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  1. clockboy

    Breitling superocean

    My guess is that the auto side of your watch is not functioning correctly. Normally this is due to dirt and lack of lubrication. Your watch needs a full service.
  2. clockboy

    Vostok questions

    Agree a hairspring issue for sure.
  3. clockboy

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome Willy, Enjoy the forum.
  4. clockboy

    Strange Oscillation in Balance

    I would check the escape wheel. Check it's pivots for damage and if they are straight, check all of the teeth for damage. Also check its jewels. The beat is also a long way out which needs adjusting.,
  5. clockboy

    Seiko 7S26

    After 20 years it needs a full service.
  6. clockboy

    New member

    Welcome Hans, enjoy the forum
  7. clockboy

    Epilame / Fixodrop

    That was the article I read. I found no benefit after applying the Epilame to the pallets.
  8. clockboy

    Epilame / Fixodrop

    I have read there is problems when applying fixodrop to the whole pallet. I applied it to the an oiler and dried gently with warm air being aware too much heat will dislodge the shellac. I read somewhere some use a dropper. However as I stated in a previous post I see no significant benefits so I longer bother treating the stones.
  9. clockboy

    Rolex GMT cal 3075 service problems

    Just an update. The repair I did with the jewel seems to have worked. It had been on test since Saturday morning and was taken off Tuesday morning. The jewel is still holding great. I have returned it to the customer giving the customer my reservations. If the jewel does fail I now have a spare bridge. The clip that was missing I purchased from cousins although a few thou under the original spec it is working fine. WHAT FUN !!! ON TEST IMG_0119.mp4
  10. clockboy

    Hello from the Washington DC suburbs

    Welcome to the forum your input will be much appreciated. Enjoy
  11. Depending on how good your eyesight is. I use a microscope that is on my workbench. Invaluable for me when fitting shock springs or inspecting pivots & jewels.
  12. It looks like this is the likely screw to turn. Turn it no more than one full turn.
  13. clockboy

    Epilame / Fixodrop

    I use fixodrop on watch reversing wheels. I also use the special fixodrop application bottle. I have tried it on pallets. However you have to apply it just to the pallets stones. Then run the watch for a while then remove the balance, pallet and escape wheel and re-clean the escape wheel and re-assemble. I did this with a couple of watches but did not see any benefits.
  14. The real danger now is if the costs force Anthony Cousins to close his business.