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Bergeon ergonomic oilers

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Anyone using the Bergeon ergonomic oilers?

I’m struggling to deposit the oil from them. They were my first oilers I bought and I ended up buying the standard ones which work very well for me.
If you look at the pic you will see how the oil sits in the middle but does not go to the edges. Hence if you touch the area you want to oil nothing happens. Using them vertically for oiling pivots is impossible.  I really have to angle them to be able to deposit the oil. Being new to this I don’t know whether that’s how it should be and I’m not using them correctly or whether the set I bought is no good.

The pics below show the ergonomic and the standard one.



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I have the smallest Berg ergonomic and like it for small work (I do a lot of small stuff like Lecoultre 101 104 etc.) and for escapement oiling. I always oil under microscope maybe 15-20x. Otherwise I like the 'normal' black oilers but often modify the tips.

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Did you modify the ergonomic oiler as well? Does the oil sit on yours as it does on mine?
I just don’t know how I could use them, perhaps for posts, touching them with the side of the oiler. The oil is going nowhere if it touch something with the tip.

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You made me think about it. I struggle to oil the pivots/jewels but can oil smaller metal parts with no problem. It’s got to be the light. I certainly have plenty of it, two long LED strips , I’ve tried it in bright daylight by the window, I tried all sorts but when it comes to jewels and oil and can’t see a thing.
The microscope would probably help.

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I’m with PeterS. I have the red ergonomic and can’t get it to let Moebius 9010 oil on to the spade, though I can see hp1300 because it’s red in colour and possibly because it’s thicker. I’ll continue to use it with hp 1300, but I’ll get the cheaper red one for the 9010

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Stick with the ergonomic. I bought the cheaper one but didn’t use it, I tried but it wasn’t any better if I remember correctly.
As you can see my messages are from 2018, I completely forgot I had these issues. You’ll get used to it. How I got used to it, I don’t know, I only vaguely remember these issues.
By all means, try the cheaper one but I don’t think it will solve your issue.

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