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  1. Eterna 905 parts

    If the part is interchangeable then it should be all right.
  2. Newbie needing help

    I don’t want to burst your bubble and you asked for my view. Unless you have a lot of experience, it will be extremely hard to pull this off. It looks good on paper but to get it just right I don’t think it will work. Silver solder is quite soft and you will not have the space for the solder to have a solid grip. Why don’t you put it to the side and keep checking for a spare stem.
  3. Porcelain Clock

    That’s what around 30 years’ experience does for you.
  4. Porcelain Clock

    Providing there are no cracks or chips in the case. Thats not a bad price, but if you plan to re sell it don't expect to make much. People do not tend to go for that sort of case.
  5. Porcelain Clock

    That is a French timepiece and they are normally 8 day duration. The hands are a style called fleur de lis. The dial looks to be porcelain. On the back of the clock movement there is a number. If the pendulum is the original, it will also have the same number on it. The movement is in need of restoring. It is made of brass and should be polished.
  6. Porcelain Clock

    Could you possible get a closer photo of the dial and one of the back please. At the moment I can only tell you it is just a time piece.
  7. Bent hairspring

    This will depend on your skill. Working on h/springs takes a lot of practice. It is very difficult advising when its just a photo and you can’t see the thing at different angles. If it were me. I would start around the red arrow. You first need to get it on the correct side of the B/staff, and then proceed to shape it into the curl of the rest of the H/S. Don’t forget I cannot judge if it is bent high or low once it is the correct side of the staff.
  8. Clock Quiz Made it a bit Easier

    That's nice to know. I'll make up another soon.
  9. Bent hairspring

    Andraska, You are in the right place.
  10. Clock Quiz Made it a bit Easier

    wise1971 you are correct. clockboy you need to know your clock movements, go to the back of the class. A fusee cuckoo clock Germany B Seth Thomas American C Vienna Regulator Austrian D Turret clock UK E Morbier Comtoise French Looks like i made it to easy.
  11. Any one used bergeon 8935 ??

    Not invented in my time. Price £978.00 just to put hands on a watch. Bergeon never change they are always coming up with some new invention to rob you of your hard earned cash. I used a pair of tweezers. Here is a short video about the tool. https://www.hswalsh.com/product/bergeon-8935-watch-hand-fitting-tool-hh8935
  12. Eta2892 Automatic question

    If he wears the watch by day and is active and he takes it off at night, that watch should be still going the next day and keeping time when he puts it back on. Ask him how long he keeps it on his wrist. After a few winds that watch should not stop.
  13. Hello from New Mexico!

    Welcome to this friendly forum.
  14. Here are 5 clock movements. I want the type of movement and the country that they are from. Be careful and study the movements because this is hard. One or two are not so obvious as you might think. With no answers it looks as if it is to hard. So to help you here is the list of countries. France, America, UK, Austria and Germany.
  15. Seiko 2220A Mainspring Servicing

    Back in the 70’ and 80’s these units were plentiful and you just ordered a new one. Seiko used to require that the unit should be replaced (I think) every 5 or 7 years. So you should not really take them apart. Times have changed and parts have become obsolete. Follow Marks video which oli has kindly found for you and providing you are careful you should be alright.