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  1. The escape and H/S are the areas to inspect. For example, is there too much end shake with the balance. Is there a big positional variance such as when the crown is down or up.
  2. The only sure way is to remove the movement from the case and inspect. It looks like a vintage and possibly glued just a hard push and it will pop out. If the crystal has a lip you will need a crystal lift tool. It is water resistant NOT water proof so it is highly unlikely to have a tension ring crystal.
  3. For £5 how can yo go wrong !!.
  4. I have found with these vintage style of watches the wear of the pivot holes is a real problem. If cleaned and lubricated and providing the H/S is in good condition you can get them going. However don't expect positional stability or great readings on your timographer.
  5. Getting a mechanical watch within an acceptable time tolerance is not straight forward. Watches run at different rates in different positions. So a watchmaker adjusts in the various positions to get a good average. However not every customer wears a watch the same, ie some take their watch off at night. If a watch is consistently, say 17 secs slow per day this can be adjusted. I read somewhere if a watch is consistently running fast what sometimes works is if the watch is removed at night and laid dial down this compensates for the gains during the day.
  6. Sorry about the spelling & yes alternative methods will be needed. I purchased my one A few years ago I now wish I had purchased dozens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have been dealing with a PM re-using Fixodrop (Epiline)and I was also going to recommend purchasing the dedicated bottle until........... "Cousins" the price quoted £134.95 absolute madness.
  8. Mark, Received this message today from alaskamick

    Hi Clockboy, I have got a problem with the watch course and have sent a message which I presume went to Mark but have not had a reply.

    Any reason that you know of why I am not getting any response.

    Hope you can help me out and sorry if you are not the person that I should speak to.

    All the best, Mike. ( alaskamick )

  9. Some remove the cap jewels and clean with the balance attached to the main plate. However I do not use a ultra sonic cleaner but a watch cleaning machine. Because of this I just don't like the idea of the balance staffs moving around without support. I just use the method Mark uses which is clean with the balance attached to the main plate and after remove, clean & lubricate the cap jewels.
  10. Welcome Thomas enjoy the forum.
  11. Maybe this part levers away, is so it might then come out through the front.
  12. I have replaced a pendant tube on a Citizen watch. The old tube just twisted out using a tap. There are tube removing tools available. Replacing I found also simple as it was just friction fitted just a touch of thread locker just to make sure. If you go the Cousins they sell the tubes and tools.
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