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  1. A lazy Sunday with my Oris.
  2. 40mm maximum for me, with my skinny wrists that's pretty big. 38mm is perfect for me in a modern watch. In vintage, my favorite is the Bulova "23" from the fifties. These guys were pretty small, 33-34 mm usually, but at the time smallness was an indicator of "high tech" and elegance. It's nice wearing a watch that doesn't clang around on the wrist. Maybe I should move to pocket watches :-)
  3. I betcha dollars to donuts that this is a disguised advertisement :-)
  4. Found this in a recent NAWCC publication. Thought there might be some interest here. There is nothing current on the NAWCC website about this, but if you search you can find info about past years. Cheers! 2019_12_26_09_12_45.pdf
  5. I have one of those UV lights, but I never thought of using it to look for jewels. Have to try it next time one goes walkies, thanks!
  6. Candy cane bombs. Big sticky mess, but very tasty!
  7. In the spirit of intercultural harmony, I wish all of you a wonderful non-denominational winter solstice festival :-) Or, simply, Merry Christmas! And may all of the stockings that are hung with care make ticking sounds come morning. Take care, David
  8. Somebody wasn't happy with the size of the Bergeon order, and decided to move some product in the grey market :-) Or it's an out and out fake. Both happen, I hear complaints about these things all the time. Turn about is fair play, at one time it was the Swiss who were doing this to American watches and products!
  9. Am I seeing correctly, is that escape wheel missing a pivot?
  10. I think they are nice enough, and I almost pulled the trigger on a Marlin when they first came out. Decided I would stick with the originals, didn't need a reissue. Especially a $250 one. Now, if they were $29.95 .....................
  11. That would be me :-) What is posted is mostly what was on the old Timex forum, with some additions by me from info that I've accumulated. I know it's incomplete, but it's all I've been able to round up so far. Happy to include any info that's not there, contributions welcome! Cheers
  12. Do what you can within your budget, lots of people on this forum do quite a bit without a lot of expensive tools. It's worth investing in the basics like good screwdrivers & tweezers, and leave the rest for the future. Most of the skills you need to learn at the start don't require the most expensive tools. For example, I still don't have a lathe, although I really should. Good luck!
  13. This is a question that comes up often in the art world, too. Use your favorite search engine and search for "Conservation vs Restoration" and you'll find some interesting info.
  14. The 2850 tech sheet covers the 2879. ETA 2850,1,2,3,8 etc.pdf
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