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  1. Thanks Guys. The train of wheels run free with no issues. I did the locking test suggested in the various books I have and the lock is good and equal using the banking pins as a gauge. The banking pins had both been bent in one direction and I just put them back vertical and straight. The guard pin had been bent further away from the roller which I have also made vertical and straight. These adjustment that had previously been made I suspect had been done trying to resolve this issue. Tomorrow I will polish the roller jewel and horns first, if no improvement then I will first bend the guard pin away again to see if it improves. I am sure this is where the fault is. It is the impulse pin not realising correctly or the guard pin rubbing.The biggest problem with these English watches is there is no easy visual access to see whats happening.
  2. This is an fusee English lever pocket watch. The customer said that it was only running for a few minutes and then stopping. On first inspection the amplitude was almost non existent but strangely was running. I presumed a good service would resolve this issue BUT alas the same issue. I stripped again and inspected every part with a microscope and found a bent guard pin + the banking pins had been bent. Apart from this I could not find anything. The balance pivots show some scoring but just a tiny touch it swings fine. Believe it or not, the amplitude now (see vid) is twice as much as what it was. My suspicion is the pallet is not the original and the horns are just a touch short so the impulse pin is not swinging the hairspring on impulse. Just wondering if anyone has come across this error,I'm a bit lost at present. IMG_5211 (1).m4v
  3. Welcome Mike, Enjoy the forum.
  4. Welcome to the forum, please share your horological experiences and enjoy the forum.
  5. Maybe but not 100%, the issues might be the size of the date window & the position of the dial feet.
  6. I would lubricate with a tiny bit of Moebius 9501. I am sure others will have other preferred lubricants but thats what I would use.
  7. Thats a new one for me. It did find some movements maked as "Nidor" under the trade name of "Buser" This is one of those watches that you will just have to repair without any manual/tech guidance. However I can not see any obvious way of letting down the mainspring which would be fatal for the watch without this first step.
  8. I have done this repair. The centre arbour is friction fitted. Making a new one is a reasonably simple job with a lathe. However the height clearance is critical to get it to lock correctly with the escape wheel.
  9. Tempting, I must admit Joe especially if you do not have the correct tools. However checking to see if the pivot is scored will not be possible so I would remove.
  10. I agree with Marc use a presto tool specific for this job. Looking at your pics measure before and lift the wheel from the underside (would be best if poss) so as not to distort the other wheel. The key to this job is a very straight lift. Also when re-stalling a straight push putting the wheels to the same positions on the arbour .
  11. Non essential businesses are closed. Time to finally tidy the workshop while self isolating, although (at the recommended distance) I have been shopping for two of my neighbours who are disabled & over 70 yrs of age.
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