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  1. Attached image is from strip down process. The return bar can't be flipped over because there is a pin on opposite side of the return bar at the very end (at index 4 of the dial), which activates the hacking lever beneath. Regarding the spring direction, You could be right as I dont have service manuals , but the spring does its job by moving the sliding pinion back and forth anyway.
  2. Hi Nucejoe I have done that as per my last picture. I am able to pull out the crown and set time as an example. With groove you mean in the centre slot of sliding pinion, right?
  3. Hi everybody I forgot to explain further that the winding pinion outer teeth doesn't turn the crown wheels teeth. Seems like there is space in between. Sliding pinion interacts with winding pinion smoothly. Notice that the watch worked prior to disassembly but needed overhaul. I haven't replaced the stem as it looks healthy to my eye. The funny part is when crown wheel ring is placed upside down, it interacts with the winding pinion, but then the crown wheel assembly doesn't make sense. I'm very excited to know what went wrong. Cheers
  4. Hello watch people When I try wind the watch with the crown, there is no resistance and interaction with crown and barrel wheel. The crown turns freely. I'm able to wind manually from the barrel screw. Secondly, I feel the centre wheel to be too close vertically to the barrel. Moreover, when I fully wind the watch, the escape wheel seems stuck after a while, as if the hacking lever is coming in the way (when crown in 0 position of course). This movement seems tricky to me. Hope someone are familiar with these. Merry christmas by the way.
  5. I figured it out. The point is to unscrew the crown and keep it in 0 position when pushing on the farthest/southern spot on the lever from the stem (close to the letter "p" in "push". Notice that the image above is when crown in position 2.
  6. Hi There is a push sign with two arrows but dont know what exactly it is pointing towards. Can anybody help?
  7. Hello Watchmaker It worked! I really appreciate your time in describing it step by step as easy as possible.
  8. With roller coaster, I technically mean reverse proportional way of inserting.
  9. Do You mean, that I should put inner and outer stem in level and push horizontally? Because It doesnt get in level if I try to tilt as in shape of a roller coaster movement.
  10. Hi Jdm I have now reformulated my first post. Let me know if it makes sense. Thank You.
  11. Hello I can imagine that I have to tilt the movement including inner stem into the case, after pushing the outer stem and crown into case. But I canĀ“t "hook" the inner stem to the outer stem, even if they seem to be in corect lengths. Kind regards
  12. Thank You, will try them. Could be fun soldering if possible.
  13. Thanks for reply, AndyHull The arm with the the hooked end, was broken - the part, that connects with the setting lever. I could feel that prior to dismantling, when crown pulling in/out quite weak without tension.
  14. Hi Is it basis of another movement? (Like Certinas based on ETA) I need a bridge for the setting mechanism and the movement seems very rare. Cousinsuk doesnt have that part either. Kind regards
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