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  1. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  2. Sorry I missed this. Those clocks wouldn't be good to start to learn on very poor modern movements. I can tell because of the way the arrows are pointing, you wind these up the other way to who you would normally wind a clock. You are right about the plastic boxes. As for the watches I don't think you have missed anything. You have done well in saving your money.
  3. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  4. I always used an old penny to blue screws I found I got good results then quenched them in oil, by doing that they give of a nice shine, then I put them through an old watch cleaning machine. The art of bluing is to make sure all parts blued are the same colour blue. It's harder than you think. It took me a few goes before I got it right.
  5. I don't know having never used them. This chap is having problems with his Webster, look how the spring twists.
  6. I thought you had the Ollie Baker mainspring winder.
  7. If you look at any of the clock material suppliers, check out fusee springs and look at the measurements that will give you the info. It should be possible to have a spring made for something that is out of the range, mind you it will be expensive. Have you ever seen one of those springs for the old wind up gramaphones? they are massive.
  8. I had something like this it would handle all that came into my workshop and I had many fusee clocks with very large mainsprings. You will need a good bench vice to hold it in. I think clockboy has the Ollie Baker one, ask him I'm sure he will help you and tell you all you need to know.
  9. A spot face drill bit. Believe it or not I got mine from a dentist.
  10. oldhippy


    You will have to use your mainspring winder. If you try and do it your way the chances are it might not hook on. Just wipe it with a cloth first.
  11. Apart from the size of the case to me it isn't that wonderful. That type of movement is quite common, big brute looks lost in that case. Way over the top price. I'm not interested in bidding for it so wis1971 it's yours.
  12. Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
  13. oldhippy


    Then the dial would be resilvered and a dial restorer would professionally have the numbers painted normally by an artist.
  14. No I couldn't stand looking at his disgusting filthy hands anymore.
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