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  1. Your Projects, Walkthroughs and Techniques

    Post descriptive walkthroughs of watches you have stripped down and serviced and/or repaired, parts you have made or techniques you wish to share.

    This is an interesting section where we post our challenges and how we have over-come them. You can also post walkthroughs and share your techniques.

  2. Watch Repairs Help & Advice

    If you are a new member, we would consider it polite for you to introduce yourself here before posting your questions ;)

    Need help with your watch repair? Then post your watch repair questions here. Photographs allowed and encouraged. Please UP vote the most useful answers and if someone has helped you, don't forget to click 'like' on their post.

  3. Watch Repair Tools & Equipment

    Discuss watch repair tools and equipment here. Show off your new tools or discuss care and tool maintenance.

  4. Watch Repair Gallery   (17,172 visits to this link)

    Post an interesting snapshot of what you are working on. Wether you are a pro photographer, or taking snaps on your phone, it does not matter - we love watch movements and we want to see them and talk about them.

  5. Clock Corner

    Post all things relating to clocks in this forum. Yes this is a watch forum, but we still love all things that go tick and that includes clocks.

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    • Hi Steve    Wat Sqiffy has said is sound advise keep it simple until your confidence grows. Th time only mantle clocks (one hole in the dial) are chunky enough to play with only the suspension and escapement  are breakable the rest is quite tough, please mind the mainsprings and be sure to remove the tension before undoing the plates as the un tamed power when released can damage the clock and make more work. Take care and be patient as the cock up gremlins are sure to turn up.
    • Hi Andy, the previous owner of all the above watches has had a go at them all ! He said, " the Rondamatic was running fast and the Oris was slow, so got his mate to adjust them and they both stopped" ! Can't imagine why lol. I will try your suggestion about the stem removal. They were cheap and ideal for me to practice on, and the bonus is I know out there there is someone worse than me ! Thanks Andy for your time and advice. 
    • One I restored for a lume-rot. I will be reluming it at some point to mount in this restored model as my eyes can't easily make out the hands on the gold dial.
    • I've still not finished with the various bits of building maintenance round here, so not much in the way of actual watch repairs going on, but I gave another of the freebie junk lot generic quartzes a quick polish and a new battery. I'm not fan of fabric nato straps, but this was what it came with, so it got a clean too. It has no brand name, but is reasonably well constructed, all be it with a pot metal body. Mineral glass and a two hander Chinese movement, and not much else to report.
    • So it is either try to retrofit another or replace the whole movement? Or maybe replace the whole shock? I will try to grind a bit the extended edges of the new spring to see if it fits and come back! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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