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  1. If you are getting the same results with all of your re-builds then perhaps you are being over zealous with the amount lubricants being applied or you are just using the wrong lubricants.
  2. Rolex are an incredibly hi end well made movement. I would guess it just needs stripping/cleaning and re-lubing of the keyless side. If you purchased new then return it ASAP.
  3. For tight ones I use one of these which I have found this tool invaluable.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Movement-Watch-Eterna-Automatic-Brevete-For-Part-Mod-1034H/184125518714?hash=item2adebc737a:g:QwQAAOSwmd1dEaJJ
  5. I recently put up a post about a Rotary watch that needed a new shock spring. Just a heads up it looks like the latest caliber of Rotary watches have Seiko movements fitted. The error I made was I thought the springs were KIF Trior BUT they are not although they look very similar they are a unique spring for Seiko's. Spot the difference see pics attached. I have found one from a donor movement. KIF shock springs.pdf
  6. Welcome Dan, enjoy the forum
  7. This is them fitted to a Seiko. Should have guessed as the movement is a copy of a Seiko.
  8. Yep I have seen them pics too. I have tried all sizes of Trior ie Kif 1-3, 1-4, 1-5. neither of them fit. The spring that was mangled in the stem was a Duofix. Maybe a previous repairer had fitted the wrong spring hence why it has fallen out. This afternoon I have managed to modify a incabloc spring which fits (just) and the watch is now on test. I did try and modify a Trior by putting a curve in it using my staking tool as if you look at the pics the springs are not flat. This did not work either. What fun!!! Just noticed whilst studying the pics is they are not Trior. They are very similar but not Trior. What they are I will have to investigate.
  9. Here is my tale of woe: I was asked to look at a very poorly running Rotary watch( 9GS00309/01). It is a skeleton style watch and looking through its clear insert case back I could see the cap jewel was missing. When I opened the case I found the jewel BUT the shock spring had been trapped in the winding stem and is now non reparable. It looks like it was a Duofix which is strange because the dial side s/spring is a KIF trior. I have tried to fit a Trior but they just don't fit (either just too small or just too big) So by any chance have anyone have in their stock a Duofix Shock spring it's size is approx. 2.25mm. This is what they look like.
  10. Highly unlikely that the plate is bent. If it is, then the watch movement has been subjected to a lot of misuse.
  11. Welcome Mark, enjoy the forum. This site is very good for sourcing seiko parts: https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/index.php
  12. For setting pallets I use one of these.
  13. Welcome & Enjoy the forum, For me & many its more than a bug it has become a compulsive obsession.
  14. Welcome Antonis, Enjoy the forum.
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