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  1. There is no secret place for parts, we all do the same, search the internet.
  2. Ast most often required, you need to post a clear picture of the movement.
  3. Looks like another case where without a timegrapher picture or even a sound recording, one is left guessing.
  4. Stem P/N 354.615 can easily be bought, and also suitable crown, but for a sure repair you should give to a watch repair shop.
  5. No, as mentioned above that's not needed when working with the glass. The bezel is a separate piece just to allow a more featured shape to the watch. It is called a three parts case.
  6. Watch crystals are is removed and refitted with a crystal press. There is no need to remove the bezel for that, the glass can also be polished being left in there.
  7. I agree with OH about the problem being at the inner coil, likely is touching so the watch won't really run. I met a same one recently, I think I had lifted with spring. Mark correcting a same hairspring below A timegrapher is absolutely needed for this type of work, and as noted above this is delicate work, there is no more good availability of these balances, so unless one is absolutely able and sure it would be better to give it to a professional.
  8. You definitely need one to work on movements, much more than an expensive balance tack, which main function is to distort the hairspring. There are parameter and visual information as discussed here so many times, than no application based on the embedded microphone will ever show.
  9. Your chucks where you need them A piece of board from the recycling center. Necchi is the famous Italian sewing machines maker. Holes drilled, and posts turned from hard wood. I have few more upgrades planned for the small machine.
  10. Slight pressure and glued. Unless you like the idea of the crystal leaving at some time. The evolution from that was the tension ring and then nylon gaskets with glass crystals.
  11. To learn. Bring the work up to eye level, or sit lower. Have your forearms supported on the bench. Look at the pinions by the side with an eye piece that does not require to get too close. You will see which ones are sloped, gently bring them to the hole with fine tweezers or a toothpick. That may need to be done in a certain order. Eventually they all will go in.
  12. Plain acrylic crystals are supposed to be kept with a bit of cement. The ones that should be cement free are tension ring crystals.
  13. Should then go back there for the watchmaker then. Please post a timegrapher picture.
  14. May be good for you in the US, but normally American sellers. for one reason or another, aren't good for the rest of the world. Cousins UK has a good choice of Swiss screws (while they last) and ships at actual cost anywhere in the world. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/screws-wristwatch-movement
  15. Topic below? That is a Chinese movement, not a Seiko. For these, one could try the assortment that Cousins sells for the purpose.
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