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  1. Car guy question: Where does one acquire actual Fordite? I didn't realize it was publicly available.
  2. That looks like a solid win! I need to find something better than my clip-on loupes... I've realized it's a pretty serious limitation. $30 is a helluva deal too... I just checked eBay: $1K+
  3. Definitely different from the coaxial escapement. One of the big issues Daniels had with getting the coaxial ready for mass production was alignment of the two escape wheels (Smith, his protege, addressed this by making a more three dimensional wheel that is indexed during manufacture). This solves that, making it easier to mass produce. It reintroduces some sliding friction though, as the last jewel on the escape pallet is a fairly conventional geometry with a Swiss lever-like impulse face. Not only is that sliding friction itself a bit of a compromise, but the lubrication requirements also r
  4. "Will fit Bulova movement" Does that mean it doesn't actually have a Bulova movement, but could if you were to track one down? What's that about?
  5. Yeah. That's really where I'm at. I bought the Chinese amplifier because I was buying something else from the same Ali-X seller, shipping would combine, and it was super cheap. I figured it was worth throwing a few dollars at for giggles. I also bought some USB adapters at the same time.
  6. So the contention is that it's free to use the advanced members section, or that people will be looking for free tools/parts, or ___?
  7. What? Seems I missed the kerfuffle... I thought it was a great idea. Bummer.
  8. The reason I called Bulova in the first place was because I needed a warranty repair on the one and only new watch I've ever owned. It was a silly and obvious repair (four case screws came loose), but being the sort of person that takes up this sort of hobby, it's rare I own things with warranties, and I wanted to preserve it. Part of Bulova's moving means that inventory is moving, and they're not set up yet. As a result, any Bulova specific anything is delayed out many months right now. A bit crazy. My watch was from back when Bulova got a new CEO ca. 2014 and he tried to move the brand
  9. I'm not old enough for old computer modems or desk phones (I grew up with them, but never had one around as an adult), so no luck there. I went through all the wall warts I could find though, and no dice there either. I'll just have to add one to my next DigiKey/Mouser/whatever order.
  10. Awesome! Glad you were able to get something to fit it.
  11. 3 1/2 more. $4.50 + $5.something shipping all together. No movement shots, and they showed up in a BestFit baggie, so either another watchmaker couldn't salvage them (in which case I'm doomed) or couldn't be bothered. The Rouon is missing a stem, and no idea if it does anything yet. I got one of the other two to tick briefly. That's all that can be said for signs of life. Yet another Baumgartner 866 though... Popular indeed! Parts watch for the other at a minimum. I'll probably stop torturing my French victims for a while (they're actually kinda nice), and focus on thes
  12. NueceJoe got it. The stud is friction fit in a fork with a bit of a detent. It pops out the side. Not always easily. Be careful, because it can try to pivot instead of slide, and the hairspring gets borked (guess how I know). It may vary from watch to watch, but on the one I worked on (broke), it was extremely stiff and took an uncomfortable amount of force to get it out.
  13. I just sold my old military truck to yet another Lockheed guy. Can't throw a rock around here... Edit: To finish the colloquialism for the non-American (I'm assuming) English speakers ...without hitting a Lockheed engineer. (The saying is, "you can't throw a rock without hitting a _____" meaning there are a lot of _____ everywhere).
  14. I got the little four piece aluminum set we talked about earlier, and two of those urea plastic oil cups. I have five oils/greases, but I haven't really bothered putting two of them in the cups since they're used so infrequently, so one of the cups would have been sufficient. They're only $3 or so apiece, and the urea plastic is really hard stuff. It "tinks" like glass or ceramic or something. Feels like it'd shatter if you dropped it on a hard floor, but in a good way. I was expecting something like ABS. They were recommended by someone on here. All that is to say, you COULD spend $180 on an
  15. https://media3.giphy.com/media/3o72F8t9TDi2xVnxOE/giphy.gif It does want a 12V[b]AC[/b] supply... I'm so used to DC supplies that it didn't register... I just assumed they were relying on a DC power supply for rectification to cut part count and costs, and the doubler never registered in my mind as needing AC... There was exactly a sum total of 0 documentation with the thing, and the ad copy was just bad chinglish. I tried to find a schematic for this particular amplifier, but never quite found one that matched what was in front of me. OK... So maybe the first step here is to find a suita
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