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  1. Screwdriver set

    Hmm, I think I won’t mess about with the screwdrivers and get a good Horotec or Bergeon set of 10 or 12. It may be too many to start with but they will always be there if I need them.
  2. Screwdriver set

    I am guessing you bought the AF first and the Bergeon afterwards? What made you to buy another set of screwdrivers? The rotating stand and the colour coding? Do you think if the AF screwdrivers were on a rotating stand and were colour coded you wouldn’t look for another set? Apologies for so many questions, I want to buy only one set and I want to make sure I get it right the first time. So far I know that I want the rotating stand. However I don’t know whether the price difference is in the brand name, but if it is, I don’t see the point of buying Bergeon or Horotec.
  3. I’ll be getting my basic tools soon and some tools, there are too many choices and I would appreciate your opinions to make the right choice. I’m not looking for the cheapest but don’t want to buy the most expensive tools if they are the same as cheaper alternatives. I’ll start with screwdrivers. They will be used a lot and I’m sure they should be good. I will go for a set with a rotating stand to make life easier. I notice that there are usually two same sets, one has a larger stand and more blades than the other, perhaps one extra screwdriver. The one with the larger stand is significantly more expensive than the one with the smaller stand. I presume that they are the same screwdrivers, the larger stands are more convenient having separate compartments for spare blades. Understandably, the larger stand will be more expensive but double the price? Am I missing something here? A*F SS 9 pieces £ 41.95 (small stand) A*F SS 9 pieces £ 164.95 (large stand) Bergeon Cr 9 pieces £ 73.95 (small stand) Bergeon Cr 10 pieces £ 194.95 (large stand) Are the Bergeon and Horotec considerably better screwdrivers than the A*F? The price difference between the smaller stands (comparing A*F and Bergeon) is significant while the price difference between the larger stands is much less, also the A*F has 9 pieces and the Bergeon 10 pieces so the price is about the same if not more expensive than the Bergeon. Lastly, the choices are stainless steel, chromium and aluminium. Does it make any difference? Peter
  4. Where to buy in the UK?

    Thank you for the replies, I’m looking at my options, checking prices etc. I think it may be wise to finish course 1 and start on course 2 before I start buying tools etc. as some equipment such as a timegrapher is not mentioned in course 1. At this moment I know what basic tools I will need but I don’t know about other tools and equipment I will need along the way and I need to ensure I stay within my budget.
  5. Can anyone recommend where to buy tools in the UK? I’ve started the course part 1 and will need to purchase the essential tools. I'm lookig for decent tools. I've learnt the lesson 'buy cheap buy twice' I’ve also been looking for the LED lamp on Amazon but can’t find it. I’m only finding small desk LED craft lights. Peter
  6. Hello from Cheshire

    Thank you, I’m just looking around and I think the course will be a good start! Thank you for pointing it out. Peter
  7. Hi, I would like watch repair to be my hobby. I watched several Mark’s videos on YouTube and I guess the best way to start would be to buy a cheap (working) watch with 7s26 movement, tools and dive into it. I think that would be the best way to start but any pointers and help to would be welcome. At this moment I do not have any tools, I’m about to make the first step and I’m trying to figure out what my first steps should be. For now I’m interested in mechanical watches only. Peter