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  1. I'm in the process of building my own out of an old ATX PC power supply. I would be interested in the specs of the purpose built item to see how close they are to my DIY efforts.
  2. Reading what the OP has written it seems that the question is about removing the balance/hair spring complete from the balance cock, not the hair spring from the balance. This is an Etachron type system in which the stud is a friction fit between the two prongs of the stud carrier fork. I have to confess that as yet I haven't played with one of these as most of watches I work on pre-date Etachron, however I believe that you just push the stud out of the fork, carefully so as not to damage anything. Obviously your new balance complete has to have the Etachron style stud, and again, I
  3. It's called Rodico. Most supply houses will be able to supply it.
  4. Not with any certainty I'm afraid. If it was mine I would be inclined to do a bit of careful exploration with a case back knife to see if it could be safely lifted.
  5. I know for a fact that Tissot has produced some front loaders with one piece stems. I had a Sea Star Seven front loader on which the dial feet were a friction fit into the movement so once the crystal was out of the way the dial could be lifted off. The keyless works then had to be disassembled to remove the stem so that the movement could come out the front.
  6. I have worked on a lot of Russian watches over the years and have to say that I have generally been fairly impressed by the mechanics, but disappointed by the cases and dials. As far as the movements are concerned, these were often to be found in relatively low value watches here in the UK. One of the best examples that I can think of was the Raketa 2609.HA in a chrome or gold plated snap back case re-branded as Sekonda in the 1970's and '80's. One of their advertising tag lines was "beware of expensive imitations", and they would point out that you could get a complete new Sekonda for th
  7. So far I have managed to work it out on the Seiko's that I have worked on but I believe there is a case parts reference guide that has been shared on here before. I'm not sure whom by but I have a feeling that it may have been @jdm. (My apologies @jdm id I have got that wrong).
  8. You have to remove the bezel before you remove the crystal. The bezel actually clamps the crystal in place, if you try to push off the crystal with the bezel in place the result is what you now have.
  9. Very true, I think also the angle of the shot may make things look out of shape when they're not.
  10. You might also want to have a look at the hair spring geometry to see if you can get it a bit more concentric.
  11. I don't know that Seiko has ever used anything other than Seiko movements, but definitely not in a case marked 6309. What you have is "bitsa" watch cobbled together out of parts that were not originally intended to go together, or as @jdm says a "Frankenwatch". There are a variety of sources on the internet where technical information can be found. Cousins has a good selection, as does The Watch Guy , and many of us on here have accumulated data over the years that may not be found via a Google search, so it's always worth asking if you otherwise draw a blank. Mostly what you will find
  12. Christian AKA "The Watch Guy" seems to be quite enjoying himself with his CNC set-up and managing to get watch parts out of it for under £800 including shipping. https://watchguy.co.uk/a-new-era/#more-13796 https://watchguy.co.uk/cnc-machine-saves-a-prince/ I guess it depends on what parts you want to make. It seems that wheels are proving a bit more challenging but not impossible. https://watchguy.co.uk/cnc-update/ https://watchguy.co.uk/one-step-closer/
  13. Nice one John. It's a nice watch with a good English movement. Rather a shame that Smiths got out of the watch industry.
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