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  1. clockboy

    New member

    Welcome Bob, Most here are hobbyists so join the club and enjoy.
  2. clockboy

    Hey all, I'm exited to join this forum

    Welcome Matt, Enjoy the forum. The Seiko 5 s726 is a simple movement to start with but don't get to hung up on low amplitude it's just the way they are built.
  3. clockboy

    Seth Thomas Mantle clock problem

    I would make sure it is in beat. As OH states worn bushing can play a big factor as well.
  4. clockboy

    Hello From Beavercreek Ohio USA

    I have used the NAWCC many times. However some of of their members can be a bit disrespectful to amateurs. However enjoy the forum.
  5. clockboy

    Bulova parts interchangability

    I have looked in my "bestfit" catalogue and the usual web sites and can not find the details for a 11blacd. However looking at the "bestfit" the Bulova's are not as interchangeable as you suggest so I would double check before any purchase.
  6. Follow this article that was published in 2016 including the vid
  7. clockboy

    Hello from Sunny Scottsdale

    Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  8. clockboy

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    If it was me I would re-set the pallet stones to a higher position. See these two docs below on how to proceed. There are pallet setting tools to be found on eBay. See my one below. How to repair parts of the escape.pdf pallet folk jewl setting.pdf My Garnett jewel setter
  9. clockboy

    ETA GMT movement?

    GMT watches have an extra hour hand which is used for different time zones. Although with smart phones etc theses are now not a necessary requirement.
  10. clockboy

    DeWalt Timex Ironman

    I replaced a battery in one of these last year. If I remember correctly there was nothing special with regard to the screws. I am sure once you have removed them and measured replacements will not difficult to find.
  11. clockboy

    Auctioneer Greetings!

    Welcome enjoy the forum.
  12. clockboy

    Help on a French Carriage clock

    It looks like the jewel is missing. If I am correct it is a rub in jewel setting.
  13. clockboy

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    It looks like both stones are far too deep also the first pic shows a stone that is not square. I would say this is the amplitude fault, I am surprised it is running. I think Mark has a vid on re-setting a loose stone.
  14. Found this vid showing a technic how to micro drill without breaking the drill.
  15. clockboy

    My new buy:)

    Nice, very nice indeed.