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  1. Geo

    Some past projects and keepers!

    Some very tidy looking restorations Matt.
  2. Geo

    Here we go again

    I'm listening to a report about it on the news just now and certainly don't envy you just now. Hopefully number five doesn't give you too much grief Tim.
  3. Geo


    You've come to the right place!
  4. Geo

    Is this to far gone?

    That's a good reply qhartman, but not an easy technique for most.
  5. Geo

    Is this to far gone?

    Wow, it looks like the surface of the moon. By "too far gone" I assume you mean regarding refinishing and not just use. Personally I would be a bit reluctant to try and buff our the pitting unless you measure the case thickness and depth of the worst pit mark.
  6. Trust you are still in fine fettle George. Been a few changes on the forum, new mods in and one mod asked to step down. Mark has been absent for a while because he recently got married in Thailand. I have become involved with local politics so with watches, clocks, politics and family a full and active life. 
    Keep smiling George life is too short.

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    2. Geo


      Good morning Del,

      Is it just me or is there no PM facility on this forum these days?



    3. clockboy


      Hi George, I am not 100% sure but I think you double click on the meters name and you get a message box. I'll try it with yours.



    4. Geo


      Thanks for the reply Del, I've found it.  



  7. I'd love to see them in the metal.
  8. Sussinct and accurate information from Marc and John as usual.
  9. Were the images you included in the post on fitting a stem hosted on a site and no longer exist?

    I was reading the 'sticky' thread and noticed that I only have the small generic placeholders for each image that you had originally inserted.  I just hoped to see the images for extra clarity in your writeup.



    1. Geo


      Hello George, I have no idea what has happened my photos.  I have nothing to do with running the forum these days, and I'm seldom on it.

      Best wishes,


  10. Geo

    Etachron adjustment

    Best I can find, it may help.
  11. Geo

    Etachron adjustment

    Have a read of this. https://www.timekeeperforum.com/forum/threads/adjustment-and-regulation.21105/
  12. The cannon pinion should be slightly tight on the centre pinion to allow slippage when setting the hands, but tight enough to allow the hands to be driven by the pinion. Have a read of this thread it may help you.
  13. Geo

    Hello from speedy88 in Germany!

    Great introduction Peter, welcome aboard!
  14. Geo

    Hello from Quebec, Canada

    A warm welcome to the forum A'mind, and thanks for a pleasant and informative introduction. The pocket watch you have inherited is a very high grade timepiece and is truly magnificent! Please don't even think about taking it apart until you have gained all the skills required, it is way too valuable to risk damaging it. Could yo please post a picture of the dial side please?
  15. On close inspection, it looks like the brass cover and the nut have been made as replacements. The cover, appears to have been split with a hacksaw given that there are what appears to be linear scratching in the slot, and the depth (too shallow) and finish of the the threads do not look right for a machine made by Boley.