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  1. On the dial side it looks like the subdials are functional, but not as true chrono. J
  2. I second @jdm. The movement should be replaced. It looks like a Chinese DG3836. Measure the overall height to confirm. This one I found on Esslinger... J
  3. Nice sunburst dial, and I've always preferred sub seconds in a dress watch. The movement reminds me of the AS 1130 J
  4. Are those decorative CORK inserts?!? Joe
  5. Thanks Joe. I confess to being a true beginner to all things horological, so if I ask too many questions, please feel free to tell me to bugger off stop. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've always loved the sicura jump hours since I was a kid and now I have 2. one works (gold one) and one doesn't (chrome). My mission is to get the chrome one to work.


    1. noirrac1j



      Ask as many questions as needed. I hope I can be of help getting that chrome Sicura to work.


    2. ac30kev


      I think I may have a problem with the pallet fork arm; I think maybe that a pin has sheared on it. This could explain why I cannot get the bridge to hold it in place between the jewels. I have ordered another and will be able to confirm when it comes. (it was only around $10, so if I don't need it, it's not too much wasted cash). Another issue is that the hairspring has become completely separated from the cover plate, but still attached to the wheel. I have no idea how this should be fastened in lace - if you could point me in a direction with this, I would be very grateful.

    3. noirrac1j


      Can you take a picture of that balance? I'm not sure what you mean when you say the hairspring has come off the cover plate.

  6. Ah, yes- OK. The bridge is NOT in place in this pic, and you can see that the pallet fork is angled in towards the escape wheel. This is the preliminary position of the pallet fork just before the bridge is placed over the pivot and adjusted with tweezers. J
  7. Do you mean the pallet fork? It is held in place at the jeweled end of this bridge....
  8. Wow thanks! I still have one of my original Sicura jump hour, and have many extra parts, so feel free to ask. J
  9. I think it's great to see a listing that really has the seller's personality showing through...and he took great pictures of the movements and everything! A+ J
  10. Most watchmakers will not work on a pin lever because although they are simple in construction, they can be challenging to assemble because of the inexpensive method of construction. Before I learned how to do complete overhauls myself, I asked (via email) a well known watchmaker on the east coast if he would overhaul my 17 jewel Sicura jump hour. "That's not the kind of watch I'd want to work on..." was the reply. Watch-bias and snobbery can be pervasive in some circles. J
  11. I ordered two Cousins mainsprings for a Landeron and both broke after a few hours. When I tried getting a refund, they refused because the mainsprings were from some other supplier and they could not return them....and so I would have to take the loss, not them. That was the last order I made to Cousins. Ok for next time, place one side of a thin brass tweezers between the barrel edge and the lid to keep that spring down, then open it. I have more barrels and lids if you need one...and I might have springs too. Have to check. J
  12. Agree with @Nucejoe. There is a problem with the cannon pinion, but first try removing and cleaning--don't lube the center wheel pinion, and test the hour/minute setting mechanism. If there is still a problem, then you'll need to tighten the cannon pinion. J
  13. GOod move to remove it from the autowinder. I think you mean the Speedmaster Mark 40? Mechanical chrono service by Omega is $750 and add $200 bucks if its a precious metal case. I can provide a excellent watchmaker in California (considerably more affordable) that I know, but you'll have to send me a message if you want the contact info. J
  14. They're small alright. I have extras if you lose one! J
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