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  1. There is one on ebay now, not much time left on it and I'm not sure whether it is the smaller size
  2. I'll be browsing ebay and hopefully I will find one. That's a disappointment from Bergeon, it would have been much better if they supplied it with two collets, or to give you an option to buy a different size.
  3. I have very much the same except the collet. I don't have the picture of the collet and I'm not at home to take one but the Bergeon goes from 1.00 to 1.80mm these days. I presume they don't make them like that anymore?
  4. Thanks guys. From what you're saying I'm guessing that there isn't a tool or Presto tool specifically made for cannon pinions smaller than 1mm. Pin vice sounds good. I came across pin tongs with slide locking. I like the idea of the slide and hopefully they would have a good grip. I'll wait for a few days before I order them in case anyone knows of a specific tool or perhaps a collet that would fit the Bergeon cannon pinion remover.
  5. I've removed it with tweezers many times on scrap movements and I had no problems. I would like to have the proper tool but is there one for cannon pinions that are less than 1mm in diameter?
  6. I have the Bergeon cannon pinion remover ref. 4854 which can lift cannon pinions diameter 1.00 to 1.80. I was going to remove the cannon pinion from NH36 but the diameter of the cannon pinion must be just under 1.00 mm. I could use tweezers but I don't want to risk bending the pivot. I saw a Presto cannon pinion remover, ref. 30637.2 (green handle) but that's supposed to be for large watches. I also saw Mark's video and he had a smaller collet in the original collet. I don't have such a collet and I don't know where I could get one. What's the best way to remove cannon pinions that are under 1mm?
  7. Now I know what to expect from quartz watches. If I didn't used to own the Seiko with a snappy change at midnight I probably wouldn't even think about it as I'm used to mechanical Seikos. I never knew/thought about the torque required for the date change, thanks for the explanation. I've returned the watch and the owner is happy with it.
  8. Very much the same as mechanical Seiko movements. I wasn't expecting the same from a quartz movemet.
  9. I should have checked it before I started. Although I am almost certain that the slow change is right. I would imagine that the change is either instantaneous or slow. It would have to be a magic fault to change the date slowly and snap at midnight. I know nothing about quartz movements but I am kind of shocked. I used to have a quartz Seiko perpetual calendar 20 years ago and that used to change instantaneously at midnight. This movement is in an expensive Tag Heuer watch and I wasn't expecting the date to change slowly.
  10. I have a Ronda 775 quartz movement here and the date wheel starts moving at about 23:30 and snaps into position just after 12:00, quick date set works as expected. Is this 30 minute date change normal or is there something that needs repairing?
  11. I will remove the stem. I'm not going to do much with this watch but I want fresh grease on the gaskets while I'm replacing the battery.
  12. EOL R9 - 5 Jewels Doesn't mention the calibre but from what I can see it's Ronda 715
  13. Thank you for the tips. I'm more than happy to turn it into one hour job, it is a hobby after all. All clear to me with cleaning, gaskets, greases, plastic tweezers etc. It's as you say, shorting something, no buttons here but I'm not sure whether the crown needs to be pulled out into a certain position etc. I've been trying to find the service manual but I can't find it. It is a Tag Heuer WAY1413 if anyone knows where to find the service sheet.
  14. I've been pottering around with mechanical watch movements never paying any attention to quartz watches. Now I have ladies Tag Heuer Aquaracer here, pretty little watch with diamonds and I certainly don't want to mess it up. I'd imagine it's straight forward, remove the caseback, take the old battery out and put the new one in, not touching anything in the process. Is there anything I need to watch out for? I'm wondering whether I need to pull the crown out to disconnect the circuit etc.
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