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  1. Hi there all, more experimentation going on here I thought I would mix the Dilma with some superluminova c3, now I can't hide anywhere. Check me out.
  2. This may help you after you have assembled the movement
  3. Hi there, hope this helps its from ESEMBL-O-GRAF for cal 51, as nickelsilver says they are the same, pretty much.
  4. Bravo, bravo MechanicMike like you said you need an assistant if you pray to the big fella up stairs you may wake up with a 3rd arm. How good would that be!!!!!. Anyway I reckon this fellow can help you out. Well done.
  5. Hi there Jakub, this is a common problem and fixable .You can either source another seconds hand which will be aftermarket and i'm guessing you don't want to do that , or what you need to do is purchase a hand setting movement holder like this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VTA-S-501-Handsetting-Tool-for-SEIKO-6138-6139-2020-VERSION-Orange-NEW/303671613901?hash=item46b43d19cd:g:VYAAAOSwdy1dymN1 whilst setting the hand you push the reset button to center it at 12 o'clock ,however be very careful not to crack the seconds hand post . The reset button needs to be kept depressed when fitting
  6. I didn't bother with time positions it lays flat,dial up when i'm back at camp and goes in the pocket on a chain when I go to work ,But gets wound at least once every 12 to 20 hours .And when I get home I wind it every morning because it hasn't lost or gained time . I wish I could of somehow recorded its journey I suppose it's a bit like this https://wyantgroup.com/remembering-the-three-million-mile-volvo-man/
  7. Here's a little story that should put a smile on your dial https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-01/horology-reuben-schoots-handmaking-mechanical-watch/12992718
  8. Hi there Klassiker ,that watch is still on time believe it or not .I have a number of pocket watches I have spent a great deal of time on to get the same result . This watch has amazed me and goes to show that all is not as it seems . This watch has given me a soft spot for pin pallet pocket watches .
  9. Hi there WellAdjusted .Well at my workplace we are not allowed to wear wristwatches and so what I did was pick a good clean tractor (pin pallet pocket watch ) out of my collection .All i have done is I removed the movement from the case then I removed the dial and hands .Then I ran it through the ultrasonic in lighter fluid ,then in a rinse ,dried it out . Now the next bit happened out of laziness and I thought this would be a good experiment .I was getting prepared to oil the watch after checking the condition of the pivots ,end shake and so on .The movement is in very good shape .I looked ac
  10. Hi there Micheal, here's a link to a video, that should help you understand luming
  11. Hi there Murks welcome to the forum ,what are you trying to oil .show us a picture if you can .There are a lot of answers to your question .Generally speaking if your watch has jewels then mobius 9000 or 9010 or equivalent is sufficient .However if the watch has no jewels then cleaning the battery terminal is sufficient.Quartz watches have very little pressure on the train of wheels as there is no mainspring .The procedure for oiling is the same as a mechanical watch but using a lighter oil .It is handy to have the technical guide for the movement you are working on as well.Im sure others wil
  12. Hi there , sanding down the lume would make marks that may not be visible to the naked eye but would be clearly visible under magnification .Why not strive for perfection and redo the lume,after all this is what watchmaking is all about and practice makes perfect ,then you will learn the properties of applying lume.Not only that but you risk damaging other parts of the dial .If at first you don't succeed, then try again as the saying goes.Take your time and strive for perfection.After all your are doing a restoration . hope this helps ,Graziano Oh and I forgot to mention sanding the
  13. Hello Michael , I deal with Labanda on a weekly basis , and I often pop in and see Geoff who is the owner . If you want to know any information on what he sells ,he is very helpful .Just give Labanda a call and ask to speak to Geoff ,very nice fellow trust me. Hope this helps Graziano
  14. Hi VWatchie you have 3 blades to chose from, you place the blade into the snap back slot provided and push the main body into the Watch and pop goes the weasel, I mean caseback. You can also adjust the strength of the pressure applied by turning the top of body clockwise or anti clockwise. I have mine on the weakest setting as they have a lot of power on the strongest setting and I have damaged a case. But they are very good at what they are deigned for. They have a strong spring inside the main body and when pressed against the surface it goes to a certain point then bingo. Hope this he
  15. Looks like a Buren movement with the Finnish on the bridges from about the 1930s but then again anonymous Swiss ébauches (movements) made before the 1930s are not at all well documented. Catalogues of movements such as Bestfit generally only include movements made from the 1930s onwards, and usually require the movement size and the shape of the keyless mechanism cover plate. If the cover plate does not include the setting lever detent spring, it is unlikely that the movement will be listed in one of the catalogues.The really definitive "fingerprint" of a movement is the keyless mechanism, whi
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