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  1. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    I like it...pure watch.
  2. noirrac1j

    Watch of today

    Its been posted before, but its as good as anything else for saying good Monday morning. Omega constellation stainless steel wirh ESA 9162. All original including bracelet and going strong. I have the box and papers for this one. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  3. noirrac1j

    Hour wheel turns freely under the dial

    Its happened to me the few times that I forget to put the dial washer. You've got to remove the hands and dial and put that washer in. J
  4. noirrac1j


  5. noirrac1j

    Main Spring Question

    No I didn't . I'll reply to you via PM. J
  6. noirrac1j

    Main Spring Question

    My pleasure. J
  7. noirrac1j

    Main Spring Question

    You're welcomed. If you need a little braking grease to finish this project, I can send you a few cc's in a zip baggie and mail it to you. PM me with your address. J
  8. noirrac1j

    Main Spring Question

    No you can't use Moebius 8300 for the barrel wall. The recommended braking grease to use for ETA 775 is Kluber 125P, which is expensive. I have used Moebius 8213 for Omega, and if the barrel is aluminum, then use 8212-SC for moderate braking. The mainspring on the 7750 is quite stiff and thus needs a strong braking grease. http://www.moebius-lubricants.ch/en/products/greases
  9. noirrac1j

    Main Spring Question

    You need braking grease on inner walls of barrel. J
  10. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    Good job setting up the vignette, and that watch? well, there's only one word.....woah! J
  11. It's very difficult to provide help without pictures. From the information you've provided, I can tell you that Omega pocket watch with movement number 5,694,216 would have been made between 1916 and 1923. The 15 jewels and 2 adjustments would align with these dates as well. I do not know what "Fortune" or the other number mean. Here is a picture of a watch made in the same time period...does your movement look like this?
  12. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    Yes I am very familiar with the EB 8800. Its one of those pin-pallets that have have endured despite being intended to last only a few years. Nothing can drive a watch enthusiast crazier than to know that a mechanical watch costing under $10.00 can *match* the timekeeping ability of a $1,000 watch. J
  13. noirrac1j

    Watch of Today

    Talk about a metal band! No links or anything....just a straight up strip of metal! Certified Funky! J
  14. noirrac1j

    Broken watch hand

    The style of the hand you've posted is leaf. If you know the caliber of the movement, the hand sizes can be looked up...otherwise you'll have to measure the hand opening with calipers. J
  15. noirrac1j

    Question on watch band/strap sizing.

    You're welcomed. J