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  1. jdrichard, I've moved this thread to the appropriate section, please take the time to select when posting.
  2. Seiko 4110-9007

    Seiko doesn't manufacture a 8-3/4‴ 2 hands only. Even the original 4110 had seconds. You could also use a VJ14 or VJ19. Date ring would not be visibile or can be removed. What has to be checked is hands arbor size and heigth.
  3. Services

    I can't tell what is wrong with the escapement, but that mainspring needs to be replaced.
  4. Seiko 4110-9007

    Also, if you get your repair person to measure hands size you could use a new SII (Seiko) VX12E. These cost only $10 or so and give a sure result compared to replace parts on an old mov.t which, in the end, may not run.
  5. Mike, indeed SSTEEL is a professional watch repairer, check his previous postings. The good advice you gave applies when the timegrapher data is unsatisfying, but here we're discussing a different, and still unproven issue.
  6. Seiko 4110-9007

    Listed price is $42.50. You need to call them, they are not the easier material house for an individual to buy a single part with oversea shipping.
  7. Seiko 4110-9007

    You can also look on Y! Japan, but may cost you more due to the need to use a buying agent.
  8. Hello from sunny Queensland

    Welcome here. You're totally correct. I won't go into the details of my experience, depressing stuff that is best left behind. Sounds great. I wouldn't mind a ride up the Gold Coast. I should be able to borrow an old Ninja for swift transport, but can I stop at your place for 2 or 7 beers and crash in the backyard? LoL.
  9. Seiko 4110-9007

    When a seller says "needs battery" you can't know if it works or not.
  10. Seiko 4110-9007

    You need a 4110 module. 9007 is the case reference. Circuits are not repairable.
  11. Seiko 7s26 parts needed

    PM with your address and I'll send you these.
  12. DPW Z 1000 Parts

    You can probably use generic parts for all these e.g. from Cousins UK.
  13. Seiko 4110-9007

    Isn't possible to get discontinues parts. At best you can find a watch with a donor movement or a new quartz module that fits.
  14. You need to verify first in person. There is a say, no head bandage before breaking it.
  15. Hello from Southern California

    How can you have an India put-together watch with an original JLC mov.t? I must assume it's a counterfeit, cheap China made one, and from the picture there are in fact some hints about that. In that case no much surprise it stops intermittently.