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  1. Worldtimer today Needs a case rebuild. Went out for ice-cream and when I got back there was the telltale circle of fog in the middle of the crystal. https://i.imgur.com/s1wAjoV.jpg
  2. I've found that the C07.121 calibre is based on the ETA 2836-2 (DAY/DATE) movement so you could download the technical manual for that one and follow it. https://shopb2b.eta.ch/2836-2.html#technical-documents
  3. No idea on technical manual but I've always cleaned the plastic parts in my seikos and so do most of the hobbyists and watchmakers I know. Just not in hot water in the ultrasonic or watch cleaning machine.
  4. Aeromaster today. Bought and restored ages ago. Bought for less than the cost of a large pizza New outer bezel from a dead donor NOS crystal Cheap movement but I like the styling. https://i.imgur.com/Jxb2f27.jpg
  5. Yeah, I've watched his videos before. The difference is the plots on his dial are recessed so are very easy to re-lume. Mine are dead flat and as you can see if you zoom in, the lume doesnt cover them entirely. There's a thin gold surround showing on all of them. Of course the round one is no problem but it's the triangular one that will be a challenge. The hands, I will just re-use the ones on the gold dial but I will re-lume the others at some point. Those are no problem to lume either.
  6. Yeah agreed. The big question is how to make the lume stay in a small triangle and not go close to the edges. A tad harder than on the round markers me thinks.
  7. Same here, blue dials are my "shiny things" Needs a spruce up [emoji4]
  8. A restored "Ramon Special" Love the dial but at times it's difficult to see the hands. I have an identical dark blue one waiting for me to re-lume. Eventually I'll fit that one. https://i.imgur.com/YaSDvgI.jpg
  9. Quick change for evening snack and to cheer myself up that a watch I was winning on didn't reach reserve.
  10. Wingman today https://i.imgur.com/yWx1V3f.jpg
  11. Love the art deco numbers [emoji106]
  12. Love the art deco numbers [emoji106]
  13. Seiko 7a28-7040 Here's direct link as this forum seems to mess around with resolution even though photo is held off-site. https://i.imgur.com/uu5yYnD.jpg
  14. I was under the impression he'd emigrated.
  15. Swapped to this since it just arrived. Stripped and cleaned of all the accompanying DNA [emoji40] Still can't figure out why the orange hand and the mode hand revert to this position after reinserting the stem after recasing.
  16. Morning all Away from the quartz watches today. Not as warm as I hoped but still nice to have breakfast outside waiting for my fox friend to wake up.
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