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  1. Hi There is a push sign with two arrows but dont know what exactly it is pointing towards. Can anybody help?
  2. Hello Watchmaker It worked! I really appreciate your time in describing it step by step as easy as possible.
  3. With roller coaster, I technically mean reverse proportional way of inserting.
  4. Do You mean, that I should put inner and outer stem in level and push horizontally? Because It doesnt get in level if I try to tilt as in shape of a roller coaster movement.
  5. Hi Jdm I have now reformulated my first post. Let me know if it makes sense. Thank You.
  6. Hello I can imagine that I have to tilt the movement including inner stem into the case, after pushing the outer stem and crown into case. But I can´t "hook" the inner stem to the outer stem, even if they seem to be in corect lengths. Kind regards
  7. Thank You, will try them. Could be fun soldering if possible.
  8. Thanks for reply, AndyHull The arm with the the hooked end, was broken - the part, that connects with the setting lever. I could feel that prior to dismantling, when crown pulling in/out quite weak without tension.
  9. Hi Is it basis of another movement? (Like Certinas based on ETA) I need a bridge for the setting mechanism and the movement seems very rare. Cousinsuk doesnt have that part either. Kind regards
  10. Hi I already have a staking set and a roller remover on the way. How do you use the roller remover? Can´t find instruction anywhere I dont have a platax tool to remove the staff - can a staking do it? If so, how?
  11. Hi TheFixer Well, I believe good lighting makes it easer. Despite a good sight, I feel more comfortable using loupe when a tool gets in contact with a component. Hand motion is more controllable under a loupe due to reach, which prevents slippery of chosen tool. But thats just my opinion
  12. Hello I realized that I mostly use x6 mag?, distance 45 mm and object display 33 mm, why I now understand it makes me tired because I tilt face to check a lower level of a movement. I hear x4-5 mag is most common and therefore acquired an aplanatic bergeon loupe no. 2.5 with x4 mag. But it works at a distance around 40 mm which is near x6.7 according to attached info from CousinsUK. Seems not right? Should I buy a standard version? I want a loupe for the general screwing and unscrewing major wrist watch movement components, where I can keep the neck stretched and the screw driver away from cheek. I imagine 70-90 mm and strong enough magnification to display a movement around 35 mm.
  13. Hi Melt: There is no ring included in the package, as far as I can see. Rogart: it's 6138-0020 Japanese model. The crystal is an aftermarket. I got it without crystal, so don't know how original looks.
  14. Hi Does anybody know how to fit crystal on this? When I insert the crystal without the ring, it sits loose but don't know if it sit tight if I press (by dies) the ring after. Or do you fit the ring first and then press (squeeze) the crystal after? Kind regards Khan
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