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  1. Thank you very much for your help ! I’ll give some news about restoration -
  2. Hello , I started to be interested one year ago with watch repairs following Mark lessons, and introduced myself few month ago when I joined this forum. I recently picked up a Lord Elgin vintage watch with a 775 Elgin movement, nevertheless I need to change winding stem , but can’t find reference anywhere related to it. I found on another blog that Movement 775 replaced movement 750 - http://gjselgins.blogspot.com/2012/08/durabalance-lord-elgins.html Do you know if a winding stem for an Elgin 750 would fit for a 775 ? if yes in that case I could probably get one here : htt
  3. Hello seems nobody knows the answer about how to clean a Bergeon automatic oiler, or they use it so much it never requires to be cleaned !
  4. Hello, I search the forum but didn’t find an answer to the Bergeon automatic oiler (1A, 2A or 5A) cleaning. I looked at instruction and nothing is mentioned on how the oiler should be cleaned ? For how long oil can remain in oiler without use ? On another forum I found an answer mentioning you can use lighter fuel, but I’m not sure about the answer. Thank you,
  5. Hello, Thank you for this posting. I had same issue with the bezel of identical Bulova A-11. I wasn’t sure reading the post if it was pressed on or screwed. I tried razor blade as mentioned, and saw it was screwed. I finally succeed to unscrew the bezel using a method I saw for pocket watch using a glue gun and an old cap. I was a little bit afraid to make a complete disaster, but finally it worked, and I was able to remove the glue without any damage either to the bezel and the glass (made of plastic). For people interested I found a website describing the two Bulova model : http
  6. I’ll take a chance with this assortment from a canadian supplier : https://perrinwatchparts.com/products/assortment-of-incabloc-shock-springs-674915?_pos=1&_sid=106744733&_ss=r Must be the same available in UK from Cousin (but with extra shipping, custom cost for me) : https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/shockproof-springs-wristwatch
  7. Same thing happened to me this morning, except mine broke into 2 pieces ,with exactly same clone. Will try first to get an assortment of chinese spring...and then will move on with the genuine one if it fails following your recommendation...I found several post , and specially one showing why on clone they detach so easly...
  8. Thank you for the answer, I’ll refer to Moebius documents. Repairs manual is for Longines 19A , but also refers to 22 A regarding oiling procedure .
  9. Hello, I found a 50’s Longines automatic system repair manual. In this manual the recommend using Chronax oil grade H, HHH etc for oiling parts. Chronax oil and this grade don’t exist anymore, is there a chart giving corresponding modern oil grade ? Thank you, George
  10. Hi, Thank you for the hint. Next time I’ll search first to check if it doesn’t already exist.
  11. Hello, As a 'Newbie' I'm browsing the net to discover technics , guidelines etc. on my new hobbie. I found that document from US war department dating 1945 about : 'Ordnance maintenance for Wrist watches' ...as you'll notice it's also an introduction manual for vintage watches, and some american watch models Looking at it, I thought to myself how lucky we're to have internet and online courses ... P.S : name of the attachment, is the official document name in US army archives TM 9-1575.pdf
  12. Hi from Montreal , My name is George, and I'm just starting my journey in watch repair and collection ... Bonjour de Montreal , Mon nom est George et je viens de débuter mon voyage dans la réparation de montres et de collection
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