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  1. Mainspring winder for Seiko 7S26

    There is no barrel supplied by Bergeon that fits the Seiko 7s26. If I remember correctly with the Bergeon set they are either too small or to large. I used a K&D winder that I usually use for the larger pocket watch barrels. Oldhippy is correct Seiko recommend a new barrel & mainspring. I have noticed Cousins have the mainspring as obsolete. However I have done a little research & the consensus is the mainspring size required is: 0.95 x 0.12 x 400 x 10.5. Which is ref: GR2378X Cousins have this in stock.
  2. Hello from Tim

    Enjoy the forumTim. Lots of enthusiasts here to advise on this friendly forum.
  3. Kif/ shock spring sizing

    The fun begins fitting the dam things. There are many posts here with hints how to fit.
  4. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    I'll be surprised if it is not Silicone. There are different types of silicone for example I have a small tub of "Seiko" silicone which is clear and very tacky. I have also some silicone that I purchased on the cheap from ebay and is it white and does not seem as tacky but it is however silicone. I suspect this is the type of silicone that is used in these pads to allow for easier transfer.
  5. Hi from MikeR

    Welcome Mike, Enjoy the forum.
  6. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    That is a Silicon applicator for gaskets. The foam/sponge is Impregnated with the silicone. I have used these applicators for many years with no issues. The gasket/ring is laid inside & then the lid is closed and twisted a few times to apply the silicone.
  7. Blow out a saphire crystal?

    I agree but it is what I would try.
  8. Kif/ shock spring sizing

    I have their catalogue. I believe the information is also available in the Cousins "downloads" section.
  9. Kif/ shock spring sizing

    According to my "incabloc" catalogue for the Valjoux 7750 the following applies: Upper spring Ref No. 170.03 = Length 2.31 Width 1.55 Lower spring Ref No. 975.03 = Length 1.83 Width 1.38 Cousins supply the lower jewel ref no. INCA 97503 Are you sure it is not the upper spring
  10. Blow out a saphire crystal?

    Is it possible to use a lift tool such as below:
  11. Mainspring adjustment

    I use large hairspring tweezers which have a nice concave & convex shape.
  12. Hi from Singapore!

    Welcome to this friendly forum plenty of guys here to advise and also share their experiences. Enjoy
  13. Mainspring adjustment

    If you close the final curl make sure you have a round centre support or it will collapse. I use a Balance Bridge Holding Tool which helps me gauge the progress.
  14. Hi from South Florida!

    Welcome Jason lots here from this friendly forum. Enjoy
  15. L&R vari-matic broken

    Thanks I will be taking back to him (delphelectronics) on Wednesday. Basically it has gone out of sync but does not go through the wash sequence either so something else is amiss. I hope to guy can fix it as I will be totally lost without it. Lesson learn't check the hydraulic oil level once a week.