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  1. Hello, I would check Germanow-Simon catalog. There are two I saw that might work : CMS 975, CMS 980. Check on page 70. You may be able to get help by contacting GS, but I see you live in Norway, so it might be difficult/expensive to get the crystal. https://gssupplies.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/G-S-Crystal-Catalog.pdf
  2. noirrac1j

    Ice Watch

    Hello @Kierri. Welcome to the forum. I'd be glad to try to help, but without a picture it is not possible. I found a video online that shows an ICE watch and it looks like the movement might be a Miyota maybe a quartz 2115? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3VfmINJZ1E Usually with watches of this type, its not worth fixing the original movement, as a new one can be inexpensively purchased. These Miyota quartz movements are widely used is such watches and are available through watch part suppliers, but before we cross that bridge we need to see a picture of the movement inside. You might not want to go through the learning curve needed to swap out the movement, but if you want to try, this is the place to be! J
  3. noirrac1j

    555.415 interchangeable?

    Hey There @Emancipator. No you're not slow...it takes a little time to figure such things out. Check out @rogart63 explanation of the movement codes. J
  4. noirrac1j

    555.415 interchangeable?

    Good work Rogart! I fear this may become a lop-sided effort...... @Emancipator are we being of help here? J
  5. noirrac1j

    You can't be Serious!

    ...yes I did. J
  6. noirrac1j

    You can't be Serious!

    I once had a someone send me a watch inside a paper DVD sleeve. Nothing else....just a DVD sleeve inside a paper envelope. Needless to say, the watch arrived broken. J
  7. noirrac1j

    555.415 interchangeable?

    decisions, decisions....
  8. noirrac1j

    You can't be Serious!

    I love when that happens....
  9. noirrac1j

    555.415 interchangeable?

    Where do you live? STsupplies has the movement at very modest cost. http://www.stsupply.com/checkout/cart/ J
  10. noirrac1j

    What happened to Bobm12?

    I hate to think that something must have happened to him. Thank for replying. J
  11. There was a member here that was a great and consistent contributor to many topics. Has anyone heard from @bobm12? J
  12. noirrac1j

    Rondamatic day date works

    @oldhippy found a nice pic. Follow that for reference and try installing the parts you have numbered. Out the date wheel, then the parts in 5, then 4. Use clear wrap an be careful you don't lose that spring, then install 3,2, and 1. J
  13. noirrac1j

    Rondamatic day date works

    I have done work on a similar movement. It has no auto-rotor but the same basics. Ronda 1217-21 17 jewels. These are pre cleaning pics... Hope this helps.
  14. noirrac1j

    No Date or Time Setting

    Sounds like the set lever has fallen out of the clutch groove. Aside from replacing the hands (why?) did you take apart the movement or specifically the keyless works? I'm not familiar with SW200 but it is similar to the ETA 2824, which I've worked on. When you removed the stem, how exactly did you do that? J
  15. Beautiful job, I've done it myself several times. You get -1 demerit for leaving out one important detail.....You neglected to post a picture of the movement! J