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  1. Mark Lovick - You NEED this

    A truly excellent piece of kit. Definitely enhanced by using a skeleton movement as the subject!
  2. Elma RM90

    Not here, the forum has a no sales policy!
  3. Rolex precision?

    I'm with you on this!
  4. Rolex precision?

    It would be good to se the movement, it should look like this. Hopefully without the distorted hairspring!
  5. Rolex precision?

    I think it may well be the real deal, but I also think the dial has been refinished due to lithe lack of crispness in the lettering.
  6. Breitling Wakmann Aircraft Clock

    My money's on sloppy!
  7. Fake Petite Sonnerie

    The EBay police strike again!
  8. Have a look at this. It looks like you just pull it apart to refil it.
  9. Jeff Bezos' 10,000 year clock

    The atomic clock is definitely more than good enough, but what is being built is effectively the most sofisticated mechanical clock ever built, just because they can. Apart from the occasional human input which will be be more for the amusement of humans, it will be powered in the same type of way as an Atmos clock which is self perpetuating. This surely will be the most incredible and accurate mechanical horological timepiece ever. With no wires, oscillators or batteries, surely you as a traditional nuts and bolts clock person must like the idea of self perpetuating mechanical horological perfection! I hope they manage to regulate it well, one second a day error would be about 41 days over 10,000 years!
  10. Jeff Bezos' 10,000 year clock

    A strange comment OH, bearing in mind if they pull it off it will probably be the most incredible horological achievements ever!
  11. All very interesting CB. It's great to here Swatch not getting it their own way for a change! As an aside, the background that the guy was standing in front of was really weird the way it moved, it was surly computer generated?
  12. Happy birthday Will, your birthday's worth more than that cracking strap. I hope you had a a great day!
  13. That's a shame about the sales results Don, I personally liked your logo. The Heritage one doesn't really do it for me. Have you done any kind of customer surveys see what folk think of Heritage? I like the idea of the name of the movement in small letters above your initials with custom underneath. That way folks would know exactly what the watch is and that it was customised by you.