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    Some past projects and keepers!

    Great work Matt, Nice collection indeed.
  4. I have ordered from British springs and they are excellent quality and they supply for watches as well as clocks. Not knowing what size to order I ordered several sizes and was lucky to choose correctly. Hairspring selection is not easy. The correct length and strength is critical. I found this on the net a few years ago it is an invaluable doc for selecting a H/S Hairspring advise.docx
  5. I agree its a bit of luck to get the correct spring. I don't understand their measurements.
  6. The only assortments are now on eBay. If you know its size then you can use this company. http://www.scotchwatch.com/Hairsprings.html If you know it's strength and size and are confident in fitting a H/S to a collet there is this company. http://www.britishprecisionsprings.co.uk/index.html However this company is very slow with delivery and their sizing method is bit of a mystery.
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    Hairspring removal from collet

    Sorry transporter I miss read you original post. Removing a hairspring from it's collet is a very difficult task. Most are secured with a tapper pin which has been trimmed off flush once fitted. You will have to push the pin out to remove the hairspring which is extremely difficult to achieve without damaging the the hairspring. Most just fit a new hairspring & collet complete. Finding one of the correct size is the big challenge.
  9. clockboy

    Hairspring removal from collet

    Not sure what your issue is. They either lever them off or you put a screwdriver into the collet split and twist it off.
  10. clockboy

    Roller adjustment

    I have that tool and the first time I used it it slumped dipped and I broke the the tip-off the balance staff. Hence I have never used it since. When moving the collet I make a mark on the balance rim opposite the split in the collet with a very fine maker. I then insert the smallest screwdriver I have (0.50mm) into the spit and turn the balance a minute amount. When putting the watch back on the timing machine you should then see if the direction you have moved it is the direction required. Note the recommended tolerance of beat error should be +/- 0.4ms but achieving this can be challenging. If I get a watch into the 0. area I settle for this.
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    Longines L688.2 (ETA A08.L01)

    The nearest I could find was this it might help: ETA A07.161 - Technical Communication.pdf
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    Hello Watch People

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  13. Interesting that the inconsistent power goes and the watch gains when the cap l jewel is loosened. I am therefore presuming the balance is too tight. Either the balance is a tad too long or there is a fault with the end of the balance or an issue with the cap jewel. Also there is still something wrong with one side of the escape. Was there by any chance a shim under the balance bridge when you first stripped the movement. Is there any end shake with the balance. If too tight the result will be low amplitude. Getting the watch in beat will also improve amplitude.
  14. I have been thinking about this and I think you have two issues. I think the first fault showing as a wavy pattern is caused by inconsistent power coming through to the escape. The second fault is there is something wrong on one side of the escape. See the attachment, although a different machine the same readings analysis applies. Timing-Machine-Charts-.pdf