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  1. Cousins UK has the largest and better described offer. Again I recommend that you try well if the stem stump is held and works in the module otherwise the fault problem does not end with stem and crown.
  2. You can search "dial reprint" here or on the Internet, since that's what we're talking about. Personally I would leave as it is because is very uniform and not ugly to look at, at least from the picture.
  3. OK. Are you sure you want to take this by yourself? More expeditious would be to give or ship it to a watch repair shop. Anyway, if the broken stem cannot be removed from the crown then both part will have to be replaced. And then check that the stem is held in the module correctly. Honestly all that is way beyonf the level a watch owner can do., The pic you posted is too poor to read the markings on the module. All in all, consider buying a new watch, this can probably be sold easily for parts on Ebay.
  4. Post a picture of the module to identify it. Then you can consider buy a replacement or take it apart to inspect and fix the keyless works. Check that you can still screw back stem to crown.
  5. Welcome here. Remember to post pictures with your questions in "watch repair" section. And get a modicum of basic tools in the meanwhile. A great way to learn is to enroll the training by our Host Mark: watchrepairlessons.com
  6. No problem if the watch is intended to be worn, but if it had to be sold then an expert collector or appraiser would probably be able to tell the watch has been polished and changed from the original, and raise issue before of after the transaction. I don't know if there are stamps anywhere to this effect. Collectors consider any polishing an offense to their orthodox approach.
  7. Polishing to almost perfection is relatively easy, but what value would the watch have then? I think that the value of the watch warrants exploring the chances of replating by a reputable professional.
  8. By coincidence I 've just noticed these https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/click-springs-wristwatch
  9. Not only you're late to this thread, but your chastising intervention is very out of place. Leave to us (Italians) the right to tell things as truly are in our country. Including correcting others when necessary, even if that will sound "patronizing" to your mannerism. Leave to us, the ones emotionally and practically affected, to decide the tone that we take to each other. Spare us your misplaced lecturing. I will take as you are the one which missed the encouragement to be respectful, or at least silent on this grave matter. If you have an issue with that, the report button is top right of every posting. I have my meals distribution shift today a 3pm. But no matter how spent, have all a nice day, stay safe, stay united.
  10. jdm


    You also need to remove the snap case back to access stem release.
  11. Already asked and answered below. Please don't post duplicates. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/1011-repair-michael-kors-mk3248-watch/?do=findComment&comment=127417
  12. jdm

    Omega 684

    This. And it's actually safer to regulate at the arm, as the micro screw is really too small and close to the balance rib for my taste. Regarding re-inserting the stem, first note it has no inward chamfer, so the button must be pressed. And said button may remain slightly stuck pressed down, so the calendar plate must be lifted to re-seat it. It's really beautifully built. Despite having a recent servicing mark on the case back, there was film dark on the plates, and no sign of oiling anywhere.
  13. SII main distribution (TMI) is based in Hong Kong but Seiko claims that these are made in Japan, probably thanks to their permissive regulations, for which it's enough to have Japanese directors in a foreign factory. The ones from China may come with a slightly different packaging and a Chinese day wheel. Just be careful in removing and fitting them.
  14. It happened to me today just trying to reinsert stem to a genuine ETA having the same keyless design. It is not even the simpler ,or or better designed system.
  15. This in an international forum, please post in English only.
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