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    • Hello Everyone, Been a watch lover as far back as I can remember, since at least 5 years old! I have owned Timex', Citizens and Seikos, early on and later got into swiss aviation themed watches, Glysine, Breitling and even a Rolex GMT in my young adulthood. Over the last 5 years the bug bit hard and, after going down a deep rabbit hole, I now have a collection of close to 50 watches, the majority being vintage automatic Seiko Divers but now starting to appreciate the older Seiko dress watches too. Around the same time I started fiddling around with watches to source the ETA 28xx movements which I've used to build a couple custom watches. I'm considering taking some lessons to further my skill set and service my own movements.  I modest watch tool collection and have un-cased and re-cased movements, changed batteries, replaced crystals, bezels, dials and hands, and tore into the keyless works, mostly to swap out the 3-position set bridge, on no-date watches, to a 2-position set bridge. I've recently become aware of and started watching Mark's WRC videos.  Great videos! cheers, Mel
    • Welcome to WRT forum.
    • Hi All. Recently serviced a Zenith 2452. Made the mistake of removing the balance end stone to clean it and the spring pinged off. Then I bought another spring and lost the jewel bloc. Anyway- bought another balance cock - although it had rust on the adjuster so I levered off the adjuster and removed the bloc, fitted it to the original balance cock. It is all back together but my problem is that the fine adjuster is quite loose. The normal adjuster is fine, but the little eccentric adjuster is too easy to spin. I am afraid if I sell the watch that the daily rate might be wacky and the buyer will complain. Please advise if there is a way to tighten it. I tried staking the other balance cock as a practice run and all it did was shatter the head of the eccentric, although it did tighten it up. Cheers. Alex
    • Always had an interest in repairing watches and as I have dug out my very first watch that has been broken since the early sixties  thought I would give it a go.      
    • Many thanks for the advice. 
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