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  1. ...my arm inadvertently slams against a door jamb, so maybe that happened.... I agree with @Nucejoe about the unlikelihood of broken dial feet. Maybe the movement has come loose (does it have ring or is it case clamps?) and the entire thing is rotating within? J
  2. I looked up U1533 and what I found was Flume1533 and a Bestfit tube 30. I am only slighly familiar with Bestfit 300 Matsys catalogue but don't have an account (just applied for one!). According to the source I read, the Bestfit has a balance that is: A 435 B180 J110 G70 K 55 The B measurement is close to what I measured with my digital device, but J and G are way off. I'm still trying to figure out what Flume means...I found something from long ago called Rudolf Flume? J
  3. Yes indeed! Let me look around and see if U1533 can be found somewhere....Thanks! J
  4. Yes, he asked for all the things you mentioned, which I can do if its the only way to get it running. He said he can do it in 3 days. And what of the cost? Does it seem right? I haven't located anyone else that can turn a balance shaft near me. J
  5. I think you're right. Even taking into account that the old one has broken pivot and bent pivot, the new one seems too long and the dimensions aren't even close. I looked for one with closer dimensions using the Ronda Balance staff list, and could not find one that matched the dimensions of the old one. I have a quote from someone in California that will turn a new balance staff for me for $175. Is that a reasonable amount for a new staff?!? J
  6. Balance staffs.com sent me a replacement that is A=432 B=191 J=110 G=55 K=80 I am going to try to figure it out as best I can. I also ordered a used escape wheel from the bay as a backup, but I still need to figure of the balance shaft problem. Thanks for the feedback. J
  7. noirrac1j

    Making a Balance Staff

    It looks great. I wish I had a lathe to learn how to make my own balance shaft....so much trouble with my current project landeron/Hahn right now. J
  8. Hello, I am working on a Landeron/hahn chronograph caliber 2, I posted on this project before. I ordered a new escape wheel from cousinsUK LAN2705 at a cost of approx. 36.13 GBP ($47.22) with shipping. The escape wheel seems to have pivots which do not fit into the escape bridge. The top pivot seems doesn't seem to properly fit into the jewel setting in the bridge. I can barely see it when the bridge is on and there is too much friction for the mainspring to overcome. This is the part according to CousinsUK, but there must be something wrong...any thoughts? Also, I ordered a new balance shaft for the same movement from balancestaffs.com at 34.95 Euro. The first parcel came smashed and the balance shaft was nowhere to be found inside the envelope. Gertjan was kind enough to send me another free of charge, so kudos to balanceshafts.com for good business practices. This is how it compares to the original, which is on the left: After much word, I got it installed and put the roller and hairspring on--both fit fine, but it will won't rotate freely. It would seem the pivots are too long. Can I gently grind this down or.....reorder another? I am going nuts with all the gremlins. J
  9. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    That is a great story. I love when a watch has a notable provenance. Good look with the overhaul--easy does it and take your time! I've used Replateit many times and Peter has does a fantastic job with all of the cases I've sent him....both Gold plating and Nickel/Rhodium. J
  10. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    OK, Column wheel chrono.....really nice. Don't see these too often! J
  11. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    Wow, these are both amazing examples. Is that Omega non-pusher a Landeron-Hahn? J
  12. Thanks for your answer. I looked at the video, and it was a good resource. I made sure the hairspring was completely flat and inspected the movement closely and the balance wheel is definitely wobbly. The balance shaft I installed must be off center, and I think that is the cause of the balance wheel rubbing somewhere because the sound isn't quite a gallop, but more like a knocking/rubbing sound. I'm guessing I will need a pair of truing calipers or replace the balance shaft to correct.... I've not used a caliper yet but have my eyes on a couple on the bay. I need to find a video that shows how to do it. J
  13. Got the new balance staff last night and had a little time to replace it this afternoon/evening. The one I tried previously from cousins (Ronda and Balancestaffs.com both list 3926 as the replacement) must have been smaller, this one I ordered for the AS1130 is the correct against the old one. I followed the video @Markmade on replacing the balance staff and roller using domed and flat punches and all went well. When I replaced the hairspring the collet it went on using a flat punch and hand pressure--it held firm. The watch is running OK so far, but it seems to be "galloping" when dial side up. The end shake seemed OK and the balance wasn't poised and I did not do dynamic poising either. I don't have experience with truing calipers, but this is as good a time as any to get some experience with it. Any input on correcting? J
  14. noirrac1j

    Making a Balance Staff

    Beautiful work! J
  15. Thanks for the input, I've thought about placing some threadlock, but I've always thought using glue is a watch repair taboo! I'll give an update once I get the new balance shaft. J