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Which Oil Pots for Beginner?

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I am currently looking between 3 types of oil pots for my first set. Does anyone have any experience with the below? 

Any help would be appreciated. I am stocking up on all of the tools and trying to determine if oil pots are an area I can go cheaper on, or if it is better to get a good set.

This one goes for £22 but says it has plastic cups, though in the picture they look like glass


This is the very basic option for £8 with all plastic


Finally, a ceramic 4 pot set for £33


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I have the first one.  It's perfectly ok.  The reservoirs are good quality, I don't think they're glass but I've not scratched them yet so don't worry about that.  It's an ok weight, certainly it won't move about when you're using it.  The dust cover is ok, I keep it in a draw to further keep dust off it.  I don't use the pith wood inserts, I use separate pith wood to clean my oilers.

So, in my opinion, if you're starting out then this is a good choice, it'll last you for years until you itch to buy something more expensive.

Oh and don't forget to post a hello in the "Introduce Yourself Here" forum.

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Those little round urea plastic guys with the three dimples are real cheap, and they do just fine. Urea plastic is crystalline, and "tinks" when you tap pieces of it together like glass. I got two of them; one for the main three (light oil, medium oil, and grease), and a second for the less common (auto grease, pallet grease, and currently empty). They're also very low profile, and stash away easily. I'm not at my desk, but I think they might even stack. I have a slot where I keep my oilers, and a similar home for pith wood, so I don't really need it to do anything more than keep oil contained and clean. Personally, I don't have a dedicated watchmaking bench, and things need to clean up and stash away in a reasonable manner. Something that permanently lives on the desktop is a negative.

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