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    Post descriptive walkthroughs of watches you have stripped down and serviced and/or repaired, parts you have made or techniques you wish to share.

    This is an interesting section where we post our challenges and how we have over-come them. You can also post walkthroughs and share your techniques.

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    If you would like to show off your latest watch repair achievement and it is not an actual walkthrough please post here.

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    Discuss watch repair tools and equipment here. Show off your new tools or discuss care and tool maintenance.

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    • The human skeleton is poorly designed. In the end I had to give it all up I ended up having a breakdown, that wrecked my marriage  After a slow recovery which took about 10 years I learned I T and went into teaching which was a laugh.  I'm retired now and once again enjoying life.
    • Good Morning, Many thanks for your reply and help I hope you are keeping safe and well during this tough time,I am just having a cuppa and contemplating what the next move is going to be.I am thinking of using a puller that is used for pulley removal and making up an adaptor to straddle the basket head with a couple of legs that will reach to the motor housing.Then before I use any heat if the puller will grip the basket head and the screw of the puller is tightened up gently onto the adaptor I hope that the shaft will gently move if not then it's back to the drawing board and your suggestions.I purchased this machine and completely rewired it,fitted a new heater plate and it works brilliant but I want to use a 3 tier basket as used on the Elma cleaning machines.Regards and keep safe.Seth.
    • Hi Charlie, In the old German and Swiss repair literature you find that it is good practice to support the bridge holding the centre wheel before you press on the cannon pinion. Ideally this is done with a staking tool. You select an anvil to rest the bridge and the jewel. Then you press in the cannon pinion with a hollow flat punch. I have never laid hands on a bulova 11dp but if the highest point of the balance side of the movement is the rachet wheel you will still have air between centre wheel jewel and bench. If you place it in a movement holder you have a lot of air between jewel and the bench. That's lethal and as you experienced can push out the jewel in a worst-case-scenario I don't have a better picture on my mobile and you can't see the anvil under the plate. The cannon pinion of this pocket watch also looks a little different but you can see the basic layout. If you don't have a staking tool you can always rest the movement on a piece of steel. Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany Alex
    • Hello , thanks for your feedback, i aligned them as i should have done but... i accidentally hit the seconds hand, rendering it unusable. So, i bought the seconds hand again. As for the bezel, i simply cannot fit the new one, it is too hard(i have an aliexpress case press). Thanks for your feedback guys.
    • Right now when you try to twist the old basket assembly, the motor shaft rotates and you can't apply any real torque to break up the rust and dirt in the joint. See if you can remove the motor housing until you can get a grip on the rotor shaft. Then you'll be able to slowly jiggle and twist the basket assembly off. Use plenty of penetrating oil, heat, a small hammer, tempered with common sense.  Good luck!
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