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  1. jdm

    Good bye

    JerseyMo, While I may have moved some of your topics because they aren't walk-throughs, but more like "make-overs" consisting of a single picture, e.g. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9273-timex-1971-minnie-mouse-make-over/ others were not (of course) moved, and I want to thank you for you good contribution. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9007-timex-1970-marlin-25-pulled-hairspring/ I suggest that you feel free to contact the current mods when noticing anything not of your liking on this forum, certainly you didn't do that at the time.
  2. Dear members & mods After a while doing moderation here I'm going back to be a member. I want to thank Mark for having let me work for this great forum, I wish everyone the greatest fun and success.
  3. jdm

    Good bye

    Anilv, Sorry that you're taking this so seriously over myself moving your Seiko walk-through to a temporary location until completed. It is now back to the original place, please be aware that my housekeeping wasn't meant to diminish your work in any way. If you desire to correspond on the matter with me in PM I'm always here.
  4. Moved to watch chat until completed with reassembly pictures and the final outcome.
  5. CAS 64742-89-8 is Petroleum Ether as I've been saying here since a couple of years now. https://www.chemicalbook.com/ProductChemicalPropertiesCB5248177_EN.htm Lighter fluid can be very similar but I don't think it's exactly the same. It's made to burn, not to clean
  6. You have answered your own questions, it's either Brietling authorized repair center, or no original part.
  7. jdm

    Clinton Chrono Pushers

    Well, isn't said. Cousins has low shipping rates, I guess less than $5 and 2 - 3 weeks to the US.
  8. Can you post a timegrapher (or equivalent app) picture? If you do not have one, you will need to get it.
  9. jdm

    Omega 26.5 T3

    I suggest that you put this aside for the moment at least and focus on developing your skills with other cheap movements. The same money would be better spent on tools, oil, or a subscription to Mark's HD lessons.
  10. jdm

    Hairspring Frustration

    Not never, see below. It's true that they swing less than Swiss and one has to take what they give.
  11. I think that's because it's recommended in old books like DeCarle which is then blindly followed. But since then the world has evolved and many more products have become easily available.
  12. jdm

    Hairspring Frustration

    Totally possible when you treat a Seiko HS like it was a sturdy one, with dangling, etc. You need to work on some to see what I mean. I've moved some cleaning postings to the correct thread.
  13. jdm

    Hairspring Frustration

    No, that's not the reason. Seiko hairsprings are extremely easy to get distorted, and equally difficult to correct. read below:
  14. Cousins poor shipping limitations derives probably from lack of understanding of the actual shipping regulations (which can vary from one service to another) so when in doubt they choose not to ship overseas. For example, if an UK seller can ship practically worldwide, then Cousins could as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Petroleum-Ether-80-C-100-C-500ml-Petroleum-Spirit-Shipped-Same-Day/142061406816 Note, the above is just an example, because the cost is prohibitive anyway. And if you read the description you'll find the other most common English names of what, in the end, is basically spark engine fuel. Also note, all these petrol derivatives do not dissolve shellac.
  15. Lighter fuel is made to burn easy and smell good, not to clean parts. As a direct replacement I recommend petroleum ether which is highly refined. I think I wrote this five times this week only.