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  1. PeterS

    Bergeon ergonomic oilers

    Did you modify the ergonomic oiler as well? Does the oil sit on yours as it does on mine? I just don’t know how I could use them, perhaps for posts, touching them with the side of the oiler. The oil is going nowhere if it touch something with the tip.
  2. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    I'm not sure what steel 4 holers is but I'm certain that this is Bergeon. The quality is superior. Except the paint shedding of the lids into the oil pots making it useless.
  3. Anyone using the Bergeon ergonomic oilers? I’m struggling to deposit the oil from them. They were my first oilers I bought and I ended up buying the standard ones which work very well for me. If you look at the pic you will see how the oil sits in the middle but does not go to the edges. Hence if you touch the area you want to oil nothing happens. Using them vertically for oiling pivots is impossible. I really have to angle them to be able to deposit the oil. Being new to this I don’t know whether that’s how it should be and I’m not using them correctly or whether the set I bought is no good. The pics below show the ergonomic and the standard one.
  4. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    I’m currently not using oil in the escape area. I’m only playing around with scrap movements so it is not a big issue at this moment. If I ever start servicing ‘proper’ watches I’ll look into it in more depth.
  5. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    You wouldn’t be surprised if that happened with a ‘value’ product and think ‘you get what you pay for’. I’m not surprised it happened with a premium product, things happen but the fact that Bergeon is not interested to do anything about it is very disappointing. You pay good money and expect a quality product and if something goes wrong you expect good service. I also contacted Bergeon almost a month ago about it and they didn’t respond to my message.
  6. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    Yes I bought them from Cousins. This is what Bergeon replied to them: It's probably the friction of the white lid material coating flaking off. Yes I can see that it could happen but frankly I don’t think it’s a big issue. After a few operations you can clean it and it’s done. We are selling a huge amount of these oil cup and never had any complains. So they know about the issue but have no intentions to do anything about it. Cousins didn’t like the outcome and have gone back to them again. So I’m still waiting.
  7. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    Seeing the oil in the sink is a problem but I’m getting there. I got some standard Bergeon oilers and they work better for me than the ergonomic I was using before. The oil doesn’t go to the edge of the ergonomic oiler hence depositing the oil is a problem when holding it vertically touching the sink. Whatever I’m trying to oil with the ergonomic oiler I have to angle it quite a bit to be able to deposit the oil. Note the ‘lip’ on the ergonomic one and the oil not spreading to the edges. I’m finding them difficult to work with no matter what I oil with them. Is that how they should behave?
  8. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    I just came across a BHI document about lubrication: “The oil sinks of the jewel holes should be about half full; there must be no oil on any other part of the jewel” I was wondering about that because I saw a video (rather professional) and the guy also fills them up half full. Skip to 34:40 Mark recommends just enough oil between the jewel and the pivot which seems logical to me. I don’t quite understand why they should be half full, I don’t see any purpose of that but I guess the oil sinks are there for a reason.
  9. PeterS

    Chinese Timegraphers

    I managed to get one on Ebay located in the UK and it was a fair price
  10. PeterS

    Chinese Timegraphers

    I’m looking at timegraphers on Amazon and I think they are the same, just different branding and price: Weishi https://www.amazon.co.uk/Weishi-Timegrapher-NO-1900-Machine-Multifunction/dp/B0178B9DYM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531166881&sr=8-2&keywords=timegrapher+1900 Eco-Worthy https://www.amazon.co.uk/ECO-WORTHY-No-1900-Multifunction-Timegrapher-Mechanical/dp/B076WS9PGX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531166881&sr=8-1&keywords=timegrapher+1900 My guess is they are made in the same factory and they are the same thing but you never know. I’m hoping some you might know.
  11. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    Thanks for all the advice, it’s all very helpful. I’ve taken some pictures to see everything better. You really do not need much oil. The oiler is 0.24, the pivot is the centre wheel and jewels are centre and third.
  12. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    I think I know where I’m going wrong. I have the ergonomic oilers and I was about to get the standard ones as well to see how they differ and I noticed that the colours/size do not correspond. They are in order Ergonomic/BergeonStandard/A&F Black/Red – 0.18/0.18/0.15&0.25 Blue – 0.24/0.24/0.35 Green – 0.32/0.45/0.45 Yellow – 0.45/0.80/0.55 I was using the blue one for the pivots and you only get the oil on one side unless you turn it round and get it on the other side as well. It is a very, very small amount of oil, if I hold the oiler vertically and touch a flat surface it will not come off. So I pointed the oil towards the pivot and I presume the oil is just running down the pivot hence not being able to see the oil, pinion covered in oil and not being able to fill the pivot cup (that was for test purposes only). I think I need a set of standard oilers for the pivots but I’ll try it with the green one before they arrive. I presume that the oil will ‘hang’ down the tip from the standard oiler and when it touches the pivot and the jewel capillary reaction will do the rest.
  13. I didn’t realise you could flip it. In that case the more basic set would be good enough, buying additional sizes if required.
  14. They are on my wants list as well and they are very expensive. You only get the right hand winders with the more basic sets. If I have this correct, you will need the right hand ones for Swiss watches and the left hand winders for watches like Seiko. Don’t take my word for it though, I think I’ve read it somewhere. I’m contemplating buying the full set, but I’ll be happy to play around with old movements, do it by hand because it won’t matter or buy a cheap spring to replace it if I need to. If I feel that I’m skilful enough to do a good job on better watches I’ll invest in the full set at some point.
  15. PeterS

    Oiling advice

    Oh, the ESCapement. Yes, I’m following Mark’s videos and he doesn’t use any oil on the pallet pivots/jewels. New pots will be here in a couple of days so I'll keep trying until I get it right.