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  1. Wow, interesting. I can imagine the procedure. Thank You very much for the help. Will try that and luck I need as well.
  2. Hi Nucejoe The hairspring seems too solid or thick to smoothen it out by sliding the tweezer along it. That first vertical twist is challenging to level down. I have tried positioning two tweezers at the first twist (when looking into my latest image), and then twist the right tweezer towards me..but it mostly change the the twist close to the stud. But I might need stronger light to diagnose the twists and locating tweezers properly according to the shades of the spring due to twists. By the way, I'm impressed of the passion and knowledge sharing provided in this forum, very much a
  3. Pardon me, what's CGS? Attached is the original hairspring. Struggling with it without stressing about it. I'm fixing the vertical twisting first and then the horizontal circuling. This practice makes your fingers really steady. Going back to regular servicing feels remarkably easier.
  4. It comes from a cal. 268 as I remember.
  5. Actually, I have seen the watch run normal before dismantling. I had to replace the hairspring because it got a serious bent when turning the regulator, as it was stuck in the regulator pins.
  6. Hi Rodabod Only hairspring is replaced. Everything else is untouched to the watch. Visually, it looks the same as the original hairspring. But I dont know if it makes any difference?
  7. Yes, slow in all directions. Okay, I can try remove few screws here and there and see what happens.
  8. A huge gratitude to all responses. First of all, it's now alive! It turned out that the furthest centre pin at the tip of the pallet fork was slightly bent, so this was replaced as well. My challenge now is that the beat is low, like 16500 bph, which makes it running slow. I hear a slight scratching noise, but dont know where it comes from. The hairspring seems flat enough and is not touching the balance wheel from side view.
  9. Hi I earlier had an issue with a bent hairspring, so I replaced the hair spring from an Omega 200-series, a cal. 268, since Bidfun says these are in the same generation. But when I install the balance, it only turn in one direction. The stone below balance, which moves by pallet fork, seems stuck on one side of the fork during placing, even if I have attempted dozens of times. The balance itself runs freely when laying upside down on the table or when installed without pallet fork. Any help appreciated.
  10. Problem solved. I disassembled part 240, the offset canon pinion, and tightened it a little before fitting to wheel 201 with grease. And ensured that the normal canon pinion is running freely.
  11. Hi guys. Can such crooked hairssprings be rescued? I feel the more I correct it, the more crooked it gets. I guess that I should fix the twisting first, so that its flat horizontal and then turn it into a circle? I have seen Mark's videos but this seems different.
  12. Hi When I install the minute hand, its sitting tight enough on the minute wheel (tested manually by turning with a tool). If I tighten the canon pinion more, I'm not able to turn hands by crown. Do I have to tighten the wheel 240, sitting above 210, marked red? If so, how? Right now, 240 is sitting loose. Kind regards Khan
  13. Hi Challenge solved. I made the "spring" stiffer and wider, the spring that reacts with the date jumper at 9 (the red dot on image). That gives more reaction and power when pushing crown in.
  14. Hi Can somebody spot why it's not shifting the date disc? First image showing when crown pushed in. The "hook"/eye just touch the triangle of the disc but doesn't have power enough to shift.
  15. Hi I have a date disc for certina 25-651, for a date window opening at 6. Does anyone know how to repair the worn triangles that allow to change the date? These are rare to find.
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