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  1. There is no secret places for parts, all one can find is revealed by Internet search. Now, if you are looking for new parts for the original 7S26 watch, I don't think you can find any. And for the new 4R36 you could try having Cousins or an official Seiko dealer make an order. Anyway it would be very expensive compared to the cost of the complete watch.
  2. I was wondering myself and will jave to experiment. Good results from topic below You mean genuine Seiko? Easy to get from Cousins, but much more expensive. Check because this is a typical symptom of the HS rubbing somewhere
  3. What happens, as the OP explained, is that quick setting date works, but not advance with time. So it has to be looked at again.
  4. Personally I would just remove the most of the goo with an 1mm driver while keeping the watch face up. Then remove the module and bezel and drop the entire case in your favorite cleaner.
  5. When looking on Cousins UK isn't always needed to even know part numbers. Just go to ETA mov't parts, enter caliber, select stem on the right. And they have another section with a wide variety of crowns.
  6. I think you could use a Seiko 7N00, which is easily available. A case ring should be made or adapted, and for an economical repair the dial may be held with adhesive pads.
  7. It would be pointless and not professional to speculate without examining the piece in first person. Let the dealer accomplish his obligations and give the repairer a chance to correct the problem. You could even ask for a full refund but either way is not helpful to get stressed.
  8. Plus icon is MultiQuote to make a single reply to multiple postings, a floating button will appear bottom right. "Quote" next to it is to reply to a single posting. I all cases is good etiquette to keep quoting at the minimum needed and not include pictures in it.
  9. Problems can happen with any watch and to any watch repairer, that is why a warranty is given. You have the right to receive a piece in perfect conditions and a reputable dealer will strive to make so it happens. At this time you have nothing to worry.
  10. Leave the rotor off while fitting the mov't. You can press gently on its arbor with a wooden stick.
  11. As you mentioned the seller or manufacturer will take care of that as it is under warranty, what kind of help were you looking for?
  12. One complete watch below. https://www.maurence.eu/prodotto/seiko-6020-5040/ Otherwise you can remove to module and measure it to search for a possible replacement.
  13. As mentioned above already that won't happen because our forum owner Mark Lovick has rejected the idea since the beginning. If you want to give parts or tools away feel free to reply to who is searching, or even post a list. Otherwise you will have to list on Ebay.
  14. You will need to bring it to a competent watchmaker, an official Omega service center can be more expensive than an independent. For help locating one you can consult the websites of BHI in the UK or AWCI in the US.
  15. I didn't wrote to fit a normal module, just a normal battery in the current one, that is normally done for testing, or when the rechargeable battery can't be obtained, or when the charging part is faulty. However if it doesn't work at all you should fit an equivalent module as indicated above.
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