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  1. An eclectic and interesting collection. Very nice!
  2. '77 Actus. I should do something about the crystal
  3. Well, I don't about bargains, but the NAWCC chapter meetings and regionals can be fertile grounds. There is a lot of trading that goes on, but wristwatches might be only a third of what you come across. The rest are clocks and pocket watches. Have Fun!
  4. TV Dial! From a couple of days ago, but I'm still wearing it.
  5. Nice camera, @HSL, I am struggling against the sin of envy :-)
  6. Nice job on the bow. I'll have to go after some of mine some day. Do you have one of those fancy bow end cutters?
  7. Very nice. Would that happen to be an original strap? Almost looks like the illustration, remarkable if it was.
  8. Agree with @oldhippy It would be great to see the movement.
  9. Yes, the lever should ride in the groove. This lever stops the movement when the stem is pulled out (hacking).
  10. You can always the the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. That group seems to be pocket watch central in the US. They have a business directory that is located here - https://net.nawcc.org/nawcc/businesssearch/ They also have forums etc.
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