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  1. I'm not familiar with Tissot 783, but it must be below. I found this picture:
  2. Did you every open that Stellaris?  I have one and pondering the same issue.  Any help appreciated

    1. LittleWatchShop


      It is a front-loader.  I figured it out.

  3. Hello, Check for fouling of the coils: they may be rubbing somewhere, reducing the effective length, or there is oil making them stick. J
  4. Hello Boydie, Mark hasn't done a video on the 866, but it was one of the ETA videos that i referred to in that post. J
  5. Yup you're correct @jdm. Here I show an example of the escape wheel part number for an Omega 751 and ETA 2800 through 2828R:
  6. Hi Yasser, I've been looking through my image files, but there are so many. I still have not come across a BFG 866 with day/date, but I've definitely done a few. Where are you in the assembly? If all the parts are OK,I am sure we can figure out how put it back together. I also have many BFG 866 new old stock parts. send pic of where you stopped and what parts you have left. I didn't see any PM in my inbox. Not sure where you are but there may be a time difference live in Brooklyn, NY. J
  7. Hello, Nor sure exactly what you're having trouble with, but these might help. I have posted a few of these on here. J
  8. I have incomplete balances with two different types of shock springs: KIF and Trior For the main plate spring, I'll send you the whole thing. J
  9. Hello! Sorry for the delay. Please see the attached photos. The white arrows point to the place where the springs contact to keep the date wheel and quick change mechanisms ( the two levers near the 9' hour marker) in place. I have jewels and springs, so just let me know which ones specifically you need. Regards, J
  10. Yes I have lots of assembly pictures, remind me which BFG 158 31/7 you have? Is it a sicura jump hour or a Cordura day /date? Joe
  11. Hello, Sorry I've been caught up with current events, but yes I have lots of spares. Which springs? J
  12. Hi J

    I was incontact with you awhile back regarding a RONDA RL 1223.

    I have just got round to fitting ALARM stem and it broke!

    From the parts manual it is PN: 7401 Alarm winding stem.

    Do you know where i can get 1 or 2, as not had a lot of luck with this movement?


    This is not the winding stem at the top. (I guess you know that)!

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