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  1. My pic from the archives. Now discontinued, I have two more waiting for a new dad.
  2. Yes because there are only 2 feet holes on the mov.t ring, which is common to all models.
  3. Yes, Seiko 5s are based on having a same size dial, and more.
  4. jdm

    NEED HELP - Bergeon 5700-BP

    The problem with prying manually is that as soon the tool slips - and on tight cases it does, you've got a scratch. That isn't acceptable. Some members here got an affordable Chinese tool and I think I'll get one too. There is also another hinged type, but it's all plastic and I would not recommend it.
  5. Even on a genuine Rolex fitting a non-Rolex movement would be very wrong in terms of maintaining correctness, and hence, resale value.
  6. jdm

    Need replacement seiko dial

    Not to hi-jack the thread, I took the liberty to post a picture I took of an original SKX007. It's (I believe) the most popular mechanical watch ever, and the most commonly "modded".
  7. Personally I'm impressed by both the quality of the board software and its administration work. Put simply it's miles ahead any other discussion forums I've seen - assuming they go to the effort of maintaining a website, instead of sitting on the like of Facebook.
  8. jdm

    Need replacement seiko dial

    Looks like you've got a 7S26-0020, that is an SKX007 / SKX009 "true" diver, which the Pepsi version has the last 20 minutes colored differently on the rotating bezel, to hint about usable air range. Needless to say, a colored range on dial doesn't really have a function on a diver or not, it's purely aesthetic on the so-called "speed racer" models. Suggest that you look some of the million pictures about your watch in it's original form, which in my opinion looks superb in either black or Pepsi variations. Parts to restore it can be easily found. Otherwise a brand new SNKK27 is just $64.30 on Amazon.
  9. jdm

    NEED HELP - Bergeon 5700-BP

    Which help you need exactly?
  10. Hello after a long time. To help in purchasing one, I have published a price list of the lathe and accessories sold on Ebay by sincereclocks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSWfhOjlAfpI_c1EWF8MPSKnbIVIPoIH6mxCC1nVYQPQ8cJbiwBhLc1v597F9Z_AZteVKsfJ1lZDOOe/pubhtml That is the same classic "Geneva Pattern" C0608 lathe as described on the specialized website: http://www.lathes.co.uk/chinese-watch-lathe/ Its qualities have been already been discussed here and on many other places, so all I wanted to do is to summarize the options available, using a more conventional part naming.My opinion is that the product is still overpriced in relation to its industrial cost by a good 100%, especially for some parts. For example, the 3 jaws chuck sold for $155 is a common Furda K01-50 plus adapting arbor, available elsewhere for $60. And the seller make no discount on the lathe purchase with an accessory set, howeve a 5% discount is offered if the transaction is made directly. Since the same product is also sold under the bran Vector by Boley.de, and described as "inexpensive". I've included a summary of that option. I'll make no comment on its price, but at least the wooden box looks great. In another post I'll summarize the ready choices available for getting a new micro or mini lathe.
  11. The Witschi representatives in Hong Kong are really nice people, today I visited their booth at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock fair and they gladly showed my the first ever analyzer using optical data acquisition (as well acoustic), the Wisioscope S. The balance wheel movement is captured by a lens ans sendors, that works even the movement is in a plastic case. After processing it's displayed together with the audio in an "overlapped" format using different colors for the two channels. In an another display mode (I suppose there are even more) the display shows frame-by-frame images from the high-speed camera for visual analysis, I suppose to diagnose issue like pallets depth, lift angle. The machine is hence able to accurately display the latter for any watch mov.t. The apparatus is meant for manufacturer's R&D centers, and cost in excess of 10,000 CHF. The other new product is their PC-based timegrapher, called CronoMaster. Sorry, no pictures for this one, physically it consist of a nice multi-position mic with USB interface for a Windows PC or tablet. I haven't played much it but it looked nice enough. Full specs and screenshots on their websites. Cost is about 2,000 CHF.
  12. jdm

    Good bye

    JerseyMo, While I may have moved some of your topics because they aren't walk-throughs, but more like "make-overs" consisting of a single picture, e.g. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9273-timex-1971-minnie-mouse-make-over/ others were not (of course) moved, and I want to thank you for you good contribution. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9007-timex-1970-marlin-25-pulled-hairspring/ I suggest that you feel free to contact the current mods when noticing anything not of your liking on this forum, certainly you didn't do that at the time.
  13. Dear members & mods After a while doing moderation here I'm going back to be a member. I want to thank Mark for having let me work for this great forum, I wish everyone the greatest fun and success.
  14. jdm

    Good bye

    Anilv, Sorry that you're taking this so seriously over myself moving your Seiko walk-through to a temporary location until completed. It is now back to the original place, please be aware that my housekeeping wasn't meant to diminish your work in any way. If you desire to correspond on the matter with me in PM I'm always here.
  15. Moved to watch chat until completed with reassembly pictures and the final outcome.