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  1. Nice to hear you are looking on the positive then the negative with all the things that are happening in your life squiffything keep up the good work with the clock repair not seen anything like that large pocket watch before think oldhippy would have a few problems with that one
  2. Hi oldhippy when you say old do mean as rodabod says victorian and early
  3. thanks everyone for you advice appreciated
  4. Thanks for that wls1971 i will have a look at Priory Polishes it might be better that way so you can get the plates in
  5. Can anyone suggest a economical ultrasonic cleaner for clocks, there is so many on the market its hard to find the right one, live in the uk
  6. Yes thanks for that i have Windles clock oil and do what you suggested thanks for your quick response
  7. Yes HectorLooi you got that right wouldn't trade them for anything,oldhippy that's about the best photo i could get with the camera i have no micro on it hope you can manage to see it, i say a chip because it doesn't feel smooth when i run my nail along it more of a sharp step up
  8. I am at my daughter's looking after her 2 grandchildren at the moment as soon as I get home I will try and send a picture but because it so small I don't if you will be able to see on the photo hope it won't be to long so it might be tomorrow before I get the chance clocks are easier then 2 grandchildren
  9. thank you for your replies the clock has been stripped down and oiled,will have a good look at the pallets again oldhippy and get back thanks. Had a look at the pallets which seem fine what a did noticed and missed before i had a look through a digital microscope, there is a chip at the end of the pivot on the pallet end
  10. thank you for your replies the clock has been stripped down and oiled,will have a good look at the pallets again oldhippy and get back thanks
  11. Hi watchweasol part of the problem is when I move the pendulum the pallet doesn't move the escape wheel to give the tick and tock
  12. Hi oldhippy hope you can see the photos ok
  13. I have been having problems with setting the beat of a mantle clock when i move the pendulum the pallets does not move the escapement one tooth at a time no matter how much i adjust the pallets left right up down so i cant get it to tick tock. I did have it ticking for over a hour and striking ok then decided to put it back into its case and that was a performance i couldn't seem to get the brackets in the right position for the movement to be level i did final do it then hey presto it wouldn't tick and have struggled the last couple of days with it,any advice would be grateful
  14. thanks appreciate all your views i have learnt a lot, take care
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