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  1. Hey all, I have an EB 1199 where the regulator boot is fouling the balance wheel in dial up position. The balance pivots look good, certainly the end shake isn't excessive. Note, this picture is in dial down position but circled in red is where it fouls. I noticed during disassembly (how could you miss) that a previous watchmaker had shimmed the cock at some point. I don't see how this would help? Any ideas? Was the shim there to tilt the cock so that the regulator boot would be further away? That sounds nasty. This was a total non runner when I started.
  2. I often think of the planck length as the pixel resolution of reality. It lays some interesting thoughts about our universe being a vast simulation by a super alien race. There are ongoing experiments to try to discover if we are in fact in a simulation...
  3. I loved MongoDB, used it for a game years ago. Now all my work is in Go on AppEngine. I started out writing games for the SNES and MegaDrive in asm. Technology sure has moved quickly (or I'm underestimating how old I am).
  4. Cousins have 2 listed, an ST6D1 at 19.8mm and a ST6D3 at 26mm https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/chinese-movement-list I guess you're looking for the D2 at 23mm?
  5. @VWatchie Interesting that you managed to price match with AliX. How much did you get them down to? I paid £77 for my set.
  6. @VWatchie Sorry, I was really busy at work yesterday and only just saw your request. The inner handle diameter is 11.76 but I measured the outer winder diameter at 11.8. I guess my measuring skills need some work!
  7. Me too, I'm really looking forward to part 4. @Mark any news you could share with us please?
  8. Here are the mainspring winder sizes. Caliber Barrel Arbor 2000 7.34 1.63 2671 7.35 1.65 2235 8.04 1.80 8500-1 9.30 1.90 8500-2 9.30 2.28 8200 9.91 2.65 C07111 10.90 1.50 3135/2824 10.91 2.44 2892/2836 10.90 2.44 7750 12.00 2.73 Notes: Accurate to +/- 0.02 2000 and 2671 differ by winding direction 3135 and 2892 differ by arbor shape, 3135 has a cut out section and 2892 does not, I have no ideas why.
  9. @matabog The theory is that If the arbor is too small to catch the hook you can carefully shaped the first turn to make it tighter. I've not had any success with this as I've always chickened out in fear of breaking the spring and hand wound.
  10. @VWatchie I have this set of Chinese winders. They're appear to be very well made. However, they are not a general set and I've not yet actually been able to use them on anything (despite trying to reshape the mainspring hook to fit the arbor). I will measure them for you if you still want. For barrel dimensions, do you want inner or outer or both? I've been planning on 3d printing some winders. It's actually not hard to design a set of winders that allow you to use any barrel size with any arbor size + adjustments for spring height. Once I've finalised the design I may get them printed in metal or find someone that could turn them for me.
  11. Or the extended pivot is broken in the cannon pinion.
  12. I'm working on our pool table. The wife isn't happy.
  13. I think my problem is that I'm coming at it as a complete novice. For example... I get that high dome is higher than low dome, but I'm looking at the old glass and don't know which it is, I have no reference point. For acrylic glass my chooses are... N, Ordinarily domed HW, Highly-domed, extra strong HWS, Highly-domed, with step HH, Extremely highly domed M, Slightly domed NB, Ordinarily domed (Again?) HB, Highly domed I suppose the best way would be for me to buy one of each and compare them myself. Then looking at my case, there is a metal ring, not a tension ring, it has markers on it (reflector ring?) and a plastic gasket(?) but I don't think the glass fit into it, rather sat on top of it. It's all very confusing. I guess I've not seen enough watches to work out what I need. So I'm looking for a document or handy guide to the basics of glass replacement and if I can't find my answers there then I'll have you ask you kind lot of friendly people. Perhaps I should start a document myself to help the next person that comes along...
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