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  1. Thanks Chris! I should have known to just email you with this question.
  2. I am looking for some broaching tool recommendations, specifically for working with hands. Immediately, I have a hand with a tube size of 190. I would like to broach it to 200. What would you use to do this? I've often run into issues with the sweep or subdial hands as well. This ends up being either a tightening or loosing. 20 to 25 or, visa versa, 25 to 20. What would you use for this? I look forward to the suggestions! I'd like to get away from pin vises, needles, and the cutting stakes on my jeweling tool where incorrectly used.
  3. @VWatchie & @watchweasol I wish it were the set lever axle spring but it doesn't look like it is. I've found the replacement part on eBay: I'm going to give Jules Borel a call today - see if they can help identify my part. I've also emailed Seiko Service Center USA.
  4. It is indeed a quartz analogue movement. Here's a picture of it pre-disassembly. And a picture of the broken part as it existed with the keyless works:
  5. Knowing it's the setting lever spring, I can use this guide to try to hunt down the part. It at least gives me name and part number to start on.
  6. Thank you! Very helpful! Now to determine what this part is called...
  7. I still haven't been able to source a technical document on this particular reference. But I have found what is likely the issue, a broken spring. Problem is I have no idea the name, part number, or where to find a replacement part. Can anyone help? The spring is associated with the keyless works.
  8. The heating unit collapsed into the lower portion of the unit. It bent out of shape the outer shell and shattered the plastic grill. I believe it must have damage other components as well since my attempt to power it up resulted in a giant spark and an unresponsive machine. I will reach out to Time Machine Repairs in New Jersey about repairs but I'd prefer to find someone locally to avoid shipping. I had it shipped via FedEx. The most frustrating thing is I cannot recall if I paid for the extra insurance. I recall clicking it but at the same time I don't remember. I indicated FedEx
  9. @JohnR725 Well the WMII showed up today - much worse for wear. It looks like the FedEx drop kicked the box en route. Talk about disappointing! This is after the seller sent time stamped photos, videos, and answered all my questions. As far as I can tell, it left him in good working order. Can you recommend anyone local to Seattle who fixes machines like this? I'd like to make an attempt at fixing it before I sell it off on eBay for parts. Let me know.
  10. Hi, I’m cleaning up a Breitling A13371 Super Avenger II with a cal B13 (ETA 7750). The date disc is damaged at the 8 (see pic). I’ve been trying to source this part via the big parts suppliers and eBay but to no avail. Does anyone have this date disc with matching font? Or have a good source for Breitling parts? Thanks!
  11. So what’s the desired result of a balance wheel? Low moment of inertia? Based on the equation, doubling the mass results in a lower moment of inertia compared to doubling the radius. What is the goal when designing a balance wheel? Make it as big (largest radius) as possible? Or as light? Or as heavy?
  12. I’ve finally succumbed to my multi year interest in the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (M79030N). Yay for me! (Gratuitous wrist shot, can’t help it) So what’s the first thing I do? Obviously open the case back to have a look at the in-house calibre MT5402. It’s a handsome, if not utilitarian movement. But what struck me immediately was the size of the balance wheel - it’s small. Can anyone offer some insights or speculation as to why it would be designed so small? My first instinct is the small balance wheel allows for a smaller movement. But clocking in at 26mm
  13. Does anyone have a King Seiko Caliber 5856 service manual? Or one for a similar reference? I have a King Seiko I'd like to clean up but I'm hesitant without a technical document. Thanks!
  14. Upgrading my timegrapher is another topic - someday soon I will likely be moving on to a Witschi.
  15. @JohnR725 & @oldhippy thank you gentlemen! Both are very helpful links. In the first video, I suspect the US frequencies are causing issues with his phone microphone. In any event, my current machine produces strong enough frequencies that I cannot use my Weishi Timegrapher at the same time. The Watchmaster Mark II is being offered to me at $650 fully refurbished in 2019. It is missing the rinse dip cup stored on the upper right shelf of the machine. Don't see any on eBay presently but if the price of the US cups is an indication, I expect it'll cost $35-$50 for a new one.
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