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  1. There appears to be a seconds hand pinion in the middle of the minute hand hub, and the movement shows a cock and tension spring for a center seconds pinion. No. You can measure the end of the pinion with a micrometer to determine the correct size. No. You will need the correct stem for this movement, which may be common to other FHF calibers in the same family, but very unlikely to be common with any ETA stems. If there is enough thread left on the broken stem you could use a stem extender. Cousins certainly seem to have a comprehensive stock of FHF70 parts.
  2. Not a 6431 either, check the layout of the crown wheel, ratchet wheel , and click.
  3. Definitely not a UT6497, the train layout is completely wrong for a stem at 12 and a sub-seconds at 6. Not a UT6498 either as although the bridge shapes are very close, the layout of the Crown wheel, ratchet wheel, and the click is wrong. I suspect that it's not big enough for either of these calibers too as they are 16.5'''. I think it is UT though, possibly a 196, 197, 198, or 199, which are either 10.5''' or 11.5'''.
  4. Is it available with an exhibition back?
  5. Have a look at this site run by Christian Dannemann "The Watch Guy". I believe that it is available for anyone to use.
  6. I know that "Double Red" Sea Dwellers are super rare and super collectible but given the state of this dial is this just a little on the optimistic side? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rolex-Sea-Dweller-Double-Red-1665-Dial-Damaged-Spares-Or-Repair/284083472692?hash=item4224b1c934:g:1l4AAOSw3zJfrwnN Describing it as "damaged" seems to be a little bit of an understatement, and given the total lack of red paint (and almost total lack of any paint) it's hard to see how the claim to be a "Double Red" can be substantiated. I'm absolutely no Rolex officionado so maybe those in the
  7. It looks like Cousins has a comprehensive stock.
  8. Checking images online it would appear that the date window should be printed (like yours) rather than embossed. It would also appear though that the dial code is normally printed inside the minute track either side of the 6 o'clock index, not outside the minute track as your is.
  9. This may help to clarify things
  10. @AndyHull I jest of course.... I admire your optimism and enthusiasm in even contemplating such a hair spring. I would go so far as to suggest that the two halves may be successfully reunited using a granny knot with no noticeable detrimental impact on its current performance.
  11. Looks like @rodabod has a match for you. As you didn't take it apart you might not be aware so to help avoid confusion, the crown wheel screw is likely (but not guaranteed) to be a left hand thread. And the attached file will help with terminology.TZIllustratedGlossary.pdf
  12. An interesting little puzzle for you to solve indeed. A quick once over of your pic suggests that you may be missing the set lever and set lever screw but they may be hiding, otherwise it looks like everything else is there, including quite a lot of dead wild life!!! A close scrutiny of the main plate would be a good idea to try and find any identifying marks to assist sourcing any bits that need to be found, also check that the balance pivots (and indeed all of the pivots) are intact. As this is a manual winding movement you don't need to grease the barrel wall, in fact leave t
  13. I trust that you do have a lottery ticket for tonight? I thought the 9ct Rotary was a lucky find in a £6.50 job lot, but if that pocket watch does turn out to be a solid gold case too then...... well just WOW!!!!!
  14. More like 9ct gold. Very nice score indeed!!!!!
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