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  1. I watched the video and is there a spring providing tension to the seconds pinion? If so, check that it is tight enough to provide pressure. J
  2. Hey @SteveT how are you? I don't believe we've met, so welcome to the forum! I'll be cutting and fitting a blank crystal on one of the black PLA cases @bjd1020 printed out and will post the results. I was sent numerous iterations of the watchcase (in different colors) and it's incredible how well they turned out in terms of dimensions. Next step is getting a drill bit to make holes in the case to accommodate the dual stem and crowns, and the last step will be figuring out the best way to make and secure the caseback--which will likely be held in place with 4-6 screws. J
  3. It's an Omega with a chronometer grade 7750. There's no damage to the dial, so you're very lucky you caught the moisture and opened it in time. I strongly suggest you take it apart and service again to avoid possible rust, heartache, pain, and $$$ later on. J
  4. That's an unbeatable price for a 7750 even with having to buy a balance and rotor. A brand new 7750 day/date is nearly $500 from J Borel. J
  5. The Neighbors: "That's it...I'm calling the cops!" J
  6. Congrats on the new home and baby. By the way, I have parts for 11ANACB. J
  7. Yes. The curve is subtle and will need to be glued so I might not need much to get it to stay in place, but the somehow is emphasized! J
  8. Wow! Don't see many of these around...nice! J
  9. Yes you're right about that. I looked up some information and found that these are front loaders and that the movement is a Seiko 3302 A. The crystal is supposed to be difficult to remove, and with that low profile, I can understand why. I am going to try later today to remove it. Here is a pic I got from electric-watches.co.uk: J
  10. Nice Omega watch, and beautiful baby! J
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