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  1. oldhippy

    Lovely find

    After cleaning and polishing brass. If you French chalk the brass parts with a soft clean brush it prevents tarnish of brass and can add that extra shine. Some clockmakers still use this old process today. It is also another way in which you do not need to bother to lacquer parts. French chalk is magnesium silicate.
  2. oldhippy

    Lovely find

    French chalk works wonders. It has come up well. Did you find any wear? Is it just a pasing strike on the hour or is it half hour as well.
  3. oldhippy

    Vostok questions

    That is the first thing I noticed.
  4. oldhippy

    how to remove Howard Miller world time mechanism

    I have very little knowledge of these types of clocks. I have found you this link. Fill in your info and email them. http://cql.howardmiller.com/CustomerSupport/FAQs/RepairQuestions.aspx
  5. oldhippy

    Making spade drills

    Not sure what you mean?
  6. oldhippy

    Making spade drills

    I always bought mine.
  7. oldhippy

    My First Staking Set Advice

    It looks as if there’s a lot of muck in the centre. Clean that all out and see how it fits. I always used a centre-finding stake first before using it for a repair.
  8. oldhippy

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome to this friendly forum.
  9. oldhippy

    Strange Oscillation in Balance

    Check these parts thoroughly balance complete this includes impulse pin, lose fitting of hairspring collet, pallets including pallet stones and the fork, escape wheel pivots and teeth and jewel holes. Make sure the hairspring is level and not rubbing on anything.
  10. oldhippy

    Watch Cleaning Machine Jars w/ no lids

    Some fluid will evaporate, so the cover you need must be airtight. Lids for the jars can and do come available on ebay.
  11. A nice clear photo would help.
  12. oldhippy

    Hello from upstate NY

    Welcome to this friendly forum.
  13. oldhippy

    Hello from Thailand

    Welcome to this friendly forum. Many keen members here willing to help.
  14. oldhippy

    New member

    Welcome to this friendly forum.
  15. Considering one side of the jaws has the jewel missing its fit for bugger all.