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  1. I meant at the shoulders.I could see it wasn't a hairpuller bracelet [emoji4] This is what it should have I think
  2. Nice lotDon't think the bracelet is a Seiko original. They never used a "one size fits all" bracelet as far as I know. Should have the coffin link bracelet.
  3. Sector Altimeter https://i.imgur.com/bY7BIIt.jpg
  4. Normal watch winders are next to useless for kinetics. I use a Philips Imageo base to charge my three.
  5. Make sure you alternate wrists otherwise you'll end up like Tessa Sanderson [emoji23]
  6. Seiko 7a28 today https://i.imgur.com/TOoaNwe.jpg
  7. Like the dial [emoji106] Just bought a spare complete movement from Switzerland for my failed jump hour repair. Ebay # 2F123904886770
  8. What are they like compared to a BFG866 ?
  9. EB8800 not that bad..... Spring to life after approx 45 years. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/1685-1960's-Jaguar-Small-Brass-Desk-Clock
  10. Love the dial and 3 style of markers.
  11. Only a vintage Sector Altimeter Sellers Pic. Hopefully in as good condition as I think it is. I have a soft spot for this case shape [emoji4]
  12. https://i.imgur.com/b6CXBsr.jpg
  13. I get my hard to find off shaped crystals from YahooJP.
  14. I've had two Renata batteries leak years ago. Lucky I caught them in time to minimise damage. I've now used nothing but Sezaiken (Seiko) for the past 4 years. 44 quartz watches and no issues yet.
  15. Seiko Timer on a miserable day. The light looks like just before sunset. Horrible! This is the only forum that messes around with Imgur links. It looks like I used a potato to take the pic. Here's the direct link https://i.imgur.com/sYMenRf.jpg
  16. Welcome to the forum [emoji106]
  17. Definitely agree. Pancit is my favourite Halo halo in the summer
  18. BLEURGH! Don't know how that ever became a "delicacy" in the Philippines!
  19. Balut .... Half formed chick in egg ? [emoji40]
  20. Balut .... Half formed chick in egg ? [emoji40]
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