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  1. Thank you! I'll go for the easiest option and order a brass spoon or ladle from eBay.
  2. I'm looking for a bluing pan or something I could put brass shavings into. I’m in the UK and generally look on Cousins site for speedy delivery. I can’t see a bluing pan but there are several items that could possibly do the job. Pouring dish, made of aluminium: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/pouring-dish Copper bowl: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/copper-bowls-pans Crucible with wooden handle: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/crucible-with-wooden-handle Ingot mould: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/ingot-moulds-cast What do you suggest? I don’t have the
  3. A quick update. The thread has not been stripped. I guess someone lost the screw and only had a smaller one, it works. Some rust on the hands.
  4. Most of the issues are minor. They annoy me but I'm aware that this is 100+ years old watch and majority of the pictures are 9mm across the screen. I noticed the moveable banking pins, I guess someone adjusted them when the impulse pin was replaced. I also noticed they they are not the same, look at the top of them. In the same picture, you can see the two screws behind, which I suspect one is partially stripped, one is longer than the other. The stripped thread is not really an issue, it catches towards the end. It's all secure when in place, nothing is moving. It's the fact that I
  5. While I'm waiting for the pocket watch mainspring winder, I started inspecting the movement. There are some issues, none of them are drastic. All of them could of course do with sorting out but lack of tools, such as a jewelling tool, pallet alignment tool etc. does not allow me to do as much work on it as I would like. There are also some unusual things, such as the canon pinion. This is what I've found, pictures below: Case lift spring broken Some rust on the ratchet wheel, a very small amount of rust on the balance wheel Canon pinion has a U shaped cut Shape of the centre
  6. Thank you guys. I managed to find a couple of these on ebay. I'll wait and see whether I'm the lucky bidder.
  7. Thank you guys, you are awesome! That's right, the crown wheel wasn't reverse threaded. I was being very cautious when I was unscrewing it. It did work with that spring but it was very temperamental and it couldn't be fully wound. I took the new spring out and from what you say it looks like that this is the right one? Now I don't know how I'll get it in the barrel. My understanding is that the end shouldn't go all the way in the mainspring winder drum, it should be sticking out roughly half an inch, hooked on the hook in the barrel drum (the shell to be precise) and then ins
  8. I took apart. I think it was slipping because the inner coil has been stretched, it's certainly much larger than the inner coil on the replacement mainspring. I took pictures of the end of the mainspring. I didn't take the 2227 replacement out yet, I'm not sure what the end is going to look like.
  9. Thank you John. Yes this is the non-jewelled one. I'll take it apart tomorrow and I'll see what the end of the spring looks like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the 2227 spring will be the right one.
  10. They are beautiful movements, the decoration, finishing, Breguet overcoil... The barrel is also new to me. I initially thought the lid wasn't closed properly but that's not the case. From what I can see the arbour is fitted in after the mainspring and the lid are put in place? I presume removing the lid will be similar to removing a crank from a mainspring winder? Or perhaps hold the arbour with a pin vice, twist clockwise to disengage the hook from the hole in the spring and lift?
  11. Thank you, I get it now! It's the sliding bar that confused me, I didn't realise it was there to test the mechanism, I thought it was part of the working mechanism.
  12. The movement is almost disassembled. I've not opened the barrel as yet. Picture below shows how I found it. The keyless is still in place, I'm not certain how it works yet. Could something spring out? And what about the little screw on its own? With a modern movement there would be a stem you can push and pull, how does pull work here without the stem? I didn't manage to get hold of bench keys but 1.4mm screwdriver fits well.
  13. Thank you for the tips, much appreciated. I'd like to remove the crown and stem if possible to give everything a good clean in the ultrasonic. I have spent several evenings watching your videos recently, they are excellent. You're pretty good with a deck of cards too
  14. I'll be starting on the Waltham pocket watch this weekend. You've already advised me that I can't wind the mainspring via the ratchet wheel and helped me with oiling. This is my first pocket watch and I'm more used to the more modern movements. I would appreciate if you could let me know what to watch out for, what to be careful with etc. Stuff that differs from wrist watches. Couple of questions: Do I need to unscrew the jewels from the bridges? I will have to remove the jewel from the balance to clean it properly but I'm not certain about the other jewels. I presume that It wi
  15. I'm positive that BHI specified 9020 for a good reason. I don't normally work on pocket watches so I don't have the need for it and I will use 9010 but if I was working on larger calibers more often I'd most likely follow their guidelines.
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