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  1. Which is good, now to really know how it runs, place it on a timegrapher. That makes is a big difference, especially for an high quality watch and a demanding owner. Good luck.
  2. Your sound advice may have come too late, the OP is already all-in trying to fix to his expensive watch by himself, without proper training, experience, and tools. But if seeking help from the Internet won't do the miracle it might not be too late to bring it to a reputable watchmaker to have back whole and working.
  3. Problem is, reputable and accredited watchmakers are likely to decline working on fakes. Unfortunately that is the position many people find themselves with Chinese watches that turns out to be defective before or later.
  4. That's why I was recommending you bring the watch to a repair shop. One that is totally new to watch repair can't know how things a correct and doesn't have the correct tools. However since no recommendation can prevent people from doing whatever they want to their property, here a relevant video by our Host Mark Lovick. Note that doesn't cover the extra measuring steps needed with a screw in crown.
  5. Very good. Because of the screw in crown measuring the stem before cutting is a bit more complicated. If you will want, ask here when you're ready and I'll tell you my method. I also recommend that you use a mild locking agent on the crown.
  6. I may need to correct myself. For an easy repair the crown stem must be of the threaded type and the repairer able to remove the stump from the crown - but I can't see enough about this in your picture. There are good techniques to do that, but if he won't be able to, he will want to replace the crown as well, which being of the screw on type may be difficult or impossible to find identical to the original. You might even hear about the claimed need to replace the pendant tube as well, and be given an estimate higher than the material value of the watch. Good luck.
  7. The case reference is not important, you need to look at the identification on the quartz module. For the best results I recommend you give it to a watch shop, it should not be an expensive repair.
  8. I absolutely recommend against beginners working on expensive watches, as too often that doesn't end well. Get a cheapest Chinese 7750 that one can find, once you can take it apart, clean, lubricate and have it running same or better than it came, then it will be time to move to an genuine and valuable piece.
  9. Which is good, although in my opinion replacing a curb bit is delicate work which can be beyond a beginner. Also worth to note, if one orders a balance cock, will not receive these parts, which are instead in the regulator index assembly.
  10. Not even how many turns of the barrel before the mainspring slips? Which tells if the mov.t is really fully wound, or not.
  11. Your watch has no pendant tube, so I don't see how it can be water resistant, unless you fit one. Beside that a pendant tube is needed to avoid the crown wobble and the stem bend easily. The tube is measured on the ouside diameter, to match the seal on the crown. Yes, so called waterproof, Swiss style. All assortments are very useful especially you intend to do a lot of resturations on watches that match the boxes you have. And having the right part ready to fit is a great achievement. Look the table which lists the sizes, see if there's what you need before buying. Othe
  12. Please read again my previous answer. The points that fully answer your question are in boldface.
  13. What you circled is called regulator (index), it doesn't hold or guide the hairsping but just regulate the rate by changing its effective length. This regulator has one curb pin which faces another part called boot, which can be rotated to ease the hairsping in or out. Incidentally, the pin that actually keeps the hairspring attached to the balance cock is still there, wedged between the end stud and the hairspring. The last observation is that unless you know for sure that the part can take it, never try to bend or otherwise force watch parts. A breakage is the usual result.
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