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  1. From the pictures it looks like the stem is missing, not just the crown so yes, there is a good chance the setting lever is broken. A quick google search found these 2 watch repair shops close to you. https://www.ukwatchrepairer.uk/ http://www.exactawatches.com/ Note, I have no affiliations with these watchmakers and cannot vouch for their service.
  2. Print at 0.1mm. No supports if your printer is good a bridging. The bering is a standard 12mm hole, 24mm diameter, 6mm height. You may need to put a small paper shim above the bering to bring it flush with the bottom of the mid section. It depends on how good your printer is at bridges / supports. Tell me how you got on. TweezerStandTop.stlTweezerStandBase.stlTweezerStandMid.stl
  3. @richy170where abouts do you live?
  4. I don't see any radio buttons or submit button. Tried on Chrome, Edge and IE.
  5. @MilRobWhat do you do for a living? Electrical engineer? MRI scanner operator? Compass manufacturer? Live on a ley line? All joking aside it may be worth carrying around a small compass to see if anything in your environment is causing strong magnetic fields.
  6. Why did you send a Hublot watch to TAG? Am I missing something?
  7. So I get that the notches in the side are to measure the mainspring height, and that you can use the depressions in the centre to fit arbours. But what are the numbers for the barrels? It's obviously a sizing guide but what are the units? I think I have a number 3!
  8. Nothing really special this but I'm very pleased with the result. I picked up this non runner for £25. I like Smiths watches and have a few of them. It was particularly dirty. Bakelite? Water had got in through the crown and rusted a few parts. Most of the parts cleaned up really well but I had to replace the setting lever. I dug out my spare parts for this movement and found some industrious previous watchmaker had done this. No matter, I staked the post out of my rusty one and staked it into this one. Here we are all cleaned
  9. My interest in watches was sparked when I bought a birth year (and month) watch off ebay only to find it didn't work. I rang a few watch repairers and they quoted me about £300. No way was I spending £300, the robbing ********. So, one year later and £4,000 worth of tools I finally fixed my watch. Who's laughing now eh?
  10. That's where my upbringing differs, Dad always said "If in doubt, give it a clout".
  11. My father always taught me "Pick the right tool for the job". But my favorite quote is "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".
  12. I had the same problem. The catalogs and codes really don't help. I ended up buying 1 of each type in a similar size so that I could see for myself what the differences were. They don't cost much and it's good stock to have.
  13. I did a similar thing with LED strips. I'm also showing you my setup since I've just finished rearranging everything and it will never look this clean again! I'm still playing with the placement of the scope but eventually I'll mount it directly to the bench and get rid of the heavy base.
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