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  1. Thanks Mark, this site is by far the most comprehensive and useful on the internet for all levels who are interested in horology. Have you ever considered allowing advertising on the site from companies such as Horotec etc. to help with the costs.
  2. Jon this is not a forum for selling tools. If Bernard is a member of the BHI he can advertise these items for free in their monthly mag. The other option would be ebay or contact a specialist company such as Pennyfarthing tools.
  3. Welcome to the forum Jolo, Enjoy.
  4. Welcome to the forum John. Nice clock indeed. Enjoy the forum.
  5. If it was me I would first just massage the spring at the 07:00 o'clock position. You might be lucky in thats all thats need moving. What I call the terminal curve (Blue) is critical that it has a uniform curve in relation to the curve of the main body of the spring. If not when regulating the spring it will go out of centre.
  6. Welcome to the forum and enjoy.
  7. Most adapt their own methods. I find using a microscope & fine tweezers & a needle works normally. But manipulating hairsprings is extremely difficult because too much manipulation will result in the spring breaking. I speak from experience. A donor movement is the best route if possible, finding the correct hairspring replacement is also difficult. This in many ways is why horology becomes compulsive. I know this is now obvious but the handling if the balance and hairspring requires the utmost care and attention. Watch Marks vids and see how a pro treats this area.
  8. For watch work a timographer or software on your Pc. Without no way of knowing if it is in beat and what rate it is running at.
  9. Cousins do a selection of shock springs and normally these are included.
  10. Thanks Jimmy the clock has been running for the last 24hrs on test so I am hoping all is now OK.
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