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  1. Be reassured that it is I would not be surprised at all to see two guys in a same shop, watchmaker's or otherwise, do things differently and fiercely fight about which is right . I won't repeat the old say here as I love cats too much!
  2. Would you give an idea of the associated cost in case one of us need to provide an estimate?
  3. Thread locked due to more confrontational postings by the same member. After some cooling-off It can be re-opened at OP's request.
  4. There are (at least) two types, one used e.g. by Seiko has the tube (collar) split cut. While your has a groove on both the pin and tube to keep it in place. If gently closing the notch on the tube isn't enough you can buy a replacement on e.g. Cousing UK, you will need to cut these to size.
  5. I still don't get your point. It's obvious that a timegrapher is useless with a dead mov.t, it should also be evident that is very useful with any working one. Repeated unfriendly behavior has now earned you one warning point.
  6. Reviews? Mine works just fine. Do not assume that a price difference means a quality difference when it's about Chinese mass produced objects. If you want to be a bit different and not dependent on batteries and Electronics, get a vernier or dial caliper.
  7. What that would mean? BTW, do you own a timegrapher? Neither I'm not arguing with anyone. I am posting for the benefit of the OP here, and anyone else reading, giving objective suggestions, supported by facts and general consenus.
  8. Disagree. A timegrapher is not just for regulation, it is to tell what is the health of the mov.t, particularly the balance and escapement, primarly by amplitude and pattern parameters over different positions. As one become experienced can then learn how make a quick judgment going by visual and sound, but a beginner can't, and with the watch running and keeping time he may believe he did a good job - he has no objective way to see if he didn't. The OP will find important to have a good read on the documents posted by our fellow watchweasol above. Now, admittedly a timegrapher is
  9. A digital caliper should be less than USD 20 and is a necessity when working with watches and many other things. Then when it comes to hands height it is very difficult for individuals to buy anything different from the standard. For someone able that is not a big deal as long they the original parts are available.
  10. Technically speaking a mistake but the biggest blame should be on the poor design by the manufacturer and the tens of others that copied it.
  11. A microscope is a good to have and pretty much a necessity for advanced hobbyist and professional, but not needed for beginners. Close inspection and pictures can be taken with a strong eyepiece. What is suggested from the start is a simple timegrapher.
  12. You will need small C clamps too for holding to the block. An hand held vice would be better, and needle files as mentioned. Plus the equipment to drill. Leave a big part of the material to hold the work and cut it off at the end. All in all that spring is not easy to make. Watch some videos by clickspring on YouTube to get an idea, but consider that what he normally does is much bigger, and in soft metal. An important aspect in beginning with this hobby is to start with reasonable projects that can bring reward quickly. Otherwise the learning curve becomes so steep and the amount
  13. What you need to make is a setting lever spring, not a bridge. On your material cut a portion like the one that should bend and see if it's springly properly. If not you can try hardening it a bit and try again. But a feeler blade will work fine for sure. The difficult part of this work is drilling and filing precisely, you will need an hand vice and a good set of needle files. Of course you can use the broken part for drilling and marking.
  14. There are no holes for bridges on the plate, neither the arbors have holes. If you look closely there are witness marks on the inner portion of the wheel. Now i think that a bent washer alone will work just fine.
  15. Buying sheets for just a tiny part makes little sense, you can get a feeler gauge for cheap and sacrifice the most suited blade. I do that all the time for shimming too.
  16. 8 days alarm, the wheel is external to the plate. The alam winding is the same, just a bit smaller. I suppose that square hole bent washers (now missing) friction fit the arbors and keep the wheels from coming out. My question is, for the best execution should I also fit a flat washer between the bent one and the ratchet wheel?
  17. Then if it's also resistant to human caused damage, that would make it the greatest thing ever!
  18. I would not like concrete floor in a rough mechanical shop, and it would drive me crazy for a watchmaking or any other precision shop. I do not know what kind of climate you have but just an average winter would make expensive and difficult to geet a comfortable temperature to work in. Anything else from the cheapest wood flooring to linoleoum or tiles would be better.
  19. It's glued fast behind the dial. I poked the axle a little and now is telling a more credible value.
  20. Five oil is a lot for a good minimalistic approach. You only need 9010 and HP1300. They are good enough to perform where something else is more recommendable.
  21. Beta is a bespoken Italian tools brand. Got this from their shop but I couldn't stand the wobbling seconds hand and noise. So I got a Seiko sweep seconds mov.t which legitimated the label where it said quartz before. Also replaced the glass with a thicker one. Thermometer is far from accurate but one can't get everything in life
  22. OP posted for advertising, was banned and topic locked. Sorry for having hidden the answers given with the best intentions, but when you see steange postings containing a link please don't feed the monkey and report it as spam.
  23. I did never said to oil pallet pivots. I said that oiling them is not enough to stop a movement, as the OP then confirmed. Please be more respectful when referring to other members on our friendly forum. I suspect that in these these cases incorrect oiling was just a concurrent cause of stoppage but not the main one.
  24. That is when it's a loose screw. Even when it's not some owners, often new to mechanical watches, are bothered by noise that the balls bearing sometime makes.
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