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  1. Hi I figured out that the regulator was stuck because, the two screws holding it, were too tight. It works now. But nevertheless, the cap jewel seemed to be a wrong size and I guess it broke due to the tightness of the mentioned 2 screws. Moreover, when I loosen the screw, attaching the balance and spring to the balance cock, if looses time as well, wherefore I get better timekeeping but obviously only on one side, as I need a new jewel. I wonder if Cousinsuk have such in stock.
  2. Hi again Thanks for putting time on your feedbacks. The watch runs exactly as what time grapher shows- gaining 2 minutes in a day. Do you think a service will help? Yes, it looks like a minor kink right next to the regulator pin as if somebody touched the area with a tweezer as the blue is de-colored.
  3. Hopefully, its just a confusion issue due to unclear images. The hairspring seems intact to my eyes, please find new images. The amplitude is low with high beat error. I guess the regulator pin can be re-positioned when unscrewing the 2 screws when re-oiling the balance jewel?
  4. This is a vintage Chronometer no-name pocket watch. Does anybody know how to regulate it? The regulator pin doesnt move at all when trying to push it. The timegrapher shows +150s per day and beaterror 6-7.
  5. Hi Melt Thanks for the tip. I have actually seen those two plan designs of the upper wheel on the so called "wheel lever complete" (the one I have and the one you referred to on image). From a side view, that date changer wheel system consists of two almost identical wheels and the wear is in between these wheels in a way that the date disc is slipping through and doesn't shift. So I have to order a new. These are not easy to find.
  6. Hi First of all, check if it's an original hand? Replacement hands can be a headache sometimes. I recommend you to tighten little by little. In case of over-tightening, it won't even install and then you may have to file it with oil to widen inside the tube and the tube can become thin and loose its strength.
  7. Hi As per video, the quick set doesn't shift the date wheel but turns the wheel for day wheel. Feels like there is not enough force in the wheel at 3 o clock that turns the date wheel. The two top plates levelling the date disc are not overtightened. The date changes when turning hands 24 hrs or by moving the disc manually by finger without resistance. Any ideas? Thanks 20201230_172239.mp4
  8. I removed the hairspring and put it back together to ensure a gap between hairspring the balance arms. This still doesn't work and I believe there is too much end shake. There is a remarkable vertical movement when lifting the balance wheel while installed.
  9. The hairspring is very close to the arms on the second picture. Is that the issue?
  10. The hairspring doesn't look to tilt in opposite side of stud.
  11. I have been reading this material: https://nobswatchmaker.com/blog/simplifying-the-art-of-endshake-in-watchmaking It doesn't tilt at all when lifting the wheel. But in my opinion, there seem to be too much "tolerance" in end-shake, it lifts more than usual. I guess I need a Horia tool for lowering the upper balance jewel? If so, any alternative to Horia to be used?
  12. Yes, I grapped the Edge with tweezers and there is a Visual vertical movement of the wheel by maybe 0.2 mm and feels abnormal. But no horizontal shifting by feeling.
  13. Yes, amplitude above 270. It keeps the time like 20 percent better when dial up. I also measures the timing while removing pallet bridge screw but still the same. How do I check end and side shake? I know that the balance wing is a bit shaky when checking the vertical movement by tweezer holding edge of balance wing. And when shaking the watch, there is a rattling sound coming from the balance and can stop occasionally by that.
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