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  1. Introduction and first questions

    Hello and welcome. Lots of good info here for you. To obtain the correct crystal for a Seiko you need the numbers on the back of the watch case when you order from your supplier.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to this friendly forum. You must post some photos of your creations. I’m sure we would all love to see them. You say your interested in all aspects of horology, are you interested clocks?
  3. Case Opening, How To?

    I’m not saying this is right. You could try removing the bracelet by taking out the lugs and see if there is something to press in then push the movement out of the case. I have come across this method in some old mechanical watch movements.
  4. Newbie from South Yorkshire

    Welcome to this friendly forum. Lots of good info here for you.
  5. watchmakers in Yorkshire

    If you go to the B H I sight you can fill in details of what you have where you live etc and they will let you know of the nearest place who is able to undertake your repair.
  6. Oil pallet fork jewels

    You do not oil the pallet pivots.
  7. Hello

    Welcome to this very friendly forum. I’m a great believer of the hands on approach. Its good to read books and read about the basics but there is nothing better than the hands on approach.
  8. Which Bestfit book to buy?

    This is what you want. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bestfit-111-and-111A-Encyclopedia-Of-Watch-Material-Part-1-and-Part-2-/132293446015?hash=item1ecd4dc97f:g:jjcAAOSwuxpZbL-9

    The type you are after are called spade. Here is a photo of what I think you are looking for. I’ve been retired from the horological business for many years, apart from picking up stock from ebay I don’t think I can help, apart from back in my days I would go to auctions and dig around or look out for watchmakers who were retiring.
  10. Lost Photos

    If you could give us some photos of what you have taken apart. We can tell you step by step on how you put it together. It is straightforward.
  11. "Bench Mats"

    This is what I had. About 12inch of green blotting paper covered with glass, with beading around it so it did not move. A good light, I had something like this so it did not give a reflection.
  12. Hello

    Welcome PJ you have found the right place. Loads of info on here. We like photos as well it can help if you have a problem of the item.
  13. Materials, where to get it?

    Search in google for small suppliers Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and aluminium. There are loads.
  14. Practical watch repairing Donald de carle. All of his books are wonderful.
  15. Sessions wall clock barely runs

    I would grease the worm wheel. If it still doesn't work, I would say its all down to the motor. Try a drop of oil here see the red arrow.