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  1. Hi. I'm Anthony - with no expertise in horology,  just very interested. 

    1. Geo


      Hi Anthony, welcome aboard.  Like you I had no experience when I joined the forum, but soon learned with the help of Mark who runs the forum and others.

    2. Annebabe


      HI Geo


      I find that you have the part sketch for V145,  Do you have part sketch of V137 ??


  2. Welcome aboard bjd1020, and thank you for an excellent introductory post.
  3. Vine, take it up with Mark, you never know he may run with it.
  4. No argument here. It is Mark's forum and only he can make a decision regarding this matter.
  5. I'll have a go; 19th century Chinese.
  6. It's a valuable and complex piece, please take the advice above and instruct your customer to take it to a specialist. You could be in a world of expensive hurt if you go ahead and possibly damage it.
  7. Please do Richard, my very best wishes from Scotland.
  8. Geo Makes sense, sonic shock wave transfer energy in fluid fields, match the natural frequency of a mass body to break it by the energy imparted to the body.

    If you got no result blasting away vintage dried oil, you just have not matched it's bodies natural frequency.

    Geo got results with his ultrasonic cleaning machine, shows he produced the required natural frequency in his machine.

    The question remains, what machine provides the range of frequencies required to blast away the dried oil in a jewel? I think Ultrasonic machines have been designed to produce many frequencies simultaneously which add up sinusoidaly ( fourer functions), yet we hear some folks saying ultrasonic are no good for cleaning jewels and others say they are good.


  9. That's sad to hear. I have dealt with Larry on numerous occasions and found him to be an absolute gent. It doesn't sound too good, but I would like to publicly thank him for his excellent service over the years and wish him all the very best.
  10. I use one like this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2L-DIGITAL-STAINLESS-ULTRASONIC-CLEANER-ULTRA-SONIC-BATH-TIMER-HEATE-WITH-BASKET/123299753924?epid=27019408168&hash=item1cb53cefc4:g:Sw4AAOSwup1b0Y--
  11. Nothing wrong with your English! A great introduction and I wish you well with your new hobby. There are plenty of folk here that are both willing and able to help yo when required.
  12. I managed to pick up pretty much all that you have there JD, only not as a dedicated set. I really do like boxed sets of tools like that.
  13. Lovely set JD. Is it all complete?
  14. This has to be the biggest box for the smallest movement ever! Delivered this morning and couldn't believe it.
  15. Joe, I tried contacting him a couple of month ago but had no joy. If I remember correctly he did have health issues, so let's hope he's OK.
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