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Seiko watch lubricants

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Just recently got on my Seiko 5 6309a project, just to find out Seiko techical guide says I should use Moebius A and Moebius V oils for lubricating parts. I found version A is 9010 or D5, but I’m not sure which lube is Moebius V? If anyone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. I am a beginner. Thanks!

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actually your missing oil is my favorite oil 9020. In real life the best way to approach this is figure out what lubricants you want to use and then use them on the watch and don't worry about what the factories recommending. This is because as you look at watches over a span of time everybody keeps changing their mind as to what would be a suitable lubrication. Oftentimes Seiko will have specific their own lubrication's which sometimes can be a challenge to find

4 hours ago, IanB said:

I found version A is 9010 or D5,

that isn't quite right. A is equal to 9010 this is a light oil typically used on the balance pivots. D5 is like 10 times heavier and is is used for you need something much much heavier.

If you do a search and are lucky somewhere in the group we discussed the equivalent Seiko oils.

then for specifications the Swiss oil here's their website.



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