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  1. Welcome to the forum. Make no mistake horological questions are never ending. Enjoy
  2. Welcome to the forum. I think the ETA 251.233. 1884 is quartz and maybe it is a movement issue. I am not knowledgeable with quartz movements but some have to be re-set
  3. The only real success I have had (no fancy machine,,) has been with solder paste which works at a low temperature . On the dial side I had it resting on a damp cloth.The tricky bit is the correct positioning of the new dial feet especially if it has a date window.
  4. It looks like the pivots are broken (both)
  5. Sorry I did not have access to the pictures.I presume the hand you are referring to is the hand that sits in the middle of the dial. I call it the fly back hand because when used it re-sets back to the 12 o’clock position. Because of this action it has to has to have a really tight fit, if not it drifts away from the 12 o’clock position. Cousins are good source for watch hands.
  6. Measure the arbour that the hand attaches too & measure from centre for length. Go to a material house to match the style.
  7. Measure the arbour that the hand attaches too & measure from centre for length. Go to a material house to match the style.
  8. Always wondered how the ranking worked, now I know. Any prizes involved.
  9. If it is new return it. A while ago I had similar problem with a screwdriver stand (not Bergson) which was caused by one of blades that had come loose and stopped the rotation.
  10. Depends on what tools you have. You could possibly re-bush or insert a jewel. However this requires a decent thickness of plate and you will also need the correct tools. If not a donor part is the answer
  11. I like it, also I like the new uncluttered layout.
  12. It is an interesting topic for sure. However replacing a vintage watch mainspring with an exact sized replacement is not always possible. I have found providing you don't go a long way off the original spec and the movement has been serviced it runs just fine. However two issues to be observed. Going above the original height is risky as binding on the barrel lid can happen also going way below the original height means the arbour hook its not naturally in the centre of the spring. The length will alters its power-reserve. I have GR resources book which is really handy when faced with this dil
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