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  1. On a wider point many vintage watches that were incased in either Silver or Gold have had their movements removed for the scrap value of the metals. Hence on eBay you will find hundreds of pocket watch movements with NO case. Sad but a fact.
  2. Using Brass tweezers or tweezers that are non magnetic makes working on watches so much easier. However I have noticed many pro watch makers have tape wrapped around the top of their tweezers which I presume is to either aid grip or to help eliminate static.
  3. Welcome enjoy the forum. PS be warned horological can become compulsive
  4. Here are my thoughts on the UK suppliers: I have used Gleave on odd occasions and they used to only deal with trade but maybe their policy has changed. When I have purchased from them it is on a NO return basis. A.G. Thomas I had a problem with them cloning my card. They denied there was a problem but using tracing I proved they had, they did it twice. I have never used them since (5 years ago) maybe they have better security now. Meadows are very good but pricey. Cousins are the best on price and service. eBay can be very good or very bad. Depending on the purchase I always chec
  5. Found this interesting article about luminous watches: Using photoluminescent material to show the time in low-light conditions is a practice that has been employed since the development of the earliest wristwatches. Originally, radium was used on hands and indexes, which had the benefit of a bright and long-lasting glow, counterbalanced by the disadvantage of being highly radioactive and a major health issue for those who applied it. In the 1960s, radium was replaced by the much safer, yet still radioactive, tritium, which was phased out in the 1990s when alternatives like str
  6. I have not worked on this Calibur but the case has certainly suffered with some crude opening methods causing damage. That might be your first challenge.
  7. Welcome, enjoy the forum.
  8. Occasionally a spring will have this issue. When closing always support the centre with something round. This stops too much bend and keeps it in the correct shape.
  9. I have purchased items from China but I have always been careful with regard to how important accuracy and robustness is. Horotec & Bergeron are the most reliable but pricey. BrianB gives a good example. I purchased one from China and it was crap the plunger just had too much play. I purchased a Horotech hand setter and it is faultless.
  10. Sorry what button are you referring too.
  11. Ok this is a reasonably simple job. First the pendulum must be absolutely in the middle of the lower cup (ie absolutely level). To judge being in beat the pendulum should swivel equally in both directions. Some put a graded card underneath but I just time in seconds each turn. To adjust I believe it is the screw at the top that you adjust.Looking at your vid its not far out BUT why the wobble is the suspension spring absolutely kink free. To regulate just turn the wheel I have highlighted.
  12. hat is a nice movement with a floating balance. With a floating balance the clock does not need to absolutely level and normally run really well. I would guess it just needs a service. Post a few pics if possible.
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