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  1. You'll find lots of different opinion about cleaning and which fluids to use. Here are some points that may help you. Lighter fluid is pretty much like One-Dip except one-dip is pure, won't leave a residue and is expensive. I keep 2 glass bottles of lighter fluid (actually Renata Essence). One for cleaning, one for rinsing. When the first bottle starts to look dirty (maybe after cleaning 5 movements) I empty it (responsibly) and use the rinse bottle as my clean bottle and make up a new rinse bottle. I would soak parts in the first bottle for 5 minutes while agitating it
  2. Sorry to hijack this thread. I've got an old project CYMA R.421 that I've been trying to find a part for for a few months. Perhaps this is based on an ETA? Where is a good place to find out?
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a Rego 2125 which has a riveted date wheel and spring that I'm not sure how to remove (or if I should even try). One problem is that it's stopping the minute wheel (from what I can tell the minute wheel and cannon pinion are one part) from being removed. I can clean this all as one but then I doubt I'll be able to oil it effectively. Any thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks, Ash.
  4. Hi all, I've got this pocket watch and I can't get the back off. From my research it's a screw back. The front screws off nicely but the back is stuck. I've applied quite a bit of force but any more and I'll break the stem. I've searched the forums and seen some people use hot glue, and WD40. I don't have got glue but will try WD40 later. Any other tips or suggestions? There are no grooves or hinges at any point on the case. Many thanks, Ash.
  5. Yeah, I thought the pivot was broken, it looks a bit short. I will use this broken part to practice on. Not to derail my original question, but by peen do you mean hit it with a staking set to close the hole a little? If so, which stake would you use?
  6. Hi all, I have an EB 8800 on the bench and the third wheel has broken. I see from the service sheet that this piece comes in two flavors. But I don't know which one I need. Cousins have them both in stock and listed as... Third Wheel ( 210 ), EB 8800 Third Wheel, Upper Conical Pivot ( 217 ), EB 8800 Any ideas how I could find out? I would hazard a guess that I need 217 as the remaining pivot I can see has a conical end? Many thanks, Ash.
  7. I also got a Chinese oiler, the 1A. I've only used it once so far and it was perfect. I don't have your problem where the oil keeps flowing, it deposits the same amount of oil each time.
  8. Yeah, I bought my set before I knew what I was doing. Everyone was telling me not to hand wind so I bought the only set I could afford. I've never been able to use them as they're always just the wrong size for what I want. I'm sure at some point down the line I'll get some use out of them.
  9. Hey all, I have an EB 1199 where the regulator boot is fouling the balance wheel in dial up position. The balance pivots look good, certainly the end shake isn't excessive. Note, this picture is in dial down position but circled in red is where it fouls. I noticed during disassembly (how could you miss) that a previous watchmaker had shimmed the cock at some point. I don't see how this would help? Any ideas? Was the shim there to tilt the cock so that the regulator boot would be further away? That sounds nasty. This was a total non runner when I star
  10. Love this answer but if that's so, why are there 2 of them?
  11. I often think of the planck length as the pixel resolution of reality. It lays some interesting thoughts about our universe being a vast simulation by a super alien race. There are ongoing experiments to try to discover if we are in fact in a simulation...
  12. I loved MongoDB, used it for a game years ago. Now all my work is in Go on AppEngine. I started out writing games for the SNES and MegaDrive in asm. Technology sure has moved quickly (or I'm underestimating how old I am).
  13. Cousins have 2 listed, an ST6D1 at 19.8mm and a ST6D3 at 26mm https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/chinese-movement-list I guess you're looking for the D2 at 23mm?
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