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  1. Your Projects, Walkthroughs and Techniques

    Post descriptive walkthroughs of watches you have stripped down and serviced and/or repaired, parts you have made or techniques you wish to share.

    This is an interesting section where we post our challenges and how we have over-come them. You can also post walkthroughs and share your techniques.

  2. Watch Repairs Help & Advice

    If you are a new member, we would consider it polite for you to introduce yourself here before posting your questions ;)

    Need help with your watch repair? Then post your watch repair questions here. Photographs allowed and encouraged. Please UP vote the most useful answers and if someone has helped you, don't forget to click 'like' on their post.

  3. Watch Repair Tools & Equipment

    Discuss watch repair tools and equipment here. Show off your new tools or discuss care and tool maintenance.

  4. Watch Repair Gallery   (17,613 visits to this link)

    Post an interesting snapshot of what you are working on. Wether you are a pro photographer, or taking snaps on your phone, it does not matter - we love watch movements and we want to see them and talk about them.

  5. Clock Corner

    Post all things relating to clocks in this forum. Yes this is a watch forum, but we still love all things that go tick and that includes clocks.

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    • Hi from sunny Cornwall.  I have just bought a few watches from e-bay with a view to stripping them down and seeing what's what!  I may or may not have any aptitude for this pastime, and so in the first instance I'm gonna be sticking to cheap, and fairly cheap seiko's. I've ordered a pair of vintage 5's  and a vintage 5 Sportsmatic deluxe diashock. The former because there are thousands of them around, cheap as chips and mountains of spares. The latter because I think it looks gorgeous, in a 60's dated manner!  I'd rather not trash the deluxe so it'll sit for a while until I build up some skills & confidence with the other two. Stumbled across Mark on YouTube and have been sucked in by the seeming simplicity of this activity.......however, I know from previous experience that when somebody makes something look very easy, it's usually not! Take plastering for example. It involves making a liquid defy Newtonian gravity and stick, flawless, to vertical, or even overhead surfaces. Looks easy when viewing somebody that has sold his soul to the devil in exchange for that skill. Drystone walling, glass cutting, brain surgery etc etc can all look deceptively easy until you try them.  Apart from this intro, I shall probably become a frequent, but silent visitor, a so called "lurker" hoping to pick up the lingo and a lot of tips.   The library of Mark's servicing videos seems to be lacking the venerable 7619-9020,  I could loan one, if he promised to be careful  (-;   Pezed
    • Ok, so in your opinion the downside which I overlooked is excessive weight (for watchmaking, at least) and loss of close tactile feel present in a in mini driver. Makes sense.
    • Welcome Fitz you are reaching the point of no return.
    • Hi  Check the gong hammer assembly is free,  lift each individual hammer and check that it drops smartly not in slow motion,  It they are sticky dfismantle and free off.    Remove the floating balance unit and clean in Alchohol or the like,  There is a good explanation on the floating balance on the net by Howard Millar.   I will have a look in the Hermle Manual regarding your mode.  l do like Hermle clocks very well made.  Then Proceed as explained by Old Hippy,  sound advise as always.
    • Hoping for a sunny day
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