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  1. Fair play for having the balls to strip down an expensive watch and getting stuck in! That regulator screw would be playing on my mind though.
  2. Thank you both again for your assistance. The wrong stem seems to be most likely as I have tried reinstalling it again with release button fully depressed. I was quite happy with the experience gained from replacing the crystal but getting the stem right will be good practice too! I have another Seiko (an automatic 7005B, I think) that I'm certain that just needs a strip down and service to get right so I'll get stuck into that one first. All the best, Geraint.
  3. Here are pictures of the watch, I couldn't wait until the weekend. I was wrong, there is only one click out. The photos show both positions, it doesn't look right to me.
  4. Thanks all for your interest, the full model number is 6602-8990. I did try the Seiko link originally but I couldn't find it there or online generally... all I can see is that the crown on similar watches seem flush but others don't? It's not a 'screw down' and I don't think it has any dirt in the way (I removed the movement to replace the crystal). I'll add some photos as soon as I get to it on the weekend. I'd rather not do any work on it if there's nothing wrong... I have other watches to practice on first... I'm very new to horology so excuse my ignorance too!
  5. Hi, This is my first post, hopefully not my last! I have a Seiko Seahorse 'Waterproof Diashock 17 jewels' that I recently got up and running - "left in a cupboard for 20 years", but I don't think it's quite right.... it runs perfectly well and I can set the time with two notches out on the crown, but... Shouldn't the crown rest flush with the body of the watch and should I be able to set the date separately to the hour/minute setting? The watch looks and runs great but it doesn't feel right, or am I looking for functions that don't exist? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
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