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  1. Very, very nice production. Really outstanding walkthrough!
  2. I have some lapsang souchong, but I haven't tried it yet. When I opened the bag and took a sniff, it smelled like I had stuck my head in the fireplace (no, I've only done that when the fireplace is cold). So we'll see ?
  3. I have the Donegan visor, and a Bausch and Lomb Magna visor. The Magna Visor has 2.6, 2.2, and 1.8 mag lenses. I find myself using the Magna Visor more often, usually with the 1.8x 12" focal length lens. I'm not even sure where the Donegan is ? . If I want something stronger, I generally use a 4x or greater single loupe with a wire holder on my left eye. Works for me.
  4. Here's the page. Unfortunately, doesn't say much about what it is.
  5. No, but I can polish my calluses with pumice ?
  6. 1300 C is really really hot. For us Americans, that almost 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than lava.
  7. G-S Hypo cement has been around since the thirties, commonly used to affix crystals. 1925? I'm not sure G-S Hypo goes back that far.
  8. Not watch case polishing, but in machining surface finish can be a big deal. We have had to get some gnarly micro finishes at times. We have engineers that understand this very well. Also, at one time I had some exposure to the manufacturer of lapping machines that were used for polishing the silicon wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing (my friend worked for them, and we discussed the tech a lot). Probably the most exacting surface requirements there are, and there was no melting involved ? I used to have some test wafers that I got from him, they were quite something, but I don't know w
  9. Oh boy. When I first saw this claim about melting metal on the video from perplxr I almost choked on my coffee. I guess people will believe what they want to believe.
  10. I have occasionally purchased watches through Yahoo Japan, using Buyee as an agent, although it's been some time since I've done that. Recently saw someone mention that Buyee might not be the best agent to use, so does anyone have any suggestions? I'm in the US and English only (I know, typical) TIA!
  11. You can always try the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, archive.org. You need to know the original URL. I checked, and they have snapshots of polmax3133.com going back to 2014, but I didn't check and see how complete the snapshots are. Cheers!
  12. That's the problem with the performing lifestyle, it can completely burn you out on music. The trick seems to be to enjoy music for its own sake, that way it can stay a joy for a lifetime. So many folks that I know that only play for themselves or with their family and friends are still doing it, and enjoying it immensely. Don't try and stop the train ?
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