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  1. Thanks! I agree with your hypothesis - I'll get around to testing the theory in a few days when I've got a few new parts to interchange.
  2. I have installed and completed a custom project watch using an Asian Clone 2824-2 movement. Dial is seated, hands set, timing within +4sec a day face up - fine. On my first test, the date flips at midnight - good job, the hands have been set to align to midnight when the date changes. I give the watch a healthy hand wind and we're off to the races. Each morning, I confirm the time keeping and date. Each morning everything looks good. Until morning 8. That's when I notice the date hasn't changed but the time is correct. I decide to manually change the date by setting the hands, it's changes at 8:00a. Strange. I do this again. This time it changes at 9:00a. Then 10:00a. And so on. So, the movement is keeping good time. Which to me suggests the hands aren't dragging, right? Because the time would be one hour off. So I'm at a loss here. What could be the issue causing a consistently changing date flip, 1 hour later every day? Thank for your help!
  3. Hello all - my name is Matt, I’m a new hobbyist from the Pacific Northwest. I got into working on watches because I wanted to relume a 1940’s Wittnauer. Funnily enough, I haven’t gotten around to that original project yet. My first serious project has been restoring a Clebar Big Eyes Chrono from the 70’s. I got it for $20 in non-working condition, some rust, missing a pusher, and a cracked crystal. I’ve since cleaned the movement, replaced a couple rusted parts, replaced the pushers, new crystal, and new gaskets all around. I did relume the dial and hands (with Noctilumina). Waiting on a BoR bracelet to complete the project. My current project is restoring a 17j Tudor ETA 2784 and building a watch around it. Might be a long term project as I assemble the parts but that’s okay. Look forward to the community here!
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