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  1. A screw extractor may work (assuming it's a real screw) but is kind of pricey for an one-off job on a doubtful watch.. BTW Esslinger is an US seller.. I gather the OP is in the UK.
  2. As mentioned before already nothing can be found free online. The people that posted these images on WUS thread have access to ETA technical database. You can use just the critical oils mentioned above or obtain the service manual from someone that has access.
  3. Found a good thread on WUS - acidic comments by a certain anti-social character aside. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f6/tissot-powermatic-80-problems-3036370.html Note at some point "benzine", that is, petroleum ether, is written as "benzene", which is a typical mistake of English speakers.
  4. More to this. The C07, as the OP picture shows, has plastic (better said, synthetic material) escapement. Now, despite the pattern seems to be OK, it possible I think, that the machine can't compute amplitude correctly. 160° seems way too low indeed. Was that before disassembly?
  5. Why always the suggestion of using something that contains oils, perfume, and other contaminants, especially on an high precision modern mov't that's not what you want. For an hydrocarbon type of cleaner, petroleum ether should be used. Then regarding plastic parts, even if they are resistant to most chemicals, aggressive cleaning is rarely needed. Personally I would use Isopropylic alchool (IPA). I could not find online a technical sheet for the C07 (Powermatic 80). Probably so far the Swiss have been able to limit distributions to authorized centers. However since the mov't is a straight derivative of the 2824-2, I would use that as start reference, and attached it here. _C_T_CT_2824-2_FDE_481688_24.pdf
  6. That assumes the OP has a watchmaker's lathe, and the ability of using it. I think if that was the case he wouldn't have asked in first place.
  7. Looks like the mov't wi need to be taken apart for inspection, cleaning and lubrication. A good occasion for a complete service also.
  8. As always Mark does a stellar job in explaining and showing how things works, so let's analyze what he says: 7:20 If the watch has a second hand you can observe this. He's referring to a non-hacking mechanism, like many Seiko or older Swiss, or even a vintage with no seconds. I have explained above twice that hacking mov't, like the 2824-2 that you have recently presented, "hacks" and stop the train when setting time. 7:30 this is not a good thing for any watch mov't I'll have to disagree on the word any in this sentence, I think he used it to make a generic safe statement. Particularly I'd be interested in his opinion of the most practical use of setting time backward, after correcting a slightly fast watch: setting for DST end: Set time backward one hour (or 30 min in some places) --or-- Set time forward 23 hours Where applicable, quick-set date/day. If that took longer, adjust time again. He's welcome to comment .. in his forum
  9. I gave a better look at the picture, this type of bracelet uses a thin shaped plate to join links, not a pin, and that is what broke. So you would have to push it out first (not easy as if not part of adjusting links is not meant to be removed), and then make a new one using maybe a jeweler piercing saw and files, or you can get another from another bracelet, or try what oldhippy said, I did a repair like that once. Finally a note about tools, all I meant to say is that they have to work for the job, not that they have to come from a given country. Prejudice in this sense is useless, especially when aspersed without specific reason or contribution.
  10. To reiterate.. when setting time the minute wheel is turning only on mechanical non hacking mov'ts or quartz where stem does not cut battery. That leaves only the calendar to be affected but on good designs is protected as shown above.
  11. Well I was meaning physically opening it. Here if they doubt the correctness of the declaration you are contacted for clarification, otherwise you pay directly to the postman or courier.
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