pattern on both sides of the beat and a decent amplitude is my goal.
  4. If it has really old dried oil then it will need a good soak in a de-greasing agent first. If still not happy then you will have to bent a couple of the retaining prongs back to remove the cap jewel. My fear with this method is bending back the prongs and achieving the correct force to secure the jewel.
  5. If it was me I would clean it in situ and use an auto oiler
  6. Welcome enjoy the forum.
  7. I have not serviced this calibre but see pic which I would have thought is for the larger adjustments. However that is a really low amplitude for a Omega that has just been serviced.
  8. Found this company http://www.chealwatch.com/dialrestoring.htm Cost approx £160
  9. My first watch was a Adram divers watch with a EB 8012 movement. This was a birthday present and was subsequently the first way I attempted to repair (age 11). Ironically a few years ago my brother found it and I re-furbished it as it runs great.
  10. Welcome Angelus, welcome to the forum.
  11. I have never done this on a Rolex BUT it is paramount that the rotation part is not distorted. Absolute support when pushing out and replacing the old axle is very important. Also I have seen aftermarket axles and hopefully they are exact in measurements as Rolex parts need to be exact.
  12. It show all the signs of needing a service. I recommend you find a good horologist for the service.
  13. There is no definitive answer as some dials are easier to clean than others. What ever you try always try in a small area preferably an edge which is hidden when assembled into the watch case. One agent that sometimes works is human spit try some on a cotton bud and test.
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