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  1. Hello from Quebec, Canada

    A warm welcome to the forum A'mind, and thanks for a pleasant and informative introduction. The pocket watch you have inherited is a very high grade timepiece and is truly magnificent! Please don't even think about taking it apart until you have gained all the skills required, it is way too valuable to risk damaging it. Could yo please post a picture of the dial side please?
  2. On close inspection, it looks like the brass cover and the nut have been made as replacements. The cover, appears to have been split with a hacksaw given that there are what appears to be linear scratching in the slot, and the depth (too shallow) and finish of the the threads do not look right for a machine made by Boley.
  3. Why not split the one you have and compress it slightly if you want to go that way?
  4. No JD, I've not had the need to. You may have to have them specially made to ensure the threads are correct and fit perfectly.
  5. JD, you require two thin nuts, one adjusts the end play of the shaft and the other is tightened against the adjuster nut to lock it. You will require two "C" spanners to me the adjustment. The nuts should look like these :-
  6. It sounds like a cannon pinion issue. Has it been snapped back in place properly? If it has, it could be needing tightened.
  7. Wis, I think it may be an Electa movement. Check this out.
  8. Help with OMEGA

    OH, I think he means where can data sheets for all types be found.
  9. Stuart you are correct, the cap jewel on the balance cock could be removed easily. The main plate seems to have a simple plate over the jewel which could also be removed easily. Thanks for making me review it and look closer.
  10. I don't usually. Occasionally I will remove them after the ultrasonic wash and clean them separately. As far as this watch is concerned , removing the end stones wouldn't be an easy option.
  11. Hi and welcome. I don't think you'll have much luck trying to the links you require. I would suggest having a look on EBay for a new bracelet that closely resembles the one fitted. You should find one that is not too expensive.
  12. Good job! What an interesting regulator.
  13. Adam. I would recommend replacing the the the balance cock assembly on the main plate and than cleaning it in the ultrasonic bath. All the other parts should be cleaned disassembled. If you have a close look at the balance spring you will notice that the regulator pins are holding the second coil of the spring, this is incorrect. The outer coil of the spring should be between the pins. Also make sure that the points on the escape wheel are all intact, they are very easy to break. Take great care when fitting the balance during assembly. PS Don't remove the pin that retains the hairspring unless you really have to.
  14. Buffing; Myth or Fact?

    As ever a concise unambiguous reply to points raised, without preaching! Thank you Marc.