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  1. noirrac1j


    A replate after a complete overhaul of Sicura Jump Hour...very good outcome.
  2. noirrac1j

    Where to get parts

    Hello, Glad to help out. Part number aren't standardized across manufacturers, but they are standardized within specific makes depending on caliber. A part numbered 422 for Omega may be a completely different part for AS or Bulova with the same part number. J. Borel is one of several material houses in the U.S. Cousins is OK, but the shipping is expensive to the U.S. J
  3. noirrac1j

    Where to get parts

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You can get he crown wheel ring from J Borel, but you have to create an account. The price is reasonable: J
  4. noirrac1j

    Hour Wheel AS 1687

    You're welcomed. J
  5. The manufacturer (EB) machined out the plate to correct or erase info. I've seen that kind of thing before. They did it save money during the emerging quartz crisis of that time. J
  6. noirrac1j

    Hour Wheel AS 1687

    Good news: There are many choices for that hour wheel height, but remember "bestfit" doesn't always mean a direct swap. I would start with the AS movements as they are plentiful, then try the Benrus, Cupillard, and Elgin hour wheels. J
  7. noirrac1j

    Hour Wheel AS 1687

    There are a few different hour wheel heights. If you can identify the one you need, I can do a cross reference check. J
  8. OK nice. It looks like a Bettlach. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&EB_8021_68 J
  9. You DIDN'T take pictures?!? Always have a camera ready....always! I've worked on plenty of pin pallets with jewels--the most I've seen is the 25 jeweled day/date with auto winding Baumgartner 158. The fact that you mentioned putting down the power of the mainspring via the dial side is intriguing....did the movement look like this?
  10. noirrac1j

    Omega 1045 / Lemania 5100 Part

    Hello @RyMoeller, I looked up the part using Bestfit MATSYS and, if you come across any of them, these are the only cross references I found that use that spring: Rodania (Lemania 5012) and Tissot 2910. I just checked Borel, but A/8767 is out of stock. J
  11. It looks like a snap on back to me...the back doesn't look functional in terms of being a screw type. Try getting a single edge razor or something suitably thin between the caseback and case and run it along the circumference gently prying the two apart if possible... then try the case knife again. J
  12. noirrac1j

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    I like this...another source for NOS "impossible" replacements! J
  13. noirrac1j

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    No, they are different diameters. I'm sorry for the differing numbers, but these are now from the French language Valjoux movement specs. The top small hand (compl de minute) is listed as .27/.30 The bottom small seconds (d'aiguille de seconds) is listed as .21/.24 The minute is listed as 1.30, hour as 2.00/2.05 and sweep center is .27/.30 I don't know why they have two measurements for the sub dials, but there may be variations depending on the year. J
  14. noirrac1j

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    Otto Frei-They're terrible at customer service. Calling is an exercise in patience and perseverance.
  15. noirrac1j

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    Hello, O. Frei has Venus 170 hands, but the diameter for the hour hand is smaller than that listed by Ranfft. You can try them, but I am guessing you'll have to modify the hour hand to fit. You can also try having hands custom made because it's unlikely you'll find a complete set with all "matching" hands. I did a quick search and it looks like you can assemble them separately except for the 0.28 second counter which I cannot find. Venus 170 info.pdf J