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  1. I think the Lorsa 8FA is our winner! Neat! I agree with the lack of anything "Swiss" anywhere on it, and looks like I was right about the French looking shock spring. This will be interesting. The movement pictured is the one that's not supposed to be working, and is out of the one watch that's not quite like the others. I have no reason to believe the others won't have the same movement. <$2 for a French watch is pretty solid. Let's see how things shake out. Work is done for the day, time to start hunting for more "494 Club" fodder!
  2. I'll be. I thought it wasn't quryable, but it looks like it might be! If only my sub-dialup internet connection will allow me to try to use it... I was as liberal as possible with my query, and got zero results. No idea if that's what the database actually spit out, or it there's an error on one end or the other... http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&FE_163 Super close, but still some minor differences...
  3. Like I said, seems to be based only on optimism or ignorance. The dials say "Wolmor" and "antichoc", and there's something stamped under the balance. You'd think in 2020 there'd be a pictorial database somewhere with a variety of search metrics... This is a mystery indeed, and I guess it'll stay that way for however long it takes something to traverse half the planet during a worldwide pandemic. Based on my recent experiences from China and Switzerland (both have been in transit for over a month with no end in sight), it'll take a long long time...
  4. @Marc & @AndyHull There is something stamped under the balance, but it's not legible at the available resolution. Looking at the Chaika 1301 movement, it's similar, but not quite... The barrel bridge extends out over the balance and the click is different (seems to be coming from beneath at 90° rather than the Chaika's more conventional co-planar arrangement), and the train is laid out differently. Mayhap it's one of the referenced variants? Is there that much variation within what would be considered a specific movement like that? The seller states that it's Swiss, but I have no idea what that's based on other than optimism or ignorance. @AndyHull As a former Rails web-dev (now on the hardware side), that's what came to mind. It's a high/low bar to try to achieve/slide under. I feel like it's one of those challenges you occasionally see in the more geeky corners of the internet. With luthiery, there's the "backyard challenge" where you have to build an instrument using only wood from within 50 miles of your home. With cars, it's LeMons; endurance racing with a $500 budget (excluding safety equipment) and a lot of making up for shortcomings with pageantry. And now with watches, there's "the 404 club" or the US chapter would be the "494 club" depending on exchange rates...
  5. @AndyHull, where did the number come from? You're the first I see of it back at the beginning of this thread, but it reads like it comes from elsewhere. @FLwatchguy73, you got a watch recently for more than $4.04, but less than the $4.94 at the current currency conversion rate. You lamented at the time that it wasn't quite a "404 Club" score, but I figured with the conversion it likely was. I looked up the current market rate, and that's what got me digging in this direction. It's definitely bottom feeding. The listing was out of Israel, the watches are "from a watchmaker's estate", and the fact that several still have stickers on the back give me hope that they're actually in good condition, just need the silver refreshed, and a very light service. I can't identify the movement at all, but I feel like a 17J movement from the 70s in a watch like this has more promise than one from today (which would certainly be Chinese with no hope of finding parts). At less than $2/ea to my door, it'll be awfully hard to go wrong...
  6. There's a mark under the balance, but I can't make it out in the photo. It's the similar, but not quite the same watch at the top of the above photo based on the corners of the case, and I assume the rest are similar. The finish is odd, and that shock spring looks like one I keep seeing on French movements. Any ideas? https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/XYkAAOSwh~xd3qFJ/s-l1600.jpg
  7. Well... You guys got me inspired. You may be onto something with this "404 club" thing. I've been casually trolling eBay the past few evenings, and thought I'd give it a shot. I converted £4.04 to USD ($4.94), and started tossing around throwaway "Best Offer(s)". I actually scored one, and not even one but seven! A lot of 6 identical, and a seventh very very similar watches with 17J manual wind movements. They look like the cases are silver plated (no photos of where any telling marks might be found, so I'm going with plated) and thoroughly tarnished. What's more, they look mostly NOS and unworn; some still have bits of sticker on the back. No idea what the movement is, but I figure if I can't get at least most of them up and running and sold to make a few bucks for the next "404 club" buy, I'm doing something very very wrong.
  8. Is this in a particular position? I think (and I'm still pretty new at this) it looks like the balance or hair spring are hitting/rubbing on something. For it to register as beat error, I imagine the timegrapher would have to have seen a fairly sharp noise, so I'd suspect hitting rather than rubbing. However, I think hitting would be more likely to make it run fast than slow, whereas rubbing would be more likely to slow it down. This is where it'd be nice if the timegrapher gave you the actual audio/trace rather than a beep/click. Check end play, and remove the balance cock/bridge to see if there are any tattle tale marks where it's hitting/rubbing.
  9. Cool deal. Different seller. Thanks for the intel.
  10. I measured it out, but the measurements didn't line up with anything out of the Incabloc catalog. I took a step back, and assumed I was simply having a hard time getting a good measurement on such a small and flexible piece, and thought maybe I could approach it from the angle of seeing what would have come with whatever movement it was based on. Once I realized it was a Chinese original, I pretty much figured I was screwed. I placed my orders for everything else, and I guess it's just going back to the "art" bucket. My order from Switzerland finally made it to Queens, so hopefully I'll be moving on to movements worth buying parts for soon.
  11. It's a Chinese "13767", which is a version of the "Chinese Standard Movement". I found it elsewhere down to the faint star on the rotor. Still no idea what size the Incabloc springs are though.
  12. I am ordering some things, and thought I'd try again to get this guy back on the road. The Incabloc springs fell out, and I broke one trying to get it back in. I tried micing it, but what I'm getting doesn't line up with any of the springs I see on the Incabloc parts chart. I was hoping to back door it by seeing if I can figure out what setting the movement it's based on is supposed to have, but I can't figure out what the movement is. The only markings are a faint "+ -" on the balance cock, and a star on the rotor (pictured, but difficult to see) that was under a decorative plate.
  13. Are you saying the Witschi and the Weishi are producing similarly variable results like Vacherin said he was seeing, but the Weishi might be slightly worse?
  14. What if you take the watch off, restart, then remount? There may be a calibration routine running on start that's not obvious, and having a watch mounted isn't controlled for. I can easily imagine they cheaped out on the mic, stand, preamp, etc. such that it's noisy and there's some code running on start to compensate for that. A few lines of code is usually cheaper than a thousand upgraded components.
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