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  1. Please Help Me Fix My Tawatec Watch?

    Hello @Heman, Welcome to the forum. If you live in the U.S. Esslinger material house has a movement that may be the one you're looking for: If your movement is cooked, check the height to make sure the replacement is the same. Your watch has the date between 4 and 5 hour markers, but I think this would still be the correct movement. If ordering is a problem, I have an account with Esslinger and would be happy to help you. J
  2. omega id

    Its a 1010 or 1012 depending on number of Jewels. Look at that circular depression on the train bridge--it should have the calibre number. J
  3. Is this mainspring set

    Its done...broken. You'll need to get a new one. Here is some info from Casker's material House to help you out. Maybe you can find a donor movement of a generic spring of the same dimensions and end type.
  4. The Bettlach movements are mainly Roskopf-type, and those gears are the direct coupling to the sweep seconds. The gears are friction fit onto the barrel, and often there is the problem of its being too loose--the sweep hand will tick away but the hour minute hands won't turn over on their own, but WILL move manually. J
  5. Place the flat edge tweezers handle onto the side where the arbor is visible, while simultaneously holding the end with the gears in place with your thumb. Apply upward pressure and the entire upper portion with the gears should lift off the barrel, but be mindful that the arbor and spring should remain inside the barrel as you lift off. J

    Not familiar with this movement. J
  7. Watch of Today

    Hi Ricardo, Mine is an 11BLACD.
  8. Watch of Today

    Awesome. I had one just like that and sold it. Only have two left. J Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  9. I've done plenty of movements, but no quartz chrono...I am going to give it a shot with an ETA 251.262. J
  10. Watch of Today

    outstanding! J
  11. Newbie introduction

    Wow you've just started and scored a Rolex already! Looking forward to seeing your posts....welcome! J
  12. Stuck Screw Back

  13. Stuck Screw Back

    Yes indeed. I've used bolts, but a nut is easier to work with although I've only used Epoxy which definitely works. The caseback might get a little residue stain on it, but you can sand that off with superfine grit paper. J
  14. Stuck Screw Back

    I wanna see what a "Big Bertha" is as well.... J
  15. Stuck Screw Back

    What does the caseback look like? If its the standard 'water-resistant' threaded type, and you've tried a Jaxa wrench with no success, gluing a bolt onto the back does indeed work. I usually do it with JB weld epoxy which forms a very strong bond and it has always worked. Getting the bolt off requires heating it up with a pencil tip butane torch (!) Using superglue should work, but if it doesn't you can always take a glass eye dropper and place a few drops of acetone around the bolt to get it off. My concern would be if the superglue DOESN't work and the bolt just pops off of the caseback when you apply wrench torque. J