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  1. Gave this a shot but with no luck. However, I found another Tudor 2447 for sale for parts with a good, intact balance. I've since purchased, cleaned, and installed into my movement. This has eliminated the strange "X" reading on the timegrapher app. The tracing appears as a normal, continuous line albeit with a beat error of 0.6. Next step is to eliminate as much of the beat error as I can and regulate.
  2. PS. I should also give a little context to my crazy, uneducated decision to swap out the spring. I bought the movement not working, "for repairs". The balance spring was kinked and I could not re-bend into a good position. I've purchased a few ETA 2369 movements in an attempt to simply swap in a new balance wheel complete. Problem is, most of the 2369 stock I've found is for INCABLOC shocks systems, not the KIF installed in the Tudor. I seem to recall measuring the height of the balance stem and finding them to be different - but I'd need to remeasure to make sure I'm not crossing wires with another movement. When I swap these in, the balance stem doesn't seem to align correctly. Do I know for certain this is why things didn't align? No - it is only my suspicion. I'm not set up to swap out balance stems - I still need more practice and a jeweling/staking tool. My previous attempts have been catastrophic and I don't want to mess up this Tudor balance wheel and balance staff. Since the collar is the easy to remove/adjust style, I figured I'd follow the WRT tutorial on changing balance springs. Viola! With some patience and diligence in aligning for beat error, changing it out was no problem. Well, no problem until I've learned the spring and balance need to be married to one another.
  3. Thanks! I did discover the 51 lift angle too. Any recommendations on the spring and/or balance complete? I haven’t been able to buy a new one as none of the big suppliers (Ofrei, Jules Borel, etc) seem you carry it. I could really use some advice on how I can rectify.
  4. Oh dear! On the bright side it’s always good to be learning. So, I only changed the spring, not the wheel. The existing spring was very bent/kinked. (I bought the movement in not working condition FWIW)
  5. So I've re-cleaned it again, including the mainspring - the train moves freely, some end shake but not excessive, nothing is tight or confined, and some recoil when tested. Every piece was individually demagnetized. However, the watch still runs fast - 30 min in a day. I replaced the balance spring with an 18,000bpm because I am making an assumption the Tudor 2447 is also a 18,000bpm movement. However, I have not found any documentation to suggest it actually is. Documentation is incredibly rare and hard to find for a new, hobbyist like myself. If I put in the wrong balance spring and this movement is actually a 19,800 or 21,600 (or even 16,200) what would the implication be? Would it be timing fast? Here is the balance in action:
  6. The movement indicates 21. I count 21. 4 - balance staff 1 - impulse 2 - pallet fork 2 - pallet 2 - escape wheel 1 - second wheel 1 - third wheel 2 - intermediate wheel 6 - reversing wheels All accounted for. Waiting on new Timegrapher to arrive. Update will be forthcoming once it arrives.
  7. Hi, thanks for your response. This was helpful in learning and gaining some help from the veterans and professionals here. FWIW I’m simply a hobbyist having fun and learning. Have not claimed to be anything I’m not. And I literally said I’m happy to provide more and better pics of anything to help see something. Instead of passive-aggressively replying it would have been far more beneficial and kind to simply say, “It’s hard to see ______, can you please add better pictures of ______?” If you find these help wanted post annoying, you always have the option of not replying or even reading. If I misread you reply, sorry. Forums can be hard to judge sometimes.
  8. RE: Cleaning Disassemble. US bath in cleaning fluid. Three US bathes in rinse. Heat dry. Peg wood jewels. Rodico and peg wood as required to clean anything not captured in that process. Gloved hands throughout.
  9. Okay, so here’s what I’ve got: - Took a vídeo slow motion of the balance wheel in action. I don’t notice any sticking but I will figure out how to post and link to it shortly for thoughts. - Hairspring appears to have a nice shape. - Each wheel in the train has a small amount of end shake. Nothing excessive. None lack a small amount of movement (or are tightly in there) - Wheels all seem to have their teeth in tact - Jewels appear clean, full, and with good holes. However i do wonder about the bottom pivot for the 3rd wheel it looks like it’s a metal one. I’m having trouble seeing if that one is clean and structurally sound (see pic with the arrow) - Clean, free movement of the train - Listened to the movement - with my ear as I don’t have a proper rig to listen. To me I hear a pretty consistent ticking with the oddball double click. I also note I believe I’m hearing it tick strong to weaker to strong again. Not sure if that’s in my head or real... Please take a look at the attached pictures. Let me know if you think I missed anything. I’m going to clean these pieces again, lubricate, and reassemble. I will test the free movement of the train as I go, try to achieve some recoil, and see what that gets me. I plan on also re-cleaning the Mainspring. I wonder if I over lubricated and it’s now slipping - would that be a possible culprit? I will post new timegrapher pics of dial up and down once I get thru this. Im happy to post more pics of any part you’d like to see more of if it helps. Thanks again!
  10. I’ll pull the wheels and inspect them. The train is responsive and free. However, there is minimal recoil - even after two cleanings. Perhaps another cleaning.
  11. I will give it a listen again tonite and respond. Is re-banking possible with a lower amplitude, 210-230?
  12. Yes, it is an iPhone app called Timegrapher. While it’s not a dedicated timegrapher, I have been able to use it to successfully and consistently regulate a wide variety of movements (7750, 2784, 2824, 2836, 7420, 1120, 3135, 1215, etc). Of all the movements timed on this app, this is the only one to produce such a strange result.
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