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  1. This LeJour is very nice and certainly worthwhile to keep it running as it should. Try the suggestions already given for the tight winder, but I suspect you'll probably need a service overhaul because who knows how long its been since its been cleaned. As the mechanical complication on a watch increases, so too does the service cost--A chronograph is at the top. Overhaul in NYC is between $350-$450. J
  2. noirrac1j

    Decoration jewels in AS1130

    Unbelievable.....a rotor with 83 jewels. Thanks for the article. J
  3. noirrac1j

    Fomblin Grease equivalent

    I use Bergeon KT-22 which is quality grease I use for high friction areas (setting mechanism) and winding gears. It can also be used to vapor seal gaskets on waterproof screwbacks. You can buy small quantities of generic stuff inexpensively:
  4. noirrac1j

    Decoration jewels in AS1130

    I will! I love crazy watch stories. J
  5. noirrac1j

    Timex 1978 Rally Dial - Before and After

    Looks Good! J
  6. I was looking for an 1130 movement for parts and came across an unusual example of jeweling for advertisement. Aside from the usual cap jewel, there are an additional 3 jewels simply placed into the gear train plate--looks like one of them was taken out and maybe used as a replacement somewhere? It can also be seen where the original number of rubis was machined off and the number 21 stamped in. I've never come across decoration jewels embedded into the bridge plate! J J
  7. noirrac1j

    Dial cleaning

  8. noirrac1j

    Dial cleaning

    Will do. Thanks! J
  9. noirrac1j

    Dial cleaning

    Thank you.
  10. noirrac1j

    Dial cleaning

  11. noirrac1j

    Dial cleaning

    I need a tally on cleaning this dial. I've gotten (mostly) good results with warm ultrasonic solution. What do you guys think? J Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  12. noirrac1j

    How bad is this watch?

    Yes I think @clockboy is correct. J
  13. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    Blue and Orange--gotta love it! J
  14. noirrac1j

    How bad is this watch?

    Looks like a considerable amount of water damage, and stem/crown is fused with rust onto the case. If the dial side shows signs of rust, that means its a nightmare underneath and its not worth the trouble--unless there is some personal value for you. J