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    Welcome here TedD. You'll find no consumerist attitude, at most some (sporadic) tooling show-off
  2. Thank you for your introduction. My apologies, I must to correct myself, the lever tip has to be pushed like any other. See page 6 of the attached. v115a.pdf
  3. Which pretty much reduces the usable solutions to ammonia and soap water. I have been doing without the U/S since it broke years ago, and I'm still surviving. Check the many threads about using petroleum ether (refined naphta) and Isopropyl alcohol instead of household products. They don't even cost much more, but have guaranteed purity.
  4. It it would suffice, you any many other collectors would have no issue, and would need not to apply the correct solution given above.
  5. Just lift slightly the tip of the holding lever at the top. BTW we have a section here where it's considered polite to introduce oneself even before asking questions.
  6. Seem to me you're posting the same questions as in your previous thread:
  7. Is it difficult to make a roller table?
  8. jdm


    Likely the blade tip is touching the bottom of the slot. Grind the driver slightly on a sharpening stone keeping it vertical until it does not cam out anymore.There are are drivers with a torque knob which are useful for bracelets. And to be on the safe side heat the part with a lighter to loosen any locking agent that may be there.
  9. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Component CAS Number Percentage Stoddard Solvent (C6H6 < 0.1%) 8052-41-3 60-65 Solvent Naphtha Light Aliphatic 64742-89-8 15-20 Oleic Acid 1l2-80-1 15-20 Ammonium Hydroxide 1336-21-6 1-5 2 -Propoxyethanol 2807-30-9 1-5 The most aggressive to plating should be Ammonia, of which there is very little, maybe it was activated if an heater was used. Anyway it seems too much a smart mixture for my taste, I prefer to apply one agent at (short) time, based on my own judgment of what is needed for each situation and part appearance.
  10. jdm


    Micro could be for mov'ts, and too small. I bought set S48379 from Cousins UK, should be good for most cases.
  11. Good point but actually these great and valuable pieces are a very wrong choice of attack by beginners without prior experience and proper tools.
  12. Probably, and you can easily deform a wristwatch second hand by heating it.
  13. Various threads about that. First, scratches are removed with wet paper, then polish with diamond paste. All that with a rotary tool or bench motor.
  14. jdm


    Is there anything special about these screws? If not, assortments are available for little money. I'm not sure what do you mean by band extensions, perhaps spare bracelet links?
  15. Actually that can't be done because there is a no sales policy here. Use PM or email for that.
  16. There is a great documentary about the "industry and culture" of edible cockroaches from north east Thailand and from there to all the kingdom, recommend to watch. Personally I never eaten these and never will.
  17. Seiko makes a matching bracelet but considering the asking price and it's mediocre quality I do not recommend it. You can buy for honest prices on AliX and adapting the terminals. Your watch being a militar style may be OK with straight terminals anyway.
  18. I don't know the answer but may I ask you a question also, my sincere curiosity, have you done any pivot work before (Jacot tool)? I never did but hope to get at that point of excellence in the future. With or without rouge and wood.
  19. Good point, now to keep things in perspective let's look at the prices of some new horological collets. 20 pcs set Sincere, $262. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d-eiO04y72L-BtWxkXPAySAazyTfYFGE_6A73yMo2KI 20 pcs Cowell, you have to buy individually http://www.cowells.com/pricelist.htm (1 x £179) + (2 x £169) + (2 x £105) + (15 x £92) = £2,286 + 20% VAT = £2.743 = $3,519
  20. Well, this being a (mainly) hobbyist repair forum -as opposed to a collector's- the idea is to share and and teach how things are done. And polishing is a good example of something easy and rewarding.
  21. Have a search for "polishing crystal" or similar terms.
  22. Isn't difficult to polish a glass when using the proper tools, material and technique. To be on the safe side practice on something other watch first. If you give a Seiko watch to a local repairer expect them to complain they can't get parts for it, as Seiko USA sells only to the dealers and centers having an account. But mov't parts are easy to get.
  23. Well, as mentioned above that is a special shape glass, the original could be in excess of USD 50, if you can find it. Fortunately when using the proper techniques crystals can be polished to perfection.
  24. Take a good picture in the current conditions, apply the miraculous product, then picture again. We'll talk then.
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