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  1. Use some rodico on springs or anything you suspect might launch into eternity before releasing tension or unscrewing. Best of luck.
  2. Hello Richard1963, my suggestion to you would be to use this movement and learn the basics and practise all other aspects such as disassembly and assembly and oiling and using your tools such as tweezers and screw drivers. The hands and hour wheel are not a great worry. Once your happy start getting some vintage watches and pull them down and you will learn how to take the dial, hands and hour wheel off. Slow and steady is the way. Hope this helps.
  3. Hello everyone, I keep finding this 70s ladies pocket watch in my junk heap so to stop it appearing everytime I have a dig I thought I would get it going. A new mainspring and balance staff and clean, and a lot of love and a little bit of oil, and bingo. I haven't timed it yet I just wanted to get it out of my junk heap. Now it's sitting in collection. What do you think? VID_20201118_162745.mp4
  4. Hi there Mr jdrichard it is a brilliant holder, let me know what you think when you try it out. Did you get the complete set of sides? There should be 4 pairs. Holds all size and shape movements. Yabbadabbadoooo!
  5. Yes it does, I had a look in the official catalogue of Swiss watch repair parts and there is nothing on oriental watches, Mmmmm.
  6. I noticed there is a lot of Oriental watches on ebay from Italy, expensive too. But very nice.
  7. Hi there Mr JohnR725 yes and are very hard to get back on correct to time,and synced. If the watch has not been serviced or repaired then there should be no reason to take the hands off. It should be able to be done via settings. And if it's solar powered, the dials are brittle as I have no doubt you would already know. I see this one is kenetic
  8. Hi, I am certain that this these settings can be individually adjusted unless someone has already played with the hands. Maybe the watch was repaired at some stage. Anyway you could remove hands and replace at the right adjustment. Take a photo of what you do in case your not happy with result. Also be very careful of the dial on these seikos do not apply pressure between 9 and 3 hope this helps.
  9. Hi there MechanicMike, they say that the Elgin 328 is an st96-4 movement. I have checked on ebay and there's plenty of parts available, including what you need. Hope that helps http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?12&ranfft&0&2uswk&FHF_96_4
  10. I have found that on Chinese movements when you are removing the incabloc cap jewels you cannot move the spring back as far as a Swiss version. I just unhook and gently lift until it stops usually about a 45 degree angle and use a bit of rodico to lift jewel setting out. Of course I learnt that the hard way.
  11. Yes that's what I am talking about. As soon as you take the balance out especially ladies movements the corners of the bergeon slip into plate and it shifts around loosely. One other movement holder I use is the old marshal one with rounded plate clamps as in the photo below.
  12. This one is made in USA no ammonia it contains acidified thiourea no abrasives. But of course as with all chemicals. Handle with care.
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