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  1. A 6R15 will set you back $130 if branded as SII NE15, and even more if Seiko, now since a SII NH36 does practically the same for $100 less then is clear why the latter is the popular choice. Have a read of the many modders topic on WUS. There must be thousands of posting and pictures on the subject, and complete watches and parts are often listed.
  2. There is no Seiko 5 "Malasyan model". All Seiko 5 are manufactured in factories outside Japan. If you want a Made in Japan Seiko you can get something like an SKX007J or a. SARB watch that are a mix of proveniences but can legally show that. For a brand new, fully Japan made piece you have to scale up further, perhaps not to Grand Seiko levels, but above $1,000 for sure. I recommend against you taking your new watch to tinyi parts but to read here instead about what is best for a beginner to learn on.
  3. And here's the proof. Source lathes.co.uk
  4. I I use only HP-1300 of the cannon pinion as I don't have or care for the expensive products that are on the service sheets. Works fine for me, never had a problem nearing 5 years now.
  5. There is and it has been linked above. Then if some more or less obscure mov't is not there is no fault of Dr. Rannft which does a great service paid by his own money.
  6. I have a 1900 and works very reliably. As mentioned above if your watches have big thick cases you should try adjusting gain or remove the caseback.
  7. Among others, Cousins UK and Boley.de let you search by case reference for Seiko and other makers. Very good, BTW I have broken my good share of crystals and other assorted parts too. Yes. That allows to delivery fine contours and details with ease of manufacturing. Below 1.2mm they break very easily, you can break a 0.8mm pushing it out by hand. Try to use only crown type dies on the crystal, and a lever type press if possible, as it provides better feedback.
  8. A 3 jaws is fine but you must be prepared to also build your own arbors /expanding mandrels, etc because for certain jobs you won't be able to grab proper, or the jaws will be in the way, etc. Also, some work require the abrasive to be moving with the work steady,. The thing is that independent 4 jaws are a real rarity on a true watchmaker's lathe. Feel free, of course, to show us differently.
  9. No, as mentioned above it's never so on that class of watches. And gaskets can always be re-used unless damaged messing with them as happened here. I'm afraid the OP is a bit ham fisted, working on crystals is delicate - just as everything else on watches.
  10. For my curiosity, which is what?
  11. I wanted many specific parts too then come to terms with the fact that unavailable means just that and lived happily since.
  12. Right. But we know well that our long time member vinn3 here is more familiar with machining that watchmaking :-)
  13. The scuff marks on the crystal can be easily polished, or a generic flat one be fitted. You can desume the hands hole size from the movement used and get generic baton one. Again, it seems to me that all original ones need is a bit of cleanup.
  14. Another Chinese telling the truth. And metric digital for good measure. Where we'll end up ?!?
  15. Nitpick, the market price for that type of chuck is a little more than $30 shipped. Alos interesting the below for $22, from the jaws casting marks it appears they are of a softer alloy, which is good to preserve the finishing of the work. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000276565113.html
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