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  1. Geo

    Tool porn!

    I managed to pick up pretty much all that you have there JD, only not as a dedicated set. I really do like boxed sets of tools like that.
  2. Geo

    Tool porn!

    Lovely set JD. Is it all complete?
  3. This has to be the biggest box for the smallest movement ever! Delivered this morning and couldn't believe it.
  4. Geo

    What happened to Bobm12?

    Joe, I tried contacting him a couple of month ago but had no joy. If I remember correctly he did have health issues, so let's hope he's OK.
  5. I would suggest that you have it serviced. Do not put oil down the pendant tube, it will cause more problems than it solves as there is no saying where the oil will end up.
  6. It's probably a front loader.
  7. You will see the tool I used to open the case in one of the posts.
  8. Have a look at this thread, it may help you.
  9. Geo

    Jacot Tool Questions

    You've got it!
  10. Geo

    Jacot Tool Questions

    The shaft is located between the hollow centre of the driving wheel and the shoulder of the pivot at the jacot end. The driving dog sits between the the spokes of the wheel to impart the driving force. Nothing is clamped in place.
  11. I think you will be highly unlikely to pick up the correct tool for this, even on EBay. It's an easy tool to make accurately without machine tools. I too used an old set of steel tweezers ground to fit the nut tightly as I couldn't be bothered making the tool for a one off job. As OH says, you could make one using a suitable hollow punch from a staking set if you have a spare one,
  12. Geo

    Jacot Tool Questions

    As you say, there are two sets of numbers on the gauge. I'm sure the left hand set of numbers is the diameter of the pivot in Dousiemes, and the right hand set is the appropriate Jacot drum notch that you should use when working with that pivot. To check this, measure the gap of the gauge at the relavent numbers and see if it corresponds with the sizes I have given. Here is a conversion of Dousiems to Millimetres. 1 = 0.19 2 = 0.38 3 = 0.56 4 = 0.75 5 = 0.94 6 = 1.13 7 = 1.32 8 = 1.50 9 = 1.69
  13. Excellent conversion, I do like quality innovation!
  14. Hi and welcome. Could you post a photo of your watch showing the dial, and if yo can open it the movement?
  15. Excellent outcome Florian!