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  1. I never knew

    The modern types tend to have adjustable feet that you screw in order to set it level into the centre of the cup, you can just see the feet in the photo. The old type do not, there for a small level can held as a sort guide. Here is a photo clearly showing the cup, see the pendulum that needs to be in the centre. A tip here is if the suspension spring is bent, you will never be able to get the pendulum to rotate in the centre it will be off centre in its rotation at some point.
  2. I never knew

    400 Day clocks or anniversary clocks as they are now known are not simple to repair. They are very delicate and can be at times be extremely temperamental. If you do not have the Horolovar 400 day clock repair guide (bible) you will find it pretty near imposable to repair one in quick time. Thank God for the book, it explains everything you need to know. From identifying the movement to what suspension spring to use, the length it needs to be, the position of the two blocks at each end, the place that the pallet fork should be and its position. The book saves you a great deal of time.
  3. "Mistral" Ultrasonic clock cleaner review

    So this sort of attire should be worn.
  4. Hello fellow watch enthusiasts!

    Welcome to this friendly forum.
  5. Taking it apart

    I can't tell by the drum, but I'm prity sure its German.
  6. Tweezers?

    Dumont 5 is what I used for fine work. Nice to see rodabod thinks so as well.
  7. I never knew

    In the late 1800's is when they started to become populer but they were poor timekeepers.
  8. I never knew

    Anniversary clocks as they are called today is the suspension spring and setting the clock in beat. A tool that you can buy makes it a lot easier see photo. The very old ones had a disk pendulum and a glass dome and were quite tall. To days you will find have plastic domes and come in all shapes and sizes
  9. Taking it apart

    Ok got it, that part is easy to fit. If you take all the hammer mechanism apart mark the hammers as they need to go back in correct order, sometimes they do have a mark on them so check.
  10. Taking it apart

    Is this the part that you call the drum, if so don’t worry its not that bad.
  11. Taking it apart

    The best way and one of the safest ways is with this type of tool. It has a round handle so it is easy to grip and loosen in your hand. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/clock-let-down-tool-with-6-key-shafts-cousins I will be back latter in the day about the other.
  12. Taking it apart

    What you have is 8 day chime with under slung hammers. I expect it plays Westminster. Whittington and St Michaels. You say drum, if you are referring to the drum with pins on that lift the hammers don’t worry that is easy to sort out. What you need to do is take many photos, pay particular notice of the chime side with the wheels with pins in them, the same goes for the strike side. I can help you in every way in repairing this movement from taking it apart to putting it together. You must let the three springs down first. Do you know how to go about this? You will need a clock mainspring winder to do this properly. Do you have one?
  13. Hamilton Electric 14K Nautilus 200

    Before we can help you can you tell us what type of watch is it and can you post clear photos.
  14. Economical watch tools (again)

    From what I have found out about Chinese watch tools on the internet there a waste of money. If you want to have the best, you have to pay. What is the point of cheap and having the worry that the tool will be useless for the job it is intended for, it could cause unrepairable damage. I have had 30 odd years experience working with good reliable tools.
  15. I would not touch Chinese watch tools with a barge pole