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  1. Hi there apparently the release is on the plate below the looped lever and gets pressed down and towards the outside of the case to release the stem, try that.
  2. Hi there, you have probably seen this "Rolex Lubrication" http://www.horologist.com/rolex_lubrication.htm. This is lubrication charts. It won't tell you anything about epilame, just how to lubricate. Epilame will stop oil travelling over time. Yes rolex are special and care must be taken when cleaning and lubricating. But really that goes with all watches I guess especially if they belong to someone else. Cheers
  3. Hi Wallace , this is a piece from the above link "( Because watchmakers with old school training or experience are familiar with oiling old school reversers like those in an Omega 550 or ETA 2824, they think Epilame is some sort of dry lubricant. This is not correct at all ,Epilame is fundamental to proper functioning of the Rolex style reversers because their click systems in the reverser have only one pivot while the other side of the click rests flat against the inside of the reverser. Should oil find its way to this spot the reverser will fail to function properly.)" I don't think you woul
  4. Hi there Rolex reversers come pre-treated with it but I always re-treat after they're clean. I use it on Rolex seconds wheels so the oil doesn't spread up the shaft, on pallet jewels, and on escape wheels The escape wheel and pallet are dropped in a small container of epilame and allowed to soak for 3 or 4 minutes. The parts are removed and dried with warm air for several seconds , assemble the watch, oil the train and balance jewels, and let the watch run for 10 minutes or so , remove the balance and apply a very small drop of Moebius 9415 to the surface of the exit pallet jewel and reinst
  5. Did you know that at the time radium was the most valuable substance on Earth, selling for $120,000 for a single gram—$2.2 million at today's value ,just a bit of trivia.
  6. Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking
  7. Hi, when the chronograph is stopped the hour recording wheel is braked by a stop lever and spring maybe the spring is bent or eccentric pin not in the correct position. You may have to remove calendar plate to further investigate Are you servicing this watch or just investigating the above problem? Hope this helps.
  8. Hi all ,a new study from the good folks at the University of Northampton has shown that we all forgot one essential fact: radium decays to radioactive radon GAS, which is readily inhaled and will in sufficient doses significantly increase the risk of lung cancer. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA after cigarette smoking; the EPA estimates that radon is responsible for about 21,000 cancer deaths annually. but it seems that logical steps to take might include considering ventilation issues, and investing in a radon detector for the room in which you keep your collectio
  9. I agree with oldhippy and google ,look what what happens when you go cheap
  10. Hi there ,The center wheel drives the pinion of the third wheel, and the third wheel drives the pinion of the fourth wheel. Rearrange the wheels until you get this happening. Then put the bridge on and have a look .It can be a bit of a false reading without the bridge as the wheels jump around and lean into other wheels where they shouldn't if you try to test them without them in their pivots hope this helps
  11. Hi there LittleWatchShop they have got to sit there for 100 umpteen years
  12. Hi there Vwatchie don't you hate that, do you have a jeweling press if so work away with have to keep the plate level and stable, leaving enough room for the center wheel , then press the center wheel out through the cannon pinion gently .This way you wont damage your hour wheel or center wheel ,there is nowhere to grab the hour wheel .Then maybe you will have the hour wheel stuck to the cannon pinion which can be removed with your stacking set .This has worked for me .Great photos by the way
  13. Hi there Vwatchie ,my that is excellent work ,your photography is crisp and shows how clean that movement is . Thanks for taking the time to display . Cheers Graziano
  14. Hi there John, probably a good idea for collectors and repair people of vintage watches to have a look through their collections or parts containers and remove radiation and place in a contained storage box before other damage is done to the young over time ,or your good watches that have been sitting next to it for years.
  15. You could try this use a small oiler and draw the paint on or head over to http://www.ofrei.com/page501.html they have different colors as well
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