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  1. Very helpful validation that a healthy vintage Seiko still might not achieve 250+ amplitude. Regarding lift angle, I have taken that into account (e.g. 53). Thanks for pointing this out; I did not uncover that in my search for the answer. Regarding lift angles, I can confirm some of them are higher. Notably, the 61XX and 63XX series are 54.5 and the 52XX series at 56. Thanks all for the helpful discussion. Hopefully folks find this feed useful in the future.
  2. Confirmed: 0201075 is a suitable replacement for the 0201024. The teeth of the 075 seem a bit rounder than the 024 (which each come to a point), but it seems to mesh just fine with the train. Power wise, it seems to have the same strength (0.11mm) as the 024, though I did not open the barrel to measure. I have issues with 70XX movements having lower-than-ideal amplitude (180 to 210 degrees); I might try the 0.12mm strength mainspring used in 7s26c to see if it helps.
  3. Ordered the 0201075 as a substitute for the specified 0201024; will report back whether it works (cannot find this question resolved elsewhere on the web)
  4. Connected with Jules Borel; they show the 0201075 (barrel complex for the 7S26B/C as being a substitute for the 0201024 (70XX barrel complete). Though I read somewhere they have different specs; anyone know?
  5. Thanks for the input - I've been to each of those websites and do not see the GR mainsprings (to my knowledge, the only generic Seiko replacements for obsolete barrel completes). Do you recommend I call them?
  6. I don't see them sold on their site. Should I just call them? I appreciate your help, thanks. (ps, love your youtube content)
  7. Hello - I'm trying to source a mainspring for the Seiko 70XX series (GR2377x) and Cousins is out of stock. Not the first time that Cousins seems to be the one and only place to get a mainspring (among other parts). Anyone aware of another way to order GR mainsprings and/or source a suitable replacement? I am resourceful and am aware of them popping up on ebay from time to time and the ability to get one from a donor movement. However, Seiko mainsprings often need a refresh more than their swiss brethren, IMO. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the no dates are likely all the same. Given the part (#255) is often referenced as interchangeable, I was trying to validate that they are indeed NOT interchangeable or whether there is some trick/method to swap one for the other...
  9. Hi all - I'm working on an AS (A Schild) 1803 movement. The hour wheel has a couple worn teeth that are slipping on the minute wheel. Seeking a replacement, I saw Jules Borel interchange said the hour wheel is interchangeable with that of the 1802. Everywhere I find hour wheel on the internet, they are labelled as AS 1802/03. However, they are different. In short, the 1803 is thicker so that it can catch the intermediate date change wheel. The wheel on the 1802 (non-date version) is thinner, and slides below the date change intermediate wheel (not engaging). Am I missing something? Trying
  10. You're the man! I cannot thank you enough. Finally got it together. Part of my problem is that I was poising the springs in the top bridge/cover and trying to place over the correctors/jumpers. Finally figured out that the cutaways are for slipping the springs into place. The jewels and springs are both of the novochoc (triangle) antishock balance jewels and springs (main plate side, balance cock side). See picture. I don't think my balance staff/pivots have any problems, but if you have a balance complete, I would happily take it and compensate you fully for that. I really appreciate you
  11. It is a Cordura day/date. That would be a huge help! Also, if you do have any of the jewel/spring assemblies, that would be a godsend.
  12. I may have found the spring. Do you have any tips on assembling the date/day jumper & corrector works? For the life of me, I cannot figure it out. Separately, do you have any of the Novochoc shock jewel & springs? Missing a spring, and my jewels are pretty beat up...
  13. Still have parts? Struggling to source a spring or two. Thanks!
  14. A success! I got the evertite crystal in, and the chapter ring nest perfectly. Here it is at the end of the day, cleaned, serviced, and reassembled. Thanks for everyone's help! Could benefit from a fun tropic strap or nato (but don't have one on hand). Ended up messing up one of the lumed markets when soldering a dial foot, so ended up rubbing all of them off for a balanced, clean look. Will re-lume in the future once I get my hands on a kit
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