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  1. Considering a price of $379 (Esslinger) personally I would not recommend this tool. First issue I have with it is that the bolted construction and the small pillars makes it susceptible to be bend when pressure is applied. Admittedly, that is more an issue with a press than with a case opener. And I can't see if it has a screw mechanism which holds the shaft in position when turning. Second, when you need to have significant torque applied, you will find that the next weak point becomes holding the case, this one has the four pin held plastics posts, that can be convenient to leave the band in place, but not nearly effective as tabs inserts in between lugs. Finally, the price is frankly exorbitant. Suggest that you give a look to similar tools on AliX, if not the traditional, heavy die-cast column tool you will find many others with a much better quality/price ratio. I can also point you to an high-quality press/opener combo developed by an Hong Kong company if you want.
  2. Light scratches, easy to polish. The bezel is probably impossible to find original. The rest seems good enough. I would worry more about repairing the movement, give it to a specialist, do not try yourself.
  3. Also deep scratches can be polished. For these one would start with 400 grit wet paper on a rotary tool. If you haven't done it before, you can't know how effective a given technique is, when properly done.
  4. Check this video by forum's admin Mark Lovick. Also, in most cases scratches can be polished using diamond paste, without removing the crystal.
  5. We're doing a bit of housekeeping, so you may have noticed that some postings have been moved to the correct location. If your topic is a specific repair question please post in "repairs help", otherwise use "watches & industry chat", or a specialized section as appropriate. All other topics go here. Cheers!
  6. As mentioned above already, it's a front loader, the crystal needs to be removed. Since you don't have the tools or the experience needed, I recommend that you give it to a repair shop.
  7. tag heuer

    Also. Your watch already has a sapphire crystal, front and back https://www.tagheuer.com/en/watches/link-calibre-6-automatic-watch-40-mm-wat2111-ba0950
  8. tag heuer

    You need a crystal press and few more tools to replace crystals. Your is an expensive watch, consider having the work done by a professional.
  9. The dial is larger than the case so it comes out from the front. It seems like there is a bezel to be removed.
  10. Moved as there is no specific repair question.
  11. On any posting, upvote is on the top left, like and other feedback types on the lower right.
  12. The reason why certain snap backs can't be closed by hand is that the pressure must be uniform on the entire edge, not on the center. One can try improvising shaping two pieces of wood as dies in a vice, but be careful, it is a matter of precision, not force.
  13. I suggest that you give up with this mov.t. Too many variables and chances that is bust for good. You can buy an NH36 to replace it which will have better features, and use the old one to practice.
  14. Yes, as answered above already. Note, most likely you are not installing the balance correctly. A distorted Seiko balance runs poorly, but it does run.
  15. I'm not asking you to convert but if you could straight post write-up and pictures just like all the other threads in this section, that would help immediate fruition of the content. For example with Chrome Android reading PDF file is still a two steps process. No biggie anyway, thanks.