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  1. A family member dropped off this Suter watch today and asked if I could get it working. I quickly removed the case back and it started working right away. I put the back on and flipped it over and it stopped.....? After playing with it for a few I thought that there was pressure from the back pushing on and stopping the movement but then I noticed that with the back off it stops when turned right side up or as you would wear it. What could be going on here? I am attaching some pics. The movement says. SU641 I also noticed the crystal is badly scratched and would like to replace it. It
  2. Hmmmmm. Vid isn't working on my end. Can you guys see it?
  3. Here's a quick video of how the sweep works. You may also notice that the bezel and glass are curved. trim.CB2946BB-12E4-4F09-992D-A7CF4C47B819.MOV
  4. The sweep is beautiful! So smooth. I own about 14 different watches from $200 to $7000 and this one is actually the most comfortable wear of all. These list for $500 but you can find them new around $380 or so. HIGHLY recommended.
  5. Wearing my newest Bulova today. The wife got me this one for Xmas this year. Very comfortable.
  6. My time is all in a 172. I was forced to quit because of cost also. I loved it but the pocketbook didn't.
  7. Sold mine too. Miss flying around. both virtually and in the real Cessna.
  8. Hi Alex. I was wondering the same thing as I had already purchased most of what I needed. When you purchase the course ($75) you will have full access to level 1. No need to buy their tools. However, if I could give some advice, I would suggest that you get the exact movement used in the course. They didn't have any when I started so I ended up with their suggested substitute. This was fine for the most part accept the keyless works are totally different. If you have previous expeirience this may not be an issue for you but I have had to supplement the course with Marc's vids just to make sen
  9. I got my new seiko 5 about a month ago. I really like it even though is small compared to what I normally wear. I did however find the bracelet to be too light and rattely so I replaced it with a nice leather strap and put it on a deployment so I don't have to fuss with a buckle and tang. Here's how it's looks now. I went from being a bit sporty to much more of a dress up piece.
  10. They are beautiful but am I the only one that thinks the blue screws are colored and not blued from heat treatment? True heat treatment makes a deeper color and some imperfections. They look great either way. Maybe that was their intention?
  11. Perfect! That's the answer I was looking for. Thanks! I have a case on the way so now I guess I need to choose a movement, dial and hands. Already sourced a nice black leather strap with white stitching and changed out the buckle and tang for a butterfly in black. I'm thinking black dial maybe....
  12. I guess my more direct question would be if anyone has purchased these and do they use all three hands. Hour, minute and the small seconds at 9 o'clock?
  13. All of the different movements from these sellers only show a hour and small seconds hand. Is this correct? No minute?
  14. It's coming from china and states that it fits Unitas 6497-6498 movements. I will have to do some research on the size of those and compare to what I can find in the ETA line. I am interested in the Hamiltons as I find them absolutely beautiful but I am worried that I would be to rough on the movement having no shock absorbers. I guess I will determine the dail after deciding on a movement and what sub dials it may need. Where do you get your Hamiltons?
  15. Yeah it took me a few months to pull the trigger on the new strap and deployment. The charged $275 just for a piece of rubber and a nice metal clasp.
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