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  1. watch stops with residual power

    Its out of beat. It will run for longer when in beat.
  2. New Watch Repairman (Lady)

    Welcome MM, enjoy the forum.
  3. Hello From Jakarta

    Welcome Stephan, Enjoy the forum.
  4. Nope the Devon shop is the only place. I have a non functioning L&R variety-matic in my garage. Annoyingly I know the fault which is it needs bleeding but have not found a way to do it as yet. The guy who re-furbished the L&R's no longer does repairs because there is no profit in repairs.
  5. Lew & Me

    We have two, in fact we have always had cats that always live to a ripe old ages. Very often I have one sitting on my lap when dis- assembling and the other under the workbench in the winter where there is a radiator. However they are not allowed when assembling them bl**dy hairs get everywhere.
  6. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    It sounds good too -- click
  7. Lost in the balance staff jungle...again

    Use ranfft as a reference then measure for a cross reference.
  8. Banking question! Not certain.

    Yes a great improvement if you get it in beat then I suspect that odd blip will go as well. A 3.4ms is way to much error. The recommended error rate is no more than 0.4ms.
  9. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Thanks oldhippy another piece of this never ending learning curve logged into my tiny brain .
  10. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Here is the Vid. PS Sorry to rest of forum this must seem boring. Sequence wheel
  11. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Ok I removed the bottom wheel & moved the sequence wheel several times and now the Westminster chime sounds perfect. I will do another vid. PS Thanks
  12. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Thanks will investigate. I presume I have to adjust the wheel/s that turns to move the hammers. This is a new one one for me
  13. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Ok after some fiddling with the hammers I think I have made it better but not sure if the final Westminster chime sequence is correct. I found the hammers 4 & 5 were lower than 3,2 & 1 and so hammer 4 was giving a bum note. See vids before & after. before
  14. New from Northern Virginia

    Welcome Kevin, Enjoy the forum.
  15. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Another thought just wondering if one of the hammers is just out of tune