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  1. If it comes with a guarantee, then it should be taken back. If at the time there was no guarantee given then it is all down to the person that the watch belongs too. I always gave a full 1-year’s guarantee if the watch had a complete overhaul.
  2. Clock Oiling

    Not good advice engine oil on clocks. I would not want to use such stuff on high-grade clocks. A good oil will help to maintain the movement and all its moveable parts.
  3. What Micro Lathe To Buy

    A unimat sl or unimat 3 I would think is best for you. Both have accessories for milling, also have screw cutting accessories. Both fit into your price range, check out ebay, some good second hand ones there. Check out this forum about lathes and the pit falls of buying them. You can cut screw threads using taps and dies instead of lashing out for screw cutting accessories.
  4. 2836-2 Stem Release Button

    Is it a replacement hand or glass?
  5. Omega cal 564 quickset problem

    Have you lubricated the parts that engage? Photos might help.
  6. Mainspring Tool Identification

    It might help if we could see all the writing and a photo of the whole item.
  7. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    Are you doing anything different this time?
  8. 2836-2 Stem Release Button

    Sit back and have a Carlsberg Special Brew. My favourite lager.
  9. Clock Oiling

    Tranny oil? Are you sure vinn3 you are on the right forum.
  10. Pauljohno Intro

    Welcome to the forum. I have two Ellott 8day timepieces. Antique clocks is more my thing then watches.
  11. 2836-2 Stem Release Button

    Pushing a little hard it sounds as if a part that operates the winding has got out of place. You will need to remove the movement from the case, remove hands and dial.
  12. Hello From London

    Hello Mark, welcome to this friendly forum. Lots of very good info on here for you to wade through.
  13. Watchmakers Lathe Or Mini Lathe

    Look up Dean DK on YouTube he uses a Cowells lathe but I'm not sure which one.
  14. Refurbishing a Romanian clock

    First of all about the clock starting, the impulse pin should be in the centre of the pallets when it isn’t moving, this will make sure it has an even tick. To get a good action the balance tips should look like a sharpened pencil, the oil cups should be clean with no indentation; wear in these will cause poor action. If you have a lathe, you can sharpen the staff. I have only come across m/springs being worn or losing their strength when being used, never heard or come across one when it is idle. I suppose if it is made of poor metal that could cause the problem. The handling of the spring hasn’t caused this.
  15. My First Balance Staff - Need some advive

    You have achieved what is probably the hardest thing to make in in horology. You could have used lock tight; there are many types such as a thread lock tight, many people who make parts on lathes use it. When using a punch you have to be very careful not to split the roller.