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  1. I have posted this other long vid. because it contains some very interesting info on what is happening within the watch industry. Breitling's sale it's amalgamation with "Tudor" and also the guy states that ETA are now looking for companies to buy their movements and will now will supply parts until 2020.
  2. Ok then I would call it job done.
  3. Personally I like it a lot. Also I would leave the "Heritage" in it's present position just move the 22 jewels, self wind" lines down a touch. Can to fiddle with this using a "Indesign or Illustrator" type software.
  4. A pic would be nice.I have never seen a two-toothed buckle before & at that price I will never own one either.
  5. Working fine on my Mac.
  6. Personally I would use HP 1000. Hp oils stay where put but the HP 1000 is just a touch thinner which is helpful with reverser wheels. PS Many will disagree with this but this is what I use with no noticeable issues.
  7. I would guess Mike is correct.
  8. What ever you use try a little area with a cotton bud first. I think the markers are glued to the dial so you have to be careful what cleaning solvents you use.
  9. Welcome TagDoc, This is a friendly and knowledgeable forum which can help you with the learning. However it is a long and expensive programme but can be very rewarding. Enjoy
  10. CB, here's one for you to deal with:-


    1. clockboy


      Thanks George I have just deleted it. What a strange post.


      Ps trust you are OK. Being a moderator when you are decorating is not possible.

    2. Geo


      I'm doing fine Del, most of my time is involved aviation related activities these days.  I don't envy you decorating, I'm pretty good at it, but hate it!


      Trusting your in good form these days,


  11. I just use a pin vice to hold the cutting broaches.
  12. You could be correct or an end shake issue with a wheel/s.As you strip the movement check for end shake + inspect every part + all jewels with good magnification. I use a microscope because of poor eyesight.
  13. Found this: Witschi Training Course.pdf
  14. Lemania balance staffs can be found here; You will need to its caliber.
  15. Yes but it is slow but thats the point. I have found a cutting broach can snag and if not careful & twist the hand out of shape. Forgot to mention I also use a little oil.