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  1. The overall length is 20mm. The centerline to tip is 14.5mm.
  2. Thanks, I agree with you. Rebuilding a hand looks very difficult. I will measure it and let you know. I’ll have to talk to the owner, confirm if he wants it to stay all original or if a replacement hand is acceptable. Thanks! I’ll reach out to a Matt.
  3. Hi, A friend of mine recently picked up a nice 1938 Universal Geneve Compur. It looked great in the seller photos, intact, etc. But it arrived with the chrono sweep hand dislocated. He gave it to me to reset the hand but on closer inspection once I had it in hand, the hand was actually broken, the tube was gone. I’ve only looked for the pieces at a fairly superficial level, in the case front and case back. Not there. So I wonder, has anyone experienced such a total disappearance and dislocation of a hand in transit like this? I get it, it’s old. But the hand tube not only broke but the tube become un-riveted from the hand too. It just seems like a lot of force to be required for such a break. FWIW the watch was very well packaged in quite a bit of bubble wrap and rigid box. Well, I’m in over my head (I’ve let him know as such). I am not at a skill level to repair a vintage chrono hand like this if I did find the tube somewhere in the movement. So rather than dig around to find it then send it to someone I suggested he send it to someone. can anyone recommend a watchmaker in the Seattle, WA, USA area that might be appropriate for this kind of job? I’d really like to hear your feedback on the experience of such a damage and who could help repair. Thanks!
  4. @ITProDad Frustratingly I cannot say for certain the issue. I disassembled the watch to remove and inspect the hour wheel, intermediate date wheel, and calendar driving wheel. All appeared clean and undamaged under 10x mag. Reassembled the movement, installed a generic movement hour hand, and wound. Tested the date change over night and by hand setting the time. It all works fine now. Reassembled the watch, retested....it's all working fine. My guess is it was dirty or had something causing the teeth to misalign - and that was dislodged when I removed the wheels. Case unsatisfying-ly closed.
  5. Thanks! I agree with your hypothesis - I'll get around to testing the theory in a few days when I've got a few new parts to interchange.
  6. I have installed and completed a custom project watch using an Asian Clone 2824-2 movement. Dial is seated, hands set, timing within +4sec a day face up - fine. On my first test, the date flips at midnight - good job, the hands have been set to align to midnight when the date changes. I give the watch a healthy hand wind and we're off to the races. Each morning, I confirm the time keeping and date. Each morning everything looks good. Until morning 8. That's when I notice the date hasn't changed but the time is correct. I decide to manually change the date by setting the hands, it's changes at 8:00a. Strange. I do this again. This time it changes at 9:00a. Then 10:00a. And so on. So, the movement is keeping good time. Which to me suggests the hands aren't dragging, right? Because the time would be one hour off. So I'm at a loss here. What could be the issue causing a consistently changing date flip, 1 hour later every day? Thank for your help!
  7. Hello all - my name is Matt, I’m a new hobbyist from the Pacific Northwest. I got into working on watches because I wanted to relume a 1940’s Wittnauer. Funnily enough, I haven’t gotten around to that original project yet. My first serious project has been restoring a Clebar Big Eyes Chrono from the 70’s. I got it for $20 in non-working condition, some rust, missing a pusher, and a cracked crystal. I’ve since cleaned the movement, replaced a couple rusted parts, replaced the pushers, new crystal, and new gaskets all around. I did relume the dial and hands (with Noctilumina). Waiting on a BoR bracelet to complete the project. My current project is restoring a 17j Tudor ETA 2784 and building a watch around it. Might be a long term project as I assemble the parts but that’s okay. Look forward to the community here!
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