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  1. Oris Williams F1 lugs removal

    Post a picture by the side. The black parts are likely a shim.
  2. It's almost funny that there is virtually zero talk here about current production watches, of course there's nothing wrong with that, as there are "better" forums and I also like not to waste much time daydreaming. But sometime (just sometime) I run into something interesting and worth to share, the people at Damask got busy doing all the important things that matters (to me at least), an in-house mov.t with too many nice features to list here, and a proprietary super-hard alloy for the case. I think it's fantastic value for €3,200. https://timelessluxwatches.com/reviews/damaskos-high-tech-house-movement-dk14dk15/ BTW, I'm not crazy about the aesthetics of the watch, but I don't find it ugly either.
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive CTZ-A8083 Glass

    Seiko, and I guess many other makers, often don't use "standard" thickness. For example, caseback crystals can be 1.6mm, not 1.5. But as mentioned that is not much of a problem, the nearest common thickness will do just fine.
  4. Hello from Switzerland

    What is an "eb 8123" ? Even if you assume it must be something know, it's always better to post pictures.
  5. New Member, Requesting Advice!

    Actually since 15 years or so mechanical watches have made a major comeback, independent watchmakers make a lot of money, and the ones employed have excellent salaries. Go visit any watch fair to realize what a big, rich and flourishing industry that is. I suggest that you get busy learning how to repair (which is what they do in watchmaking schools), not just watching video or reading books.
  6. Oris Williams F1 lugs removal

    You may need to fabricate an holder of wood, or something that lets you keep the case steady and safe while you punch out the pins.
  7. Very interesting. I love case work. As you will complete the work I'll be happy to move to walk througs.
  8. Elma RM90

    So to ride alone for the next year? Hihi
  9. New Member, Requesting Advice!

    You need to be young. In the USA there must be at least two more very reputable schools, one is Oklahoma State, another is Lititz Watch Technicum, and then AWCI itself. Also, there was someone here going to watch school in NY, but he (forgot his nickname) hasn't been posting anymore.
  10. No it's not, as mentioned crystal would overheat immediately and be ruined. Isn't even necessary to use diamond paste with these, any fine abrasive compound will work.
  11. Lubricants

    €30 shipped is a silly price, compare to about £19 from Cousins UK for twice the quantity, and within "sell by" date.
  12. Lubricants

    Please post the link. I can only suppose that's a way to sell "expired" oils.
  13. You're referring to Diashock. While Diafix is the other, hinged type.
  14. I think you were spinning the dremel too fast. In fact, these starting at 3,000 rpm are already too fast for polishing, not too mention buffing. A regular drill actually works better. It's always good to learn on a throw away watch. Just like paying attention to what one is doing, and not blame others for own's failures.
  15. Which is why using a rotary tool on a felt wheel is advisable.