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  1. Thanks oldhippy was wondering if it should start straight away when wound
  2. Hi all finally got the hands to move more freely reassembled movement, clock ticking my first balance spring movement can you help me with putting this type of clock in beat how do i know when its in beat, how do i a just it and how does the regulator work it doesn't seem to do anything when i move it left or right. Thanks in advanced. VID_20201204_101615312.mp4
  3. Hi watchweasol the centre wheel doesn't need bushing it just i need to release some tension off so the hand knob can turn more easier to set time
  4. I am trying to remove the brass retainer as shown in photo because there is to much tension on the wheel, the knob for turning the hands is stiff i have tried a pair of pliers but cannot budge it
  5. just have to echo what KarlvonKolon has said lovely well made clock
  6. well have seen this done on certain wheels where it helps with the balance of the wheel nothing to do with clocks though
  7. Thanks oldhippy I was totally wrong
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me what the purpose of this indent is in the pivot balance could hazard a guess, but would like to know in case i am wrong thanks in advance
  9. Hi thanks everyone for your input
  10. thanks oldhippy unfortunately i don't have, or have access to a lathe will check the pivots and hope for the best it's from a HAC single train clock and i bought it because of that type of balance as i have not done one before, thanks for the photo i can see the difference now. One more thing is it ok to put in the cleaner with the pillars and clutch attached
  11. Do i take off the clutch ( sorry if that's the wrong terminology)to take off the centre wheel can't see any clips or pin holding it in place, and then lever the wheel off please correct me if I wrong on any terms
  12. Hi watchweasol that's great will have a look at that.
  13. Thanks HectorLooi still learning i will have a look to see what a floating balance is again thanks for reply
  14. Hi after replacing 3 springs on 400 day clock and now have to order 3 more, i thought i will have a go at a HAC small single train clock with floating balance and wanted to be safe then sorry before i take it apart am i right in thinking that you remove the pin, feed spring through and undo the retaining screws to remove the balance
  15. Thanks everyone for your input yes watchweasol i have the book so will look at the page you mention and I think I will change the spring to be sure i haven't somehow put a kink in it
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