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  1. Hi there. from Jules Borel , ETA 2836-2 DATE DIAL, CURVED 02557.2836.B .You can put a 2836 date disk on a 2824 but cannot put a 2824 date disk on a 2836 .The 2824 date disk part number is 2556 and 2836 date disk part number is 2557.The 2836 one is more versatile of the two, being able to fit both movements, but on a 2824 it will not change instantly like the 2836. Hope this helps .Or you can send it of to dial restorer.Here is a link to the date disk http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=e[bHYJ
  2. This guys onto it ,raised to arm pits ,some tools well balanced ,someone following picking up screws ,jewels ,springs ,and presto a mobile watch repair bench
  3. Hi there here is a couple for you https://www.mastersintime.com/us/en/citizen-stainless-steel-bracelet-59-s07192.htm and https://www.watch.co.uk/citizen-stainless-steel-bracelet-59-s07192.htm you may have to wait a while but they are back in stock soon and you can order one . Hope this helps you
  4. Hi all ,here is another source of technical guides http://guides.mccawcompany.com/ hope this helps somebody
  5. Have you checked around the internet for nos dial .If you can post a pic and give us a look,Even a decent second hand one will be sufficient ,you never know your luck
  6. Hi Joey , there are quite a few dial restorers on the internet around the world depending where you live ,it takes around 5 weeks and costs around 100 to 250 usd .Most of them have been around for a while and do vintage watches .I have used http://watchdialrestoresydney.weebly.com/ on a 1949 bulova treasurer some time ago .I had the dial restored because the rest of the watch was like brand new and the crappy dial did not suit it .It could hardly be read .Same as yours .They did a great job .On saying that I have only the one dial done as it is quite expensive so unless the watch is of sentimental value I would be very thoughtful in considering ,collectors like as is watches as they hold more value being original .Hope this helps
  7. Hi there , to post a picture or video you have made if you look at the bottom of the post you are writing you will see drag files here to attach ,or choose files .If you are on your pc and have the footage on your pc.Click on choose files , you can select from a window of your files which will appear .If you are on your phone the same applies just select the files from your phone and they will upload . The insert media on the bottom right of the page is for selecting web pages to attach.Hope this helps
  8. Probably a good idea to regularly check your national and local government websites for the latest developments relative to your location
  9. Hi all maybe a face mask and hand sanitizer can be added to our collection of timepiece repair tools ???
  10. Hi Mr jdm , some segments of society and behaviors of groups are not affected yet . but it only takes one and hundreds will be effected I would encourage the younger and everyone to minimise the risk . Not everyone recovers and we are not all the same ,and don't forget the financial side of things the world will take a long time to recover if at all.Face masks do little if anything to stop the virus as it can live on metal surfaces for up to 3 days .And it's all just begun That's where you need to protect yourself . Please take care of yourself and your family......
  11. I had a look through my literature ,unfortunately nothing there .Looks like it's time to think out of the square . With out of the square problems ,it involves a lot of staring into the movement and concentration. sounds like something is misaligned in the escapement
  12. Hello everyone ,please take care and look after yourselves and families as the world wide lockdowns continue I hear the rattling noises of screwdrivers and parts as we all pull out the watches we were going to do one day.Remember none of us are invincible https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
  13. Hi there , just a thought have you checked end shake and side shake of the balance wheel .There maybe a damaged upper or lower jewel setting .Maybe banking pins need adjustment. Do you have a microscope ? I will have a look through my literature and see what I come up with .That is a great watch by the way.......... Cousins have this on there website https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/category/valjoux-movement-parts .Once I came across a similar problem with a movement and it turned out to be a slightly bent plate around the balance wheel area . What a nightmare that was ,anyway just a thought .
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