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  1. There are millions of these movements about. The funny thing is they are not or very rarely have interchangeable parts.
  2. I'm sure a member on here has used a 3d printer for movement holders and tools. I know nothing about the printers. I'm just saying.
  3. The correct way would be to let the power down with the correct size watch key, by moving the click away from the ratchet, that is located under the little plate, held by the tiny screws. Always remember with a cylinder escapement there are no pallets, so power must be released first before any attempt is made removing the balance. So you have the barrel and the bridge all together. Remove the barrel cape and remove the spring. The barrel arbor should unscrew and become two pieces, and then it will come away from the bridge. Many are not easy to take completely apart, if you find this my advice would be to clean it as it is, you do not want to damage the arbor. You have the thin plate off which exposes the ratchet, that is the part that is going to be the most dirty part and underneath. I cannot remember which way the arbor unscrews. Its over 25 years ago for me. Not all arbors have the two holes as in the diagram above. so be careful.
  4. Sometimes I assume to much. I will give myself a slap in the face.
  5. I'm off to bed now. I'll give you the answer tomorrow.
  6. Have you tried the suppliers? What you have is a five bar cylinder Swiss movement. If you can’t get a jewel, you could fit a brass bush.
  7. It is common to have a carriage clock with a cylinder escapement. Like the one in this photo. The platform on the ebay clock are not that common. Yes the hour hand has had a repair.
  8. Loosen off the first one. You will then be able to see the gap and fix it. Tighten them evenly.
  9. Here is a nice and unusual French Carriage Clock Strike on bell. It has a cylinder platform escapement. See how the escape wheel positioned under the platform. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Antique-French-Moulinie-Brass-Glass-8-Day-Bell-Striking-Carriage-Clock/254295824065?hash=item3b353656c1:g:uZcAAOSwbl9dKiac
  10. If you can remove the back so we can see the movement for I D that will help members to help you.
  11. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. If you could post a good clear photo of the case members here will only be to happy to help you.
  12. From what I can remember, it fits in so the little tail points up to engage the click.
  13. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  14. Some times on this type of bracelet providing all the old pin has been removed, you can fix it using a spring bar, the sort you use to fix the bracelet to the watch case. I'm not saying it works every time but its worth a try. You can buy very thin bars, it need to be thin to go through the middle part of the bracelet.
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