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  1. I'd like to have a complete set for that very reason, but due to budget (small) I'm having to accumulate a bit at a time. I haven't calculated it yet, as it would be too discouraging, but I'm guessing that it will be more expensive that way over the long run. Cheers -
  2. Bent hairspring

    Oh oh, @rogart63 , that one was a prank
  3. Ebay flooded with Carriage clocks from China

    Expired listings are being handled differently now. If you look carefully, there is a blue bar at the top, and towards the left the word "listing" is actually a link to the original listing. Pain in the patootie, but you can still get there.
  4. Watchmakers lathe collets

    I can't find it now, but someone posted a response from sincere on their collet runout specifications, and it wasn't very good.
  5. Small parts containers

    You can get these in the States from Cas-Ker (
  6. Looking to make a change1

    Welcome, and Have Fun!
  7. Forum organization

    One of the small downsides of moving postings is that it breaks the read/unread feature of the forum, at least on my browser (chrome). If a post has been moved, then that section will show that there are unread posts even when there aren't. Makes the forum look a bit shabby. I know what's happening and work around it, but I'm sure that's not true of everyone. And I agree, stickies can be helpful when people come asking the same question all the time, but they have to be concise. As you say @Chopin, "Quick Questions, Quick Answers". Thanks!
  8. Just some food for thought. I've noticed that for quite some time now there has been a constant shuffling of postings among the forums. If it were an occasional out of place posting from someone using a phone, for instance, it would be understandable. It seems that this is not the case, and that many people, myself included, are mis-understanding the intent of each section. For instance, there is nothing that states that the watch repairs help and advice forum is not for "consumer" questions. If that is the case, then it should be stated, and perhaps a section created where folks can post those kinds of questions, answered by the people who have the patience to do so. I'm just concerned that the forum will get the kind of reputation that some ah, other forums have, where the members are seen as curt and overly dismissive of naive questions. Not welcoming, in other words. Any thoughts? Or am I being overly sensitive? Thanks
  9. Hello from New Mexico!

    Oh, man and pretzels are my favorite snack food. Anyhoo, Welcome!
  10. Need some escape parts for a 16s Waltham

    Yikes! Those parts must be getting scarce. There is a person on here who was worked out a way to grind alter jewels to fit a specific purpose, check this out - An I suppose the arbor could be machined, but that would be waaaay beyond my capability :-)
  11. Help please

    Try searching for LIR1620. They come up on US Amazon, and has a data sheet for it. It is, however, 3.6 volts. Cheers!
  12. It might help if you tell us what watch you are working with, there are many different methods of fixing a crystal, I think @oldhippy may be thinking of the wrong type. So, if you trying to mount a sapphire crystal into an l-gasket on a Seiko watch, then you are best off using the original l-gasket if it is serviceable. If not, then purchasing the OEM replacement is the way to go I think. The replacement crystal should be the exact same diameter as the original. There are other people here with more experience with this type of crystal than me, hopefully they will chime in. Ultimately, it is experience that will determine whether or not you will break crystals. I just cracked one yesterday, it was an acrylic that needed finishing to fit properly, and I got a bit too enthusiastic :-) I've been doing this for a while, too. Good Luck
  13. I don't think I've ever heard a plausible explanation of why a watch winder would put more wear and tear on a watch than simply wearing it. I also don't think I've ever heard a plausible explanation of how exercising a watch would keep it "healthy". Exercise for me, yes. A mechanical watch is going to need service whether it's been worn every day, or it's been sitting on a watch winder, or in a drawer. Oils degrade, some more slowly than others, and it's amazing how over time dirt will get into a supposedly sealed watch. A properly maintained quality mechanical watch can last a very, very, long time, it can be an heirloom. But it is the care taken with the watch when it's out and about in the world, and the regular maintenance given to it that makes this possible. The fact that it may have spent time on a watch winder is going to get lost in the noise :-) Have Fun!
  14. New Member

    Hello, and good luck with those watches. Character watches can be a fun thing to collect!
  15. Newbie

    Greetings and Salutations!